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End of part 3:

‘Soooooo anyway, it’s not a problem that we had a long kiss, is it? You’re my brother and I love you, so no harm done.’
‘Oh, definitely no harm done sis, don’t you ever worry about that. I don’t think there’s anything you could say or do that would ever stop me loving you. Actually… if you tried to kill me, I probably wouldn’t like you so much anymore.’ I joked.
‘Heehee’ she said wrapping her arms around my neck again ‘No worries there, I’d never try to kill you.’ She kissed me on the cheek and as she drew her face away from mine, our eyes met and she moved back towards me, pressing her lips to mine, so gently at first, but then much firmer and she placed her hand behind my head. She pulled my head in closer as she pressed her lips against mine, exhaling sharply and then, without moving her mouth, she opened her eyes to look into mine. I looked back into hers. There was a brief pause as we both thought about what we were doing. Then, I placed my hand on the back of Sophie’s head and began to open my mouth. Our gaze broke as we closed our eyes and our tongues met, dancing around with each other and playing inside the other’s mouth. We breathed heavily and continued to kiss passionately.

Part 4:

My mind was racing. What was I doing? This wasn’t right. I couldn’t do this. Oh god she’s a good kisser.
I moved a hand down from the back of Sophie’s head and caressed her softly until my hand was resting on her back, just above her cute little bum. I noticed how soft her skin felt under my fingertips. We continued to kiss passionately, our breathing getting heavier again. Sophie moaned. My hand moved down over her ass cheek and she moaned again. I squeezed her gently and she moaned. She was really starting to drive me crazy now. Her ass felt so good. Soft to the touch and firm to the squeeze, but not too firm. The fact that she kept groaning was really making my erection grow and my penis was now as big and swollen as it could be.
I broke away from Sophie and struggled from her grip. ‘We can’t do this’ I implored. ‘It’s wrong, so wrong’.
‘But how can it be wrong if we both want it so much?’ Sophie argued, convincingly.
‘I know, I know but… Can you imagine if Mom and Dad found out? They’d kill both of us and never speak to me again sis!’
‘Dave, bro, please…’ Sophie gazed into my eyes pleadingly and took my hand gently in hers. She slowly brought it up to her mouth and gently kissed it and held the back of my hand to her cheek. Then she grabbed my other hand and swung me back to her and wrapped her arms around my waist. She pulled me closer by the hips, reached around, placed her hands on my ass, gave a soft, slow squeeze and as she did, the bulge in my jeans pressed into her. She looked up into my eyes and spoke softly ‘I know you want me as much as I want you.’ She stood on her tip toes and stretched up to kiss me.
I gently held her shoulders and pushed her back down as I stooped my head to her. I placed one hand on the side of her face, stroked her cheek with my finger and gazed into Sophie’s eyes. She looked back into mine and pressed her lips to mine as we stared lovingly. We kissed passionately and deeply again, our breathing getting heavier and heavier.
This was fucking crazy but I couldn’t seem to control it anymore. Sophie was one of the most beautiful young women I had ever seen and she was naked in my arms. Yes, she was my little sister but, I loved her in a special way and it seemed that she felt the same.
As we continued to kiss, our hands started to explore each other’s body. Again I noticed how smooth and flawless her skin was. With one hand on her back and one hand on her ass, I pulled her closer still, groaning as I did.
Sophie reached around the front of my jeans and started to rub my still stiffening, throbbing cock with her fingers. I moaned with pleasure and Sophie moaned in reply.
‘Bro… can I take it out? I want to see it. I really want to see it.’
I pulled back from my little sister and looked her in the eye, saying nothing. She moved towards me and placed her hands on my belt buckle, starting to unfasten it. She didn’t look at the buckle at all but kept looking into my eyes as she worked. She had my belt loosened and pulled my jeans down and I kicked them off. She pushed me back so that I fell onto the couch. I thought it would be weird to be naked only from the waist down so I took my top and t-shirt of, over my head and threw them to the side. Now just my boxer shorts stopped us both from being completely naked.
‘Oh Sex hikayeleri god, you are so hot bro.’ Sophie mumbled as she stared at my upper body. ‘You must work out a lot.’
‘Now and then’ I replied ‘Probably a lot less than you do!’
Sophie ran her hands from my chest down to my thighs, prodding and squeezing along the way. My cock had mostly softened at this stage and was lying flat on my belly.
‘I can’t wait to see what you have in here’ Sophie muttered as she placed her fingers on the inside of the waistband of my boxer shorts. ‘I’ve never seen one in reality you know.’
‘You’ve never seen a real cock?’ I gasped.
Sophie giggled and replied ‘Nope. On TV and stuff, maybe the odd website, but never in reality!’
‘Well, go ahead if you want to sis. It’s all yours if you want it’ I told her.
‘Mmmm yes bro’ Sophie started to pull my boxers down at the waist. I lifted my ass from the couch to make her job easier and as soon as I did, Sophie pulled hard and they came right off so that Sophie fell back a little.
‘Oops, I’m getting carried away here’ she tittered.
‘Easy sis’ I told her.
‘Oh wow’ she said when she got her balance back and stared at my crotch. My cock was twitching now and she asked…
‘Can I… can I touch it Dave?’ she pleaded.
‘You can do anything you like Soph! Seriously.’ I replied.
‘Really? Sweet!’ she smiled.
I was sitting back comfortably on the couch with my arms by my sides, totally naked and my little, 16 year old sister was reaching towards my rock-hard 8″ cock with both hands, slowly. She was kneeling on the floor beside me and as her hands reached my cock and grasped it around the bottom of the shaft, Sophie’s smile disappeared and was replaced by a look of sheer lust. My cock twitched and throbbed in her hands.
‘Oh wow, it’s so hard and… big. I can feel it throbbing Dave. Why is it throbbing like that?’ she asked quizzically.
‘It’s because I’m so damn horny Soph. My cock is trying to get harder and bigger every second, blood pumping in like mad hehe. I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on.’
‘Really? Because of me?’ Sophie looked up at me, puzzled.
“Yes because of you! My cock was hard the second I saw your naked body sis. I had to hide my boner from you, although I think you saw.’ I informed her.
‘Yeah, I thought so but didn’t want to push it heehee. Well, I’m really wet bro, so you’re making me really, really horny too. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet.’
‘Oh god, that’s not helping my boner. That’s so hot sis.’
‘Really? It makes you horny to know that I’m really wet… down there?’ Sophie asked innocently.
‘Oh hell yeah, that’s one of the hottest things ever – to know that a girl is turned on!’
‘Well, I am very turned on bro. Holding your cock is making my breathing heavy. I’m getting wetter… down there.’ she said.
‘You can say pussy you know, or vagina!’ I laughed.
‘I know but, it’s… rude. You know?’
‘You’re holding my cock sis, it’s ok to be, as you say, rude! In fact, it’s a real big turn on.’ I told her.
‘Oh ok then, my pussy is soaked bro.’ Sophie started to massage my cock. Not stroking it, just kind of rubbing it. It spewed a little precum from the tip.
‘See how horny you’re making me? Precum already! That’s what happens when cocks get very hard and horny – they slowly ooze precum. It’s a lubricant – feel how slippery it is.’
‘Ok’ Sophie kept one hand around the base of my cock and used the index finger of her other hand, touching the tip of my cock very gently, then taking her finger away slowly, a string of precum attached.
‘Oh wow, it’s so gooey’ Sophie remarked. She returned her finger to the tip of my cock and started to rub around the head, sliding slightly under my uncut foreskin.
‘That feels really nice.’ I told her. ‘Really, really nice. Try sliding your finger right under my foreskin, there’s plenty of room for your little fingers hehe.’
‘Does it not hurt when I do that though?’
‘Not at all, it goes back all the way anyway, pull it back and you’ll see.’ I told her.
‘What do you mean?’
‘Here, look’ I said as I wrapped my hand over hers and pulled down so that the head of my cock appeared as my foreskin slid back. ‘It goes right back, see?’
‘Ahh, I though it was different to the ones I’ve seen on the internet alright, now it looks the same!’
‘Yeah, that’s because most penis’s you see on the internet are circumcised, so they don’t have a foreskin like me but here in Ireland, most guys don’t get that done, most Irish guys are the same Sikiş hikayeleri as me.’
‘That’s weird huh?’ Sophie asked as she screwed up her face but still not taking her eyes from my cock.
‘Yep, but let’s not get into that eh? This is fun!’
‘It really is, isn’t it? I never thought I’d be having fun like this with my big brother. Never in a million years would I have thought.’ Sophie remarked.
‘I know. This is crazy. Crazy but so damn hot. I think the reason I’m so horny is not just because your are stunning…’
‘Stop it’ Sophie interrupted as she blushed.
‘… but because you’re my sister and it’s… so naughty. I was going to say it’s so wrong, but you would have corrected me eh?’
‘Yes! It’s not wrong at all. I mean if we are enjoying it this much…’ Sophie’s voice trailed off as her attention returned to my, nearly aching cock.
All of a sudden, Sophie leaned forward and kissed the top of my dick. Not the tip, where it was wet, but the side of my foreskin, near the top. As she did so, one of her cute little boobs pressed into my thigh, as she leaned one arm over my thigh, between my legs. She pulled my cock down a bit so that it was closer to pointing at her face, then she leaned forward again as she said ‘I assume it doesn’t hurt when I move it like that?’
‘If anything hurts, you’ll know ’cause I’ll scream like a big girl.’ I told her laughing.
‘Oh yeah, I forgot you were a wuss!’ she snorted.
‘Oi, you! Cheeky!’ I scolded, jokingly.
Sophie leaned in and stuck her tongue out to lick the precum from the tip of my cock. I groaned when she did. ‘Oh Soph, sis, that feels sooo nice baby’
‘Mmmm, there’s not much taste but I think it’s making me hornier! How horny can I get? Jeez! I like when you call me baby too. It’s like I’m… never mind.’
‘What? Go on, it’s me, relax.’
‘Well…’ she continued ‘… it’s like I’m your girlfriend. I like that. It’s nice.’ No sooner had she finished the sentence than she placed her lips around the top of my cock, causing me to inhale sharply and suddenly.
‘Sorry, did I do something wrong?’ Sophie asked as she started to withdraw, moving away from me.
‘No, no, no, the opposite, get back here you!’ She smiled and moved back to my side ‘It’s really nice but I wasn’t expecting it. That’s all…’ I paused slightly ‘… baby.’
Sophie looked at me and giggled, covering her mouth with her hand in a very, very cute, girly manner.
‘God, you’re so cute.’ I smiled back.
‘I wanna suck it properly. Can I suck your cock bro?’ Sophie asked all of a sudden, with those puppy dog eyes.
‘Oh sis, I told you that you don’t have to ask baby. Please do, but don’t feel pressured or anything. I’d really love you to suck me sis, but only if you really want to. Once you do, we can’t go back!’
‘Oh c’mon bro, give it up. WE WANT THIS!’ she raised her voice to say. ‘I’ve already kissed it and I’m holding it right now. Anyway, you said it was hot to hear me talking like that.’ She gave my cock a gentle squeeze as she said that and I let out a groan ‘Mmmmmmmm’
Sophie continued ‘See, you love it and I’m offering anyway, so pressure doesn’t come into it bro!’ She gave me a dismissive look and placed her young mouth around my cock, taking the whole head in.
‘Mmmmm baby, that feels so good’ I groaned. ‘You’re a natural Sophie.’
‘Mmmmrrrfff’ she mumbled in return, without taking her mouth off my cock.
She had her lips wrapped around my shaft, just below my swollen head, and inside her mouth, her tongue was dancing on the tip of my cock and sliding around and under my foreskin. She slurped as she moved her head around and sucked at the precum oozing from my cock. She looked up at me, with a string of precum running from her bottom lip to my cock and said ‘This is great fun bro. I like this a lot. My…’ she paused ‘… my pussy is soaked Dave. I think it’s dripping.’
‘Oh wow. Can I feel baby? Can I play with your pussy sis?’
‘I dunno…’ she hesitated.
‘What’s wrong?’ I asked, sensing her unease.
‘I’m really wet Dave and well, I don’t know if my pussy is… you know… normal.’
‘Why would you think it isn’t? The rest of you is perfect so I’m sure your pussy is too baby. C’mon sis, it’s ok, don’t worry about stuff like that. Anyway, I’ve never seen a pussy that I didn’t like! Seriously. Now c’mon, it’ll be fine.’
‘Hmmm, ok, I suppose you’re right. Again!’ She agreed. ‘What way will I sit?’
‘Hang on…’ I stood up, erect penis protruding, and picked Sophie up. I placed her gently down along on the couch, on her belly, Erotik hikaye beside where I was just sitting and sat back down right beside her, lifting her head as I did and then placing it back on my lap.
‘Ooh, ok.’ Sophie said as she leaned on her elbows, reached for my cock with both hands and gently began to repeat what she was doing before. The head of my cock was in her mouth and she tongued it madly.
‘Mmmmm god sis, that is so unbelievably good’ I encouraged her. After a minute of sheer pleasure, my thoughts returned the the other matter at hand and I reached down, over Sophie’s back to her cute, tight bum. I squeezed her cheeks lightly and reached between and down.
She was right. She was soaked. As my hand felt for her pussy, my fingertips were drenched in her girly goo by the time I touched her clit and she moaned, very loudly.
‘Mmmmmm God BRO! Mmmmmmmmm.’ she continued to moan and groan but was not distracted from her tonguing. ‘Mmmmm’
‘God sis, I’m gonna cum soon if you keep moaning like that.’ I told my little teenaged sister.
‘You mean spunk?’ she raised her head for a second.
‘Yes baby, I’m gonna spunk if you keep moaning and groaning like that. It’s so hot sis. So damn hot.’
‘In my mouth? You want to spunk in my mouth bro?’
‘Wha… do I… Do I? Oh yes… yes…’ I trailed off as Sophie returned to sucking and started to bob her head up and down (she later told me that she saw that on the internet) on my cock while groaning even more loudly than before.
‘Mmmmm…’ she lifted her head and took a deep breath. She was breathing very heavily now. ‘… bro, I love your cock. It’s so… so good.’ She returned to sucking ‘Mmmmm..’
‘Oh sis, careful, I’m gonna…’ My hips bucked upwards, causing my cock to thrust deeper into Sophie’s young mouth, reaching the back of her throat, as I started to cum. My hand moved away from her briefly-attended pussy and forgot all about it.
‘I’m cumming baby. Soph… mmmmmmmm…’
I felt my cock start to pump. My orgasm hit me hard and my whole body tingled and twitched. My stiff dick spewed string after string of hot thick cum into my little sister’s mouth. She continued to groan.
‘Mmmm. Mmmmmm.’ Sophie was still wrapped around my cock and as I was cumming, I looked down at her young face, just as my cum started to dribble from the side of her mouth and down onto the side of her chin. ‘Mmmmm.’ she moaned still.
My orgasm started to reside but my twitching continued. Sophie lifted her head from my crotch and sucked in the cum around her mouth with a big slurp and lick. ‘That tastes so funny. Weird. Horny.’ she stated.
‘Oh baby. Sis. That was amazing’ I managed to sigh as my body relaxed.
‘What’s with the twitching bro?’ she enquired.
‘I dunno, it happens. Women too. The better the orgasm the more the twitching hehe.’ I told her. “Holy shit.’
‘What?’ Sophie asked me.
‘I can’t believe my sister just gave me a blowjob and ate my cum. That’s fucking crazy! What the fuck?’ I started to worry, now that my orgasm had passed and guilt started to seep in.
‘Bro, what’s wrong, it’s ok, we want this, remember?’ Sophie of course, hadn’t had an orgasm and probably wasn’t feeling like I was right at that moment. ‘What’s wrong bro?’
‘Oh, I’m sorry sis, you’re right.’ I told her, not entirely convinced at all.
I looked down at Sophie’s petite, athletic and totally naked body. She got up from her position and knelt on the couch, facing my side as I looked at her. I looked her up and down, admiring her tiny tits, her curvy waist and her flawless skin. My cock started to stiffen again.
‘C’mere sis.’ I said as I pulled Sophie to me and squeezed her tightly. Her hard, small nipples pressed into my chest, pretty much against my nipples. We hugged for a minute or two and said nothing. My cock was still stiffening. ‘I love you sis’ I told Sophie reassuringly.
‘I love you so much bro. So much.’ She squeezed me tighter when she said that. After a long while, we pulled back from each other, still in each other’s arms and we looked into each other’s eyes.
‘You have cum on your face’ I told her as I chuckled.
‘Really?’ she smiled ‘Where?’ She started to look down, trying to see her own chin. It was quite funny looking. I laughed and said ‘Here, let me…’
I leaned in to Sophie and licked some of my cum from her chin, taking it into my mouth and swallowing. She gave me a strange look, as she cocked her head to the side, then leaned in and kissed me. I could taste my cum as my tongue explored her mouth.
‘Mmmmm’ We both groaned simultaneously.
After a very long, passionate kiss, we sank back onto the couch, Sophie resting her head on my chest and her leg resting over mine. We said nothing and soon fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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