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At last, the lock-down was over and normality was returning to some degree. Travelling and contact between people were now acceptable. I was going to use that to do something I had never contemplated before, oh fantasised about but I never expected that I would be in a position to carry it out.

I was on my way to Cambridge to meet a young girl, nothing unusual about that unless you know that I am in my mid-sixties and she is in her early twenties, and I am a woman as well. I have never been as excited and horny for ages As the train drew nearer and nearer to my destination my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Yes, I was horny. I’d never been with another woman, oh yes I read and wrote about it but never done it.

The lovely Caroline and I had met just as the pandemic was breaking through a liking of incestual erotic fiction. I found her work interesting but error-prone, only to be expected for a new writer, I reached out to her as I found her work very erotic and we developed a friendship. We teased and flirted and she opened up about her life.

As I had suspected her stories were founded on the loving but incestuous relationship she had with both of her parents. Her mother had bought her her first sex toys and helped her break herself with it. Her father had been given her virginity on her eighteenth birthday. Although there is more to that story as well. Caroline and mum had been eager for it to happen but dad had insisted that they held back until her birthday. Caroline hadn’t known of mums plans for the night it had happened but was more than happy to go along when it did. It had been something they all knew and accepted would happen at some time.

The way she told me made it feel so loving and warm. Not as you perceive incest to be; some form of predatory movements by the parent, no this was consensual and wholly instigated by Caroline. Once the final line had been crossed, the family fun continued getting more and more extreme. Caroline and dad began making movies together, at first just erotic nude stuff, teasing, Caroline masturbating for the camera, stripping, there were also lots of stills involved as well. Eventually, that progressed to full-on porn, with mum joining in as well. Nothing was ever meant for public consumption and that was the way it stayed.

As the train got near to the station I wondered what Caroline would look like, well more would she be wearing the red leather miniskirt, black camisole top and scarlet shiny red shoes with the six-inch black heels that I had bought for her. I had had everything sent to an Amazon pick up point, as it preserved some anonymity and safety.

I took one last chance to look at a couple of the photos of her she had sent me over the time of our correspondence, the first she looked very pretty and demure in a bridesmaids dress at her sisters’ wedding, the other was much more raunchy. She was facing away from the camera, almost in silhouette, orange-hued background lighting coming from the closed curtains behind her. It showed her Amazonian figure to perfection, long strong legs accentuated by the killer heels she was wearing. A Basque on her body emphasising her curves to perfection, whilst her seemingly black lacy see-through panties were halfway down her thighs. Fingers tucked into the waistband as though frozen in the act of removing them. It was a photo of sheer sex appeal. Her long hair falling halfway down her back. It was a photo that had me licking my lips in simple lust from the moment I first opened it.

I have lots of other photos, provocatively posed, most of them showing her body to its best. She has large boobs and large areolas, actually both are bigger than I normally find attractive in a woman, but for Caroline, I was willing to make an exception.

The interesting thing was all the photos had been taken by her father, lucky man!

As the train pulled into the station I put my laptop away and sent Caroline a text to say I had arrived and would be at the hotel shortly. Her immediate reply saying she would be in the bar, waiting in anticipation. We had flirted and teased over the previous months of lock-down, each creating and sharing our own fantasies.

When I entered the hotel bar I looked around and instantly recognised this young girl who I hoped was going to change my life, well if only for one short lust-filled night.

She looked stunning long legs held demurely in front of her, the camisole hanging slightly down, showing more than a hint of cleavage. She didn’t move as I approached her and then I remembered her sight impediment. She could see but only at a very near distance with not much peripheral vision either. Longer distances were blurred.

As I got closer I called bursa escort out, “Hi, Sweetie Pie,” my pet name for her, she responded instantly reacting to where the sound was coming from, she half rose to greet me and as I kissed her on the cheek I got a smell of her perfume, floral but with a hint of citrus. I also had a sly peek down her top, to my delight her boobs were hanging free, she wasn’t wearing a bra, dangerous and sexy with the size of her boobs.

My panties which were already wet in anticipation got even wetter. I called a waiter over and ordered a drink, Caroline refusing a refill.

So the next hour or so was spent in increasingly relaxed conversation. Getting to know each other and reminiscing over the sexy emails and fantasies we had played out over the last months. Each of us had teased the other mercilessly, upping the ante with every response.

Caroline had been tense when I arrived and rightly so, she was taking even more of a chance than I was, she could have been setting herself up for something weird, as if agreeing in principle to have sex with a woman who as she had pointed out was old enough to be her granny. And a lesbian virgin at that. This whole encounter could go so very wrong, for both of us.

As we talked Caroline relaxed and I noticed her making a signal to somebody behind me, I looked around and instantly recognised it was her father, he was here to see she was OK. As I’ve already told you she had been in a long term incestuous relationship with both her parent. So chaperoning her to a liaison wasn’t that far out. As I said earlier, she had told me that they had done some porn and I mean full-on hardcore stuff as a family but only for their own enjoyment before having to delete it for reasons I won’t go into but you can get the idea.

Dad smiled at me, but it must have been strange. I was old enough to be his mother and soon I would hopefully be in bed with his daughter. Caroline’s legs had parted and I looked up her skirt, her groin was shrouded in darkness but I suspected that she was going commando on me. Well, she told me she was wild and liked to push things, that she had an exhibitionist streak. She knew exactly where I was looking, smiled at me and mouthed, “You’ll just have to wait to find out.”

Dad came over and kissed her on the cheek saying he was leaving, then he leant to me and said “Take care of her, she acts tough but is vulnerable, please be kind to her. She trusts you and for some reason so do.” I smiled at him.

“Well, it’s just the two of us now,” she said, “do you want to go upstairs?”

My mouth went dry. Did I? That was the reason I was here, but God I was taking a risk, if only to my own self-esteem. I’m not that bad looking, I’ve aged well, boobs sagging just a little but the bum is reasonably firm, a vigorous workout routine sees to that, and massive amounts of moisturiser keeping most of the lines at bay.

I knew I was just a little shorter than Caroline and with those heels on it would make the difference even more noticeable. I have black thick short cut hair and a generous figure.

“Of course I do,” I managed to get out eventually as I held out my hand and helped her up, she teasingly let her legs spread open and confirmed my thoughts she had no panties on, the little minx.

We got into the lift but couldn’t attack each other as we both plainly wanted to do as there were other people in there as well. Caroline got out at the third floor, but instead of going down the corridor went to the stairs and started walking up them. God her arse was swaying and she looked so fucking sexy in the skirt I had bought her, it clung to her hips and moved when she did. It was just above mid-thigh in length so I was getting a great view of her arse and legs.

She knew what she was doing, one of the videos she had shared with me had shown her doing just the same with the camera following behind her looking up the white T-shirt she had on, that time she had white panties on. Both the T-shirt and panties were soon ripped off her as she stripped and played with herself for the camera. I think dad had fucked her hard after that particular shoot. She knew I loved that video, but wouldn’t confirm if he had. She was teasing me, knowing I was thinking of how horny her dad must have got watching her, he couldn’t not have fucked her.

I reached out and slapped her arse, Caroline spun around and stared at me, anger flashing in her eyes, then her expression softened as she whispered “Naughty.” I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips, lust smouldering in my look.

Inside the bedroom, Caroline moved at once to the foot of the bed whilst I closed the door and approached her as she beckoned me closer.

We bursa escort bayan were now standing inches apart, hands on each other’s waists, “I’m frightened, I just don’t know what to do. I’ve had plenty of lovers before, but I’ve never been with a woman.”

Caroline smiled, bent her head slightly, put her hand on my back pulling me against her and kissed me. I responded hesitantly at first but eventually relaxed as we stood close together. I could feel the heat from her body burning into me.

Caroline’s lips were open from the start of the kiss, as were mine as our tongues met, teasing and playing, continuing the kiss. A spark shot through my body like a million-volt jolt of electricity as my hand went around Caroline’s neck and pressed her lips harder against mine. We continued kissing and kissing but not just lips. Eyes, nose, neck, ears were nibbled, there was no rush.

“You’re not wearing underwear,” I whispered.

“You didn’t send me any, so I thought that’s how you wanted me.”

The button of my jeans was eased open, followed by the zip as Caroline slipped her hand inside, then down between my panties and belly, until one finger was softly rubbing up and down my slit, ever so softly and ever so slowly. My body was melting with the emotions that were running through me.

I kissed Caroline’s neck then continued lower, slipping the string straps of her top over her shoulders, allowing it to slither and fall to the floor. My hands immediately raised to cup her generous breasts loving the weight and full firmness of them. Fingers brushing her nipples making them harden instantly.

I continued to kiss my way down her body until I was able to latch my lips onto her boobs, sucking one into my mouth as far as it would fit, sucking hard on her flesh. Caroline squirmed and moaned. I switched to the other breast, this time concentrating on the nipple only, taking it between my lips and sucking, then my teeth nipping on it gently, pulling backwards so it stretched from her boob.

Caroline was still just gently teasing my slit, but subtly increasing the pressure and depth, moving one finger towards my opening before easing inside for the merest second in time. She pulled her hand away and looked at the stickiness coating her finger then sucked it clean before continuing what she had been doing.

I started to kiss my way slowly and gently down Caroline’s body again until I was level with the waistband of her skirt. Caroline reached behind her undid the clasp, slid the zipper down and shimmied and shrugged her way out of it. I kissed lower and lower, dragging my lips down her body until I was now opposite her pussy.

Suddenly I didn’t know what to do. I was on my knees in the subservient position, the submissive position, the classic blow job position. A supplicant bowed down. This time it wasn’t a cock staring me in the face it was a pussy, the first I had ever seen up close in real life, well apart from my own.

Her fleshy labia was right before my eyes and I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. Oh, of course, I’d watched it on film, read about it, written about it countless times, but for that first time, with a woman’s pussy right in front of my eyes I just froze. My God I had numerous lovers in the past and I just froze. This was something so new and slightly forbidden. When I was growing up Lesbianism was never talked about, never mind explored and experimented with.

Caroline opened her legs slightly letting me get a better look at her. The scent of her sex was fleeting and distant yet strong drawing my face closer to her, enticing me in. I stared at her for a few seconds more, enjoying the sight of a woman intimately for the first time. I pursed my lips and blew a gentle waft of breath over her pussy, making her shiver. My own body was shaking in terror, conflicting with the lust I could feel building inside me.

My breath morphed into something more as I inched my face closer and rested my lips as gently as a butterfly landing on a rose petal and kissed her pussy for the first time. My tongue pressed out of my mouth and did the same to Caroline’s slit as she had just done to me with her finger. Slid slowly up and down it, pressing deeper with each stroke. I loved the subtle taste of her.

My tongue began to move faster now, pressing harder as my hands moved up her thighs to rest on her arse, pulling her tighter against me. All previous hesitation left me. I was licking her. I was a woman, I knew what a pussy was, what it needed, how it should be teased and stimulated. I did all those things as passion and tension grew. Caroline’s legs were trembling as I increased my assault bursa merkez escort on her pleasure palace. My mouth and tongue teasing her clit, as my hand opened her wider and two fingers slid deep inside her wet and slippery pussy.

My tongue now went into overdrive as I subconsciously adapted the things I would do to a man when giving him a blow job, to eating a woman out. My tongue swirled around her clit, then plunged into her core. Fucking her with it. Her juices were flowing more and more freely and I was slurping them down greedily. Caroline was trying to pull me backwards onto the bed, but I wanted to be on my knees in front of her for this first time. Her legs were trembling as she rose higher and higher to her orgasm. My hands were on her arse pulling her tightly against me. Caroline’s hands were wrapped in my thick black hair, holding me to her as well.

I glanced upwards and saw Caroline was playing with her nipples lost in the moment, her head was thrown back and she was screaming as she squirted over my face. Her hips thrusting forward hammering into my face, fucking her cunt on my tongue.

Caroline broke away and fell backwards on the bed oblivious to everything around her. Her pussy still leaking the last of her juices as they slowly subsided.

I threw my clothes off and joined her, hugging her tight, mouthing words of love and thanks. I knew this was going to be a one-off encounter. A single day and night of passion. There was never going to be any long term future between us, but we had both come to recognise over the past year, that we both had a mutual itch that needed scratching.

A hand was sneakily worming its way between my thighs which parted easily to allow access to my pussy. Caroline started slowly and gently, one, then two fingers inserted inside me, moving in and out, rotating and stretching me as she spread them wide. Her thumb was rubbing on my clit, a soft pressure.

As she kissed me she smiled and said, “You taste of pussy cum, yummy.”

“Well, it is yours,” I teased.

“Now I want to taste yours,” she growled sending a shiver of delightful anticipation running through my body. A sexy young woman was going to eat my pussy! Oh yes!

Caroline, kissed her way lower and lower, taking her time teasing me the way I had done with her. She spent ages kissing and sucking and licking my boobs and nipples, all the time her fingers were incessantly working in and out of my pussy, building up my excitement. I had started to get really wet by now.

At last, her kisses moved lower and I spread my legs as wide as they could go, I wanted to let her see me as intimately as she could. I wanted her to look deep into my opening. Caroline didn’t stop at my pussy as I had expected but moved lower until she was at my feet and kissed each toe in turn. Then she kissed and stroked her way up my left leg until she was again opposite my pussy, her lips brushing the sides of my labia as she skirted it and kissed her way down and back up my right leg

The wanting and tension in me was palpable as she teased and delayed things. By now she was lying between my legs, face inches from my pussy.

“Do you want me to kiss your pussy?”

“Oh God yes.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“How much?”

“More than anything in the world.”

“Not more than that?”

“Just lick my fucking pussy you little bitch!” I screamed.

With a giggle as she had elicited the response she wanted she buried her face against me.

Her tongue was everywhere, licking and probing, taking me to places and heights of delight and passion I had never experienced before. She nipped and bit my clit, she forced her tongue deep into me, her fingers prodded and probed. My body just melted under her assault, and it was an assault, but a loving assault. It was never ending. She found countless ways to tease and stimulate me, driving me higher and higher.

I came, time and time again. In all my years I had never had multiple orgasms but I did underneath Caroline. It had taken a girl forty years my junior to give me that.

I’m sure I flooded her mouth, but she never flinched or stopped, she had warned me that she was highly sexed and insatiable, but I had never expected what she did to me.

We spent the rest of the day in bed, then after showering, together, of course, we had a meal, then more bed and sex. The following morning I was awakened by the feel of Caroline’s hair as it tickled my thighs as she ate my pussy for breakfast. A meal I also enjoyed the same way. I have only one regret, Caroline hadn’t brought a strap on. I would have loved to have been fucked and fucked her with one.

The train journey back to Manchester was spent in contemplation, and regret that what had happened would and could only have been a one-time event, helped by the strange times we have just encountered.

Thank you, Caroline, for such a sweet and fulfilling moment. One of the greatest of my life. One I will treasure forever.

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