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My mom has been my best friend since my childhood. She is very good looking. She is extremely fair and her face is very pretty. Her skin and figure are also admirable. My dark and stout dad was extremely possessive of her. Naturally so, as many of his colleagues and friends could not hide their admiration for her. My dad was very bossy towards this docile woman and in my child hood I was rather unhappy about this.

But as I grew up and started understanding the man and woman relationship, my perception about my parents’ relationship changed for the better. This was because I saw them making love on a number of occasions and felt that they were a highly compatible couple sexually.

This is how I saw them for the first time –

I was around 18 or 19 at that time. One day, as there were guests at home, I slept with my parents in their bedroom. Suddenly I woke up from sleep with some unusual sound and movement beside me. The night lamp was on and in that dim light I saw my dad, stark naked, on top of my mom. I could see dad’s thighs and trim hips. He was kissing my mom in ears, neck and lips. He was whispering some words, which I could not hear properly but sounded very enchanting.

I saw my mom’s fair hands moving over my dad’s dark & manly back and one of her silky smooth thighs and legs fully bare. I could also see one of her silky smooth armpit. After a while, mom was moving her hands and legs faster and pushed dad to the side and sat up. Her blouse was not there and her unhooked bra was hanging loose. The sari & petticoat was up on her thighs. In seconds, she got down from the bed and stripped herself completely.

I was very scared that she might see me watching and closed my eyes. During that few seconds I saw her gorgeous nudity. She had very nice boobs with large nipples, nice trim waist, a deep belly button, heavy bums and a dark patch around her groin.

As I opened my eyes slightly, I saw my mom was now over my dad’s body and she was pushing her boobs in his mouth. My dad was sucking her nipples and pressing her boobs. Mom’s back and hips looked wonderful as they moved a bit. Mom was now making moaning sound and dad was making those very sweet whispers, when his mouth was free from mom’s boobs. As mom’s moaning sound increased, dad tried to push her to the side. He then moved over her and put his cock in her mouth and she swallowed it eagerly. Later, mom pushed him to the side and got up to ride over him. This time I could see my dad’s chest covered with hair like a carpet and his cock, Beylikdüzü Olgun Escort strong and erect – it was the first time I saw a man’s weapon.

Mom now held the cock in her hand and slowly placed herself on it. I could see the dark patch around her groin against the fair backdrop of her belly and thighs. As soon as she was in place she started thrusting the lower part of her body. This time, dad was making moaning sound and mom was almost screaming. After that my mom was in frenzy and that went on for a few minutes. Finally, the movement stopped with mom making a shrill sound and she collapsed on my dad’s chest. Both of them were motionless for a while. After that they got up and went to the bathroom.

At this stage, I was shaking in excitement and my fingers automatically started playing with my clits with dad & mom’s lovely image in my mind. Soon, I had a great climax, much stronger & pleasant than what I had before. I then got lost in deep sleep.

This first time viewing of my parents making love brought in a lot of new things to me –

Initially, it was sort of a shock. I was not sure what I was seeing. Viewing dad and mom totally naked was something I never even imagined.

Though initially I felt a little depressed, as I watched them making love, I got aroused. It was a great pleasant sensation.

I sort of admired both of them for their physical beauty. My dad’s hairy chest and his throbbing cock were something that attracted me to him for the first time. From that day, dad endeared himself to me.

Mom’s rich body mesmerized me. Earlier, I did see her naked waist upward once or twice. But this time, it was her full nudity in view. I realised that her naked body was much more adorable than her regular clothed image.

Mom riding my dad, holding him at the shoulders and dad pressing her boobs made me feels her dominance on my dad. For the first time, I felt that this docile woman had her strength over her so-called dominant husband. This changed my perception of their relationship.

This experience brought in a lot love in my mind for my dad for the first time. Earlier, he was only a tough guardian. Though he was quite affectionate to me, I never reciprocated his gestures of affection. But after that night, things changed between him and me. Next morning, when I woke up mom was gone but dad was sleeping beside me. I felt emotionally attracted to him and woke him up with a soft kiss on his cheek. He was a bit startled initially, but Beylikdüzü Otele Gelen Escort then he immediately reacted by hugging me. I placed my head on his strong hairy chest and felt secured more than ever.

Later, my dad and I often hugged each other and kissed on each other’s cheeks. I particularly felt attracted to him when his chest was bare and never missed any opportunity to hug his bare chest. I loved his hairy armpit too. Secretly, I wanted to see his strong & erect manhood again & again, but there was hardly any chance.

In later years, I saw mom & dad making love a couple of times more –

Once in the middle of the night, hearing some sound from their bedroom I woke up. The light was on in their bedroom (later, I found out that they always made love in bright light). I tiptoed out of my room and found that the sound was coming from their bedroom and the door was half ajar. I stealthily stood outside the door and could see their naked bodies.

Mom had her head on dad’s groin and was sucking his cock. I could see mom’s naked back with her smooth hips shaking a bit. As her lower part was in a crawling position, cheeks of her bums were a little parted and I could see her pinkish ass hole with some hair around it. Lower down, a part of her dense pubic bush was also seen. Dad’s front was visible except his cock, which was in mom’s mouth.

After a while, as mom took out her mouth and was trying to ride dad, I saw his amazing manhood again, erect like a tower. He pulled mom down on his chest and whispered some thing in her ears. The same romantic sound tingled my ears! After this mom got into a four legged position at the edge of the bed and dad getting down from the bed, stood behind her. He then pushed his cock from behind under mom’s ass hole. Seeing this I thought dad was putting his cock in mom’s ass hole and was very shocked. Later I realised that the cock was inside the pussy (I had no idea of doggie style at that stage). Now I could see my dad’s strength as he thrust his cock back & forth very forcefully and energetically.

As they had climaxed, I tip toed back to my bed. I was very charged up and was perspiring like hell. I fingered my self and calmed down.

Dad, once in a while, had drinks at home before dinner. One evening, he started late and a little later asked mom to join him. As they were drinking, the dinner was going to be late and mom asked me to have my dinner without waiting for them. After dinner, I studied for some time Beylikdüzü Rus Escort and then went to bed. They were still drinking and appeared to be in great mood. Dad’s top was bare and mom was also without blouse and bra. I fell asleep quickly.

Much later, I woke up and saw the drawing room lights still on. As I was to go to the toilet, I stepped out of my room. I stopped as I saw dad standing with the glass in his hand wearing only his brief. Mom was also nearly naked and was throwing off the last bit of her clothes. Seeing this, I stepped back and watched them from a corner.

Mom after undressing gulped her drink down; walked up to dad and kneeling down pulled down his brief. She sucked his cock and he stood there like a king holding his glass in his hand. After a while, mom pulled him down and got him in four-legged position. Then she sucked his ass hole. It looked a bit odd to me but from their body movement it looked they enjoyed a lot.

After a while, they were in a huddle on the floor and were kissing each other all over. Mom’s long hair was open and was adding to her beauty. Unlike other days, mom’s armpits were bushy and that added sexiness to her body. She disengaged herself after a while and stood up. She pulled dad up and made him suck her pussy. As dad held her around her bum and was sucking her pussy, she screamed a lot. A little later, she lied down on the floor, folded & spread her legs, and pulled dad down. He inserted his cock in her and started stroking.

He stroked slowly but with lot of force and with each stroke mom made shrill sounds. The vigour in my dad’s strokes made me charged up and I put my hands through my pajama and rubbed my clit. The stroking, unlike two earlier occasions, took very long (now I know, this was effect of alcohol). After they finished they collapsed completely and didn’t move at all. After a few minutes I found them fully asleep on the floor. Mom looked like a goddess beside a tired warrior. Lot of cum was on her pussy & thigh and dad’s cock was limp, though still quite large. I closed the door of my room, stripped my self and masturbated.

When I was 23 or so, I had an attack of typhoid. Mom was away to North Bengal and dad had to look after me. For a day or two, I was having very high temperature and was completely bed ridden. During those days, dad took leave and stayed home to nurse me. He was beside me day & night. He carried me to the toilet, brushed my teeth, and even combed my hair.

When it came to giving me sponge bath, he was a bit uneasy. He hesitatingly asked me to remove my pajama top. I was too unwell to feel shy or any thing and just managed to sit up. He then took off the top and as I had no bra I was naked waist upwards. He wiped me with a lot of care. Then he untied the string of the pajama bottom, made me lift my hips and pulled it down making me stark naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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