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Big Dick

This story is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No characters are under the age of 18. This story involves incest, so if that’s not something that you enjoy, then move on to another story.


My beautiful blond adoptive Mom Elizabeth Wilson and my ex-girlfriend’s Mom Cindy Green were sound asleep in the middle of our bed after an evening of wild sex that included traditional sexual intercourse, a 3some with both of them and the use of a huge rubber toy cock that they shared.

I walked into the computer room in the early morning hours to add my Mom and Cindy’s action with the huge rubber cock into my computer. I looked in my laptop for Cindy’s video camera data card and found quite a few associated files inside it. I was surprised to see so many different files in the data card.

I opened the first group of files to find the video that Cindy had recorded of my gorgeous Mom having oral sex and intercourse with me last night.

I clicked on the second group of files and was astonished at what I saw. My 18-year-old ex-girlfriend Jen was lying naked on her side in her bed. Her dad Andrew walked over next to the bed and she started sucking his stiff cock like a crazed crack whore. I closed and restarted the video to look and noticed that the video camera had to be discreetly placed in a hidden spot on a bookshelf or dresser to capture the footage without either of them realizing that they were being recorded.

I watched her blond head bobbing up and down on her dad’s rigid erection. Her mouth was making loud wet slurping sounds as she sucked his dick. He placed both his hands in her blond hair and kept feeding more of his prick into her mouth. Her heavy 32C tits jiggled around on her chest as her blond head slid up and down on her dad’s dick.

Her dad reached down to her crotch and she spread her legs so he could easily finger her golden haired teenage pussy. He began fingering his daughter first with his middle finger before he added his index finger.

She lifted her tiny hips to grind against his 2 long fingers as she sucked harder and faster at his rigid cock. “Slow down, baby, we have all evening to enjoy each other’s company while your Mom is away,” her dad moaned loudly.

“I haven’t had any cock in a while, Daddy, not since before we caught Mom in bed fucking Garrett,” she whined. “I need cock, Daddy, in my mouth and in my pussy,” she continued.

“Daddy’s got all the cock that my baby girl needs,” he replied. “I just want you to take the time to enjoy it.”

I watched as she slowed down, taking his stiff cock out of her mouth and tantalizingly licking along his full 6″ length. She cradled and licked his hairy balls for a few seconds before she resumed sucking his dick.

Within a couple minutes he exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum in your mouth baby girl. Are you ready to swallow all my cum, baby?”

She murmured, “MMmmmm hhhuunnn,” past a mouthful of his cock and nodded her blond head affirmatively.

He pushed her blond head half way down his stiff saliva coated cock with both hands. “Oh God, Jen, I love to cum in your mouth,” he moaned. “Your Mom used to love to suck my cock like this and swallow my load too. Here it cums, baby.”

I could see her lift her head and back slightly away from his 6″ cock. I could see her tiny mouth greedily gulping down his creamy load into her throat and down into her belly. She kept sucking until his cock softened while she tenderly licked around his tip, down his length and then licked his balls again as he oozed the remnants out of his tip. She slowly licked across his cock tip with the flat of her tongue to get any remaining residue.

He eased her onto her back and she invitingly opened her legs. He dropped his salt and pepper colored head between her slender thighs to start licking at her golden haired pussy.

“You’re so wet already, Jen, from sucking my cock,” he exclaimed.

“Sucking my Daddy’s cock gets me really wet and ready to get fucked,” she replied.

“You are such a perfect replica of your Mom 18 years ago, baby girl,” he stated as he looked up at her teenage face from her crotch. “Your nice big tits on such a small body, the same tight little ass, the way you love to suck cock, and then take a hard dick up inside your tight little blond haired pussy.”

“Yes, I’m a cock slut just like Mom,” she proudly replied. “Now lick my nasty little blond cunt until I cum on your face, Dad.”

“With pleasure, baby girl,” he proclaimed as he spread her puffy labia and began licking her pussy.

“Oh yeah, Dad, I love the way you lick my horny cunt,” she moaned as she lifted her tiny hips off the bed to grind her golden crotch against his face. She bucked and moaned for several minutes under his tongue lashing until she screamed that she was having an orgasm. bursa escort “Drink down all my cum just like I drank yours, Dad,” she cried.

He eagerly licked and sucked at her cunt until she lay back quietly in the bed. He slowly licked his way up her petite body until he was sucking on her soft full 32C tits. Her pink nipples stood up hard and erect after his oral action on her most sensitive parts.

“Ready for some hard cock, baby girl?” he whispered.

“Yeah, I’m always ready for your cock, Daddy,” she responded.

I watched the hidden camera video as he brought his erect 6″ cock up between her puffy labia. He gently pushed forward and his stiff dick easily slid up inside her wet crease. She opened her legs wider to let him enter her as deep as he wanted. He began fucking her slow and easy as she lifted her tiny hips to meet his thrusts. He squeezed and sucked at her heavy tits as her wet pussy easily devoured his length repeatedly.

“MMMmmmmm, you have such a warm wet little pussy just like your Mom used to have,” he stated.

“Thanks, Daddy, it’s only had Garrett and you inside it,” she confessed.

“Garrett’s quite a bit bigger than me, isn’t he Jen?” he asked. “He looked huge when we caught him fucking your whore of a Mom,” he added.

“Garrett has a couple inches in length on you, Dad, and he’s a little thicker,” she replied. “But you still feel really good to me.”

I watched them pick up the pace until he was fucking her with long hard strokes. She screamed out loudly several times as she had multiple orgasms under his stiff cock. He rolled them over so that she could ride on his rigid cock while he sucked furiously at her heavy hanging tits. She came a couple more times in that position before he stopped.

“Get up on your hands and knees, baby girl, I want to fuck you doggie style,” he stated.

She rolled over onto her hands and knees and he lined his cock up to her wet gash. He plowed into her hard from behind and she squealed with delight. He fucked her hard and rough, while squeezing her soft hanging tits and pulling at her erect nipples.

She was screaming that she was cumming again as he grabbed her trim hips and buried his cock to the hilt. “This is the way I impregnated your Mom 18 years ago, Jen, but fortunately you are on the pill so I don’t have to worry about that again,” he exclaimed. He thrust several more times as he unloaded a massive load of cum inside her tight blond fuck hole. They collapsed onto the bed with his softened cock still inside her soaked cunt.

The video continued as it showed them getting up later and walking out of the bedroom to the bathroom.

I clicked on the next group of files and found a video of Cindy and me fucking in her bedroom. I enjoyed watching how she reacted to the hardcore fucking that I gave her.

The next group of files showed Cindy sitting on the edge of her bed in front of the guy my Mom and I had seen her with at the fancy restaurant along the river. She opened his pants and dropped his shorts and the look of disappointment was obvious on her face. His puny dick looked like it was barely 4 inches long and couldn’t have been more than an inch if even that in diameter.

I watched her wolf his tiny cock down like a little morsel as she quickly brought him to his squirting release. She swallowed his load of juice and he said he wanted to fuck her, but she promptly told him it was the wrong time of the month for that. He pawed at her heavy 34D tits and she lifted her top and let him suck on her erect nipples for a minute.

She told him, “It’s time to go now, thanks for dinner, but my breasts are full and hurting at this time of the month. Maybe we can get together another time.”

He looked like someone had kicked him in the balls as he reluctantly prepared to leave. “Hey, who was that gorgeous blond chick that you were talking to at the restaurant? She looks like she would be some really good fucking. She obviously needs some hard cock, as shown by her hanging out with that young cute guy wearing such a thin sundress with no bra underneath. I wonder if that lucky kid is getting more pussy than me tonight?”

“That was our Southern Baptist minister’s happily married wife with their teenage son,” she lied to the guy. “And I’m sure that neither one of them are getting any tonight while her husband is officiating a late evening funeral.”

“Oh well, she sure looked hot,” the guy stated. “I’d fuck her if I had half a chance.”

“I’m sure you would, but there is not a prayer of that happening,” she replied. She led the guy to the door and then came back into her bedroom. “Christ,” she said, “My fingers are bigger than that guy’s puny cock.” She lay back across her bed and slowly fingered herself in front of the camera until she had an orgasm. “God, I need some big cock to satisfy my hunger, I wish I could get Garrett back over here for a few hours,” she moaned into the camera.

I clicked on the final set of files and once again found Cindy walking bursa escort bayan into her bedroom in a tight dress. A senior that I recognized from school last year came into view. I think his name was Jackson. He was tall, slim, blond and athletically built.

They started kissing and pretty soon he was squeezing her soft 34D tits through her thin sundress and groping her small tight ass. She sat down on the bed and opened his shorts, letting them drop to the floor. Jack had a good 6-7 inch cock standing at attention in front of her, much better than her last guy from dinner.

She dropped her pretty face to inhale Jack’s cock, sucking his stiff dick like a crack addict looking for a fix. She pulled up and licked around his mushroom shaped tip, down the full length of his shaft and sucked his heavy balls before she resumed bobbing her blond head up and down his rigid shaft.

He was obviously enjoying the cock sucking that she was giving him. He pulled down the top of her sundress and let her heavy tits spring loose from her fancy bra. He caressed and squeezed her heavy tits, lightly tugging at her erect nipples as she devoured his stiff dick. She purred like a satisfied kitten as she sucked his cock and before long he was moaning out his contentment in response. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth, bitch,” he bellowed as he pushed her face down on his cock. He put both hands in her short blond hair and started hip thrusting, fucking her sweet lovely face as he prepared to release his load of sperm.

She took his facial abuse like a professional, sucking him harder as he pushed. “Oh God,” he groaned. “You sure know how to suck cock for a middle-aged bitch,” he added. “Here it comes, bitch.”

I saw her gulping and swallowing as he pumped her mouth full of semen repeatedly with each thrust of his young hips. She licked his cock clean as he complimented her on her oral expertise.

I noticed that his cock barely softened even after the wonderful blowjob that she had just given him. He knelt down in front of her and roughly sucked and tugged at her erect nipples. She cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure.

Suddenly, he grabbed her and turned her around, practically throwing her onto her bed. She screamed, both from being startled and being roughly manhandled like that. He grabbed her striped panties and unceremoniously ripped them off her tight ass. She screamed again, and it appeared to be in fear this time.

“Shut up, bitch,” he growled as he pushed her head into the pillow. He pushed her slender legs apart and guided his cock to her wet slit. He buried his stiff dick to the hilt inside her in one quick thrust.

“You’re nice and wet, Cindy,” he groaned. “Must be your tight old cunt needs some young cock bad,” he added. He started pumping his hips forward, driving every inch of his prick into her soft folds with each thrust. He reached under her chest to grab and then maul her heavy hanging tits as they jiggled around under her as he pummeled her blond pussy from behind.

“I’ve fucked your little girl Jen like this before, Cindy, and she told me that you like your sex a little on the rough side too,” he blurted out. “Jen said you cum real hard especially when you’re getting fucked deep and rough. She says she caught you fucking. I’m gonna fuck your tight cunt for a while and then I’m gonna fuck you up your tight little asshole. I think I’m the first guy to fuck Jen up the ass and she screamed when we started but loved it by the time we were done. I’m gonna make you scream as I fuck you up the ass, Cindy.”

I watched her push her trim hips back against his deep cock thrusts and moan with pleasure. He fucked her hard and long and deep with deliberate strokes. It made me think about how she had cum so wildly when I was fucking her that time we got caught by Jen.

He was pounding her wildly and she was definitely enjoying the feelings coursing through her lower body as he pushed her towards an orgasm.

“Oh, ohhhh yes, ohhhh, fuck me, Jack,” she moaned as he pounded her relentlessly from behind. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum, Jack. I’m gonna fucking cum on your hard cock,” she cried out loudly.

He grabbed onto her trim hips and fucked her even harder as she cried out that her orgasmic pleasure was overwhelming her. He didn’t slow down his deep cock thrusting when she started to squirt her hot cum juice all over his stiff dick.

I started stroking my own half erect dick as I watched him fucking her so roughly from behind. I wasn’t even sure if I had been fucking her that wildly when Jen and her dad caught us. Her big soft tits were swinging around under her chest as he fucked her like an animal.

“Hey, what are you watching that’s making you stroke that magnificent cock, instead of letting me do it?” my lovely Mom Elizabeth asked as she stepped in the computer room.

“I’m watching all the videos from Cindy’s camera,” I replied.

“Any good ones?” she asked.

“Yes, I’ve watched Jen sucking and fucking her own dad,” escort bursa I said.

“Really, sucking and fucking her own dad Andrew?” my Mom asked incredulously.

“Yep, and then I saw Cindy giving a blowjob to that guy that we saw her with at the restaurant on the river,” I stated. “He was very impressed with your sexy looks in that yellow sundress, and asked her if you were available. He also wondered if I’d be the lucky guy fucking you like crazy later that evening. She fed him a bunch of lies and he bought it like a sucker. She told him you were the Southern Baptist minister’s happily married wife with your son and we definitely wouldn’t be doing anything nasty like that. Wow, if he only knew how much you and I had been fucking after dinner.”

“Now, I’m watching Cindy getting fucked doggie style by Jack, a senior from school. She seems to really enjoy hard, deep, rough sex,” I told my lovely Mom.

“Well, I might as well watch it with you then,” she stated as she moved in front of me to slowly sit down on my lap. She reached under her trim hips to guide my stiff 8″ dick into her wet gash as she sat down.

I started squeezing her soft tits as she slowly slid her greasy blond cunt up and down the length of my rigid shaft. I kissed her softly bronzed flesh as she bounced up and down on my lap. I kissed her slender back, her strong shoulders, her lovely neck and when she turned towards me, I kissed her hungry mouth.

“MMmmm, Cindy does like it a little on the rough side,” she cooed as we watched the video. “Do you want to fuck me that rough, Garrett?” she purred.

“If you want to try it a little rougher, Mom, I’d be willing to try it like that with you,” I responded.

“Okay,” she said. “Go grab Cindy’s camera again and let’s try it, Garrett!”

She slid up and off my stiff cock so I could get the video camera from the bedroom. When I came back, she was already leaned over my old bed with her tight rounded ass stuck up in the air.

I quickly set up the video camera to capture the scene and moved behind my lovely Mom. I placed my stiff 8″ cock in the middle of her wet crease and drove my athletic hips forward.

“Oh yes, Garrett, fuck me hard with that big cock,” she cried out. “Fuck me just as hard and deep as that teenage boy is fucking Cindy on your computer screen,” she added.

I started fucking her with the intensity that I had fucked Cindy when Jen had caught us. Mom kept looking back at the camera and me, licking her lips enticingly as I fucked her wet pussy roughly from behind. She was moaning loudly with erotic pleasure while I was nearly lifting her trim hips up with each deep cock thrust.

Within minutes, my gorgeous Mom moaned out that she was going to cum all over my wonderful cock. I kept fucking her as I felt her cunt clench and spasm on my dick, trying to milk all my sperm out of my balls and into her hungry pussy. A second later, my cock was immersed in a flood of her hot juices. She turned her face to mine and we kissed passionately as she slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

We both looked back at my computer screen to see Jack fucking Cindy up her tight little ass just as wildly.

“That was really nice, Garrett, you can fuck me like a bitch in heat anytime you want to,” she stated. “I can see how Cindy would enjoy her sex like this too, Garrett. Do you want to fuck me up the ass like that teenager is doing to her on the screen? I have to warn you that I’m a virgin for anal sex, Garrett!” she added.

“Maybe someday, Mom, but I’ll just enjoy your lovely blond pussy for now,” I said.

“Okay thanks, Garrett, I’ve never tried it, but I would if you wanted me to,” she softly whispered.

“I want you missionary style on my bed, Mom,” I stated. “Rougher is kind of nice and exciting, but I love you way too much, Mom. I want to kiss your lovely mouth and suck on these perfect breasts as we make love together, Mom.”

She slid into my old bed and spread her tanned legs for me as I mounted her. She pulled my face down to hers and plunged her tongue into my mouth as I began softly thrusting into her wet blond slit.

“I love you so much, Garrett, I’m willing to try any sexual position with you that you can think of,” she purred contentedly. “But this is one of my favorites positions too, Garrett, giving every bit of my body to you and lifting my hips upward to meet your thrusting, for the sexual enjoyment of both of us. I have the best sex and incredible mind blowing orgasms with you, Garrett, far better than your father or any of the guys from my high school.”

She ground her golden pubes against my dark curls as we moved together in perfect rhythm. I squeezed her soft tits and kissed her sexy mouth lovingly as our hips tapped out a beat of love and adoration. Once again, I quickly brought her to another loud and gut-wrenching orgasm underneath my athletic hips. She grabbed my tight butt and pulled me deep inside her squirting pussy as she came like a wild Amazonian woman.

I continued to fuck her lovingly as she urged me to fill her with my sperm. Her words and soft hip motions easily brought me to the brink and I gushed an incredible load of semen into the soft silky folds of her wet pussy. We fell asleep on top of my old bed and slept soundly until morning.

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