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And so, that day, I did cum. Not once but twice. I felt silly ejaculating into a cup, but it was what my Mother wanted.

She finally came home, and asked how my day went. It was fine, I assured her. As I helped her carry in some bags she asked me if I had masturbated. I said I had. She asked if I had saved it for her. I told her that I did.

“Thanks, Daniel!” She smiled a wicked smile.

After unpacking the groceries and putting them away I asked a question.

“Hey Mum?”


“You’ve seen me, but I’ve never seen you.”

“I’ve showed you my breasts.”

We both sat down on the couch, my Mum sitting against me.

“I want to see more, Mum.”

“Son, I know your password, and I know what turns you on. I just don’t want to go too fast. Do me a favour and go into that bag.” She pointed to a Sears bag. I did as told, and pulled out a plaid mini-skirt.

“Wow! You going to wear that for me?”

I LOVE girls in plaid skirts! The shorter the better! Guess my Mum knew that from the pictures I’d saved on the computer. Nothing like a schoolgirl in a skirt, bending over and showing white panties.

“How many times did you cum today?” My mother asked.

“Two times.”

“Save it?” She drooped the skirt over her knee, and ran her hand over the creases. She was SO turning me on!

“Yes Mum, I saved it. As you asked.”

“Spill any?” She teased. She held out the mini-skirt to look at it. Shit it was short!

“Okay, son. Go and get it while I change.”

I ran up the stairs to my room and got the cup. It had dried out quite a bit, but it was still liquid. I brought it down.

I sat on the couch, and placed the cup of sperm on the coffee table.

Then she entered. My Mother. All of my sexual fantasies in one. Plaid skirt, bare legs and sneakers, and a white top with no bra. I have never considered my Mum to be a sex object until she walked toward me. Instant erection. She was every fantasy I’ve ever had!

“I just want to turn you on, Daniel. I want to do anything at all that pleases you.”

“You do turn me on, Mum. Wow you look hot!” She swayed back and forth to some music in her head, gyrating her body sensually. “Dance for me, Mum!”

And she did. She ran her hands up her thighs, exposing more bursa escort bayan of her legs. She turned around and slowly lifted the skirt up. Her ass looked perfect wrapped in the white cotton of her panties. Shit but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her!

She stopped dancing and slowly sat on the other side of the couch and spread her legs. I could see her underwear clinging to her crotch. There was a darker damp spot.

“Did you bring the cup?”

“It’s on the table,” I said, horny as fucking hell.

“I want to make you cum, son. I want you to cum in my mouth. But I don’t want you to stick your penis in me.”

She opened her legs, and pulled her white panties to the side and showed me her pussy.

I took off my pants and started to tug at the hardon my Mum had given me.

“Am I turning you on?” She stuck two fingers inside her pussy and pulled them out. She reached over with her wet hand and smeared her juice onto my penis.

“I love your cock,” she sighed. “I want everything that comes from it.” Her wet fingers gently slid up and down my shaft. Small, dainty fingers stroking me. Her eyes seemed fascinated with how big she had made it.

“I want to be your slut, Daniel. I want to taste you every time you cum.” She was getting very worked up, almost out of control. Then again so was I!

“I want you to whiten my coffee in the morning, I want to spread you on my sandwich at lunch, I want you to cum in my coke at night.” Shit, she was close to orgasm just talking about it! Her face was sweaty and her hips were spasming. What a gorgeous sight to see!

She fingered her cunt and reached over and grabbed blindly at the cup on the table, and handed it to me.

“Pour it on my face!” She almost screamed out the order. I took the cup of sperm and said,

“Mum, it’s too thick and dried up!”

“Spit in it, for fuck sakes! Swirl it around and then pour it on my fucking face already!”

So I spat and I swirled, and spat and swirled. Finally it was all back to a liquid state. My Mum was in a frenzy. One hand was almost all the way inside her pussy and the other was flicking at her clitoris.

“My face, Daniel,” She hollered. “Do it now!!”

So I did. Her eyes were closed but her face was pointed up. gorukle escort I began by letting it drip over her nose. She was moving so much that it dripped onto her closed eyes and some even went in her outstretched mouth. She was coated in wetness. Her eyeballs were covered in a puddle of my spit and my sperm. She grabbed the cup from my hand and stuck it in her mouth, licking the insides like a cat.

Then the room went quiet. Her body convulsed and her breathing stopped. A look of wide mouthed pain was on her soaking dripping face. My Mother was having an orgasm!

Her body relaxed for a moment, then convulsed again. And again. She whined like a little girl, and was having a hard time catching her breath.

Then it subsided. She lay back on the couch breathing deeply. Her hair was matted to her face…stuck by sweat, sperm, and spit. Her schoolgirl top clung with sweat and her pointed nipples showed through the thin fabric. She lay back spread-eagled in an effort to cool herself off. The left side of her panties went nicely into the crack of her vagina.

What a sight!

“Pass me my smokes, son,” She asked, closing her legs and pulling the clinging hair away from her eyes. She sat upright on the couch and lit herself one.

She looked like such a slut, and the funny thing is that she knew it. She knew her eyeliner was smudged all the way down to her chin. She knew her lipstick was smeared halfway across her cheek.

“How do I look, Daniel?” She asked.

“Sexy, Mum,” I said.

She looked down at my cock…it was semi-erect. She took it again in her hands and held it.

“Guess I came and you didn’t, huh?” She smiled. My cock grew in her teasing fingers. She looked perturbed.

“What’s wrong, Mum?” I asked.

“I want to suck it, Son, but I can’t. Just want you to know that I want too.”

“It’s okay, Mum.” But shit it was in need of a good sucking!

“You need to cum, huh?” She asked, playfully running her fingernails over my balls. We looked right in each other’s eyes as she went under my balls with her fingers.

“Lie back a bit, Daniel,” She said.

I have never in my life had another person touch my asshole, but she was getting close! I felt her nails on the part between my balls and bursa merkez escort bayan anus, and was in heaven. She teased me…closer, and then back to the balls. Closer again. Then she just stopped.

“Son?” She asked.

“Yeah, Mum?”

“I don’t have a problem licking you there.”

“Where, Mum?” I asked.

Her hand once again went under my balls, and this time her finger gently circled around my anus.

“Do you want me too?” She asks such silly questions sometimes!

“Okay,” I said.

“Wanna jerk off while I lick you there?”


“Promise to let me know when you’re gonna cum?”

Then I think I lost control. I lifted up my ass and stuck it in her face. She licked like her life depended on it. I think her tongue may have even gotten inside a bit. I swung around so I was sitting on her face and looking at her schoolgirl body. My hand was doing ninety and I reached down and touched my Mothers pussy. Sopping wet!

“On your face, Mum?” I asked as she slurped on my anus.

No answer, just gurgling noises. Her hand went between her legs and she started playing with herself.

“I’m gonna!” I screamed, and pulled back so my cock was just above my Mothers forehead. I rubbed the cheeks of my ass one more time over her face then blew my load.

Spurt 1: left eye to mouth.

Spurt 2; along the bridge of her nose, splashing on her lips.

Spurt 3; another straight shot, got her shirt

Spurt 4; aimed it in her closed eye. I like the ‘puddle’ effect!

Spurt 5; mostly in her mouth, though lots on her chin.

Leftovers; dripped into her mouth.

Then I ‘painted’ her again with my cock, and spread it all into her skin. Her eyeliner clung to my knob!

We sat up, and my Mum lit up a smoke. She looked wicked with a sperm-drenched face!
“Daniel?” She asked, “Wanna drink?”

“Sure Mum!”

She got up and poured a rum and coke for herself, and brought me a glass of water.

“Hey! Howcome just water?” I felt like a drink.

She smiled as she told me that she wants to fill up my bladder.

“Look at my face, Daniel.” And she was a mess! It was ugly if you didn’t know the circumstances.

“Go wash up, Mum!” I suggested.

“No Son. Your dad may be not with us, but there’s one thing that he taught me.”

“What’s that Mum?” I pulled up my pants. Wow…what a good night!

“Tap water is full of chemicals.”

“Use soap!” I suggested.

“Drink your water!”

She turned on the TV, and we sat and watched for a bit.

She brought me lots of water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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