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She grabbed onto my penis ever so gently. Stroking it up and down, she then proceeded to pull down my pant and, kissing me all over starting with my chest and lower to my stomach. She continued to kiss me until she reached my pulsating penis. She then started liking my shaft. She then put the tip of my penis into her luscious mouth. It felt so amazing. She began to stuff my cock deeper into her mouth. She was about to make me cum but I wouldn’t let her. I pulled her up towards me.
“Ride me” I whispered.
“I was just about to” she said
She then got on top of me and guided my dick into her tight little vagina. She started back and forth almost as fast as she could. After a few minutes of that I pushed my cock upwards into her vagina. And I came deep inside her pussy.
She collapsed on top of my chest and we fell asleep in our embrace.
The next day I awoke and Shelby had got off me and her head was on my chest, and her leg was over mine so that I could feel her warm pussy on my leg. I continued to hold her because I really did not want to go to school anymore because this was the last mandatory week of school, unless you didn’t do you grad project but I did that in the beginning of the year right before Shelby. It was Thursday and tomorrow was prom and the last day of school. The morning was as usual except that Shelby joined me in my shower for a morning quickie. We went to school and for some reason I was picked to make the morning announcements. So I made the announcements but at the end.
“Before I go I would like to say one thing, I am engaged to Shelby Hatcher. I love you Shelby.” I said as the principle took the mike from my hands.
“In my office now.” He screamed
So I walked into his office.
“What do you think you are doing?” He yelled
“I was telling everyone before they started a rumor about her.” I said
“Are you telling me you were trying to protect her?” He yelled in a lesser tone but still pretty loud.
“Yeah I didn’t want them to think it was because she was pregnant or something crazy.” I replied
“Well let me get her in her to confirm this then.” He said as he got on the phone
A few minutes later, Shelby walked into the office. She sat next to me.
“Are you to engaged” he said abruptly
“I already told you this.” I said
“I was asking her” he replied
“Yes sir we just got engaged yesterday.” She stated
“Well then you two are free to go, but Dave you have a 30 minute detention after school.” He said
“All righty then” I added as Shelby and I walked out.
“What in the hell did you do that for.” She said as she slapped my arm.
“I wanted to stop any rumors before they started.” I said
“Well next time tell me beforehand” she said
“All right I’m sorry.” I said as I kissed her to really show my apologies.
We went through the rest of the day and I went to detention. I could see Shelby Sitting outside of the detention room listening to her IPod and laying on the bench. As soon as my detention was over Shelby and I drove to this amazing wedding planner who did my mom’s wedding 20 years ago. We walked in and there were about 4 wedding planners to choose from. But the first thing we had to do was set a date. I choose somewhere in August so we would not miss any school. Shelby agreed that it was the best time there was only one of them that had that timeframe open. But she was supposedly the best in the office.
“Did you guys have a place in mind to have the wedding?” She asked us
“I was hoping you could give us a couple to choose from.” Shelby said
“Oh yeah I have some brochures here.” She handed us a couple of amazing places.
We sifted through the brochures. We both stopped at same place, Central park because ever since we were kids it was our favorite place to go together.
“Looks like you guys picked a place.” She said
“Well I think Central park is amazing for our wedding” Shelby said
“I know Central park is my favorite place to go with her.” I said
“Yeah ever since we were little I loved going there with your family.” Shelby replied
“There are a few days open in August, but towards the beginning of August, every day after the tenth is taken.” She told us.
“Let’s take the tenth” I said
“Okay now we just need a couple other bits of information.” She told us
“Okay” we said
“How many people do you think will be there?” she asked
“Um I would say about three hundred and fiftyish.” I said
“Okay so a big wedding.” She said
“Do you want a DJ or band?” She asked
“I think a DJ would be better.” I said.
“Just two more questions, what type of cake would you like, and would you like a buffet or a preset meal?” She asked
“Um I know she hates chocolate, and so do I so can you get us some samples of other types of cake. And as for the food I think a buffet would be better.” I said
“I agree one hundred percent.” She said
“Ok so come back next week the same time today and I will have samples of pretty much everything you need for the wedding.” She told us
“Well that was easy” I said
“Yeah but next week will be much harder” She said
We left the wedding planners and went out to dinner. We didn’t go anywhere fancy. We went to a small dinner. After we ate we drove to the high school and luckily I brought a blanket for use to lie on. I spread the blanket over the pitcher’s mound. We laid there for what seemed like forever just holding each other.
“Are you sure we are ready for this?” She asked
“I have never been surer of anything in my life.” I replied
“I was just making sure” she said
“Look I love you, I have loved you ever since I can remember, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.” I replied
She just looked into my eyes; she could tell I wasn’t lying. She then leaned in and kissed me. She then threw her leg over and slipped her shirt off. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. She then proceeded to kiss me. She took off my shirt, and undid pants. She stood up and took of her pants and panties. She then slowly got onto her knees, and guided my penis into her velvety embrace. She trembled as my penis entered her temple. I was throbbing even before I penetrated. She began to rock her legs back and forth. I then began to thrust upwards deeper inside her, she was moaning louder than ever. I then wrapped my arms around her and quickly flipped her around so she was on her back. I then began to make out with her as I continued to thrust into her.
“Ohhhh god I love you, OHHHHHHHHHHH GOD IM CUMMMMMMMING” she screamed
I could feel her vagina squeezing my dick the more Sex hikayeleri intense her orgasm got. Until I couldn’t take it anymore, I came so hard into her. I never realized it but I never felt as good having sex with anyone like I do with Shelby.

We continued to lay there for about an hour just talking about prom, our future and many other things. Eventually we got up and got dressed and got into my car. It was about midnight when we pulled up to my house.
“Do you want to come to my house or yours?” I asked
“I think we should sleep in our own beds just for tonight because I don’t want you to see me until you pick me up for prom.” She replied
“Oh okay.” I said “If that’s what you want.” I added
“I just want tomorrow to be really special.” She said
“I understand it is okay.” I replied
I kissed her goodnight and as she turned to walk away I gave her a playful pat on the butt. She turned back and smiled. I went into my house and went up to my room. I collapsed onto my bed. The next morning I woke up and jumped right into the shower. I drove my sisters to school because Shelby didn’t want me to drive her today. I guess she really didn’t want me to see her until prom because she would always sit in the back with a hoodie on. But luckily she didn’t have to hide for long because girls got out early for prom. The guys got out about 2 hours before the regular end of the day. As soon as I got out I drove over to the flower shop and got a corsage for Shelby. Then I called the restaurant me and chuck picked during class earlier. I then got a reservation for 8 people at 7 o’clock. I already had the limo and everything already set up and paid for, it was a hummer limo and it was then going to drive us home after our prom then I would drive us to the hotel where we are staying at. But I needed one more thing the perfect cologne for the occasion. I went to the mall and I forget what store I walked into but the saleswoman found the perfect cologne for me. I then drove home got into the shower and put on my underwear and sprayed my cologne on. I then continued to get dressed. I fixed my hair until it was the way it made me look even better. As I walked outside the limo just pulled up. I walked over to Shelby’s house and told the limo driver I would be right out. I walked to the door and went in. Shelby was upstairs finishing her make up her mom said as I walked in. A few moments later I heard footsteps walk down the stairs. I turned around and there she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

“How do I look?” She said with a smile on her face.
Her dress fit even better than it did the day we bought it. Her hair was straitened down and it looked perfect, she had touch of makeup on just to make her face pop.
“You look amazing.” I said as I held her hand
“This is for you” I said as I put on her corsage.
“It is beautiful.” She said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.
We took a few pictures of us. As we walked towards the limo my mom ran out and took more photos. We got into the car and picked up the other couples. Chuck had Shelby hook him up with Brittany. And there were a few of our other friends that joined us. We drove to the restaurant and had our dinner we were all taking pictures and having fun. We then got back to the limo and went to prom. We got to the hotel it was at and went in. We first stopped at the prom picture setup and took our pics. Then we went to the dance floor and danced for a while. After about two hours we finally sat down for a bit.
“May we have your attention it is that time were we announce prom King and Queen.” The announcers said.
“You all voted yesterday for prom king and queen and now it is time to find out who won.” He added
Everyone was cheering.
“This years Prom King, The guy who basically brought us to the state championship 4 years in a row, David Dawson.” He said
“Holy shit I cannot believe I won.” I said as I kissed Shelby and ran up on stage.
“Here he comes” he said watching me run up to the stage.
He handed me the mike. “Thank you everyone for voting for me, but I dedicate this crown to my fiancé Shelby, I love you babe.” I said
I handed back the mike. “Okay now this years Prom queen well I guess she gets both (he laughs) Shelby Hatcher come on up.” He announced.
She walked up to the stage and he handed her the mike.” I had no idea anyone even liked me but I guess I was way off. I dedicate this to all of you who voted for me.” She said and as she handed over the mike she stood by me and we took to the dance floor because of the ceremonial dance of the prom king and queen.
We got dancing and as we started dance I gave her a little outwards spin and as she came back I dipped her back and gave her a passionate kiss. We kept dancing until the end of the night eventually we went back to the limo and started driving home. Me and Shelby got out and into my car. We started driving towards NYC. We got there after about an hour of driving. I blindfolded her before we got near the hotel. And as we parked I put her headphones in and started playing music. We walked in to the lobby and up to the desk.
“Welcome to the Ritz Carlton do you have a reservation?” She asked
“Yes it’s a surprise for my fiancé so try not to talk to her please.” I asked
“Okay sir can I have your Reservation number and your Credit Card, with a Photo ID” she replied.
I handed over my credit card and ID and told her the number.
“Okay sir I have you down until Monday is that right in our premier suite.” She said
“Yes that’s it.” I said
“You missed check-in but your room is still available if you pay for last Friday as well.” She said
“Yeah that’s fine” I said
She handed over the key and I grabbed our bags, and walked towards the I got in and the doors closed I took off the blindfold and removed the headphones.
“Where are we?” she asked
“You will see when we get there.” I said
“Why can’t you just tell me now?” She asked
“Because I want this to be really special.” I said
“You’re lucky you’re so cute.” She said as she gave me a kiss.
The elevator stopped at our floor, we got up and walked to our room, I opened the door and as soon as I did she was screaming in excitement. She ran into the room and immediately went to the windows overlooking central park. I brought in the bags and put them in the bed room, then I walked back into the living room and walked up behind Shelby and wrapped my arms around her.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” I said
“Oh god it is.” She replied
“Just think we are going to be Sikiş hikayeleri married out there” I said pointing towards the park.
“I love you so much, and tomorrow I have another surprise for you.” I added
“Oh really is this going to be a regular thing, cause you know I hate surprises,” she said playfully
“Yes very regular” I said as I gave her a kiss on her neck.
I walked away for a moment and called room service and ordered some strawberries and whipped cream along with some Champagne.
“Who did you call?” she asked
“Just ordered some room service.” I said
“Oh really.” She said
“Yeah just a little something.” I replied
For about ten minutes I stood behind her just holding her and kissing her neck and shoulder. Then a knock at the door, I walked over and opened the door. The waiter rolled the cart in and revealed the strawberries and whipped cream. He opened the bottle of champagne, and poured two glasses. I gave him a 20 as he was leaving. I brought over the strawberries and champagne over to the window where Shelby was still looking out the window amazed by the beauty of the city. I picked up a strawberry and playfully fed it to Shelby; she enjoyed me doing this as she moaned as she swallowed the berry. She then drank some champagne, because we all know it gives it a creamy taste. I brought a chair over towards the window. I sat down and reached up and pulled gently for Shelby to sit on my lap so we could enjoy the champagne and strawberries in our embrace. After an hour of sitting and talking, kissing and holding. We got up and went to our amazing king sized bed. Shelby fell asleep in my arms and I feel asleep as I finished a strawberry. I got up at about 8 am. I called down for them to bring up some breakfast at 10. With that note I got on my sneakers, I wrote Shelby a little note, then went for a little run. I ran for about an hour and a half. I went back into my room and jumped into the shower. As I got out of the shower there was a knock at the door. I opened it and again was the waiter. He wheeled in the cart and put down a bountiful meal on the table. I again handed him a 20 as he left. I walked into the bedroom and Shelby was still asleep, I slipped into bed and started kissing her neck, and rubbing her thighs.
“Hey there big boy.” She whispered as I moved my hand towards her pussy.
“Come and get some breakfast.” I said
“I’ll be right there.” She said
“By the way where did you go this morning?” She added
“I went for a run, I left a note.” I replied
“Oh its cool I just went back to bed anyway.” She said
“Yeah you are going to need that extra rest for today.” I said
“Oh really.” She said.
“Yeah were going to be out most of the day so put on some walking shoes and were something comfy.” I replied
We sat down and ate some delicious breakfast, we talked about what we were going to do now that School was done for us until graduation that was two weeks away.
“We could go up to my cabin for a while.” I said
“That could be fun.” She said
“Yeah we can be alone until graduation.” I said
“Yeah and maybe we could invite some people up during the day.” She said
“Yeah we could have a big party at the lake as long as no one else comes in my cabin other than close friends the rest can pitch tents or something.” I said
“I am not having anyone other than Chuck and a couple of your friends in the cabin.” I said
“Yeah just like Brittany and Chelsea.” She said
“Yeah but there are only two beds.” I said
“Me and you, Chuck can sleep with Britt, where’s Chelsea going to sleep?” I asked
“Now that you mention it she can sleep with us.” She said
“What why?” I asked
“Cause I want use to have sex with her.” she replied
“Um I don’t know if I can do that.” I said
“Why? It’s okay if you do.” She said
“If I wanted her I would have went after her, I don’t I just want you.” I said
“Yeah and I just want you but I want to do this for you.” She said
“Fine I’ll do it but if I feel weird I’m stopping and don’t you try and stop me.” I said
“The reason I am doing this is because she likes you I and I don’t want her trying anything without me being there.” She said
“Fine but you should have known I would never do anything with anyone ever, because of how much I love you.” I said
“Were done talking about this, we have more important things to do.” I said
I was angry at Shelby for even suggesting it, but I knew the way Chelsea looked at me she’s wanted me for a long time, but I would never do that to Shelby. We went down to the parking lot and drove over to a place that I was looking up online it was one of the trump towers. I requested a viewing of some of their 1 bedroom condos. The condominium was about a couple of miles away from Columbia University, so I was also seeing what the traffic would be like at around 11am. We pulled up to the university and just looked at it for a while, then we got back into the car and I drove over to the condominium, it only took about 10 minutes to get there. We walked in and up to the desk.
“How may I help you?” The attendant asked.
“I requested a showing of a 1 Br Condo.” I replied
“Ah yes Mr. Dawson is it I have you down for an afternoon showing.” He said
“Sorry were a little early.” I said
“Its fine no problem at all.” He replied
“Right this way.” He said
We followed the man and he opened up a for show Condo on the bottom floor. We walked in and right off the bat the gourmet kitchen was on the left. And ahead of us was the living room, with a very nice entertainment setup. We went down a small hallway and to the right was a very nice bathroom, and the left was a big bedroom.
“This place is amazing.” Shelby said
“We also have a pool, state of the art gym and many more amenities.” He stated
“How much is it?” I asked
“750,000 dollars.” He replied
“Well what do you think” I said to Shelby
“I love it” she replied “bu”
“Well take it.” I said as I cut her off.
“Are you sure.” She said
“Yeah we need a place to live for college so why not.” I said
“I still can’t believe it, we own a place.” She said
“Well not yet.” The attendant said
“We still have some paper work and what not.” He added
We went into the offices and after a few hours we had everything sorted out and I got my condo. We went back to the hotel it was about 3 o’clock. We went and ate some lunch then went for a long walk in Central Park. We walked hand in hand until Shelby started playing with me like we were kids again. She grabbed a Dandelion and blew it into my face Erotik hikaye playfully. Then she ran off. I chased her and grabbed onto her bring her down on top of me. She pinned my arms to the ground, but she wasn’t strong enough to hold me there so I rolled her over and pinned her arms to the ground.
“Are you going to have your way with me?” She said jokingly
I did not answer I just kissed her passionately.
“I guess that answers that.” She said with a giggle.
I let go of her arms. She then tried to pin me back down so I let her giving just enough resistance to make it real for her.
“Looks like the tables have turned.” She said
“Well what are you going to do to me?” I asked
“You will be my slave” she said
“Really, your slave.” I said
“Shut up slave, do not speak.” She said
“Yes master.” I said
“Follow me.” She demanded
“Yes master.” I replied
We walked back to the hotel it was now about 7pm. When we got into the room she really stepped into her little role she made up.
“Get on your knees slave.” She demanded
“Yes master.” I replied
“Now rub my feet” she said
I did. I rubbed them for about 15 minutes. She loved every second of it as she was moaning since the first touch. She got up and walked towards the bed.
“Come her Slave.” She said
“Yes master” I replied
“Eat my pussy.” She demanded.
“Anything you want master.” I said
I began to kiss and lick her lips and clit. Sucking on her clit till she was about to explode. I kept nibbling on her clit as she came a third and fourth time. I was so hard; I began to start up on her. She pushed my head downwards; I grabbed her hand as I quickly got on top of her.
“What are you doing slave?” she demanded
“Im not your Slave anymore, now it looks like you are mine.” I replied playfully
I proceeded to kiss her. She tried to squirm out of it. It didn’t matter. I guided my rock hard dick to her tight opening. She continued to squirm playfully as I penetrated her. I slide my cock deep into her. I started thrusting my dick deeper and deeper.
“Oh GOD DAVE IM ABOUT TO ahhahhahhhahhh” She screamed
She tightened as she came all over my immovable penis, and she was tightening so hard I couldn’t move. She eventually released her grip of my rod. I started thrusting harder and harder until again she tightened. But this time it got the better of me, I started throbbing deep in her. But then an explosion of my fluids covered her walls.
“That was the greatest sex we’ve ever had.” She said as she caught her breath.
“I know.” I said
“God I love you.” I said as I kissed her forehead.
“I Love you too.” She said as she kissed me.
We fell asleep she was spooning me. I woke up for my morning run. It was about 7am. I then ordered breakfast again. I walked out the door and towards elevator. I then went for a run I stopped at a flower shop on the way back to the hotel. I bought her a lovely dozen roses. I ran back to the hotel. I walked into the room. I then jumped into the shower. I began to wash my hair. Then as I put in conditioner, I heard the door slide open.
“Want me to wash your back?” she asked
“Defiantly.” I replied
She jumped into the shower with me and began to rub soap on my back. I proceeded to wash the conditioner out of my hair. She started rubbing my chest with the soap. I started washing my penis before she got there because it was sweaty and still had our juices on it.
“Your turn.” I said as I rinsed off.
She started off with her shampoo, so I started on her back. She moved onto conditioner as I finished her back and moved onto her chest and belly. Every time I rubbed her nipples she would let out a little moan. I dropped to my knees and started washing her ass, more like massaging it.
“Your ass is so perfect.” I said
“Oh really” She asked
“It the best I’ve ever seen.” I said
“How many have you seen?” she asked surprised by my comment
“A lot” “and you are by far the sexiest of them all.” I said
“What’s a lot?” she asked
“About 15 or so.” I replied
“Wow you really got around before me.” She said
“Well you were with a lot of guys to.” I replied
“I never saw any of them naked, you were my first.” I said kind of angry
“I knew you were a virgin but I didn’t know you never did anything else.” I said
“I always wanted it to be you.” She said
“Yeah and I was practicing for you.”
“I knew one day we would be together but I thought at first you had been with a couple guys.” I added
“why would you think that?” she asked
“Because one of your exs told me you two slept together.” I said
“That’s what made me start practicing.” I added
“When, who.” She said
“Ninth grade, it was Kevin I think.” I replied
“Wow so you have been having sex since ninth grade.” She said
“Well yeah, but I was always safe.” I replied
She quickly got out of the shower and went into the bedroom. I followed.
“Look I never loved anyone but you, I always thought of you, I wanted to be good for you.” I said
“I know but it’s just weird. You’ve had sex with so many and I just had you.” She said
“Wait what are you suggesting?” I asked
“I’m not suggesting anything.” She replied
“Well if I knew that we were going to get married I would never have done it with any of them.” I said
“I know now but still it’s just weird.” She said
“Look I love you more than life itself, at the time I thought I was doing this for you.” I said
“What do you mean for me I didn’t benefit from that?” She said
“Look if you did sleep with Kevin and other guys I would have been ready for you. I didn’t want our first time to be horrible. And you can’t tell me our first time was bad.” I said
“I never said it was bad. It was amazing.” She said
“Well if I was a virgin it would have only lasted for a minute or so. My first time was really fast.” I said
“Really?” she asked
“Yeah my first time was horrible. I didn’t want to be bad for you.” I said
“You’re lucky your argument makes sense, but never compare me to anyone again.” She said
“There wasn’t any comparison.” I said
“You are the best everything to me.” I added
“Yeah I know.” She replied staring into my eyes.
Walked over and gave her a passionate kiss. We started making out very sexy like. She pushed me onto the bed, and then jumped on top of me. We kept kissing for a little bit as I felt her up. I began to squeeze and rubbing her breasts. I then continued to suckle on her nipples; all the while she guided my dick into her pussy. I began to thrust upwards as I began kissing her on the mouth again.
“Oh god you’re so big” she whimpered
“That’s the first time you have said that.” I replied
I continued fucking her harder and harder until I came deep inside her tight little pussy.

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