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I couldn’t wait to get back to my dorm room. I finally received a package I had been waiting for. As I entered my dorm room, I took a quick look around the room and checked the bathroom to make sure I was alone. I know my roommate is usually at class until later in the afternoon, but I just wanted to make sure. I was alone and had a few hours until Rebecca would get out of classes for the day, but locked and latched the door anyway. I had only two classes and they were done for the day.

I unwrapped the brown paper from around the box and opened the cardboard packaging to reveal my new toy. Living away from home, I have taken almost every opportunity to be naughty and make up for some missed experiences. My fingers weren’t cutting it anymore for masturbating. I just needed to feel filled up, so I bought myself a large, life-like dildo, complete with molded testicles and strap. I’ve been masturbating so much more lately and looked forward to using this long, thick phallus on myself.

I quickly undressed and went to the sink to wash off the dildo. I ran the hot water over the firm rubber bursa escort shaft. I soaped up my hands and wrapped my fingers as best I could around the two and a half-inch girth. I ran my hands up and down, feeling every vein and bump molded along its ten-inch length.

My pussy was tingling in anticipation as I rinsed and dried it off. I ran across the room and jumped into bed and spread my legs. I had the same butterflies in my stomach as I did the first time I masturbated.

I reached down between my legs and spread my lips with one hand and began to gently rub my clit with the other hand. I was so wet. I closed my eyes and started to imagine all sorts of shameful, degrading acts. All the while, becoming more wet and wanton. I raised the dildo to my lips and licked the head. Then I brought it to my cunt and slid it in. It easily slipped in about half way causing a shudder to run through my body. I kept still for about a minute getting ready to push it in deeper.

I withdrew it until only the head was in me, then took a deep breath and worked it back in ever so slowly. Half way, then bursa escort bayan three quarters, then all the way in. Again I hesitated, this time savoring the feeling of being completely filled. My cunt was being stretched out as much as I could take it.

I started to finger my clit and pump the tool into my pussy. I tried to keep a unified rhythm between the two motions, but couldn’t. Visions of debauchery ran through my head. Images of men and woman doing thing to each other and me. I imagined the toy was my boyfriend’s dick, then other men. I even started thinking about my brother doing me. I pictured myself using it on my chubby roommate, my beautiful girlfriend Michelle and some other girls I know.

My fingers flew over my throbbing button until I finally tensed in a massive orgasm. I felt myself tighten around the dildo and squeezed my legs together to hold it in me. This freed up a hand to pull on one of my nipples. I road out the last jolts, biting my lip and groaning, “Fuck yes…mmmmm, fuck”.

My pussy continued to spasm around the rubber penis, sending smaller orgasms escort bursa through my sweaty body.

Several minutes passed and I was still horny, so I shifted around bending my knees and placing my feet on the wall above the head of the bed. Reaching between my legs, I grabbed the firm molded testicle base of the dildo and began pounding it relentlessly into my hot, wet hole. I needed to cum over and over again.

The first orgasm hit me, but I fought to stay in control. I kept ramming my dildo into cunt. Another orgasm hit then another and another in rapid succession, each one stronger than the last. They continued to grow in intensity.

I finally gave into the shear ecstasy. I let out hoarse cries of pleasure as I clenched my breasts and pulled my nipples hard. My whole body was racked by violent tremors. I was weak and slick with sweat and my chest was heaving trying to catch my breath. I brought my feet down and lay on my side in a fetal position as I pulled the dildo from my cunt with a wet slurping sound.

I lay there quietly coming down from my sexual high, my juices seeping from my well-stretched and satiated pussy. Then it was time for me to clean up before my roommate returned. As I cleaned up and aired out the room from the smell of sex, I thought about how much fun I was going to have with my new toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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