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I sat in Karen’s lap for some time, gazing with love at my little sister’s beautiful face. A sheen of sweat glistened on our naked bodies. Her cheeks were flushed with passion, and a warm smile graced her beautiful face as I thought about the huge load I had just blasted into her mouth and she had hungrily swallowed.

I bent towards her and our mouths met in a hungry, fiery kiss. I could still taste traces of my semen in her mouth as our tongues wrapped themselves around each other. We kissed long and hard, the heat of our bodies against each other fueled our passion.

“You’re a warped little girl, you know that Sis?” I kidded. “So you think I should take advantage of my own daughter, huh?”

“Ha ha, you love it!” she replied. “And she needs it waaayy worse than you do. You have a little sister that will suck you off and fuck you whenever you want. All she has is her fingers, your picture, and that Trevor character, who squeezes her boobs like he’s milking a cow. She needs your cock, Bro. I think you’d be really doing her a disservice if you didn’t give it to her.”

“OK, I can see that you’re serious. I love Marisa, but believe me when I say I’ve never EVER allowed myself to think of her that way. But you’re right, we’re brother and sister, and we fuck like rabbits. I guess it’s sort of hypocritical of me to start drawing lines if she’s of legal age. How do I, uh, you know, hit on her?”

My little sister broke out in a fit of laughter. “Oh my god, Bro, you are so cute… you sound like you’re her age.”

I snorted. “Well, this isn’t exactly your standard dating scenario. I’m relying on you being right about her having the hots for me.”

“It’s simple, really, Big Brother. You already do everything for her she needs. You know she’s upset lately, right? Just invite her for a chat and have her sit on your lap. You know how she loves that! Cheer her up, tell her she’s beautiful, then start tickling her. She’ll be laughing, giggling and squirming against you in your lap! Her pussy will be hot and moist. It shouldn’t take much to shift things into a sexier vibe. It’ll be like taking a cherry from a teenager!”

“God, Sis, you make it sound so easy!” I exclaimed. “I wish I had your confidence…”

My sister talking about my daughter like that had my cock stiffening again. Karen didn’t fail to notice that development, and reached out and started stroking it.

“Seriously,” she stated, “this is going to be easier than cougar hunting at male strip clubs at closing time. You can’t fail. But I see you have a growing problem here that needs attention. My pussy is on fiiiiiiire, and you need to stick that cock into your little sister’s cunt and fuck her real hard, right now!”

I laughed and grinned at her. “You’re really in a mood tonight, Little Sister! OK, your big brother’s going to stick his cock into your snatch and pound it like a steam engine!”

She spread her legs wide and I placed the head of my cock at her lips. She was slick and hot, and in one thrust I slid to the hilt inside her. She exhaled at my insertion, and the look of pure lust on her face made me want to fuck her into oblivion.

“I love you, Big Brother,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

I started slowly pistoning my shaft in and out of her dripping pussy, savouring the sensation on my penis. She was so wet that I was already making squishing sounds as I fucked her. Since I had just shot a load in her mouth, I had more staying power this time around, so I set to the task of thoroughly fucking the shit out of my baby sister.

I grabbed her thighs and scooted her butt closer to the edge of the couch, spread her wide and really started driving into her. My balls and pubis were making slapping sounds against her pudenda and buttocks; small mewling gasps started coming from her throat. My little sister makes the sexiest noises and faces when she’s being fucked, and right now she was kicking me into super overdrive!!

My cock was tingling as I started hammering into her twat, my prick slicing into her like a hot knife into butter, slapping and squishing noises attesting to the fury of our passion. I drove deeper and the helmet of my dick started beating against her cervix.

Karen started crying out, “AH! AH! AH! AH! YES! YES! GOD YES! FUCK ME! AH! AH! YES! GOD, FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT!!!” I didn’t think I could get any more turned on, but her words drove me to new heights of lust!! I looped my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her so I could stand on my feet with my legs bent. I drove my rod into her quim with a fury, ramming into her as fast as I could, my glans battering away at her cervix and g-spot, causing her juices to start leaking out all over her ass.

Her gasps and cries started building up into a keening wail. If there were any neighbours anywhere near the house, I was sure they must have been able to hear! “OHHHH FUUUCK, BRO, I’M GONNNA CUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!” she screamed, her head thrashing back and forth, her eyes shut tight and her hips bucking wildly.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she howled out as her pussy clenched down hard on my escort bayan bursa dick. I huge spray of girl-juice shot out of her pussy, spattering all over me and onto the throw rug and couch. Her hands were flailing around and grabbing onto anything they could, the cushions, her hair, her boobs, my shoulders, as she convulsed and writhed as she came all over my cock.

I started slowing my pace and her eyes snapped open as her mouth gasped for air. “OK! OK! OUT! OUT! ENOUGH!! I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!!”

I withdrew my cock with a grin as she shuddered, her head rolling around and her eyes blankly staring at nothing. “Was that good, my sweet little sister?” I asked her.

“Fuck.” She replied, panting. “Fuck, too good. Soooo fucking good. I haven’t cum like that in a long time. Wow, did you fuck me good!!”

I just laughed as she gasped and heaved. “Ooooh, fuck, I can’t stand up!” she laughed. “Oooh, too sensitive. Wow, I’m vibrating.” She made half-hearted attempts to stand, then gave up, lying on her side curled up, shivering. “Hmmm, you need to cum, huh, Big Brother?”

“I’d love to, Little Sister,” I said. My cock was glistening with her juice and pointing towards the ceiling.

“Why don’t you fuck me up the ass?” she invited. “That would be soooo good right now, and I, uh, sure squirted out enough lube for it.”

“Fuck, Sis, you are a wild woman tonight! OK, I’m in! Get your ass ready, here comes my cock!”

She rolled over on her hands and knees, spread her legs and thrust her butt in the air. Then she started running her fingers over her butt and thighs, moistening her anus with the juices. She then gently stroked her labia, shuddered, and started inserting her fingers into her asshole. There was so much of her juice that in no time her fingers were slick and sliding into her rectum two, then three at a time. My dick was hard as steel and throbbing. I scooped some of her juice from her thigh, causing her to jump a bit, and rubbed it all over my shaft. She spread her legs wider and pushed her butt up and out more.

“Come here and fuck my ass,” she breathed as her hips gently rocked back and forth.

I moved forward and placed the tip of my tool at her puckered anus as she withdrew her fingers. I spat on her asshole, causing her to giggle, and gently pressed in with my cock. Karen spread her butt cheeks with her hands, trying to give me easier access. She gasped as the head of my cock popped in, and gave a low groan as my shaft entered her rectum slowly, inch by inch. She growled a deep, throaty “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” as my cock filled her fully, balls deep in her bowels.

“How’s that, Sis?” I queried.

“Sooooo fucking good….” She moaned. “Go slow. Slow and deep.”

I slid the length of my shaft back and almost out, then slowly back inside. She purred the whole way. The fronts of my thighs were sticky to her butt because all her love juices. I loved the feeling. I slowly withdrew again, spat on her anus, then gradually reintroduced my dick to the depths of my little sister’s ass. Her head was tilted to the side up against the back cushions of the couch, so I could see her eyes shut tight and the smile on her face.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she purred as I slowly drove into her ass to the hilt, briefly pausing with my full weight against her butt, my cock probing into her colon. Then I drew back out, paused again with the tip just inside her sphincter, and leaned back in, letting my weight push my cock all the way up her ass.

“OK, you can go faster now,” she guided. I started carefully increasing my pace, thrusting in and pulling back, using my hips rather than my full body. Karen made little cooing yelps as I penetrated her bottom to full depth. I continued pumping in and out. The sight and sounds of my little sister were always so arousing and exciting while she was being sodomized, and tonight everything seemed to be just that much hotter.

“Do you want to cum, Bro?” she rasped out in between her yelps.

“Fuck yeah, Sis” I rumbled. “I have another river of cum built up. I can feel it right in my guts. This is going to be a huge load.”

“OK, fuck me,” she prompted me. “Fuck me up my ass! Give it to me good and hard, Big Brother, and shoot you jism right up into my asshole!!”

“God, yes, Sis!!” I barked, as I shifted into high gear. I started driving my cock hard and fast, slapping against her ass cheeks as I plumbed her butt, reaming my little sister’s rectum, stretching it out wide with the force of my determined pounding.

I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start as Karen started crying out, “UH! UH! AH! UH! FUCK!! UHHHHH!!!” as I mercilessly fucked her butt. It was an incredible sensation, feeling the friction of her clenching rectum on the shaft of my penis as I hammered deep into her beautiful rump, preparing to fill her bowels with my white, thick load.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum Sis!” I gasped. “I’m gonna cum right in your ass!!”

“Yeah, fuck, do it!!” she encouraged. “Do it! AHH! Cum!! AHHHH!! Pound me hard and cum right up my fucking ass!!!! AHHHHHH!!! YEAAAHHHHH!!!!”

My bursa sinirsiz eskort rhythm was blinding now, my hips and cock a blur of motion as I furiously butt-fucked my little sister, my balls tightening as I prepared to unload my sperm in her rear.

“OOHHH, FFUUUUUUCCKK!!! HERE IT COMES!!!” I roared as I felt the first spurt rise. Ecstasy seized my body as my cock spasmed and twitched, erupting in an almost painful blast of jizz, balls deep in Karen’s butt.

“God yeah!! Shoot your sperm in my asshole!! Oh, god, I can feel it spurting!! Oh, fuck, more!!” Karen yelled out, egging me on. She was such a sexy slut, and I couldn’t get over how hot she was. Dirty and nasty, better than any porn bitch I had ever seen. And she was my sister! And I fucked her all the time! I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet.

My penis kept swelling and pulsing as my semen pumped it’s way into her bowels. I could barely move as I came, spurt after spurt filling my sister’s ass to overflowing with white, thick cream.

I finally slumped forward, spent completely as my dick was lodged to the hilt in her colon. “Ohhh, my sweet little sister. That was so good. I love you so much,” I sighed, bending forward to kiss her. Our lips met as she twisted her head back to meet me. We kissed hard and deep, our mouths searching and reaching for each other, trying to find the depths of our souls through our mouths as I felt her anus clench periodically on my slowly softening rod. It was like her ass was giving my cock loving, gentle squeezes. I knew she loved to feel my cock grow soft in her rectum, so I stayed on top of her like that and we kissed, until after a few minutes my dick was almost completely flaccid, and I slipped out.

“Oh, fuck!” Karen giggled, “Uh, it might be a little messy!”

I got off of her and she rose a little unsteadily. My semen dripped from her anus. She giggled again. “I’m gonna run and clean up before we totally ruin the furniture down here!” she stated and rushed off to the bathroom. I collapsed on the couch, my body overwhelmed with sensation and my mind running a million miles an hour, with perverted thoughts of my horny, slutty little sister, and my sweet, beautiful, innocent daughter.

The next day was an agony of anticipation and anxiety. I imagined what I would say to Marisa, thought about how she might respond, slipped into fantasy about what might occur… My cock would start stiffening, and I would get freaked out, try to cool myself off, think totally unsexy things… I was terrified of what might happen if Marisa walked in and I already had a raging boner. That was sort of the point though, wasn’t it? God, it would be so much easier if she was like Karen. She had made the first move on me all those years ago. How had she gotten the guts? How did she know I would respond? What if I had wigged out, rejected her, said she was sick and needed help? Fuck, what if Marisa says that to me? My conflicting thoughts were giving me near panic attacks.

My phone went off. I checked it and it was a text message from Marisa. “Just got off the bus, Daddy. Be home in a min.”

My heart skipped a beat. My dick started swelling in my pants again. I gave my head a quick shake and exhaled sharply, trying to imagine geriatric nuns or dead puppies. “Look natural,” I told myself. “Be cool. No problem. What are you, like fifteen or something? It’s all in control.” Shit, was I sweating?

A couple of minutes later I heard a key in the lock, and then the door opened. In walked my gorgeous daughter, her chestnut brown hair held back with a barrette, her perky boobs straining against her black skull-and-crossbones t-shirt. She had on a pair of skinny jeans with black sneakers. She put her purse down on the table and came towards me. She had no makeup on her angelic face –she was such a natural beauty – but she didn’t have that million-dollar smile that I was so used to seeing.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said as she encircled me in a hug and kissed my cheek. Once again I was fighting the urge to get a hard-on at the sight of my perfect daughter. It was easier this time since I was so genuinely concerned about mood.

“Hello, Angel,” I beamed at her. “Where’s my big smile today? Didn’t you have fun with Julie and Jamie last night? I thought you girls always had a ball!” Don’t lay it on too thick, I told myself. Be cool.

“Yeah, we had fun, Daddy,” she replied distractedly.

“And aren’t you excited to go back to the lake next weekend?” I asked her.

“Yeah. You know I always like going to the lake,” she said blankly. “I guess,” she added.

“Oh, come on,” I said in a playful voice. “I know when my pretty little girl has something bothering her. What is it, sweetie?”

She looked directly up into my face with her deep brown eyes and a tiny frown. She looked like she was about to cry. “It’s nothing, Daddy,” she said in a defeated tone. She turned to go upstairs.

“Now, wait,” I began. “I can tell something is eating you.” Hm, I’d sure like to be the something that escort bayan was eating you, I thought as my prick twitched. “Come on, honey. Talk to Daddy. You know you’re still my little Mars Bar!” I said to her, using the nickname I had given her as a child.

“Daddy, I’m not a little girl anymore!” she protested exasperatedly as she whirled to face me.

Oops. This wasn’t going so well. OK, time to pull out Karen’s advice.

“I know, Marisa. I know you’re not. You’re a grown woman. I know I have to start treating you like an adult. You’re smart, you’re responsible. I didn’t mean to make you feel like a kid, sometimes I just think of you as my daughter.” Oops. Oops again. Shit! Damn it, get it back on track! “I’m just concerned about you. You know I love you. I love you with all my heart. And you’re a pretty young woman. In fact, you’re about the most beautiful young woman I’ve seen in my whole life.”

“You have to say that,” she said. “You’re my dad.”

“No, but I really mean it. I’ve seen you grow into about the most beautiful, desirable woman in the world. Sometimes I have to catch myself when you come around the corner from the bus stop. ‘Wow, who’s that hot girl!’ I say to myself. Then I remember it’s you,” I grinned at her.

She giggled half-smiled back at me. “Thanks, Daddy,” she said.

“I do know something’s bothering you though, and I want to help. I promise I will talk to you and treat you like the grown woman you are, but will you indulge your old man a bit and sit in my lap so we can have a chat?” I asked, my heart racing a bit as I sat on one of the kitchen chairs. Down, boy, I thought to my dick, trying hard to keep control.

“OK, Daddy,” she said in a small voice as she looked into my eyes with her head sort of bowed and a pixieish grin spreading on her face.

She sat across my lap and sort of slouched, her head still bowed but her eyes raised to meet mine. Was that love in her eyes? Maybe that kind of love? Yes, I thought to myself. Damn, my little sister really seems to know what she’s talking about!

“All right,” I began. “I’ve noticed that something has really been bugging you lately. Let me take a wild stab at what’s causing it. Is it about a boy?”

“…Sort of,” Marisa said softly.

“And is it because you’re a little confused? Maybe things weren’t what you were expecting, or what you thought they were?” I continued.

“Yeah, sort of,” she said.

“Is it because Trevor maybe isn’t what you thought he was? Maybe he’s been not quite the total gentleman sometimes?”

Marisa’s smile went sort of half-cocked, but she said nothing.

“Well, let me tell you something. I was his age too once, and I did things that were a little less than gentlemanly sometimes. When a young man is attracted to a pretty girl, they will push for things in a way that isn’t so nice. Hormones rule their actions. I have never questioned you or your judgment, and I trust you to make good decisions. I just want to make sure that you put yourself first. Make sure that if you do anything, it’s because it’s what you really want. Having a boyfriend is one thing, but you’re past the puppy love stage. Things can get serious and I want you to always think about the future when you act. Think about what might happen next week, five years, or ten years in the future. If Trevor is the right guy for you, you’ll know it. But if he isn’t, or there’s someone else you think that is, well, you don’t have to do anything with him that you don’t want to, right?”

“Right, Daddy,” she grinned at me. She put her arm around me and leaned in to me more.

“Besides which, young bucks like that don’t know how to treat a lady anyway. It’s only wizened, experienced men like your dad that really know what a woman wants. For example, I knew you were feeling a bit sad, and I wanted to cheer you up. So….” I said, reaching for the bag that I’d hid under the table before, “These are for you.”

I handed her the colourful bouquet of flowers I had retrieved from the bag, watching as her mouth opened in a huge smile and her whole face lit up with delight. Reaching down into the bag again, I produced a small felt box, saying, “These are for you too, sweetie.”

Her smile broadened further as her as widened in surprise and curiosity. She put the flowers down on the table and opened the box, discovering the two small diamond earrings that I had bought for her earlier in the morning.

“Oh, Daddy, they’re beautiful!! The flowers, and the earrings!! I’m so happy, Daddy, thank you, thank you!!” she exclaimed.

She removed the studs she had in her ears, put them on the table, ran to the hallway mirror and put the earrings in.

“Daddy I love them! They’re so pretty!!” She ran back into the kitchen with uncontained enthusiasm exuding from her entire being. She fairly leapt onto me in a big hug. She wrapped her arms around me as she straddled me, kissing my cheek again and again. “I love you Daddy!” she squealed. I put me arms around her, returning the deep hug. “You’re the best!” she said. I was acutely aware that if it wasn’t for a few layers of cloth and about one inch of distance, her pussy would have been rubbing against my cock. I couldn’t remember the last time we had sat like this; it certainly had been at least ten years… My dick responded by starting to come to attention, this time I didn’t fight it as diligently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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