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Big Dicks

This took place this past Halloween and is a true story about myself, my wife, my sister-in-law and one my best friends. Hope you enjoy and love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

My wife (26 years old) and I have been married for almost a year and she has two younger sisters, one 23 and the other 17. All three are very attractive girls, but my wife and the youngest are the best looking in the family…..the 17 year old is amazing and I hope to post stories about her on her one day.

So, every year for Halloween a large group of our friends get together and go out to the bars dressed up just like everyone else. The guys looking cool or funny and the ladies looking slutty (it’s my favorite holiday of the year). This year was just like the past, hanging with friends and catching a good buzz. At the end of the night my wife and I were headed home, and her younger sister and one of my old college roommates were riding with us and crashing at our house.

We get home and my wife is tired and says she is going up stairs to go to sleep, I told her good night and that I was gonna stay up and drink another beer with my friend and play video game or something. She headed off to bed just saying not to get too loud and wake her or her sister, who was sleeping in the guest bedroom which is just down the hall. A few minutes later Heath (my old roommate) and I could hear Allison (my sister-in-law) stumbling around in the guest room. I got Bostancı Escort up to go check on her and make sure that she was ok….she had gotten really drunk that night and had gotten a little sick earlier in the night.

I walk into the guest bedroom to see her laying in the bed with half her clothes on…looked like she was trying to change out of her costume and just fell onto the bed and stayed there. I decided to help her out of her costume, as it looked uncomfortable and then would put her back to bed. As I was undressing her she started to get aroused..I could tell by her breathing and the way she was rubbing my thigh. Well, this started to get me aroused and I was a little drunk myself. I figured that she was so drunk she wouldn’t remember anything and decided to have a little fun.

Allison is a shorter girl with nice perky B cup breasts, nice legs, and overall an attractive young lady….her best feature is unquestionably her ass. It is firm, round, and just looks so juicy. She had dressed up that night as a slutty angel and one of her friends had gone as the slutty devil…they looked so sexy that night it was a wonderful sight to see. Well, she was already out if the fake wings and had gotten stuck getting the top off and still had on her shoes, thigh high stockings and a super short skirt. I slipped off her shoes and stockings, the entire time just reveling in how smooth her legs felt and how soft her skin was. Next Bostancı Escort Bayan to go was the top and her skirt. Now she was only in her cute little panties, she hadn’t wore a bra out that night…..something that all the guys at the bar had taken notice of earlier in the night. The panties she was wearing were white lace cheekies from victoria secret, and her ass looked even more amazing with those panties on….my cock sprang to attention when I saw her in those.

I slipped off her panties and now that she was completely nude, I started to rub her inner thigh and slowly started to massage the outside of her pussy and before I even slipped my hand down to her sweet young pussy it was already soaking wet….this just got me more excited and by now my cock was so stiff it was just aching to leap out of the shorts I was wearing. I started to finger her pussy and play with her ass. I knew she enjoyed some anal from stories her ex had told me one night when we were hanging out. I gave her pussy and ass both a good fingering, and also gave both some oral attention, which from her moaning she seemed to enjoy quite a bit. She returned the favor giving me a great sloppy drunk blowjob, with a few ass licks thrown in their as well. This continued on for a few minutes and then she suddenly blurts out “mmmm, that feels so good in my ass. damn it Heath just fuck me already.”

She thought that I was Heath! So, I gave her what Escort Bostancı she asked for….I fucked her good, but it was hard to into it because I didn’t want to wake my wife upstairs, and since Heath was in the other room I had to be quick about it. I gave her a good hard pounding in her pussy and just as I was ready to cum, I pulled out and slipped it into her ass and blasted all of my cum into her asshole….it was amazing! She just lay there and asked for a glass of water, so I took that as my chance to make an escape and slipped out of the room without her know who had really just fucked both of her tight young holes.
As I walked back into the living room, Heath looked at me with that knowing face and just gave me that nod telling me that he knew what had just happened. It wasn’t a big deal though….we have had sex with alot of the same girls, sometimes at the same time. I explained to him that she thought that it was him who had just fucked her and that she was expecting him back with a glass of water. He nodded his head, went to the kitchen for a glass of water and then disappeared into the guest bedroom for the rest of the night.

The next morning when I got out of bed, my sister-in-law was already gone….her and my wife were out shopping. Heath was still there and he and I decided to grab some lunch, and I asked him about last night. He didn’t say a word, all he did was give me that sly grin of his and just nod his head…..all in all it was a great night for everyone involved.

To this day my sister-in-law has no idea that I was the one that fucked her first, well if she does know she hasn’t saying anything about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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