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Well, this was turning out better than I could have imagined. First I get to take my own sister’s cherry, we eat each other out thoroughly, I fuck her ass for a great time and finally we get caught by Mom. So what do I do? I get a blow job from Mom and fuck her brains out. This was turning out great. And it was going to get better. My sister, Wynter, walked in on Mom and me as Mom was licking and sucking my balls.

Wynter grinned. “I love my new family,” she cried.

And then she ran and jumped on the bed with her perky tits jiggling and her ass wiggling. Wynter pulled up her sundress and displayed her little pussy, with her red pubes showing and her nipples getting harder, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Mom was surprised, but there was little she could say. She had been caught in the act by her own daughter sucking her son, Lowry’s, dick. Besides, her pussy, shaved and luscious, was leaking cunt juice all over the bed spread. And her pussy lips were red and swollen from a fresh fuck by her son.

I had been wearing sweat pants when I came into Mom’s master bedroom. I had discarded them when I started jacking off in her face. I was still buck naked and my cock was getting harder and harder. Mom was lying on her bed in her nightgown, with no panties and no bra. Wynter had been wearing a sundress after having taken a shower and getting all cleaned up. Her beautiful red hair was hanging in waves around her adorable face.

This left little for us to do but have a party! Wynter hugged her Mommy, Mom hugged her daughter and I watched with wonder and joy. I had affected a miracle of incest and taboo sex! I was living the life and loving every minute of it. Sex was my new goal in life, and I was surely achieving my goal.

The first thing I did was have Wynter relate to Mom all about how Dad, Stephen to Mom, had initiated her into sex by teaching her how to suck his cock when she was eighteen. And during the last few months of high school, and freshman and sophomore years of college, Wynter had avoided getting fucked by blowing every guy she ever dated. And, of course, continuing to give slobbery cock sucking to Daddy.

Mom was getting hornier and hornier. I could tell because she kept holding Wynter tighter and tighter, and pressing her breasts up and into Wynter’s perky titties. Soon, Mom was kissing Wynter,

and it wasn’t a motherly peck. And Wynter was kissing back, and I could see tongues being lapped over lips and they began nuzzling and licking necks and ears. I got so hard I started to ache in my prick.

Mom finally just pushed Wynter down onto her bed and began squeezing her daughter’s breasts and pinching her nipples. She dragged the sun dress off of Wynter, stripped her nightgown off and began sucking on Wynter’s tits as hard as she could. She sucked while her daughter moaned and squealed with happiness and joy. Then Mom moved down and began licking some pussy. Some red pubed, hairy pussy. Wynter grabbed Mom’s short, red bobbed hair and began humping her Mom’s face.

All this time I was jacking off with enthusiasm. Wynter was coming and coming. I loved watching it. Finally, Wynter pushed Mom off and said, “Enough Mommy, enough, it feels too good.” Mom stopped looked up at her daughter’s face and smiled. She was very happy to be with her little girl. Wynter put herself down on the bed with her head on a pillow. She slowly fondled her little pussy, rubbing the juices into her pubic hair, and licking her fingers. She was smiling escort bayan with happiness.

Mom joined her daughter on the bed. I kept jerking off and climbed onto the bed to join them both. They both were there naked, both holding each other, both cuddling and kissing. I was on my knees jacking off as they kept softly fondling each other. I decided to make an end that they would remember. My cock was ready to spurt. I jacked harder and harder as they continued to touch and maul their tits and pussies. Finally, I came. I squirted all over their two bodies, on their tits and on their pussies. They squealed and giggled like they were still eighteen years old.

Then, I collapsed on top of the two of them, feeling my own come sticking to my body.

We stayed that way for a long time. At last Mom said, “Okay, you young folks have got to get out of my room. I am reeking from coming and eating pussy. Let me get cleaned up and we can have another good day together.”

Wynter and I gathered our clothes together and reluctantly left Mom’s bedroom. We both were still horny. But we both decided that we’d had enough for awhile. We went up to have showers in the two bathrooms upstairs.

After we all completed our bathing we gathered downstairs and Mom made lunch for all of us. It was a quiet, peaceful time, a joyous family get together. The only one missing was Dad, or Stephen to Mom. We spent the rest of the day just lounging and watching DVDs on the TV. At last Wynter had to leave. We took her to the station and we all kissed and said goodbye. Wynter was crying and so was Mom. Finally the train pulled out and Mom and I went home.

Later in the week, while Mom was at work, and after I had sent out a slew of resumes on the computer, I sent an email to Wynter. She was on vacation at home from college, you remember, and I let her in on a little plan I had hatched in the past couple of days.

About two weeks later I received an email back from Wynter confirming that our plan was reaching fruition. I looked for her to arrive on the evening of Saturday next.

I told Mom that Wynter was coming to see us next Saturday evening and she smiled with pleasure. I hoped she would still be smiling on Saturday.

The afternoon of Saturday Mom was still preparing the house for Wynter’s arrival. I had helped as much as I could. We had cleaned and straightened until the place looked new. The guest bedroom was ready for Wynter and we finally relaxed and waited for her to arrive.

Mom had been told that Wynter was driving up in a new, little Prius she had purchased to take back to college. At last we heard a car outside. It didn’t sound like a Prius. It was louder and caused us to rise and go to the front foyer.

Mom and I looked out through the front door window, saw an SUV parking in front of the porch, and opened the door just as Wynter jumped out of the passenger side of the car. Then, a tall, red headed man stepped out of the driver’s side and he looked just like me! At least, an older me.

It was my Dad. I could feel Mom stiffen beside me. I was hoping this would go well. I wasn’t at all sure. Then Wynter flung herself into Mom’s arms and I knew everything would be alright, as Mom smiled that beautiful smile of hers.

“Hello, Stephen. How have you been,” she said over Wynter’s head.

Dad smiled and replied, “I am great right now, Cynthia, but this is not what I expected. Wynter said nothing about you. Only that we altıparmak escort bayan were going to meet her new boyfriend’s mother.” And then he laughed and walked up and gave me a hug.

The evening was just starting. Mom had put a brisket in the oven, and when it was ready there was plenty for all of us, with potatoes au gratin and asparagus. We all ate well, had some wine and just got reacquainted. My parents had broken up graciously and had both wanted to keep both children. But they had made a decision to take one child each. They had let each child choose, even though we had only been four and two years old. Even then we had our favorite parent. And, in many ways, it had worked out well.

Wynter absolutely adored her father. She had loved giving him all the blow jobs he needed. And I absolutely loved my mother. Even more since I had started fucking her almost every night. We had

definitely come far since I first met Wynter at that frat party where five guys had sprayed her face with come, and I had taken her cherry. Now, we were all together once again, and I wondered if what broke up my parents would break up our newly formed relationship.

The wine had its effects on all of us. We emptied two bottles of red wine. After dinner we drifted into the living room and the way we distributed ourselves was quite telling. Mom went to one end of a comfortable sofa, Dad went to an easy chair, I sat down next to Mom and Wynter sat on the arm of her father’s chair. We all began chatting, and the conversation was flowing well. There seemed to be no acrimony at all.

Then I put my arm around Mom, and cuddled closer. She put her hand on my thigh and began to rub it. At the same time Wynter moved and sat in her Daddy’s lap. She snuggled in and I could see he was quite comfortable with this action. He put his arms around her and drew her into an embrace.

I turned my head and began to kiss Mom, with tongue. She returned the favor. I looked over and Dad was making out with Wynter. He was even fondling one of her little, perky tits. I started feeling up Mom, even pushing my hand up her dress to feel her hot cunt. Her panties were wet. I pulled them aside and ran a finger into her pussy and began finger fucking her. She moaned into my mouth.

I could hear Wynter also moaning.

She had told me that she had only given our Daddy blow jobs. They had never done anything else. This was their first make out session, and she was enjoying it. She must have known how this would turn out. But she was really into her Daddy tonight. And I was really into, literally, my Mom.

Finally Mom stopped me, turned to Dad and Wynter and said, “This is too much like teenagers. Let’s be grown up about this, Stephen. You absolutely want to fuck my little girl tonight, and Lowry is definitely going to fuck me. Let’s get comfortable on my King-size bed and really do this right.”

Wynter jumped up with glee, and clapped her hands together. “Daddy, come on, let’s fuck with Mommy and Lowry!”

I knew the plan had come to fruition. This was my plan all along. I stood up, took Mom’s dainty, Irish hand and started towards her bedroom. I looked back and Wynter was dragging her Daddy with both hands in the same direction. Tonight was going to be epic! Four gingers, all fucking together!

I was ripping my clothes off as I almost ran to the bedroom, and I started stripping Mom too. Wynter was hustling and stripping Dad nilüfer eskort and herself at the same time. We all rushed into the bedroom, and were all naked by the time we got onto the bed. I looked over and Dad’s boner looked just like mine! Hard as a rock and pointing upward towards the ceiling. Just like the four perky tits in the room, with their pink nipples were also pointing upward.

I handed Dad a condom from the nightstand, took one myself and we both let the girls put them on our pricks. Then I got Mom in the perfect position for a doggy style fuck. Wynter followed suit. She got down next to her Mommy, kissed her, and wiggled her ass with its little hairy pussy showing. She was still ginger down there too. While Mom was shaved and already dewy with pussy come.

I grinned at Dad, and rammed my cock up his ex-wife’s cunt. He grinned back and thrust his rod into his little girl for the first time. We both began fucking in rhythm and both of the women were moaning together, almost in harmony. It was a great, greasy, sloppy, juicy fuck session. I reached under and diddled Mom’s clit. She started to come around my prick. I then began mauling her tits and pinching her nipples. She squealed in pleasure. and came some more.

I loved watching Dad fuck Wynter. I was already familiar with that tight, little twat, and I knew he was getting a great fuck from her. She always pushed back when she was fucked. I think he may have been surprised by that.

“God, why haven’t I done this before?” he cried out.

He was ramming her so hard her little head was bouncing off the headboard. But she sure as hell didn’t complain. She started screaming “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy, oh god, fuck me harder.”

That was when he and I both started coming. We both filled our condoms with our sperm and the women moaned and came with us. It was done. We had fucked as a family. But that wasn’t enough for me. Oh no. I had something else in mind. Something to really bring us all together.

I pulled out slowly and nodded to Dad to do the same. The girls moaned in regret.

“Just a second, ladies we’re not done yet.”

Dad looked at me, I pointed to Mom’s ass hole and he nodded. We both took off our rubbers. Quickly we put fresh ones on and switched places.

“What’s going on, Lowry,” Mom asked.

“Just a sec, Mom, we are going to try something new.”

I moved over behind Wynter, Dad moved behind Mom and we both rubbed our hands on their pussies to grease up their bung holes with cunt come. The we both started entering their asses together. Wynter thought her Daddy was fucking her ass, Mom thought I was reaming hers. This was the moment of truth. We began fucking their asses and they began humping back. Like mother, like daughter, they both loved to be fucked anywhere you could fuck them.

We fucked slowly, getting faster and faster until we both were ramming so hard they were both screaming with ecstasy. Then we both shot our wads and the women came with us.

We all collapsed into each other. Mom looked up, saw it was Dad who had reamed her and giggled. Wynter really didn’t give a fuck who reamed her. She giggled too. We were all totally spent. It was odd but we all just lay where we were and slowly dozed off.

I awoke in the morning with a hard on, and Wynter’s mouth wrapped around it. I looked over and saw Dad waking up, also hard, and with Mom sucking him for all she was worth. It had all started with a little sister blowing and taking come and it was ending with her again blowing someone, but her Mommy was joining her. It was good to be a family again, I thought, as I shot some come into my sister’s mouth and my father shot his into my mother’s mouth.

Watching them swallow the come was transcendent for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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