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Jenni and Johnny are siblings born one year apart. Growing up, their mutual animosity magnified to such an extent that they could barely be in the same room without fighting like cat and dog. As they aged they grew even further apart; their personalities diverged until, by the end of high school, they lived in completely different worlds. Jenni, the younger sibling, was a social animal, negotiating the myriad contingencies of teenage life; she was outgoing, cheerful and athletic. Johnny was quite the reverse; antisocial and a refuse-nik, his world comprised of heavy rock and computer games. And internet porn, naturally.

They tried to avoid each other as much as possible and when they did occasionally meet, at home or in the corridors of the community college, they exchanged barely a grunt or a flick of the eyes as greeting. Any more than the briefest contact would inevitably lead to sniping, sneering and bickering. So it was a huge surprise to Johnny when he noticed one day, quite out of the blue, that his annoying little sister had blossomed into a breath-sappingly beautiful eighteen year-old woman.

For a while his mind was turned upside-down and his days were spent dealing with the dilemma of being attracted to his drop-dead-gorgeous sister and his shame at being such an evil-minded deviant. Despite the self-loathing, despite the mental recriminations, despite his conscience arguing against his perverted desires, he developed an all-consuming crush on Jenni. This secret he kept perfectly well hidden until one day he made a fatal mistake.

After lessons had ended, Johnny was bullshitting with a couple of his friends in front of the main college building when he heard his sister’s name being called. He turned his head and was faced with the jaw-dropping vision of Jenni happily jogging down the wide steps that lead down from the double-doors, known colloquially as The Gates of Hell. He watched, mesmerised, as her long smooth legs carried her slinky frame down each step, her tartan skirt flapping dangerously high, her flawlessly round boobs dancing under her jumper in a haphazard variety of directions. She jumped down the last few steps and Johnny’s head nodded in unison as her boobs appeared to go “bazoingggggg” up and down as she ran passed him to her own group of friends. It was at this point that his goggle-eyed, drooling stare was noticed. By almost everyone. And anyone who hadn’t noticed soon had their attention drawn to it by the air-raid-siren voice of Bethany who called out:

“Ewwww, Jenni, your smelly loser brother is like totally checking you out?!” Jenni turned aghast to see Johnny’s face turn crimson.

“Get your eyes of her tits, weirdo!” Another girl’s voice rang clear through the growing murmur of insults and indignation and mocking laughs.

Jenni’s gaggle of fake-tanned girl friends cackled with malicious glee and Jenni joined in laughing and screamed, “Fuck off, you freak!”

“Fuck Off You Freak!” Quickly became a chant that the mob merrily adopted.

Johnny spun on his heels and walked away with his eyes glued to the sidewalk, his friends stifling their giggles as they followed. When they caught up with him they tried to make light of the crushing faux-pas they’d just witnessed.

“No one can blame you, man.”

“Yeah, those beeeautiful bajoobies were bouncing all over town!”

“Shut Porno up.” Johnny snarled.

“The fuckin’ bah-zongas on that bitch.”

Johnny turned on his friends. “Why don’t you shut the fuck up!?”

After a moment, one of them shrugged. “Your sister’s hot, you can’t deny it.” Johnny reflected.

“True. I can’t. I… just.. guess I never noticed before. Can we talk about something else now?”

For a while they walked on in awkward silence until a particularly tactless chum announced, “Man, I would bang the shit outta that!” and was rewarded with the hardest punch Johnny could muster. It wasn’t much of a punch but it was enough to propel his friend into a nearby thornbush.


Jenni arrived home from her gymnastic practice late in the evening. As she poured out a glass of juice in the kitchen she heard her parents saying they were worried about Johnny, that he’d gone off to his room hours ago and hadn’t been seen since. Jenni was feeling terrible about earlier. She knew

that she’d handled it badly, but she also didn’t know what else she could’ve done. It wasn’t her fault ~ but it was weighing heavy on her heart. She walked upstairs and as she passed Johnny’s room she thought she could hear a faint rhythmical movement. Was he exercising in there? That’s unlike him. She got to the door of her own bedroom then turned around; she’d decided to speak to him, try to clear the air.

She turned his door handle and pushed, there was a hurried muffled sound as she entered her brother’s filthy pit. Johnny was lying in bed, his duvet pulled up to his chin. He watched her enter and tried to get his breathing back to normal. It didn’t help that his ultra-fit sister was wearing a skimpy sweatshirt that was stretched over her cute breasts and showing off her succulent belly along with a pair of pink yoga pants so tight as to be virtually invisible.

“Oh, you’re in bed. It’s a bit early for that, isn’t it?” She wondered if he was ill; his face was red and he was damp with sweat.

“I was tired. Whaddya want?”

Jenni had a sip of her juice and kicked some of Johnny’s litter around with the toe of her sneaker. Their eyes met, then they both looked away, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry.” they both said simultaneously. They laughed.

“What are YOU sorry about?” Johnny asked.

“I would have hated being laughed at like that. All those people! I would just die!”

“That’s because you care what those morons think of you.”

“What about your friends though? Didn’t they tease you?”

“Actually they all understood why I would… be…”

“Ogling my tits?”

“Yes. Look. I’m sorry. I… didn’t mean to…”

“Ogle my tits?”

“It’s just today you looked even more beautiful than usual and-“

“You think I’m beautiful? Really?” Jenni plonked herself on the edge of his bed. The movement tugged the duvet down a little, revealing Johnny’s bare chest. He squirmed uncomfortably and kept his hands on his stiff dick, holding it down.

“You know you are pretty, don’t be fishing for compliments.”

“I’m not, I’m not. A girl likes to be told, that’s all.” Jenni pouted.

“I think… you’re stunning. I think… you’re just about the most beautiful girl I know.”

“Get the fuck outta here!” She punched him playfully, Altyazılı porno a fraction of an inch away from his shamelessly erect cock. Jenni leaned back and pushed out her chest.

“I’m as surprised as you are about these puppies. They really came in over the Summer, didn’t they? I was so relieved! Bethany has been teasing me for years about it, called me ‘pimple-tits’.”

“Have I got news for you.” Johnny grinned.


“Hers’re fake. Bethany’s boobs are falsies. You know Toby? His cousin Arnie was making out with her at a party, few months ago at Logan’s dad’s place. He got his hand up under her bra and… weren’t nothing there. It was allllll padding. Like a wonderbra type thing.”

“That cunt. That absolute cunt.” Jenni had a wicked beam in her eyes. “I’ll just file that little bombshell away for when she needs taking down a peg or two.” She turned this way and that, displaying her bosom. “So my boobies, they’re okay are they?”

“Every right-thinking red-blooded male was watching you jiggle down those steps today. I just happened to get caught in your headlights.”


They sat in silence for a moment. Johnny fidgeted under the duvet, adjusting the angle of his throbbing cock.

“Soooooo,” Jenni hesitated, “If we’re being all friendly an’ open an’ shit, can I ask why my sock is on your pillow?”

Johnny’s heart froze then shattered into a million pieces. He

was sure he’d hidden all his contraband away. Jenni reached over and lifted the corner of the pillow.

“Here’s the other one, look.” She stood up and pulled the pillow right off the bed. “And a teeshirt. And a pair of my pantyhose. A really good pair too. And one, two, three, four pairs of my panties!”


“What’s going on?” She dropped the pillow.


“Are you… are you a sissy?”


“Do you dress up in my clothes?”

“What? No!”


“No, of course I don’t!”

“But then… what?” Jenni’s perplexed face lit up in a dawn of realisation. “You’re a knicker-sniffer!”

“Awwwwshit.” Johnny buried his face in his hands.

“A pantie-licker! I didn’t think guys actually did that. I thought it was just a joke! Christ on a bike, Johnny.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Those were really expensive.” Jenni lifted up her tights and examined them. “The little roses trailing up the back of the thighs like that. They were cute.”

“They still are. Very cute. That’s why I stole them. I’m so sorry.”

“My brother, the pantie-sniffing pervert. Well whaddya know?”

“I’m very sorry.”

Jenni sat back down on the bed, holding the black sheer bunched up panthose.

“So you smell them?”

Johnny took a breath. “Yes.”

“My socks too? My sweaty gym socks?”


“My teeshirt??”

“The arm-pits.”

Jenni laughed and Johnny groaned, an agony of embarrassment coursing through his stomach.

“My panties… do they smelllll… bad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do I smell, you know, normal?”

“I don’t know what normal is but, yeah you smell fucking wonderful.”

“We worry, you know? Girls. We worry about that.”

“Your aromas are all delicious. They are very… arousing.”

Jenni reached over him and scooped Brazzers up a white pair of her panties. He watched her and she watched him as she turned them inside out, exposing the discoloured crotch, and held it up to her nose. She sniffed gently, as if expecting something foul.

“They don’t really smell of me.”

“I’ve had that pair for about a week.”

She was snuffling them now, pressing her nose into the cotton gusset. “But they smell of something though?”

“That… that would be sperm.”

“Ick!” Jenni dropped them and recoiled in disgust.

“Of course I’ll wash them before-“

“Wash them!!??? I don’t want them back now! Not after that. You can fuckin’ keep ’em. Holy shit.”

“I’m sorry.”

Jenni calmed down. Despite her righteous anger she was enjoying watching her irritating and argumentative brother grovel like this.

“But not these,” she held up her patterned pantyhose, “I’ll have these back. And don’t steal them again you lil’ pree-vert.”

“No, of course not, sorry. Sorry.”

“How many girls’ panties have you smelled?

“Well, not-“

“Wait, have you smelled Mom’s???”

Johnny looked at her, then blushed. He figured the only way out of this horrible mess was to be absolutely honest; if she caught him in a lie now he had no idea what the retribution was going to be. Was she going to tell Mom? Dad? Was she going to tell everyone at school? The police? Post it on the fucking web? He could never look his mother in the face again.

“Yes.” He said, flatly. Jenni seemed unphased by his answer.

“How do I compare? Does her pussy smell like mine?”

“Erm, different.” Johnny voice cracked, he couldn’t believe the course of this conversation.

“Whose is better? My pussy smell or Mom’s?”

“I prefer yours. Mom’s isn’t nasty or anything but… but…”

“Go on. We’ve come this far.”

“When I am … using your underwear-“

“Perving on them you mean.”

“Yes, when I … well I like to imagine things. Things I’d like to… do… to…”

“Oh. Shit.”

“And thinking about Mom in that way, kinda creeped me out, so I stopped borrowing hers and…”

“You don’t fancy her, so you can’t wank to her pantyhose?”

“That’s about it, I guess, yeah.”

“So, you don’t want to fuck Mom.”


“But you do,” her voice was almost a whisper, “want to fuck me?”

Johnny and Jenni stared at each other in wide-eyed silence. Suddenly an angry father was filling the doorway.

“Can’t you two hear your Mommy calling? Dinner’s ready. Come on! Are you two rowing again??”

“It’s not my fault you raised a retard for a son, is it?” Jenni winked at her brother then stood up, pretending to have her usual contempt for him. “Why do you let him keep his room like this? It’s a pigsty!”

Jenni scrunched up her pantyhose to hide them in her fist. Johnny lay there admiring her cool composure. Their father came further into the room.

“She’s right.” He announced, “Jen, I don’t know how you can bare to be in here. Johnny, your room smells like nut-sack!”

Jenni cackled. Their Dad took her by the shoulders, turned her around and playfully marched her out.

“Tidy this place up, get some air-fresheners and crack open a goddamn window.”

Once he’d heard them go downstairs, Johnny swung his feet out of bed and sat up. He stroked his painfully swollen cock. His mind was incapable of rational thought. He stroked his dick and marvelled at today’s events. He heard his phone ping. He reached over and it was a message from Jenni: COME TO MY ROOM LATER?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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