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Chapter 2

Then out of nowhere when she was as tipsy as I was, Toro wakes up.

Patti sat there in her chair legs spread wide apart, the loose cottony shorts opened, for a clear view of her now cleaned up blonde haired mound.

Oh her pussy was absolutely viewable by me sitting right across from her, on the couch, with her legs thrown over each arm of her chair, One could not help but see it all as I looked at her.

Being so lost in her thoughts, she just wasn’t aware of just how she was showing me everything she was.

More so than that she for sure wasn’t even aware that Toro in all his mighty glory had even woke up and now standing and stretching himself out yawning with that huge pit mouth of his as he did this.

The absolute reason he had the name Toro was because he looked exactly like a Bull without the horns of course, and certainly not of ones hugeness, but he was a dog replica of one. So the name Toro was given him.

And here he stood now in all his mighty muscled up mite now looking exactly at what I had been glaring upon!

As I said she and I alike, were now a bit tipsy from the mixed drinks, our minds off in our own relaxed worlds, even after the events of the day in their bedroom.

I wanted so to tell her to move herself out of harms way being spread so out like that in those loose cottony shorts, her legs thrown over each arm of the chair.

Toro just stood there right beside his bed stretching himself, his head and eyes totally locked into looking right at where he had already been earlier, as he began to smell the air with his huge nostrils, no doubt he smelled both her and my womanly scents.

His huge tongue now lapping out from his mouth slapping up over his snout and back into his mouth, I shuddered all over thinking in my mind watching this exactly what he was doing that for!

Then without a single indication he was going to do this or that, he absolutely lunged himself forwards in a full outright run, stopping immediately right there between her spread wide open legs.

Oh she now noticed him, and totally shook all over herself, and was trying to take her legs off each arm of the chair and close herself up.

Just as her legs moved from their spread over the arms position Toro snarled and growled out at her.

She tried to get her legs down and pulled together, but Toro absolutely shot his snarling, growling, angry head right at her right thigh and all but bit her.

She was to scared to move one bit any direction with her legs now, screaming out; “No Toro, Oh No Toro!”

But he only barked out ferociously and snapped at her thigh again.

Now she was screaming and pleading for me to come help her, and I jumped up from the couch to run over and see if I could get hold of his collar and keep him from her.

All he did was turn at me and growled, and snarled, in total anger at my coming even towards him.

I was standing there frozen in my tracks scared to death he was going to lunge up at me and tear me apart!

As if he knew he had me to scared to even try and advance one bit further, he turned back to her still screaming and crying out; “No Toro, Oh no please no more today!”

Still snarling, and growling at her, until she totally was forced to accept just what he wanted.

Then once he realized that both of us were scared to death of him, he merely stopped his snarling and growling viscously out at each of us.

All the while she was pleading and screaming out for him not to do anything else to her, as her eyes cast at me, shot wide open with total fear, and horror, of his being like this to us both.

I knew there was no helping her at all and slowly moved backwards to sit back down on the couch, all the while he would look back over at me and snarl and viciously growl at me for even moving, yet stood right where he was to protect, and have what he was telling us was his!

Now having moved back to the couch I sat down and curled myself up into a protective position scared to death of him.

I was forced to stay right where I was, curled up, and shaking to death in fear that their damn dog had gone off the deep end and was going to outright kill both of us!

But he wasn’t interested in that oh hell no, what he wanted she was outright showing through those loose cottony shorts of hers.

Once assured he had us both right where he wanted, he stopped the viscous angry growling and snarling and snapping at her inner thighs, and reached his head right in and grabbed the loose end of her shorts.

His muscled up body stepped backwards and dragging her body and ass almost off the chair, her legs forced to spread even wider as he did this, all the while she was screaming and pleading and crying out to him to not do this.

But he had that leg of her shorts in a firm death grip in Sex hikayeleri his mouth, and pulled those shorts almost ripping and tearing from her waist.

Now planted right on the very edge of that chair with her big ass she was her arms thrown back over the back of the chair to keep him from dragging her right off into the floor as he pulled and tugged at her shorts and tore them from her waist and legs.

The ripping of them from her screaming and pleading body filled the room, as he now had them tore from her and merely stepped just a bit aside and dropped the torn to shreds shorts right onto the floor.

As she was forced into her position now as he had done this, crying and pleading for her life to him, he paid her not one bit of obedience at all.

He just walked right up, his head and snout now aimed right at her already hurt and swollen blonde haired bushy pussy, and began then and there to sniff at it.

She was shaking all over herself from the horrible fear he was going to attack and tear her apart.

Steadily crying in fear of what she now fully knew he wanted, of what he had already earlier had!

Her pussy was outright already raw and reddened from his assault of it earlier, but he cared not one bit of her condition.

He was going to have her again, as his snout plowed right up to her swollen pussy, the lips flared outwards from having been so stretched out by his huge cock and knot earlier, and he wanted more!

I sat curled up scared to death being forced to watch it all happen again.

Suddenly his huge thick tongue shot out from his mouth, and raked flatly over the entirety of her swollen and already hurt pussy, making her jerk and jump her entire body about, a screaming crying grunting moan came from her, as that tongue of his raked right over her entire pussy and right up over her clit.

While poor Patti wasn’t screaming in so much horror anymore, She still was being forced to let him now set out to outright lick her pussy, as the sounds of his lapping and licking at it became louder and louder.

She was now thrashing and twisting her body about, loud cries of the agonized pleasure of it all coming from her, as Toro’s tongue worked her pussy over, as her clit began to elongate out of it’s hiding, and making her really jerk and twist about as his tongue and tip raked right over it.

The horrid unwontedness of it all was dwindling fast within Patti as now she began to outright moan and grunt out loud cries of the forced pleasure his tongue assault on her pussy was giving her, the outright wetness between his tongue and her pussy becoming more increasing matting her thick blonde hair together all around and over her pussy lips and mound now.

Then as suddenly as it had all began it stopped.

Patti there spread widely outwards before him, her breathing so labored with the forced pleasure of his tongue thus far on her beaten and already battered pussy.

Then suddenly she jolted her entire body up off the chair as then and there Toro sent that huge now slightly curled up thick tongue of his right up into her pussy forcing it to stretch wide open as he buried it as deep as he could up into her, Patti screaming in the painful and outright pleasure of it all.

Back out and into his mouth that huge thick tongue came dragging out and with it the juices her pussy was now giving him fully from it.

Now over and over again he began his brutal tongue assault up into her pussy as deep as he could plow that curled up thick tongue of his up into her making Patti scream out and cry out with the outright pleasure of it all now.

Then her juices began to pour from her pussy onto his thrusting and working madly tongue, as her head flew back and she screamed out in the outright orgasm of it all.

Over and over again he did this, getting faster and faster with his tongue assault of her pussy, as Patti was thrashing and screaming out in the full orgasmic bliss of it all.

She was outright giving him all the pussy juices his tongue could force itself into her and bring back out juices pouring from his assaulting tongue as the outright sloppy wet lapping sounds filled the room right along with Patti’s screaming torturous cries of pleasure.

And again as suddenly as it had began it stopped!

Patti’s body was wildly twisting and squirming about her loud screams and cries of the pleasure still coming from her her pussy now soaked and splayed wide open from his tongue stretching it so outwards to take it’s thickness.

Toro sitting back on his hind legs now his tongue lapping out over his soaked snout of their combined juices and pulling it all from there back into his mouth savoring the outright taste of her pussy.

As now he to just sat there heavily panting his tongue lulled out from his snout still lapping up any and every single drop that remained Sikiş hikayeleri from their pleasure.

After Toro had just finished his tongue marathon on and inside my very own Sister In Laws pussy, he sat there back to his normal self, the vicious state of mind he was in now gone from him.

I have to say that was one of the scariest moments of my entire life! That dog had just flipped out crazy! And I myself became far more relaxed now not fearing for my life any longer.

Patti was to far gone from the pleasure that tongue had forced her into. Her arms fell from the back of the back along her sides in total and complete relaxed state.

I truly feel at that moment of all this she had flat out passed out from the intensity of it all.

At that time of my life I had never had any kind of intuition nor even thoughts of another woman sexually at all, but sitting there as I was now looking directly at her wrecked and damaged pussy still widely spread open by his tongue assault of it, I had such a thought.

Was it the alcohol we had drank? Was it to run and Mother her up? Was it due to the horrible fear of life he had us in?

Those thoughts and questions raced through my mind, looking at her beautiful splayed wide open soaked pussy. I swear her inside vagina was still quivering and spasming from what he had just done.

I now know fully she was blessed with what men and women alike for that matter know as a snapping pussy, I could see it working it’s magic all up inside her.

Now I do somewhat at least in my minds thinking back on this all happening, that no wonder Toro became so vicious and aggressive towards her was for this very reason.

His animalistic instincts made him this way towards her.

Somehow and someway when my brother was around Toro released his authority over her. But when he was alone with her, he owned her!

All this many years later I now fully realize this. In short my sweet little Sister In Law was Toro’s Bitch!

How all this got this way was totally out of accident in the makings as most of the time it starts that way. Recalling in my own mind back to when I was at home and Jasper would come take me whenever he so wanted, had me in the same exact spot she was in.

I and my Mom alike were Jaspers own Bitches.

Although a severe difference in the way and style of which they both operated was altogether different. Jasper was more a lover. Toro was a rapist.

I could not sit there and condemn this action between her and Toro, for the simple matter that I myself was just as she, A Bitch In Heat!

As I sat there curled all up on that couch in the corner end of it, everything seemed to flash back over me, and deep in my mind I was wanting to absolutely get right up and get naked, and let Toro come and take me! Rape Me! Fuck Me!

But he seemed to care less of even my presence there, except to stop and even attack me if need be to get at the prize possession he truly wanted, and that was her.

All he did as I uncurled myself from my once scared to death position, and stood up and began to undress myself, was turn his head back to me, then right back where his true attention was.

Why I stood up and did this I truly cannot recall, except to possibly somehow distract him from her.

I was now standing there shorts and panties alike off and he paid me not one bit attention.

Even as scared to death as I had been, watching all this had me wet and horny.

I myself needed another drink and as I went towards the kitchen, all he did was look at me and turned right back to her.

Knowing no doubt she needed one for damn sure as well, since she was his to have as he desired and wanted. I walked over to her to get her drink glass off the side table and immediately he began to instantly growl and snarl at me!

That instantly brought her back to life as she began to scream out; “NO TORO, Oh no please don’t hurt me, I’ll let you do it!”

Not realizing in the least until her eyes opened and saw me standing there fully naked below the waist, staring in fact right up at my own womanly pussy, seeing that I had her drink glass in hand, she said; “Oh yes, oh please yes Jackie make me a really strong one!”

Toro stood up immediately his teeth now fully bared and I saw the hair raise up on the back of his huge muscular neck, and ran from there into the kitchen away from him as he had stopped snarling and growling at me.

I was shaking so bad, scared to death he was going to come into that kitchen and attack me, that I spilled some of the courage water she and I both so desperately needed and really over filled our drink glasses with to much of it, but then shakily added the cola to them and cared little about ice or anything else.

As I was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane walking back into that living room, I saw he was squatted Erotik hikaye once again back onto his hind legs just outright staring and looking right at her pussy.

When I walked even close to where they both were he stood up and began to snarl and growl at me again, right back into his total aggressive vicious state of mind, and standing away as far as I could, I sat her drink on the side table shaking so bad I spilled a bit of it onto it, and took my own drink and ran back over to that couch and curled up in my scared to death fashion.

He standing there still in his same state of mind, now growling and snarling at her just for reaching out and grabbing her drink, then sat right back down into his almost obedient sitting stance.

She to was shaking to death in fear of him as she shakily swallowed her drink down and sat that glass back onto the side table, which he did nothing at this just watched intently as hell at her every move.

Finally she spoke out to me shaking herself of the absolute fear of him afraid to even move one single part of her body from where it was now and had been.

“This is what he does to me Jackie, this is why I have to let him have me!”

Then what she said next is what floored me the most; “Your Brother taught him to be this way to me when we’re alone together like this!”

Going on to explain that my own damn Brother taught their male dog to be this way to Patti when he was gone from home, simply and wholly because this way she would not go fucking around behind his back.

Now it all made sense to me as to why she just wouldn’t leave their house at all when my Brother was away from home!

Toro would probably attack her and all but kill her!

She sat there now shaking and scared to death, going on that he would get her this way, and keep her this way, until he was satisfied and content that he had done his job as taught by my own damn Brother to do.

Saying on, that sometimes he would mate with her multiple times a day until he was himself to give out to go on, and she was a total complete wreck herself from it all.

I said to her; “You mean Toro does this because my damn Brother taught him to do this Patti?”

Yes she shakily nodded her head and said.

How can I help you Patti I asked her? She just shaky voiced as hell told me there was nothing I could do to stop any of it, or Toro would attack me and tear me apart!

That Bastard I screamed out meaning outright my damn own Brother taught Toro to do all this.

Suddenly an idea came into my mind, one that was a horrible thought in it’s own accord, but I had to do something to help her.

I un-sprawled myself, and then and there sat up on the couch, moved my ass right to the edge of it, and having put my legs out and feet on the floor, I spread my legs wide apart as I could, and then called out; “Here Toro come on boy, give me some of that tongue!”

All he did was turn his head to me and just stared long and hard at what was offered to him, then just altogether ignored me and my offering, and turned right back to her.

I shivered all over as his eyes told of his wanting so to come over to me and give me what he had just given her, but the intensity, and vicious look in his eyes told me he would take me when he wanted, not when I wanted him to!

It was a failed attempt to get him away from her, and protect her in some way from him.

All I would be allowed to do was sit right here and watch him take her, and have her, and that was it.

Now as if he had his mind made up of what he wanted to do next, he stood up and then and there nudged his snout and head right up into her inner right thigh, nudging it upwards from it’s state over the arm of the chair.

Patti did nothing at first to damn scared to say or do anything but when he suddenly snapped her inner thigh and growled like hell, she cried out;

“O.K O.K Toro oh please don’t bite me, I’ll do it Toro, I’ll do it Toro!”

As she shifted herself in the chair taking her legs down off the sides and onto the floor Toro just stepped back fully allowing her to move now, as she spun herself in that chair onto her front first, her big rounded ass showing itself fully to me, then slithering her body downwards off the chair her legs on the floor now, and then onto her knees she went.

Crying and shaking as she did this now only her belly upper body was in the chair, as she pushed her big beautifully rounded ass up into the air, and spread her legs widely out her arms and hands clutching at the arms of the chair.

I sat there shaking and shivering myself to the core, seeing that she was being forced by Toro to get into this position, or be torn apart by his vicious biting and attacking her.

Now she was in this position her head laid onto the chair along with her shoulders her arms and hands outwards against the arms clutching and hanging onto them for dear life knowing what was about to happen.

She was crying and shaking all over in the horrid fear of having to once again give herself to Toro sexually!

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