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Oh dear, this is only getting worse! It was such an innocent mistake in the first place but now we’ve end up taking a nude vacation together; then we had sex together; then we met another couple and had sex with them.

The only good thing that’s come out of that is that I now know where I want Chris to improve his technique.

But what on earth am I saying? He’s my son and now all I want is more!


For the second time in a row I woke with a start, once again discovering a man’s body next to mine, but this time I knew who it was. It was most definitely my own son – no way was it even possibly my ex-husband, thank heavens! Yes – he’d been a perfectly good husband for quite a while but now I was quite getting used to my son’s loving ways. Already!!

But instead of it being morning, the clock told me that it was just after six and I knew that was six in the evening instead. After our earlier exertions that sleep had been very essential…

But we were both hot and sweaty in our shared bed, the warmth of the summer sun just adding to the many calories of heat we’d both produced. I could feel runnels of sweat sliding down my thighs and slithering from my brow and I guessed we both reeked to high heaven after our lusty sex. A shower would be perfect now I decided, as I slid out of bed. I looked back at the bed and cast my eyes over my son as he dozed, seeing his sweet face…and down the bed, a raised tent where his penis was obviously erect once more, even in his sleep. I felt myself smiling as happy memories of our last encounter filtered through my mind; then crinkling my nose as the stale aroma of our energetic sex filled my nostrils. I cracked the window open a bit before I left the room.

Before long, having no clothes to discard, I was under the pouring shower, the delicious cascade of droplets sending delightful thrills through my wickedly excited body. I luxuriated in the gentle warmth of the water, sliding my hands erotically up and down my still aroused body as I soaped myself all over, then bent to pick up the sponge that had become dislodged from its little shelf.

“Ooooff, bloody hell, Chris? Ahhh Chris!” I cried as someone grasped my hips – it had to be him.

A moment or two later and something else poked me from behind; a blunt object that thrust steadily and solidly against my exposed wet and sensitive pussy.

“Ooooh Mum,” came a voice from behind me, “Gotcha!”

“You bastard!” I said gently as I wriggled my rump at him, “Thought you were asleep.”

“I missed you Mum,” he said, as he pulled me towards his penis, “Wondered where you’d gone.”

“Didn’t damn well miss me – you stabbed me right in my…oooooohh!” I moaned, “With your…aaaaahhhhh! Careful…”

So much for a nice quiet shower…

I remained bent over as Chris’s cock slid straight into my vagina, his hands already reaching around me to find and hold my pendulant breasts.

“Aaaahhhhh!” I moaned as his fingers tweaked my nipples, “Stop it – stop it – ahhhh, no!”

I’ve no idea why I said no, it was a kind of automated response that I definitely didn’t mean. Instead I definitely wanted Chris to continue; to continue to twist and excite my nipples as well as to continue to push his lovely penis into my eager cunt.

“Ooooh Mum, that’s lovely,” moaned Chris contentedly, “You’re so hot in there; like poking my cock into a bloody furnace!”

God, I felt hot too – already heated by our love-making and by the sun and now Chris, my own personal sunshine, had his red-hot poker stuffed up me as well.

“You’d better give me some of that lovely cooling cream of yours then,” I managed to reply as I moved back upwards, my hands now supporting me against the shower wall, my ass still thrusting back against his cock, “Some of your son cream.”

“Haha – son cream – I like that!” he said, chuckling happily, “How do you spell that? Then afterwards can I put some sun cream all over you perhaps?”

“Later, later,” I moaned as Chris picked up the action, “Yessss, push, push, ooooh harder.”

He was penetrating at just the right angle, or so it seemed; his penis was brushing against my G-spot – or at least against the part of my vagina that seemed to be the most excitable and sensitive – and it felt so, so good.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,” grunted Chris as he continue to pound his penis into me, “Ooooh Mum, yeah, ooohh fuck, you’re lovely, fuckin’ lovely!”

“So are you darling,” I moaned, jerking my hips back at his penis as he drove me to distraction, “Oooh Jeeez – you’re getting deep in there!”

“Mmmmmm. Right inside you,” said Chris contentedly, “Can’t get any further.”

The water sprayed down onto my back as Chris continued to fuck me, his hands still clutching and holding my hips to pull my body towards him and it felt wild and erotic – I’d never had sex in the shower before. Never done a lot of the things that we’d done lately, to be honest…

“Oooooh Mum, gettin’ there – nearly there!” said Chris, his groin thumping Porno against my buttocks steadily, “Ooh fuck Mum – ooooff, yeah, yeah!”

“Come on then, do it,” I said, eagerly encouraging his orgasm, “I want to feel you pumping me full up.”

“Oooh bloody hell Mum, it’s coming, coming…” Chris panted, “Oh God – nearly there Mum!”

“What, already?” I asked, my mind suddenly in panic in case I couldn’t cum as well.

“Can’t help it – its coming Mum, right now!” he cried, his body shaking.

Behind me Chris remained powerful and solid, his legs made of steel and his penis of ironwood as he penetrated me until he exploded in a frantic final flurry of action.

“Cumming, cumming Mum,” he moaned, “Ooooooohhh yesssss, yesssss, cumming!”

“Yes darling, yes, do it – cum, cum!” I cried, then, “Oh God, I’m cumming too!”

And I was – suddenly a frantic orgasm overtook me; a sudden burst of thrills that took off in all directions. Suddenly I found my legs turning to jelly and my pussy to liquid and I almost screamed as the thrills continued to shatter my world.

With a heavy grunt; a guttural sound that may have come from Chris’s lungs but which felt as if it came from inside me – I felt the bursts of spunk as they filled my clutching, squeezing, sucking vagina, one after another. I lost count after four as my scrambled brain gave up – then returned to reality to find myself on my hands and knees in the shower with Chris’s penis still well and truly embedded and still pulsating delightfully if somewhat weakly.

“Bloody hell,” I managed to say, “What happened?”

“Think you passed out again,” he said as he crouched over me “I’d better take my cock out and let you get up.”

I felt the emptiness as his penis withdrew from my body and I remained kneeling there for a few moments before I was able to get up. Once I did so I turned and with eager arms I pulled Chris completely into the shower and under the water with me, our bodies meeting wetly and firmly.

“Oh lover boy, that was quick. And it was naughty,” I said, smiling contentedly at him, “That wasn’t fair.”

“So?” he asked, a gleam of pleasure on his face, “Seemed fair to me – you were there with your ass sticking out, so what else was I supposed to do?”

“Glad you did,” I managed to reply as my wet breasts squashed against his manly chest and his still firm penis brushed against my belly, “That felt good, really good darling.”

We kissed, our lips finding each other’s easily, locking wetly together. My eyes closed as the water continued to pour over us and I kept feeling lovely shudders run through me, partially from our kissing, partially from my stimulated pussy and partially because of the water, I think.

But the water was beginning to cool now and I guessed it would very soon become cold, so I tore myself from Chris’s grasp and turned the water off.

“Come on, let’s get dry,” I said, “Been in here too long… Don’t want you to shrink!”

With that we moved out of the cubicle and stood on dry towels and for a little while we were silent as we both dried off our hair. Then we shared more towels and the pleasant duties of drying each other although I soon noticed however that while my breasts and pussy were dry, my back was still wet, as were my legs.

“And the rest of me!” I said as I turned round, feeling Chris’s towel-clad hands immediately cover my ass.

“No – all of me, I said!” I admonished playfully and finally Chris did indeed begin to dry off my shoulders and my back and before long, my legs too.

“That’s better,” I said as he reached my toes, “Come on I’ll do you too.”

But Chris wasn’t quite finished…

“Hang on. I just want to do between your toes,” he said as he lifted my leg and I helped him by leaning back against the wall.

Then suddenly there was a warm moist feeling on my foot with quickly rising and delicious thrills emanating from my toes. I looked down to see the back of Chris’s head as it bobbed up and down.

“Oooooh Chris,” I moaned, “No, not my toes – oh God – noooooo!”

He was sucking my very sensitive toes, one by one; his inquisitive tongue sliding between each toe, tickling me madly, thrilling me excitingly. But it was delicious too and I felt myself shuddering all through, each quiver of pleasure quickly circling my body before centering on my core…

I almost cried out; I almost orgasmed, but instead I had to concentrate on keeping my balance as Chris left one foot and then lifted the other. Then it all started again, the incredible tickling sensations that turned remarkably erotic as he found those sensitive places so far from my pussy. I’d entirely forgotten about so many of my erogenous zones, but Chris had found one of them!

Then he placed my foot tenderly back on solid ground and stood up, his eyes twinkling naughtily.

“Did you like that?” he asked and I nodded with delight.

“How did you know?” I managed to ask, but Chris just winked at me, obviously well pleased that Altyazılı Porno his exploration had excited me.

He tapped the side of his nose in a kind of sign language; “he knows!” he said.

I stroked his cheek softly, noticing that there was moisture still on his chest and as he began to towel himself I grabbed the towel from him and finished off drying his chest and then worked downwards, immediately finding his already newly erected cock.

“You’re damn well insatiable! Come on, put it away,” I said lightly, “You’ve had your lot for now.”

“Ohhhhh,” moaned Chris, “You know once isn’t enough for me – can’t you let me do you again?”

“Later,” I said, avoiding any definitive comment as I held the towel, “Come on, let me finish you.”

“Yeah Mum, finish me!” Chris replied, his rampant penis thrusting out at me, “Suck me off – anything!”

How could I refuse him? He looked so miserable and unwanted suddenly.

“Oh go on then,” I said, “Just a quickie.”

Still on my knees I reached up and grasped his penis, his lovely strong hard clean penis.

“Yesssss,” he hissed as my hand started to move up and down his length, “Ooooh Mum yesssss!”

I just couldn’t resist his penis; I was quickly becoming a slave to his cock. All he needed to do was to show me that lovely instrument of his and I immediately turned stupid and pliant and wet.

But at this point I ignored the sudden heat between my legs and concentrated on making my mouth wet enough for his cock to side in and out easily.

Even now, just days after our love-making had started I was almost as insatiable as Chris seemed to be – he’d awakened my youthful horny self somehow; rolled years off my real age. I was already willing to do anything for him, anything so that he’d let me enjoy his wonderful penis, anything to enjoy another exciting orgasmic ride.

My lips were now a nice tight ‘O’ that held his shaft firmly in place as it slid in and out of my mouth, driven by Chris’s hips and by my head movements. Steadily we worked together as the tension in his balls rose and rose. Constantly I worked my tongue over and around his knob each time it was within reach of my tongue, deliciously enjoying the smooth slippery flesh, the soft wrinkling of his foreskin and not forgetting the small wet emissions of his precum every so often.

Emissions that seemed to be becoming more frequent as I sucked – emissions that tasted of so little and yet tasted so erotic on my tongue.

Hot shudders were running through me and I took a moment of time to think straight.

‘God, you’ll be wanting to get back on the bed, won’t you?’ I thought to myself, ‘You’re turning into a proper nympho, aren’t you!’

No longer did I care that this was incest; that this was illegal; all I knew was that I’d found myself a lover and one who was getting better all the time.

“Bloody hell Mum,” Chris groaned from above me, “You’re incredible; your tongue, wow! I won’t be able to hold off for long…”

I released his wet penis only long enough to reply.

“Let it go darling, I want to taste you, please lover,” I moaned almost frantically, “Don’t keep me waiting!”

“Ooooh fuck Mum,” he panted, “Keep doing that and it definitely won’t be long!”

“Good,” I mumbled around his penis, my hand working quickly, “Just let it go darling!”

Chris was panting now as his penis continued to slide in and out through my tight lips and as he concentrated on cumming. His eyes were shut, I noticed and his fingers kept clenching into fists, then relaxing.

“Ooh-ooh-ooh Mum, almost…” he moaned, panting quickly, “Don’t stop – don’t…ahhhhh!”

I felt his penis stiffen even more. I felt his body tremble. I felt a sudden extra hard juddering thrust of his penis. I felt it swell between my lips.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Chris groaned, “Yeahhhhh!”

A lovely gusher of warm sperm bathed my mouth, swirled into my throat. I swallowed quickly just as another discharge coated my tongue; then another.

“Oooooh fuuuuck!” Chris moaned as I took his load, “Ohhhh Mum.”

Eventually I let his penis slide from my softening lips before catching his last oozing drops on my tongue. His cum tasted so delicious; so gently mild and innocent of anything acidic or nasty and I held the wonderful essence in my mouth as I stood up.

Chris was still now, his eyes still closed, his chest slowly rising and falling, his penis starting to droop for once.

I closed in on him; my nipples, my hard nipples brushing up his chest as I kissed him tenderly before I stepped back and swallowed the last remnants of his offering.

Quickly he opened his eyes and scanned up and down my body, returning to look at my own eyes.

“Oh Mum, I’m so damn lucky,” he said quietly, as he folded his arms around me, “You’re the best Mum in the whole world!”

“Worst Mum,” I replied, my face warming from the wicked compliment, “Having sex with her son – whatever next?”

“Well, you could let me sleep Brazzers with you,” Chris replied, his eyes twinkling, “Every night, I mean.”

“I’m not a damn machine,” I replied with a slight chuckle, “I do need my sleep you know.”

“I’d let you sleep,” he said, “Honest.”

“Likely story; anyway the answer’s no,” I said firmly as I headed to the kitchen, “It wouldn’t be right. And speaking of that, once we get back home you ought to find your own girlfriend; same as I should find myself a boyfriend shouldn’t I?”

“Mum – I couldn’t!” said Chris adamantly, “I only love you.”

“And that’s the trouble, isn’t it,” I said as I began finding the ingredients for our dinner, “If anyone found out, do you really think they’d let you love me, sleep with me, be my partner? No way – we’ll need to keep our distance after this break.”

“But we’ll still be able to fu…to get together, won’t we?” he asked plaintively, “You’ve gotta say yes!”

I smiled a wry smile to myself. There was indeed no way I could really say no right now because I too had become infatuated, infatuated with his lovely penis and his ability to turn me on. I felt so much younger now, alive again – and so much sexier (and wetter) too, I realised.

And yet…we shouldn’t be doing this at all…and I couldn’t find the words to tell him the truth.

“Don’t worry darling,” I said, my lying words only spoken to relax him, “I’m sure we’ll find a bit of time to get together.”

“More than a bit!” he pleaded but then smiled broadly as I winked at him – as much as anything else to relax him further.

Then I let the subject drop as I concentrated on the food and Chris sensibly began to open a bottle of wine by way of a distraction.

But inside me my mind was working hard. On the one hand I was trying to think how to arrange things so that I’d be able to make the most of his seldom-flagging penis…while on the other hand I was formulating reasons why our activity should stop.

We managed to eat a meal; a typical ‘iffits’ dinner of whatever I’d found in the fridge and cupboards; enough to satisfy our bodies, at least for now.

As we ate I kept putting together sentences to explain to Chris why we’d have to find other lovers so that we’d appear to be ‘normal’ but the words wouldn’t come. ‘Why can’t I think?’ my brain asked me.

Well, simply because I too would find it so hard to do without his loving, even after such a short time. Even as I sat there, visions of his hard, often erupting, penis kept drifting though my mind and my pussy kept sending deliciously squirmy moist messages to my brain. Visions that I adored and yet didn’t want, just at the moment…

“What’s up Mum?” asked Chris since I seemed to have gone rather quiet.

“Oh umm, nothing really,” I replied wistfully, my concentration suddenly returning to the present, “Sorry darling, guess I was just thinking about you.”

“Were you!” exclaimed Chris happily, “About us; letting me, letting us…”

I put my hand up to stop his runaway words…

“No darling – just the opposite actually,” I interrupted, “I was just trying to work out how we’ll manage when we get back home.”

He stopped smiling in an instant.

“Oh you’re not back to that again. Look, I don’t mind sleeping in my own bed Mum, so long as it doesn’t stop,” he said and I smiled back at his pleading, eager face, a face that was about to get the smile wiped off it.

“Chris, my sweet darling son, we’re not supposed to be having sex at all, never mind sharing a bed,” I said firmly, “So this really needs to be a one-off fling – just while we’re here and then, when we go back home, it’s all got to stop.”

“Oh Mum – what?” Chris gasped, his mouth hanging open like a fish out of water, “I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Do you want me to repeat it?” I asked but Chris shook his head slowly.

“No, no, but…but…what about…?” he spluttered but I held up my hands, palms outwards.

“About nothing,” I said, “It’s gotta stop, or else.”

“Not even…?” he started but again I shushed him.

“No,” I said very firmly, “Nothing more than a kiss and a cuddle; like we used to do.”

“But Mum – how am I going to, you know, make me happy – and what about you?” he said.

“I’ll manage; and you can just get back to the old hand job, can’t you,” I answered, watching his face fall even further.

“Oh come on darling,” I said as I held my arms out to him, “It’s not the end of the world, is it?”

“Tis for me,” he mumbled as he buried his face against my shoulder.

As I held Chris and he held onto me, the delight of his hard body began to seep into my brain again. His naked body against mine was already starting to excite me despite the gravity of the situation while between us I felt the bulge of his still peaceful penis as it pressed against my belly. Almost immediately I felt warmth beginning to build inside me and then, after a deep shudder seemed to cause my pussy to shiver and vibrate all through, I felt a growing dampness at my groin once more. I screwed up my mouth and frowned as I tried to dispel my rising desire. And this was my reaction to a mere cuddle; how was I going to resist his rampant penis?

As if mind-reading, Chris turned his head and kissed my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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