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This just happened to me a few months ago. I have two step daughters who are thirty and thirty-one. They are both very attractive. They come to visit often. Marie is about 5’3″ with long dark hair cut with bangs. She has big blue eyes, a killer body and good sized breasts. I think they are a D cup or close to it. I have admired her body as she dresses provocatively but have never had any sexual feelings until recently.

When I see her she always gives me a big hug smashing her tits against me and always a kiss. A few weeks ago when she came to visit I received the big hug and a kiss on the lips. This was a first but I thought nothing of it. Later when she left I got another hug and another kiss on the lips only this time I could swear I felt her tongue graze my lips. I couldn’t be sure but I wondered. I also could not stop thinking about the kiss. I would have to wait for the next time I saw her.

Last week she came over and I was ready for my kiss. I had to know if that was her tongue or not. When she kissed me it was on the lips again and I was sure I felt her tongue poke through her lips to mine. My mind really was working overtime now. She was wearing a low cut top which showed her ample cleavage and tight low cut jeans which showed her stomach. She has a great round ass as well.

I was contemplating opening my lips for my goodbye kiss but I was apprehensive to say the least. I was sure she had done it on purpose but I couldn’t be sure. When it came time for her to leave she gave me my usual big hug and when she kissed me I opened my lips slightly and I felt her tongue between my lips as it met my tongue. Our kiss seemed to last a second or two longer than usual. I had my eyes opened and noticed hers were closed. As we broke off our kiss I looked for some Porno sign she knew what had just happened but there was nothing. Now I was really confused. I didn’t know what to think. I only knew that I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I masturbated to this several times.

A few days ago Marie called and asked if I could come over and fix a leak she had in her kitchen sink. I thought nothing of it at the time and told her I would stop by before she went to work. After I hung up from the call I started to wonder. What was happening? I wasn’t sure.

It was early the morning I was going to Marie’s apartment. I knocked on her door and she answered wearing a terry cloth robe she always wore. Nothing strange about that I thought. Again I received a big hug and a kiss which was totally opened mouth with her tongue reaching for my tongue. This kiss was deep and lasted a good five seconds or so. I told her when the kiss ended that we shouldn’t be kissing like that even though I was a willing participant. She shrugged it off saying there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I didn’t respond.

I went to her kitchen and had a look at the leak. The connection to the shut off valve was loose so I just tightened it. I wondered if this was done on purpose. Marie asked me if I wanted coffee and I said yes I would like some. She went about making a pot of coffee while still in her robe. I noticed her robe was coming open a bit as it was tied around her waist but hanging open so I could see her tits more than I have seen before. I couldn’t help but look. When she sat down at the kitchen table and crossed her legs the robe fell open up above her knees. She had great legs. I was pretty sure now that this was planned by her. I didn’t say anything but just made small Altyazılı Porno talk.

She was bemoaning the fact that her love life sucked and she was having problems meeting the right sort of guys. I asked her where she was going to meet guys and she said the local clubs and bars. I told her that was not a good place to look for a serious relationship. She agreed and said all those guys wanted were one night stands.

I thought this conversation was getting a little personal but went along anyhow. Marie got up and refilled my cup and when she sat back down her robe had opened up quite a bit more. I could see her left tit and nipple. They were large and dark. When she crossed her legs the robe opened up and I could see her thighs and beyond. My cock started to grow. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her but I tried in vain. I finally felt compelled to say she should cover up as her robe was coming undone. She smiled and said she was sorry and covered up. The moment she did I wanted to kick myself in the ass. What an idiot.

We talked some more then she asked me if I would give her my opinion on a thought she was having. I said sure go ahead. That’s when she laid a bombshell out. She asked me if I thought she was sexy. My jaw just about hit the floor. I didn’t know what to say at first then told her I thought she was very sexy and very attractive. She then said she had a question for me.

“Would you make love to me?”

I must have turned ten shades of red. I told her that would be wrong. I was her step father. She started to cry. She said she was lonely and needed affection. Since I was her favorite man she said I was a natural choice for her.

I didn’t know what to say. I told her not to cry that she would meet someone soon. Brazzers She then got up and came over and sat on my lap and sobbed. I held her and try to comfort her. She looked at me and we kissed deeply. I knew then I was in big trouble. Our tongues met and she sucked mine between her lips. Our kiss lasted what seemed like forever and when we broke it off she got up and untied her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Her naked body was awesome. She looked at me and asked how I could resist making love to her. Truth was I couldn’t. I got up and held her tight while my hands caressed her ass. We kissed again and my cock was straining against my pants. She slipped her hand between us and rubbed my cock through my pants. We didn’t say a word as we walked to her bedroom. I removed my clothes and lay down next to her as I gently sucked on her nipples. She moaned softly. I kissed her tits and moved down her body kissing and licking my way to her shaved pussy. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. This was so taboo it was sexually arousing me to a place I had never been too.

I licked her pussy lips and tasted her juices as she was really wet. I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it until she came hard. I could feel her juices running down my chin. She pulled me up on top

Of her and asked me to fuck her. I entered her pussy with my throbbing cock while I kissed her deeply. I didn’t last long before I was squirting my cum deep inside her. I never went soft and continued to pump her pussy. I was in heaven. I am not sure how long we fucked but eventually we both came again and we lay there kissing and fondling each other. It wasn’t long before we were at it again with Marie on top riding my cock. I was fondling her tits and sucking her nipples.

After cumming once again we were spent and just lay there in each other’s arms. We finally got up and realized we were both really late for work. We promised each other we would never tell anyone about this but agreed we would do it again. I can’t wait for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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