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I was a 33 year old executive with a medium sized company. My career was getting better every day. I owned my home and had a wonderful car. I had everything. Everything that is except a wife.

I had been married. My wife and I married when we were both 26. She was an executive also but with another firm. We both worked long hours and often got home after 8 pm. On weekends if we were not working, we did all kinds of different things. We sky dived, went scuba diving and even hang-glided. I thought we had a great marriage. Even the sex was exciting and fulfilling. Well, at least it was to me.

Then one day, my wife dropped a bomb shell. She came home and told me she was leaving. Apparently, she had been having an affair for some time and she told me she was in love with this guy. So by the end of the week, she had moved out. One year later, we were divorced.

I heard about 6 months after we separated, the guy had left her. A few months later, she had lost her job. I never heard why but she seemed to be in a downward spiral.

So here I was alone in home. I had dated but with my job, I found working on a relationship difficult. So often I just stayed home and relaxed.

It was early in September. I was watching the late night news. Nothing important was happening. I was half dozing and half watching. A story came on telling about the housing shortage at the local university. If I was not mistaken, I heard this story every year so I didn’t pay much attention. After the weather and the sports, I went to bed.

On the way into work the next morning, I was listening to the radio. The two announcers were discussing the housing shortage. Apparently it was more desperate than previous years. They said the university needed 300 places for students. I listened but didn’t give it much more thought.

On the way home, there was the story again. Ok so after hearing it three times, I started to think. I have a four bedroom house and I live alone. If I could get the right type of student, it might work out.

The next day I phone the housing department and talked with a wonderful woman. I asked a number of questions and she was very re-assuring. She told me I could interview the students and pick who I wanted. So I agreed to let my name be added to the list.

When I got home that evening, there was a message from a Marsha Simms. She was a student at the university and she wanted to come over that night if she could to discuss the room I had available. It wasn’t 5 minutes after I listened to the message and the phone rang. It was Marsha. Could she come over now and talk with me? She seemed polite so I agreed.

Fifteen minutes later, my door bell rang. When I opened the door, there stood Marsha. She was about 5’6, red hair in a pony tail and she had glasses. She was wearing a university sweat shirt and blue jeans. She looked nice but plain.

After she came in, we sat and had tea. For some reason, we talked and talked and talked. I could not believe how compatible we were. Marsha was a 26 year old graduate student in her last year of school. She was from a small rural town. Her parents had been farmers until her father had been hurt. Now her mother worked to support the family. There wasn’t much money but she could afford the room and board I was asking.

Finally I got around to showing her the room. I had thought I would let whoever rented the room to have the fourth bedroom as a study. This was much more than she had hoped for. I quickly thought of a few rules I needed to have in place. First, no parties. Second, no overnight guests. Third, no loud noise or music. She would have the run of the house and could use the washer and dryer. Since there was a bathroom off my bedroom, she could have the main bathroom to herself. Marsha agreed to everything. She was so happy to have a place. For the past week she had been staying with a girlfriend and had been sleeping on the floor.

We agreed she could move in tomorrow night after 7 when I got home.

At 6:30 I pulled into the driveway and Marsha was waiting for me with all her stuff on the front steps. Her friend had driven her over about 5 because she had to go out that night. So I helped her move everything into the house and up to her rooms. Marsha set to work immediately putting things away and setting up her computer.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Marsha worked on her rooms and I went to bed. In the morning, when I was showered and dressed, I went downstairs. Marsha was in the kitchen. Breakfast was ready. Bacon, eggs and toast were on the table. I looked at her in amazement. Marsha explained she had a big family and she was used to helping her mother get the younger ones off to school. The breakfast was incredible.

When I got home that evening, she had made a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread. I was fantastic. I told Marsha she didn’t have to cook for me. She looked at me and told me she loved to cook and she would consider it a privilege to cook for me. How could küçükçekmece escort I object?

After dinner, I looked around the house and noticed thinks looked different. I could not put my finger on it but things were a little different.

When I came home Friday, I went up to change before dinner. When I went into my room, there on the bed was a stack of clean clothes. I asked Marsha about it. She told me she had several things that needed cleaning so she did my wash at the same time. Her argument was, “Why waste water with a small load?” I could not argue with that.

Saturday morning, I told Marsha I had to go food shopping. She asked if she could come along. I told her it was not necessary. She looked at me and kind of begged me to let her come along. “After all,” she said, “I’ve been doing the cooking and I need to know what’s in the house.” Again, I couldn’t argue.

Sunday she made an incredible roast beef dinner with potatoes and vegetable. During dinner, I thanked her for all she had done in the past week. “But Marsha, school starts next week and I don’t want you doing all this work around here. You must look after your studies. Those come first.” She assured me she would not let her studies slide. Besides, she loved doing house work and cooking. It was not a burden to her.

So this was the start of our year. Every morning, breakfast was ready and every night, dinner was waiting.

I continued to notice small differences in the house. The kitchen had never looked cleaner. My bathroom was always clean and shining. My laundry was always done. Even my ironing was done.

After a month or so, I sat Marsha down. “I’m worried about all you’re doing around here. I think you should be doing more studying and school work.” She told me her graduate year was not that many hours of classroom time but more essays and presentations. She had lots of time to look after the duties in the house. “Well if that’s the case, then I am going to reduce your rent. I can’t keep taking all your money if you’re doing all this around here.” Marsha was so happy, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

A few more weeks went by. Marsha came to me one day and asked if I would let my cleaning lady go. I asked her why. “I don’t like the job she’s doing. I’ve been going around after her and cleaning what she missed. I’ld like to do all the cleaning around here.”

I sat back and let out a puff of air. “Are you sure you can handle this extra work? I don’t want your studies to suffer.” She told me she could handle it. “I’ll let you do this on one condition.” Instantly Marsha looked worried. I smiled and said, “My condition is, you don’t pay any more for rent or board.”

Her hands came to her face and she started to cry. “Oh Tom, I can’t believe this. I’ll make this house look so good, you won’t believe it.” Her tears flowed so I pulled her close to me and hugged her. I knew she was crying happy tears but she liked the hug. After a few minutes, she looked up at me and gave me a kiss. It was on the lips and lasted only a few seconds but the electricity made my cock come to life. Nothing came of the kiss but I didn’t mind.

So now Marsha was doing everything around the house. She did the cooking, the cleaning and the laundry. The house looked great. It became our custom to go the supermarket every Saturday and buy the food together. The meals she was cooking were incredible. I was starting to put on weight.

All too soon, Christmas break came around. Marsha left about 2 weeks before Christmas to be with her family. The house was instantly empty and I was lonely. What was going on here? Why did I miss her so much? It wasn’t the work she did around here. I could do all that. It was different.

A couple of times before Christmas, Marsha phoned me in the evening. We talked and talked. It was wonderful to hear her voice. I didn’t admit it to myself, but I missed her very much.

Two days after Christmas, I came home from work and the lights were on. When I opened the door, I could smell a wonderful dinner. Marsha had come back early. I asked her why she told me her younger sibs had been driving her crazy. So she decided to come back to the quiet of my house.

New Year’s eve, we decide to go out to a club and celebrate. It was a dinner and dance night. It was a fun night and we had a great time. We danced and danced until 3 am.

Soon it was time for school again and we settled into our routine. My house felt wonderful and I could not wait to get home in the evening so I could be with Marsha.

February came and it was Marsha’s birthday. I asked her if she had plans and she didn’t. I asked if I could take her out to celebrate. Marsha thought that would be great. I told her I knew of a great place where we could go. They had a great dinner and dance band. It would be a special evening. She thought that would be wonderful so we made plans for Friday night.

I couldn’t şişli escort wait. I spent my lunch hours looking for a gift for her. Finally I found a cultured pearl necklace and matching earrings I thought were beautiful.

Now all this time, Marsha had always dressed in a very conservative manner. Usually she wore a sweatshirt and jeans. If she came downstairs in her pyjamas, she always had on a robe. Never had there been any suggestion of sexual intention between us. I guess the sexual tensions were there but neither of us acted on them.

Friday night arrived. I hurried home. Reservations were for 7 pm and I didn’t want to be late. When I got home, I hurried upstairs. I yelled hello to Marsha and she answered from her bedroom. I got into the shower then dressed in a clean shirt and suit. I put her present into my pocket and went downstairs.

At 6:30, I was standing at the bottom the stairs and called up to tell Marsha we had to leave soon. I heard, “Just a minute.” This is usually the death wish for men. Often you can expect another 20 minutes or so. But this was Marsha. In no time her bedroom door opened and she walked along the upper hall in the dark.

Then she was at the top of the stairs. The light was dim but as she walked down the stairs, slowly she came into the light. I just stood there. Never had I seen her look like this. She was incredible.

Marsha was wearing a black cocktail dress. It was strapless and came to mid thigh. The dress was skintight and hugged her body at every curve. I never knew she had a figure like that! Her hair was curled and pulled up into at the back of her head. It took me a second to realize it but she had make up on as well. To say the least, she looked stunning.

She came down the stairs slowly and stopped on the bottom step. She had one leg in front of the other as she stuck a pose for me. “I would ask you what you think, but I think I know from the look on you face,” Marsha said to me.

“I’m sorry Marsha, but you look incredible.”

“Why thank you. You look good yourself!”

It was then I realized she didn’t have her glasses on. “Are you wearing contacts?” I asked?

“Yes I am. Do you like?”

“You look incredible.”

“I think you like.” Marsha was blushing.

It was a few seconds before I could think straight. Suddenly I remembered my gift. I pulled it out of my pocket. “Here this is for you.” If I didn’t know better, Marsha blushed ever more.

She opened the present and her mouth dropped. “Oh Tom! This is too much! I can’t…..”

“Yes you can. This is for you. You’ve been such an incredible help around here and you deserve this. Besides, a beauty like yours deserves something beautiful.”

She took the necklace out of the box and held it up to me. I took it and she reached up to her ears. Quickly her old earrings were out. Then she took her necklace off. Marsha took the pearl earrings out of the box and put them on her ears. She then turned and asked me to put the necklace on her. I undid the clasp then put it around her neck.

Marsha turned to me. She looked stunning. The necklace and earrings were perfect with her black dress. She stepped off the bottom step and leaned into me. She kissed me on the lips. It was not a “thank you” kiss because it lasted for about a minute. As she broke off the kiss, she looked me in the eyes. She had this dreamy look. “Thank you Tom. This is the nicest gift anyone has ever given to me.”

“You deserve it Marsha. You look so beautiful”

“Thank you Tom. Flattery like that will get you everywhere.” Marsha then smiled at me.

“Come on, we’ll be late. Let’s get going,” I said to her. Marsha held out her hand. I took it and off we went.

I held her door open for her. Watching her get into the car was incredible. I had never seen her legs like this. Her dress rode up her legs. They we covered in black hose and look fantastic. As she sat down, she smiled up at me.

All the way to the restaurant, she smiled at me as we talked. I kept sneaking looks at her beautiful legs.

Too soon we reached the restaurant. Our table was waiting. We read the menu and place our order. Soon our drinks arrived and we talked and listened to the orchestra.

The music was magnificent. Marsha and I loved this type of music. Our appetizers came and eat as we listened to the music. I could not take my eyes off her for more than a few seconds. I could tell Marsha liked me looking at her.

After the appetizers, I asked her to dance with me. There were a few other couples on the floor. As we turned to each other, I pulled her close to me. Marsha put her head on my shoulder. It was then her perfume reached my nose. It was heavenly.

Suddenly, I felt my cock start to rise. I was holding Marsha close to me. We had never been this close before. I did not want to be embarrassed so I tried to step back a bit. Marsha looked up at me and pulled me closer. She şirinevler escort pulled on me so my cock was in her belly. Moving her hips, my cock was being stroked against her belly. Marsha also had her tits pressed tight into my chest.

The music stopped and we just stood there. Marsha smiled and so did I. I was totally aware that my cock was rock hard. Marsha stood on her tippy toes and kissed me on the lips. “Come on Tom. I think we both need to rest.” She then turned and led me back to our table. I followed very close so my hard cock would not been seen by other patrons. Several times my cock pressed into her ass as we walked. Marsha didn’t flinch. She never turned around. I know she felt my cock but she was not shocked.

As we got to the table, she turned to me and kissed me on the lips. Then she looked at me and said, “I think you should sit before someone sees your hardness.” I was a little shocked but quickly complied.

Our main course came and we sat and ate. Everything was good. My cock had shrunk back down. Between main course and dessert, the band was playing. Marsha reached out for my hand and made me stand. She led me to the dance floor. Before I knew what was happening, she stepped into me and we kissed. My cock rose again.

My cock was pressing into her lower belly. “Tom, I think you need some special attention.” We kissed again. Slowly we started to sway to the music. My hands went behind her and we danced. The song ended and we danced to the second, then the third song. My cock only got harder as we danced. Finally, the music stopped and we just stood there looking into each other’s eyes. “You’re so handsome Tom.”

I was taken aback. “But…. Marsha, you’re so incredibly beautiful. I’ve never seen you look like this. You look fantastic.”

“Thank you Tom. I’m happy you like.” With that, she wiggled her hips pressing my cock into her belly. “Come on. Let’s have dessert. I think we should eat quickly and think about getting out of here.” And that’s exactly what we did.

After dessert, we left the club. At the car, we stood and kissed again. Our bodies were completely pressed together. I could feel her tits in my chest and her belly on my cock. My hands were on her back and I pulled her tight into me. What a kiss that was.

When we stopped kissing, we just stood there looking at each other. “Let’s go home,” I said. Marsha just nodded. I opened her door and watched her get in. Again the dress rode up her legs. Only this time, it rode high enough, I could see the tops of her stay-up stockings. What a beautiful sight.

I got in and drove home. As I drove, Marsha reached out, took my hand and put it on her lap. All the way home, she held my hand.

When we got in the house, we stopped for another long kiss. Finally Marsha said, “Thank you for the most beautiful evening of my life Tom. I will never forget this night.” She then leaned in and kissed me again.

After a few minutes, she stepped back and took my hand. We walked though the house and then up the stairs. Marsha went straight to my room. I turned on a little light and Marsha walked over to me. We kissed long and deep. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth for the first time. My hands were all over her back. Slowly I moved them to her ass. Marsha responded by putting her hands on my ass. Both of us pulled the other toward them. Our bodies were pressed tightly together.

I don’t know how long we kissed. When we stopped, I looked at Marsha and she had this dreamy look in her eyes. Her hands released my ass and I let go of hers. She turned around then said, “Please undo me.” As I reached up to the little hook, I realized my hands were shaking a little. It took a bit to undo the hook. When it was done, I put my hands on her hips. “Now the zipper silly.” I reached up and slid the zipper down.

Marsha turned around and slowly slid the dress off her shoulders. Inch by inch it fell. First I saw her black bra, then her panties and finally her black stay-up stockings. She stepped out of the dress and laid it on the chair. She looked so stunning.

Coming to me, she slid my jacket off my shoulders. That she put on the chair. Then she undid my tie and put that down. Next she undid my shirt and pulled the tails out of my pants. Now I only had my pants on. Marsha came to me and undid my belt and unhooked my pants. She just let them drop. I stepped out to them and kicked them toward the chair.

We then kissed again. Our hands were roaming over each other’s bodies. We stopped kissing and Marsha went to my bed. She pulled the cover off and then lay down. I watched her the whole time. She lay there and smiled at me. I moved toward the bed and stopped to remove my socks. Now all I had on were my boxers. My cock however had found a way to pop out the front. Before I lay down, I slid my boxers down and off.

Lying beside Marsha, we started to kiss. Her hands were on my face. My hands were on here back. Slowly I moved my one hand around and cupped her tit. Marsha let out a soft moan. I massaged her tit and finally found her nipple. I pinched it and Marsha let out a bigger moan. Slowly her hand moved down from my face to my chest and then to my stomach. Finally she found my cock. Her hand circled my cock. It felt incredible. Slowly she started to stroke. I think it grew another 2 inches as she stroked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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