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Part 4 – A Morning To Explore

It was almost midnight when Amy left for home. It had been a long day for everyone especially me, being the youngest, I was rapidly feeling more and more tired. I think everyone noticed this and agreed it was time to stop for one night and continue tomorrow. So I walked Amy to the door, but before I opened it, she stopped my hand with her own, and gave me a gentle and loving kiss. After a minute we eventually parted and I opened the door.

“I love you Sophie, I will never forget this night. You have given me hope and your love in return, for that, I cannot thank you enough. Sleep well and I will speak to you tomorrow. But if you should ever need me, call me, no matter what time it is.”

“I love you too Amy, thank you for tonight. Only your love gave me the strength to tell my parents, and I am thankful they listened and understood. I really think there plan will really work. Goodnight Amy, speak to you tomorrow.” And then she was gone. I thanked and hugged my parents again and went to bed. I didn’t even change for bed, I just fell onto the bed and was asleep instantly, my mind resting, but replaying that first kiss I had shared with Amy.

The next morning when I woke up, the first thing I wanted to do was talk to Amy, so I decided I should have a shower first, brush my teeth and dress really nicely, then I would phone her. I know that it shouldn’t matter what I looked like over the phone, but I wanted to look nice for her even if she couldn’t see it. I ran to my private bathroom and quickly got in the shower. I was so excited, I was as giddy as a school girl, even though I am in fact a school girl, I wasn’t about to admit that to anyone.

It took 10 minutes to pick out a suitable outfit, and then I was lying back on the bed, portable phone in hand and ready to talk to my love. The phone was picked up quickly, only ringing once.


“Hi Amy, how are you this morning? It’s Sophie.”

“I know it’s you and morning sweetheart. How are you?”

“Missing you mainly, but I had a shower, wanted to feel refreshed so I could talk to you with my brain cells fully alert.”

“I missed you too. I have been up a few hours, getting work out the way, hoping to see you later. Do you think I should come today?”

“Why what’s up?” I was a little worried, “Have I done something wrong?”

“Oh no honey, I simply was worried about your parents.” Phew.

“Phew, I don’t know why, but I was worried there for a minute. You know I have read a lot of stories, where people wake up the morning after and suddenly they regret it. Not that I don’t believe you love me or anything, but as a teacher, I know you have some ethical code built in.”

“Not going to happen, first thing I thought about was you this morning. But I waited until you called me, so finished my work, and then sat next to phone for last 30 minutes, just staring at it to ring.”

“I love you so much, I have told you that.”

“Not in the last 30 seconds, but you can tell me whenever you want.”

“I love you, love you, love, and love, and love you, very much my dear Amy.” I heard a few sniffles.

“I love you too, wow its crazy. Yesterday morning I was single, unhappy, in love with student who didn’t realise it and unhappy at the prospect that nothing would ever happen. In one night everything changed Sophie, and it is many, many thanks to you and your parents. You helped restore my faith in people and family, helped me discover love and I no longer feel unhappy or lonely. In fact this is the first time I have truly been happy.” Now I was crying.

“Why do we always end up crying? But I am very happy too. Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes, you?”

“No, not yet, but would you like to join me for a second breakfast?”

“I would love to, see you in 5 minutes.”

“Love you, drive safe, and see you soon.” I kissed into the phone and hung up, quickly making a dash for downstairs to make breakfast. As I entered the kitchen mom and dad were already up and breakfast had already been served. Two plates were waiting.

“We thought you might invite Amy, so she has a plate waiting for her, it should be still warm.” I smiled at both of them and gave each of them a big kiss on the cheek.

“Now even though it is a Saturday, we both have to go to work. So we’ll leave you and Amy to talk about whatever, and will be back around 3pm.”

“Thank you for all this, both of you are the best. In fact, me and Amy are going to put our heads together and think up the most spectacular meal you have ever tasted and it will be ready at 3.30. So get home when you can, rest up, maybe have a relaxing bath and be prepared of a taste sensation of the very best. I hope.”

“That sounds delightful pumpkin, can’t wait to get home to that later. Well you have fun, we’ll see you later.” They both kissed my cheek and left for work, letting Amy in as they left. I jumped on her for a big hug and a very passionate kiss, which for the first time included tongues. Trying to describe that feeling is just not Cebeci Escort a thing I can do.

“Wow.” I said when I finished; I still had my eyes closed.

“Wow is right, that was just the best kiss ever. Am I pushing my luck if I ask for another?” I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful smile on my beautiful girlfriends face, how could I refuse.

“Never.” And I leaned in and kissed her again, but this time it started slow, starting with our lips pressing lightly. We then pressed harder, each opening our mouths, then letting our tongues meet. She sucked my tongue into her mouth. I explored the inside of her mouth with my tongue, running it over her teeth and her tongue. The moans were getting louder. Then I removed my tongue sucking hers into my mouth. I could taste her, feel her tongue, it was exquisite. I never felt anything so good in my life. Then she removed her tongue and nibbled on my lower lip. I was moaning so loud by then, the sensation was incredible. When the kiss ended, my legs were ready to collapse, so I just held on tight to support myself, resting my head on her shoulder. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, we just enjoyed the love we shared.

“That was so amazing Sophie, I have never felt anything like that, I almost passed out.”

“You’re telling me, if you weren’t holding me, I would have dropped to the floor. I love you.”

“I love you too, your parents going to work?”

“Yes, they said they would be back at 3.”

“They seem happy.”

“Yes, I volunteered your services to make them dinner tonight as a thank you.”

“You what? How do you even know I can cook?” She gave me a smile.

“Well you are the adult here; you live alone so I assumed you can. I on the other hand, have my parents to do the cooking, so have limited culinary skills except burning toast. So can you cook, maybe I should have asked before volunteering any of your unknown skills.”

“I have many unknown skills, that over time you will discover them all, but luckily for you, cooking is one of them.”

“Were you flirting just then?”

“What do you mean?”

“When you’re hoping I could discover all your unknown skills.”

“Er…yes, sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, I enjoyed it. It’s nice that you feel comfortable to flirt with me. And thank you for offering to share your cooking skills with me. If you cooking is as good as I hope, then your other skills will be equally as good if not better and I cant wait to sample them.” I lifted my eyes to see a deep red colouring her cheeks, then looked down at her neck and I just had to have a taste. I started by lightly kissing her neck, and then started licking the smoothness with my tongue, before taking gentle bites at her pulse point. I could feel as well as hear her deep moans as her head flopped back giving me full access. My hands were gently running up and down her back, eventually ending up holding onto and rubbing her neck.

“Oh my god!” Amy moaned “Are you trying to kill me.” I stopped and looked at her, her eyes were hooded.

“Sorry Amy.” This was all new to me, I just wanted to kiss every inch of her, but it scared me to think I was doing anything to hurt her.

“Oh no Sophie, you did nothing wrong, in fact you did everything right.”

“I did, but you said…” She stopped me talking with a finger to my lip.

“No, let me explain. Let’s sit down.” I suddenly remembered breakfast so took her hand and led her to the kitchen.

“Let’s eat first, I’m starving.” We ate what my parents had made and once we were finished she took my hand and led me to the living room. She sat diagonally along the 3 seater couch while I took the other corner.

“No, come here.” She asked and I went to sit closer to her, but she patted the space between her legs, eventually I sat facing away from her and she guided me to lie against her.

“Comfortable Sophie?” “Yes, very.” I replied.

“Good. I know this is new to you, as it is to me. Maybe we are moving too fast, but I don’t want to stop you from doing anything you want to me, and I want to do the same to you. If at any time you want to stop we can, I will tell you the same thing. Now when you were kissing my neck, it felt soooo good. You were driving me crazy. Do you know what I mean?” I shook my head.

“I am not sure, is that like wow.”

“Yes it is. I am sorry, I have no experience in this, yet I am very vocal about what you do to me. Maybe it is the English teacher in me, but I know it is all the romance stories I read.”

“Maybe I should read them too, to help understand your responses and get some tips.”

“You don’t need any tips; you were doing fine without them. But maybe we could go on the internet and find some stories I could share with you. I am surprised you never read any when you were doing your research on homosexuality.”

“Well I almost did, but I wanted to ignore the sex part and just concentrate on negative aspects of being a lesbian. I figured that masturbation was kind Kolej Escort of what you did anyway with some kissing.”

“Well your right in a way, but kissing can be just a small part, then there is lots of touching, including your breasts and vagina, you can also kiss and lick these areas. But then, as I have said, there are a lot of verbal responses to this, which may include curse words and screams.”

“Wow, there’s a lot to experience then. But you have never done them, like me.”

“No, as I have said I have been lonely and just worked or read books or watch TV. Even though I never told anybody my sexuality, I could not deny that that was who I am. As you get older you need that contact with people, sexual release they call it. Because I had no one, I would either read a lesbian story or maybe watch some porn.”

“Again, wow. So you have learnt to respond to me by reading and watching porn.”

“Well mostly from reading. Certain stories that you may want to read, can be very romantic and describe the different ways in which people can discover each other or the act of making love. Some stories can be quite extreme and describe the act of sex, which can be quite raw and also quite powerful. I believe that when we get to that part, we may find sometimes we may want to gently explore each other and other times we may just want to make the other orgasm as fast and as hard as you can. We will learn all of this together. In a way, I feel I am taking advantage of you, but I also know that this is something we both want, to be able to explore our love in all its forms.”

“It all sounds so exciting. I can understand what you are explaining to me. When I was kissing your neck, it was on impulse, and then near the end I was thinking of doing it to your whole body. It scared me, but at the same time, it felt right to do. Could you show me these stories?”

“Sure, where is your computer?”

“In my bedroom, follow me I will take you there.” I nervously took her hand and led her to my bedroom, Amy could sense this. She squeezed my hand as we walked up the stairs and into my bedroom.

“So this is your room then. Very nice. And you have your own bathroom.” She looked around the room, reading some of the titles of my books on the shelf, then passed the bed and towards the corner of the room was where my computer was set up.

“Actually our bedroom now, maybe that is why I am nervous, I hope this is ok.” She turned to me and smiled and sat down in the chair at my computer desk. I sat on the edge of the bed a few feet away from her.

“It is nice when you say it like that, our bedroom. And the room is very nice, cosy and don’t forget we have our very own bathroom. It’s weird, but I maybe 27, but I feel like I am 15 again. I am glad I can share this with you. It makes me very happy to know you trust me like this, allowing me in this room, all alone with no parents, aren’t you a little scared.”

“No, never with you. I am glad you are happy and together we can keep that happiness, forever. I may not have any experience with love, but what I feel for you is simply wonderful. Whenever you are near me, I feel both nervous and excited. You make me feel warm and fuzzy, I know what we have is special and together nothing can ever take that away from me.”

“So you are happy I am here, I want to know that I make you feel that way, because if you ever feel anything less, you will tell me.”

“I am very happy you are here and I’ll prove it.” She gave me a confused look, which I returned with a smile as I lifted up my skirt, showing her what I knew to be a very clear sign of my excitement as well as my arousal. She looked down and gasped, and then a smile crept onto her face along with a blush. “I have been like this since you walked in the door.”

“Me too.”

“Can I see?” She looked down at her feet nervously.

“I better not.” I was confused now.

“I am sorry; I did not mean to offend you.” She had a panicked look on her face.

“Please Sophie, never ever feel sorry you asked a question. I have to remember to just tell you rather scaring you like that, if anything I should apologise. I suppose we will need to learn to read each other better, this is all part of developing a new relationship together. Learn about each others quirks and to read each others signals better. Sophie, not that I don’t want to show you, you can ask me to strip naked and dance in the rain, if it would make you happy. There is nothing you can’t ask me, so if you want to ask me something, no matter how personal, ask. If you ask me something, don’t assume that if I don’t answer, you have offended me ok.” she added gently.

“Ok. I suppose after only one day, there is still much to learn. So why don’t you show me?” Now she blushed.

“Well, I will if you want to, but I felt you might want to wait, as I have no panties on.” Now I blushed.

“Ok, I can understand that, but why are you not wearing panties?”

“I wasn’t dressed when you called me; in fact I Rus Escort was completely naked.” For some reason that made me shudder excitedly. “So when you asked me to come here, I was in such a rush, I forgot to put any on, and I forgot to put on a bra.”

“I had noticed you were not wearing a bra.” And I pointed at her chest, where her nipples clearly stood out. She looked down, then covered her breasts.

“Well that is always a good indication of being aroused” she said with a wink, then place her hands back on her lap.

“Since my hormones kicked in and I discovered I am gay, I have been trying so hard to understand the implications. What I should have done instead was just let life play itself out and see what happened.”

“Sophie, I did that and look where it got me.”

“Me.” I smiled.

“Ok, I’ll give you that, but it is part of why I love you, you try to understand things, be prepared and that is no bad thing. So let’s get back to learning the art of lesbian love.”

“I can’t wait.” I quickly stood up and before Amy had time to react, I was in her lap, my arms around her neck and gave her mouth a tongue bath. I squirmed so she could feel my ass rub on her legs, while also hoping a small amount of my arousal leaked onto her. I didn’t let this kiss get out of hand and it ended quickly.

“Lesson 1 complete, kissing.” I said once we both got back our senses a little.

“You know you can be quite the flirty tease when you want to be.”

“I know, at least I can do that. Thinking about it, haven’t we been doing that a while now.”

“Yes I had noticed.”

“So why did you never tell me, especially if you had feelings for me.”

“Well there is that whole teacher student thing to worry about. But as we have already discussed I did not feel comfortable telling people, it is very lucky you kissed me yesterday, otherwise we may never have gotten together.”

“I liked to think that no matter what, we would have ended up together.”

“Me too, but now on with the lesson. It is so surreal, yesterday I taught you English, today Sex education.”

“I know, how lucky am I, is there some oral included in the lesson.” This made us both blush.

“You know what it does to me when you tease me like that?”

“No, tell me?”

“It makes me very, very excited.” Then she kissed me, but this wasn’t just any kiss. She showed me just how excited she was, her tongue was in my mouth and very roughly explored. It made me so excited I moaned very loudly into her mouth, giving her permission to continue. While this was going on her hands held me close, rubbing my back while slowly making there way down until she cupped my ass. She squeezed my buns tightly, making me shudder. I stopped kissing her mouth and worked my way to her neck, Amy returning the favour and I started to feel lost in the moment. I moaned into her ear that I was slowly exploring, making her moan into my ear.

“We need to stop.” She did this straight away, but kept her mouth close to my ear, breathing heavily and moved her hands, returning them to my back. “No, keep your hands where they were.” And she did holding me gently. “I love you Amy, I almost lost myself then, but I want to take it slow.”

“I understand Sophie, you were right to stop it, god it felt so good though. I love you too.”

“Thank you, I can see why kissing your neck made you crazy. Amy, this is going to sound a bit weird. But even though I am new to physical aspects, there are two things I would like to ask you if I could?”

“Ask me anything you want.”

“Ok firstly, can I feel you breast.” There was a pause but it wasn’t long.

“Yes.” I leaned back so I could see her face, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. I looked into her eyes, seeing the glazed look from earlier. I then looked down at her left breast, which I had not realised was only inches from my hand all the time we were making out. I smiled as my hand reached and gently began to fondle her breast. It was really quite thrilling. I had looked at many naked pictures of women on the internet to see what my type was. And every time I looked it made me want to touch there breasts. I felt the weight of her breast and stroked the nipple gently. I looked up at Amy and saw her bite her lower lip, I felt this was a good sign, but stopped as I did not want to drive her too crazy.

“Thank you I whispered, always wanted to do that. What size are you?”

“34B, what about yourself?”

“32B, but I am still growing so you never know. By the way I don’t mind if you ever want to touch mine.” She looked into my eyes. Then I felt one of her hands slowly move away from my ass to the front of my body, moving towards my own left breast. I held my breath in anticipation. The moment it touched I let out the breath with a small moan. I could feel myself get wetter between my legs. After a few minutes she stopped and returned to cup my ass.

“That was quite exciting Amy. Maybe we should skip class and continue exploring, what do you think?”

“I think you are dangerous for my libido, you’re driving me crazy.” We both smiled then gently kissed again, without tongues. It was a nice kiss and it felt good that sometimes we could lose ourselves, and then like now we good just hold each other and show our love so gently. “But sometimes, you can be so gentle and sweet, that I don’t mind.” she added.

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