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When I woke an hour later, Ruth was still deeply asleep, so I eased out of bed and dressed quietly. Downstairs I let myself out and got in my rental car for a little shopping. Some time later I let myself back into the townhouse carrying a brown paper bag. Tiptoeing into her bedroom, I added the fifth volume of Ruth’s journal to the bag.

I woke Ruth and we cuddled for awhile before going downstairs for a light dinner at her kitchen counter, just a few mouthfuls of omelette and a glass of wine apiece. I made sure Ruth’s glass was a large one. Then I ordered her to put on her trench coat and tennis shoes (and nothing else) because we were going out. But I wouldn’t tell her where. I grabbed my shopping bag on the way out the door.

I drove, and 20 minutes later we pulled up outside a middle-sized apartment complex on the southwest side. I carefully studied the buildings, then pulled into a parking space in front of one.

“WHAT are you doing?” Ruth said uneasily.

“It’s a surprise,” I replied cheerfully.

Turning off the car I leaned over, kissed her deeply and thrust my hand under her coat. There wasn’t room between her thighs for me to reach her sex, and she wouldn’t spread them to admit my questing hand.

“Open your legs,” I ordered irritably, breaking the kiss. I had a feeling her resistance stemmed from uncertainty, being out in the open away from the warmth and security of her home. But I intended to overwhelm her reluctance.

Ruth’s legs parted and I delved into her pussy with my middle finger while resuming my rough kisses. Her breath hissed through her nostrils and she moaned into my mouth as my finger pressed into her opening and discovered wetness. I pushed deeper and she moaned again. My finger could go Bycasino no farther.

I pulled my finger out and spread slick juices up her slit towards her sensitive little bump. Then I pushed inside her again, rewarded by more wetness, and again pulled out to lubricate her clitoris. She broke our kiss for a few seconds, gasping for air, then furiously attacked my mouth with hers, driving her tongue inside. Lightly my finger rubbed up and down, stroking her channel and clit. She was moaning steadily now, building quickly towards an orgasm. I marveled at how responsive she was.

Then I stopped, pulled my hand out of her crotch and broke our kiss.

“You’re not STOPPING!” she cried with frustration, staring at me wide-eyed.

“Yes,” I said, “It’s time to continue our adventure.”

“You are a BASTARD!” Ruth hissed angrily. The top of her coat had fallen open and I could see her right nipple in the faint light, swollen and dark with arousal. I got out of the car, stopping for a moment to rearrange my erect dick in my pants. Carrying my bag, I walked around and helped Ruth out of the car. She was angrily tugging her coat into place.

I led her into the building and upstairs to the second floor. Checking apartment numbers, I stopped in front of

06 and knocked.

“Don’t speak or do anything unless I give you permission,” I ordered Ruth. She gave me a brief glare that faded into an expression of worried curiosity.

The door opened a few moments later and I heard Ruth’s gasp of surprise.

“Hi, Denise,” I said. “Do you mind if we come in?”

Denise A—– was barefoot, wearing a pair of silky, gray harem pants and a tight-fitting sleeveless top of some soft, black material. It nicely displayed the shape Bycasino giriş of her small, round breasts. She knew Ruth, but she was struggling to remember why my face was familiar. She stepped back and I walked inside, pulling a stunned Ruth with me by the arm.

“We’re sorry to just drop in,” I said. “I hope we’re not interrupting anything?”

“No, no, I’m staying home tonight,” Denise said, still puzzled. “I know I know you, but can’t remember where we met.”

I reintroduced myself and jogged her memory. We had worked on a couple of projects together.

“Yes, yes, I remember. How are you? How is San Francisco?” Denise said, glancing at Ruth. “How are you, Ruth?”

Ruth was silent, eyes downcast. Denise paused, then turned back to me and continued our conversation, her curiosity clearly growing. I said nothing to enlighten her, chatting aimlessly about mutual acquaintances and my new job in San Francisco as she closed the door.

Denise motioned us toward a wide, comfortable couch in front of her muted TV. I followed her, but Ruth took only one hesitant step before stopping indecisively, eyes on the floor.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Denise asked me, and turning, “Ruth?”

Ruth remained silent and motionless.

“What’s wrong with her?” Denise asked.

“She can’t move or speak without my permission,” I said.

“Excuuuuse me!” Denise said, half amused, half disbelieving.

“Ruth has agreed to be my slave,” I said, deadpan. “She can’t move or talk without my permission.”

“What’s going on here?” Denise demanded warily.

“Ruth was the one who got me downsized last year,” I explained. “She convinced Tucker my job was redundant, and later she began to feel pretty bad about Bycasino deneme bonusu it. So when I showed up at the office yesterday, she invited me to dinner and offered to be my slave for 48 hours, to relieve her guilt.”

Denise stared at me, wide-eyed.

“Last night she agreed to do anything I ordered for 48 hours. If it’s not illegal or life-threatening,” I added.

Denise was surprised, but I she also seemed intrigued and a little doubtful. She looked from me to Ruth.

“Ruth, is this true?” she asked.

“You can answer, Ruth.”

“Yes,” Ruth said in a whisper, her face flushed a bright pink. “I am his slave.”

Considering for a moment, Ruth asked, “But why did you come here?”

“That’s a long story. Do you mind if we sit down?”

Taking off my jacket, I dropped it on a chair and put the paper bag on top. I sat at one end of Denise’s couch and she sat facing me at the other end. I motioned Ruth to stand in front of the couch. Denise looked at her curiously, then at me.

“Ruth, has normal needs and desires, but incredibly strong inhibitions,” I began. “Becoming my slave allowed her to satisfy her desires.”

“In … other … words,” Denise said slowly, glancing back and forth at us with a smile, “you two have been fucking non-stop since last night?”

“That’s right,” I grinned, pleased at her humor and open mind. “Maybe this won’t be a long story after all.”

“That still doesn’t tell me why you’re here,” Denise prompted, still smiling.

I looked at Ruth. If anything, her flush was deeper than before, her eyes closed, her head shaking slightly from side to side.

“We’re here because Ruth is obsessed with you,” I said. “Beyond that, I don’t know. It’s up to you.”

“Obsessed? What do you mean obsessed,” Denise said, staring at me, then at Ruth. I could see a flush rising in her face.

“This should explain everything,” I said, leaning over to pull Ruth’s journal out of the shopping bag.

(End of Chapter 9 of 15)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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