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3D Comix

The following week I felt obligated to stay with Alison while Brian lived in the guestroom. Alison and I fucked a couple of times, one evening she strapped on her new toy fucking my ass with the small dildo. Brian seemed ok but I think he really wanted me to stay with him that 1st week.

Friday morning at breakfast Brian told us he was off until Tuesday from the hospital and was gonna just stay home and relax. Alison & I kissed and we left for our jobs.

About half way to work I suddenly thought I could call in sick today and stay with Brian alone. Pulling my car over I phoned my boss telling him I was sick and would see him on Monday.

As I entered the house I walk quietly to Brian’s room, as I was going to knock on the door I heard the tv was on I knew those noises coming from it he was watching a gay movie. Opening the door slightly I could see him laying down his legs spread as he stroked his big beautiful cock. The guys in the movie fucked as Brian moaned with each stroke of his cock.

Pushing the door open I asked, “can I join or do you want to be alone?”

Brian jumped up startled his hand lay flat against his cock when he realized it was me said, “what are you doing home?”

“I was sad about you being home alone, but I can see you took things in your own hands so to speak,” I said.

Pulling his hands from his cock Brian said, “why don’t you take it in your hands.”

Walking to his bed I reached for his cock my hand brushed against his cock, then taking it in my hand I began to stroke it slowly up & down. A drop of precum oozed out and I bent down licking it off as I continued jerking him off.

“You can’t be comfortable with those clothes on, how about a strip tease?” Brian said.

Standing up I slowly undid my belt I pulled it part way off as my hips swayed to an imaginary song in my head. My belt finally off I unbuttoned my shirt, when it was done I ripped it off putting it around Brian’s head pulling him into my bare chest. Brian was kissing and tonguing my chest as I unzipped my pants then lowered them an inch at a time until the reached my ass cheeks dropping them to the floor stepping out. The only thing between him and I was only my underwear, Brian lowered his head mouthing my shaft through them. As he soaked them I pushed him head away slowly lowering the band first showing the head, then the shaft finally my balls sprang out then stepping out I was naked my cock inches from his face.

Brian went to open his mouth and take my cock but I pushed him away until he lay back down. His cock was rock hard, huge and hard, I put my mouth to his cock taking the head between my lips sucking it as his precum began to ooze out the tip, my tongue swiping it and I swallowed his salty goodness.

“Eat that baby, suck my cock,” Brian yelled.

Taking his cock I slowly swallowed his shaft stopping as his head entered my throat, taking a short breath I continued until his entire shaft was inside me. Bobbing my head up and down his shaft I sucked my lovers cock, my throat closing tight around it each time he bottomed out inside it.

“Fuck yes take my shaft suck me off!” Brian yelled even louder.

My head went up taking his cock out until just the tip was in the pounded down until his shaft stretched my throat back open. Faster and faster I went until he exploded inside huge ribbons of cum shooting down my throat over and over again, after his last shot I kept sucking trying to squeeze every Demetevler Escort last drop as his cock shrank inside me.

“Oh that was so good,” he said as he lay there looking at me.

Pulling my mouth from his cock I stood back up my cock pointing at him again and said, “do you want to suck it or fuck it?”

Opening his mouth Brian took my cock inside his mouth, reaching into the table by his be he took out a short 6″ dildo. While sucking my cock he lubed it up then reaching around slowly pressed it against my ass. As it touched my hole I held Brian’s head and pushed my ass back taking it inside me. Brian began fucking my ass with his dildo, he pulled it out as his head took my cock in and pushed it in as he slid my cock out.

“Oh Brian your teasing me so bad, I want to cum in your mouth but that thing in my ass makes me want your big cock instead.” I yelled.

Brian started taking my cock in and out more rapidly as his toy matched his pace. Not able to hold back my cock shot it’s load, Brian swallowing each drop, my ass tightening around the toys shaft with as each ribbon of cum shot out.

Licking the tip of my cock Brian the released it from his mouth while still pounding my ass with his toy.

Grabbing Brian’s hand I pulled the toy from my ass and said, “is that all you want to put up there?”

Brian stood and pushed me face down on the bed my legs still standing doing a split as my torso went down. Parting my ass cheeks he pushed his tip inside, once in he paused and the rammed his entire shaft in, I felt a slight pain then a few seconds later it subsided.

With his cock buried deep in my dark hole I said, “Fuck me please fuck me hard.”

“You want me to fuck you beg me you little bitch!” Brian hollered.

“Please oh please fuck me, fuck me hard please oh please,” I begged.

Brian pulled his cock partially out then rammed it hard the did it again and again and again pounding my ass.

“Yes that’s It fuck me hard, I want that huge cock in me!” I shouted.

Brian picked up his pace his cock forcing itself inside me harder and harder, so hard my ass felt like I was getting a spanking with each downstroke. After so many minutes of pounding my ass Brian shot his first round of cum in my ass then 6 maybe 7 more his hot cum filling it.

When he finished he pulled out and sticking two fingers in my ass pulled out some of his cum, as he reached around putting it to my mouth saying, “Suck my cum you cum slave.”

Excited from the dirty talk I have never heard from him before, I opened my mouth taking his ass cum in my mouth, swirling it around I tasted his saltiness but also a musky taste my own musky asshole taste.

After I finished and before I could speak, Brian spread my cheeks again and drove his tongue inside my ass as he tried to clean every last drop of his cum from inside it. When he finished he pulled me up and we embrace in a kiss his cum covered tongue stroking mine.

We lay in each others arms when he asked, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Your talk turned me on I enjoyed being your slave and the flavor of your cum from my ass was so different but so good,” I answered.

Brian the lay on the bed taking a leg in each hand then pulled the above his head, his ass pulling up from the bed his cheeks spreading open as if calling my name.

Before I could move Brian as if giving an order barked out, Otele gelen escort “Fuck me you little bitch make it good or I’ll punish you!”

I was almost hypnotized and guess I took too long, when suddenly he slapped my cock hard with the end of a belt. My cock hurt but it was a good hurt and got harder and harder.

A few second later, smack, the belt beat against my cock again as Brian ordered, “Fuck me I said hard or do you want my belt again, you little sissy!”

Taking my cock I pushed my cock inside him, no pause no teasing, just rammed it in. Reaching for his cock I squeezed it tight, so tight I could see the tip swell turning purple, I pounded my cock in his ass as I squeezed tighter and tighter as If trying to rip his skin off.

“Ow that hurts so good,” he said as his body bounced up and down on the bed.

I pounded his ass his new forceful way turning me on even more than ever before. while my body had his legs pinned to his chest Brian reach taking my balls and squeezed them tight my balls feeling as if in a vice and I squeezed his cock. One last squeeze of my balls and my cum shot inside him each ribbon of cum hurt each time it shot as his powerful grip tortured my balls.

Finally my cock empty with no more to give he released his grip on my balls as I relaxed mine on his cock. My balls hurt so bad I could feel like there was a pounding inside them. Looking at Brian’s cock I could see a red swollen ring where my hand gripped it.

“Wow my balls hurt how does your cock feel?” I asked.

“Good painful but good,” he said.

Looking at his tip I could see cum starting to ooze out as it was twitching bending down to look I took it in my hand. The second I touched him his load shot out huge amounts of cum flying out hitting me in the face shot after shot of hot cum the last stream going in my eye. Brian wiped the cum from my eye then fed it to me, my mouth sucking his finger like a baby suckling a tit.

Brian stood up leading me to his shower, after we showered and were eating lunch I asked him, “Where did that talk come from, oh and I liked being your bitch as you called me.”

“I learned to be into some rough play years after we were together so long ago, I found I liked it a lot. I figured now we are alone and since I’m here long term I wanted to show you it, glad you liked it,” he said.

“Yeah it was weird at first but then got hotter and hotter your belt although it hurt was a real turn on,” I said.

“Well if you want to try I have some bondage stuff I brought with me, I would love you to be my slave,” Brian said.

“Maybe we can take it slowly but I think I might be into that, I don’t know if I want to do that when my wife is around maybe on days when we are alone,” I said.

After we finished lunch we lay on his bed watching one of his gay movies and I fell asleep as he held me.

Waking around 4, I hopped out of bed told him Alison would be home soon and went to my room to get dressed. Brian got up and started dinner as I got ready for her,

Alison walked in the door, dropped her things at the door stepping out of her shoes. “Hi guys I’m home how was each of your days?” she asked.

“I had and awesome day such a relaxing awesome day,” Brian answered.

“I had a good day honey, how was yours?” I asked.

“Great day but very tiring, I think I’m gonna go to sleep after the news, please be Balgat Escort quiet when you come to bed. I wouldn’t mind if you decided to stay down here with Brian really,” she said.

After dinner we watched the news, Alison fell asleep in the middle when it was finished I woke her and she kissed me goodnight and went to bed.

An hour or so later Brian disappeared the reappeared with a box, pulling out a leather device I learned was a ball strap he held it up asking, “You think you want to give it a try tonight?”

“I could be persuaded,” I said.

Pulling my pants off he attached it to my balls little tiny points of metal wrapped around me as he held a strap locking and then locked it on me. It was tight but I thought to myself “this isn’t bad.”

Just as I relaxed Brian tugged on the strap as he did the sharp points dug into my balls sending painful chills thru me.

Releasing the strap Brian ordered, “follow me you little sissy.”

I must have taken too long to respond as Brian tugged the strap harder causing more waves of pain. I took the hint and rose up as he led my like a puppy on a leash to his room.

“Bend over the bed sissy boy,” Brian said as he forced me down.

My ass in the air he put his cock to my ass as his head touched my hole and said, “Tell me, do you want my cock in your ass?”

“Yes I want it,” I said.

Pulling the strap hard it dug into my balls again, I felt the pain my cock growing harder as the point dug deeper the Brian barked, “No sissy beg for it, if you can’t beg just shut up.”

“Please oh please fuck my ass,” I pled.

Ramming his cock up my ass Brian wasn’t gentle but was forcefully pounding me, each time he pushed inside me pulling that strap harder making my cock hard and my ass clamp down on his cock.

Over and over he pounded my ass and tugged that strap the pain sending waves of excitement throughout my body.

Brain suddenly reached around sticking a rubber plug attached to a strap in my mouth then setting tightened it. I couldn’t talk and squirmed around, Brian tugged the strap on my balls sending waves of pain again and again.

“Stay still you bitch, stay still be good and I’ll be nice,” Brian hollered.

Brian started pounding his cock in my ass pulling the strap on my head like the reins of a horse. Finally his cock shot his load inside me, his hot cum filling me.

Releasing from my ass, Brian took the gag and ball strap off my balls felt swollen and sore I knew they must be red. I reached to touch them and felt where the points dug in, I could feel a sticky dampness on them, when I pulled my hand up to look I saw tiny bits of blood. Rubbing my balls I tried to calm down the pain I was feeling but noticed my cock was so hard.

“You seemed to like that, did you?” Brian asked.

“Well it hurt a lot but I did, maybe next time you could take it a little easier,” I said.

“Ok I will, but look at your cock it looks like it liked it,” Brian said.

Looking down I gazed at how hard I was, reaching down I began stroking my own cock, Brian lay down next to me and watched as I jerked myself off. Each downstroke as my hand touched my ball sack I felt a wave of pain causing my cock to jerk in my hand. Faster and faster I stroked myself when I started shooting my cum, I hadn’t noticed but Brian was hovering over it and as I started to cum opened his mouth taking it all in. When I was finished he put me inside and he sucked my cock dry, as he did his hands gently massaged my sore balls.

When we were done we both collapsed falling asleep, I dreamt about the pain all night long and how wonderful it felt. In my dream he had me bound and gagged whipping my ass my cock getting harder and harder trying to escape from the straps holding it down.

I wonder what tomorrow might bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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