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{Trigger warnings: rape roleplay, daddy/son roleplay, black dom / white sub race roleplay.}


Matthew could only helplessly stare as master Roman was tying his arms down with a thick rope. The noose was wrapped around the pole dancing pipe, so it would be impossible for him to escape.

“What’s the point of hide and seek game, if I can’t even hide?” Matthew asked, naively.

There was maybe an inch of distance between their faces, as master Roman was making sure that the ropes are tight. He looked at the boy, smiled and then kissed him in the lips.

“The point is for you to lose, boy,” he answered, in his sexy, foreign accent. “Why would you want to win anyway? It would mean no dick for you.” Master Roman spread boy’s ass cheeks, gently. “I’ll lube you up now, so they don’t damage you too much, okay?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” Matthew couldn’t stop enjoying master Roman’s presence. At first he seemed kind of distant, but now Matt realized that he was a deeply caring and loving master. He smelled really good, too.

His slimy finger started massaging Matthew’s asshole, until it invaded it gently and opened it up for even more lube to spread outside and inside. Matt cuddled to his master’s chest, not fully enjoying the sensation, but the closeness of such dominant persona was quite enough to make it worth.

“Alright, cutie. You’re ready to be used.” Master Roman stood up, leaving Matthew on the, with his arms tied around a pipe, above his head. “Alright, boys. I’m going to dim the lights and let the doms in. Remember, this is a rape fantasy, so I want you scared, running and hiding like your life depends on it. And when they catch you, you’re free to struggle a little bit and you’re most welcome to beg for mercy. Just play along.”

“This is fucked up,” one of the boys hiding behind Matthew’s couch commented. “What kind of individual would want to pretend that he rapes someone?”

“Someone with dark desires, who doesn’t want to actually hurt anyone,” Matthew recognized Alex’s voice. He couldn’t see him, but he could sense a playful smile in his tone. “And I intend to tease that beast and make it fuck me.”

Suddenly, the main doors to the room have opened. Scared boys watched as six manly silhouettes entered the room silently, carefully looking around. The “dimmed” lights were actually mostly turned off, to the point where most of them turned on flashlights. Matthew hold his breath. The atmosphere was amazing and it really succeeded at bringing him on a verge of fear and excitement.

“Okay, boys, listen up,” one of the doms has spoken. “We know you’re hiding around. You know we will find you, eventually. So I have a really nice offer for you. Give up and come out and we promise to leave you safe and unharmed… well, right after we play with you a little bit…” Another deep, manly voice laughed, hearing that.

“S-sir… I’m… I’m coming out… But please, don’t do anything bad to me… I can tell you where the other boys are, but please, promise me you will leave me alone…” some slave came out of hiding.

“Alright, you’ve got yourself a deal, lad,” the first manly voice answered, clearly laughing. “So where are your colleagues?”

“One of the boys has fallen into a trap and he can’t move!” Matt’s heart beat dramatically increased, once he heard the slave boy giving up his location in a form of a made up story.

Matthew watched as the light of a flashlight moved on the coach and touched the bare skin on his back.


Matthew got on his knees and started struggling with the rope, watching in panic as two shadowy figures approached him.

“No, leave me alone!” he güvenilir bahis screamed, completely giving into his role. A strong hand grasped his mouth, while the other one was placed on his stomach. Huge, warm body touched him from behind, pressing its hairy skin against Matt.

“Shhh, boy. This is over” a stranger whispered to his ear. “You can either accept it and enjoy yourself or clench your teeth and live through a horror.”

“Please, don’t do this…” Matthew cried, as his oppressor loosened his hand to grab him more comfortably. “I can pay you some money, I can bring you my friend instead, just… please, no! Stop!” Matthew screamed, as his ‘rapist’ aimed his hot, stiff cock and started mercilessly invading Matt’s lubed up asshole. “Noooo…!” Matthew moaned, certainly with too much excitement, but his sexual owner simply hit the right spot with a first thrust, kind of making it impossible to sound scared instead of horny. A man seemed more than satisfied with that, though.

“Look at you, you little cum dump… so much crying, yet when my cock spread your filthy tight hole, you’re already addicted to it,” he was saying, as his dick was doing whatever it wanted to boy’s asshole. “Can you feel it? How with each thrust I’m diving deeper inside of you? It’s not because I’m doing it harder. You’re just letting me in…”

“Noooo…” Matthew protested in another, blissful moan.

“Don’t panic, kid. It’s pretty common for your kind. Every bitch dumb enough to say no to me is drooling from pleasure two minutes later. Just enjoy yourself. Feel how I’m owning you… Each time your future pussy boyfriend enters that hole, you will be imagining me breeding you like a whore and you will both love it…”

At this point, Matt was incapable of producing words, but inaudible moans would not stop leaving his mouth. Stranger’s cock felt like it belonged in there and every time he pulled it out, even a little bit, it felt wrong. Matthew was breathing heavily, wanting nothing but to be one with this stranger enslaving his poor, helpless body.

His strong arms started crushing Matthew, as he hold the boy tighter, clearly getting closer to a climax. Suddenly, his thrusts slowed down but became more intense. He started gasping into Matthew’s ear, filling his tight hole with hot loads of cum.

“You’re forever mine now,” he said, breathing heavily. Even though he seemed to be exhausted, he pulled his dick out and stood up, showing his softening erection covered with slime. “Now clean the mess that you’ve made,” he ordered, grabbing his dripping cock and getting it closer to Matt’s face.

“No way I’m doing that…!” Matthew squealed.

His ‘rapist’ wasn’t having it, though. He smacked Matt’s face and then grabbed his jaw with one hand, forcing his dick into boy’s mouth. Matthew choked on a mixture of cum and lube.

“Now suck it off clean!” he ordered with more aggressive tone. His fingers twitched boy’s nostrils so he had to open up his mouth wide to breathe. Stranger used it to push his dirty cock even deeper into his mouth. “I want to feel you suck it.”

Matthew surrendered, quickly licking and sucking the disgusting liquid down his throat. His eyes filled with tears. When stranger pulled his cock out, Matthew started coughing.

Man left without speaking anything else, leaving Matt sore and struggling to breath. Boy naively thought he would have some time to rest, but another pair of hands grabbed his calves and pulled him over the couch, spreading his legs.

“Nooo, please, I can’t… I don’t want to…” Matthew cried, as someone smelling differently pressed his warm, heavy body against his back.

“Shhh, it’s okay. You can take it.” güvenilir bahis siteleri This voice was much more gentle, but it must’ve belonged to someone slightly older than the last man. “You have a such a pretty boy cunt. I would kiss it for you, if it wasn’t filthy after that last guy…”

The second stranger pressed his face against boy’s cheek. Matt, surprised, discovered that he had some kind of material mask on his face, probably a balaclava.

“You have a very nice nipples,” the second ‘rapist’ complimented him, while mercilessly molesting his exposed body. His fingers stopped to pinch his nips. Matthew moaned in protest, but he didn’t stop, instead he pulled them further from his chest, applying even more pain. “Shhh, I know it hurts, but you’re doing this for daddy…”

“I thought you loved me, why would you make me suffer?” Matthew cried, playing along with this perverted daddy fantasy.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, sweetheart, but daddy has some dark, big boy needs that only you can satisfy…”

“I don’t want to… leave me alone!”

Daddy ignored his whining, as his hand was molesting Matthew’s balls now, carefully checking out boy’s chastity device.

“We will play a little bit naughty now, okay? I will fit in my daddy toy inside of your fun hole and I will tickle it from the inside, okay?” He didn’t wait for confirmation, he just started inserting himself.

“Why do you want to do that to me, daddy?” Matthew asked, with a face burning from excitement. Usually he was not into daddy stuff, but roleplaying being abused for fun somehow turned him on. “This feels wrong…”

“I promise, I will make it feel right,” he lied in a moaning voice full of blissful, sinful pleasure, as he repositioned himself and found a more comfortable angle for himself, in which Matthew was left even more vulnerable for being spread and easily penetrated.

“Daddy…! You’re… too big… I can’t take you in…!” Matthew cried, as his powerful thrusts began jamming him against the wall of pain, making his ecstasy twice as intense.

“I will slow down for you…” daddy straight up lied again, clearly not planning to interfere in his own pleasure because of bottom’s silly concerns. “Oh, baby boy, you feel so good wrapped around my cock… Oooohh…” He started moaning, as his dick spat out few hot loads of cum inside of Matthew.

When he pulled himself out, Matt pushed the sticky liquid out of his asshole, staining the couch. He felt ashamed, used and excited, but mainly unfulfilled. His own dick was about to explode, constantly struggling against the metal of his chastity device.

It would be naive to think that these two perverts would be the end of sexual experiences for Matthew today. That was far from true. Right after daddy left his side, a really aggressive black man started drilling his hole, while pushing his long fingers into Matthew’s mouth, gagging him. Once Matt begged him to stop, he obliged, just to spank his pretty ass cheeks until they burned in delicious shade of red. Then, his hole was fucked once again. This time, his oppressor was horny enough to rest for a moment after shooting his load and then repeated everything…

“How are you feeling, white boy?” he asked, as his balls were furiously slapping against boy sore ass cheeks, in aggressive series of merciless thrusts. “Because I’m feeling amazing…”

Matthew had a trouble speaking. He was feeling like a bitch in a heat. He was so horny and these dicks stretching him loose were just an additional frustration. It wasn’t helping that he could see all the other boys around him being fucked. The air smelled like cum and sweat. Everyone were fucking and there iddaa siteleri was no chance for escape. Once the dom would end with one boy, he would go to pin down another. They didn’t even mind pushing their cocks into cum dumps dripping with other men’s seed, they just cared about unloading their own spunk inside of boys pretending to not enjoy this with every inch of their bodies.

“You filthy whitey… sweaty like a damn pig,” Matthew’s ‘rapist’ growled into his ear. Indeed, boy’s skin was glistening with a layer of sweat, both from exhaustion and warmth that his big, muscular body provided. “You better not tell the police about anything of it, bitch, or I’ll know. And if I know that you did, I’ll go for your little brother next…”

“No, please, I won’t tell anyone, but don’t ever get close to my brother!” Matt wished he had any siblings just so he could pretend with more confidence now.

Stranger pulled his hair, abruptly, making Matthew scream in pain.

“You feel like giving me orders, white boy?!”

“No! I’m begging you! As your bitch!” Matt reassured, with eyes full of tears.

“That’s more like it. Never forget your new place in society, whitey.”


After a time that felt like four hours (and in reality was just slightly above one hour), doms left the rape fantasy dungeon, happy, satisfied and with empty balls. Slaves have been allowed to go under shared shower, but Matthew was still tied up and had to wait for some generous master to release him. He was expecting master Ramon to come back for him, but instead, the youngest of masters, the handsome, well-built one, called master Davis, made an appearance. Matt didn’t have an opportunity to interact with him yet, so he didn’t really know what to expect.

He sat next to the lying Matthew and went straight to untying the thick rope binding his arms. Out of all men that he smelled today, master Davis’ scent was the most intoxicating.

“Man, that thing left bruises on your wrists,” he said, clearly concerned, after he freed Matthew. “Are you okay? Rape role-plays can easily get out of control.” Matt looked into his beautiful, grey eyes and only now understood, how handsome this man was. “You seem to be in slight shock.” His fingers gently touched Matt’s chin. Without any warning, he leaned in to join lips with Matt, in a warm, affectionate kiss. Confused boy didn’t protest, enjoying how innocently and magically it felt after all that raw fucking. When master Davis ended the kiss, he smiled. “You can relax now. No one will harm you,” he reassured Matthew, surrounding the boy with his muscular arm.

“Thank you, master. You’re very kind to me,” Matthew answered shyly, blushing out of this sudden intimacy and affection.

“Alright, let me lift you up. I’ll carry you back to the showers,” he said and without waiting for Matthew’s approval, he lifted him on his powerful arms without breaking a sweat.

“Master! This is totally unnecessary!” Matthew, shocked, held tight to master Davis’ shoulders, as he carried him out of the room. “Sir, you don’t have to do this!”

“Boy, calm down,” master Davis smiled confidently. “I don’t need you telling me what I need not to do. My job is to provide you with proper aftercare, so you feel good, loved and appreciated after your service to all these men. And I treat my duties really seriously,” he added, as he pulled Matthew closer to himself once again, kissing him passionately.

That day Matthew finally understood all other slaves’ fascination with this master.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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