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In her dream, she was reliving the night she had gotten drunk and ate her friend out for an hour. Raena was driving her friend crazy by attacking the girl’s clit with her tongue, one finger in her pussy and the tip of another in her ass. Rae’s face and hands were soaked, but she continued until she finally gave in to her need for air. Pulling her hand away, she opened her eyes and saw creamy pale skin.

Odd, she thought, I thought T was tanner than that.

The mystery girl in front of her and turned, revealing her face for a split second before Rae woke up.


Anytime she had a sexy dream about a woman, it always ended up as the same woman in the end. That woman was the one currently curled in a ball next to her. In her sleepy, sexual haze, she turned onto her side and propped herself on one elbow to see better. The morning light filtered dimly through the curtains of the only window, giving Rae a perfect view of soft curves and perfectly sculpted ass.

Tentatively, she reached out and caressed the creamy skin of Aya’s right hip. She shimmied forward a little and put slight pressure on it, encouraging Aya to scoot back. It didn’t take much to convince her to move closer to the source of warmth. Aya smiled in her sleep and snuggled as close as she could beyoğlu escort get. She grabbed Rae’s hand off of her hip and wrapped it around her, resting it on her left breast. Rae stayed like that for a while, gently massaging the flesh beneath her hand while listening to make sure her friend was still sleeping.

Once she was sure Ayame was dead asleep, she ran her hand down toned muscles and over simple cotton panties, putting light pressure on each thigh to open them. Half on her back now, legs barely open, Aya whimpered in her sleep when Rae’s fingers brushed over her clit. Parting the soft lower lips, she found the little nub and pushed softly, rubbing it in a circular motion as slowly as she could. Aya’s breathing quickened in her sleep, her lips parting to let a quiet moan escape. With a smirk, Rae bent down and bit the silky skin of the neck beneath her. Aya’s head turned as she pulled away and blue eyes pierced her. Ignoring her, Raena slid a finger into her friend and bit again, and again.

“That…is not…very nice…” Aya managed to gasp out between bites. Rae giggled and kissed her bite marks one by one.

“Shh. (kiss) Quiet, my love. (kiss) Let me enjoy touching you.” Her last kiss landed back on Aya’s neck, where she bit down again and thrust her fingers in sarıyer escort as deep as they would go.

In her head, Raena relived the dream she had just had. She thought of the things she did to T that night and realized she could do just about all of it but the anal. That was fine with her. Images running through her head, Raena pulled her finger out and had Aya take off her underwear and she did the same. Once they were both naked, she leaned down and pressed her lips to Aya’s. Her hand resumed it’s previous actions, this time with a second finger and a thumb on her clit.

Aya’s breathing hitched and she changed the angle of the kiss, playfully nipping at Ray’s bottom lip before soothing it with a swipe of her tongue. Goosebumps erupted all over Rae’s body and she shivered, tangling her own tongue with the other. The taste overwhelmed her. It was sweet and enticing, a shock to her starving sex drive. She missed this. The touch of a woman, the softness, the curves, the whimpers, and the moans. Women were so much more fun sometimes.

Reluctantly, Rae pulled away from the kiss and moved down to Aya’s left breast, her hand still busy. She bit gently and pulled, then sucked on it, flicking it with her tongue ring. Aya’s heart started pounding. Rae moved to the other breast, maslak escort repeating her previous routine until Aya was shaking.

Smirking, she moved lower. She trailed bites, followed by kisses, until she was settled between Aya’s legs. She removed her hand and bit inside her left thigh, followed by the right. Finally, she propped Aya’s legs up around her head and ran her tongue from pussy to clit.

The gasping moan she received in response gave her confidence. She flicked her tongue against Aya’s engorged clit and lost all sense when she felt a hand grab a fistful of hair. Instinct had her pushing two fingers into her friend. Aya squeezed Rae’s hair and pushed, shoving her face down. Rae obliged her silent demand and sucked on her clit, moving her hand as fast as she could. Aya’s chest was heaving, moaning with every breath.

When Aya came, she held Rae’s head and bucked against it. Warm liquid ran over Rae’s fingers and into her hand and she did her best to lick it all up.

Finally, Aya let go of her head and Rae moved back up, giving her best friend a loving kiss. She ran her hands up and down Aya’s curves, enjoying the softness of her skin. Rae rolled off of the girl and they cuddled for a moment. Aya turned back to her after a while and kissed her again. It was sweet and sensual, until her hand returned to Rae’s hair and yanked her head back.

Blue eyes flashed and she saw a glimpse of an evil grin before hearing “my turn”. Then teeth met her neck and she was done for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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