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Though I had always thought that my neighbor, Ava, was cute, it took the loneliness of quarantine for me to finally summon the courage to ask her out. She was in her late twenties, had shoulder-length red hair and wore glasses. Though she dressed somewhat conservatively, her skirts, dresses and cardigans couldn’t hide the nice curves of her petite body. In the three years that I’d lived in the building, I had often bumped into her as I entered or left the apartment, as she lived just a few doors down from me. We usually exchanged smiles, but our shared shyness kept either of us from having much of a real conversation. Now that I was stuck in the apartment all the time, it was a good time as any to find out whether we had any chemistry.

Members of the apartment building had exchanged numbers “in case of emergency,” and I debated to myself whether the sexual frustration of quarantine qualified as such an emergency while I typed out a text to ask whether she might want to chat with me in the shared garden space behind the apartment some evening in the coming week. It was hard being single at a time like this, I thought to myself, and though I’d found myself masturbating more often, my libido felt particularly distracting with little possibility of an outlet.

“Ava, this is Dan from upstairs. Hope you’re holding up. I was wondering whether you’d like to have a drink with me out back after work sometime. Not sure if you’re feeling as stir crazy as I am with everything going on.”

In the two hours that it took before she wrote back, I worried that I had crossed a line. I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed, saying that she was feeling rather bored stuck inside herself. I realized that it was unclear whether I was inviting her on a date or simply asking her to meet me as a friend but figured that I could see how things went and take it from there.

We met the next evening. She looked well put together as always in a summery dress, and I wore jeans and a t-shirt. She accepted a beer that I had brought down from my apartment, but insisted on rubbing her hands down with hand-sanitizer before taking a sip. She admitted that she was a bit of a germophobe, and the virus was only exacerbating her usual paranoia. Though she seemed a little uptight and straight-laced, the conversation flowed easily enough as we learned more about one another.

I discovered that she had done a year or two of nursing school before deciding that it wasn’t for her. She wanted to do something nurturing, but all the blood and guts had been too much. She dropped out and became a librarian instead. The conversation turned to dating, and she admitted that she had been too focused on work to start seeing someone before quarantine began, a decision she now regretted. Plus, she added, so many men just had one thing on their minds.

I was enjoying her company, and it was getting darker, so I figured I would be a bit more obvious about my intentions:

“You know Ava, I’d always thought that you were cute, and I’m so glad that I finally took the risk of asking you to join me for a beer.”

When I saw her look away and blush, I regretted my decision.

“Oh Dan, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that this was…”

Her voice trailed off, she looked up sheepishly, then stood up.

“It was nice chatting with you, but I really think that I should be going.”

Before I could say anything more, she turned and walked back into the building. I couldn’t help but stare at her cute, round ass as she walked away. I felt bad that I had possibly made Ava uncomfortable. Oh well. I hadn’t been too forward, and if she wasn’t interested, that was perfectly ok. It might be awkward bumping into her in the hall, but surely that awkwardness would fade eventually.

To my surprise, I got a text from Ava early the next morning. She apologized for leaving so suddenly the night before, she had just been caught off guard. She told me to stop by her apartment that evening and she would make it up for me. I was a bit surprised by the vague instruction. Did she reconsider and want to hook up or was she going to gift me a loaf of banana bread? I was just glad that I hadn’t offended her.

I approached her apartment that evening nervously. Again, I dressed like I would on a date. She answered the door looking a done up herself, wearing a floral dress. I smiled and thanked her for inviting me over. She nodded and told me that I should have a seat on the couch in her living room.

I sat down and began to apologize if I had been too forward the day before. She quickly cut me off.

“Dan, it’s really ok. I shouldn’t have acted so startled. I realize that I can sometimes be a bit naive. Maybe that’s why I’ve been too distracted to date. You seem like a nice guy. I’ve thought about it, and I understand that we all have the responsibility to help one another out during this scary time. I understand that men have certain desires, and that it can be difficult to find sexual release during a time like this.”

The way she said “sexual release” felt strained, but I had to say that seeing my very proper neighbor bursa escort make this vague sexual advance was turning me on. I could feel my cock hardening. I tried to think of some way to interrupt, but she continued before I could think of anything.

“I care deeply about helping others, and I learned a thing or two in nursing school and would like to make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of. I’m not as innocent as I may seem. If you take off your pants and underwear, I can give you relief.”

I was shocked and confused by what I was hearing.

“That’s very generous of you,” I finally managed. “What, um, do you have in mind? Are you sure about this? We can just keep talking if you’d like. Really, I can keep myself ‘satisfied’ sexually Ava, it’s not a problem.”

I was hoping she wouldn’t back down, but I wanted to be polite.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she said as she stood up. “Most men do not understand how to drain themselves completely and acting out like you did yesterday is a sure sign that whatever masturbation methods you’re using are not entirely adequate. It’s ok.”

She hadn’t answered my question about what she was going to do, but I wasn’t going to protest and possibly miss out, even as she seemed to be lightly scolding me. I reached down and unbuckled my pants, then began tugging them down. It was only then that I noticed that she had a towel, a pair of latex gloves, and a small bottle sitting on top of her coffee table in front of us.

“Could you please sit on this towel? I don’t want any messes.”

She picked up the large, fluffy towel and spread it out under me on the couch. Everything felt a bit too proper, but I was intrigued. Were the gloves for what I thought they might be?

I put my now bare ass down on the towel. My cock was fully hard and pointing straight up. I watched her look it over, then saw her pick up the pair of latex exam gloves and slip them over her hands with a practiced motion probably learned in nursing school. The gloves were tight on her, and she took a moment to make sure that they were snug over her fingers. Satisfied, she gave the wrists a light snap. She then picked up the small bottle of lubricant. I’m sure she could see by my expression that I was a bit surprised.

“Are you comfortable? I hope you don’t mind my taking precautions.”

Her voice trembled, it sounded like nervousness but it could also have been sexual excitement. Her face was flush. I nodded.

“I will begin by touching your penis. Is that ok?”

Begin? Where was this going to go. The clinicalness of her language was still jarring, but I nodded.

She poured an ample glob of lubricant onto one of her gloved hands, clicked the container shut, then rubbed her hands together until they were visibly slick. She was absorbed in what she was doing and didn’t look at me as she prepared herself. I watched as she reached down and took my hard cock in her hands. I jumped a little from the coolness of the lubricant and the strange sensation of the gloves.

“I’m sorry if it’s a bit cold. It should warm in a moment.”

She began by slowly spreading the lubricant over my cock. Her hands were incredibly slippery, and she used a somewhat light touch, but she was confident in her technique, sensually tracing her fingers up and around my cock. True to her word, everything warmed up as she began to stroke a little more quickly. Whatever she was doing felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the novel sensation.

“Ava, that feels great,” I said before letting out a low groan.

I looked at her, and she gave me a smile. She was totally focused on what she was doing, almost hypnotized by my straining cock. I could hear that her breathing had increased a little.

“Please tell me if you feel an orgasm building. Again, I don’t want any accidents or messes. It seems that you really needed some relief.”

She was now stroking me with both hands, alternating between bringing her hands up in tight rings, almost milking me, and gripping me with both hands at once and twisting her slick hands in different directions. The sensation was nearly overwhelming, and after a few minutes, I could already feel an orgasm building. I would never had expected how much of an expert she was at stroking cock from her innocent appearance. It hot watching how intent she was on milking the cum out of me.

“Ava, I’m, ungh, I’m getting closer,” I warned her.

She immediately let go of me, and my cock, slick with lube, flopped back against my chest.

“Thank you. Could you please get up on all fours and turn around? I want to make sure that the towel catches the ejaculate.”

Her request seemed a bit strange, but so had everything else up to this point, so again I thought it best not to protest too much.

I stood up and turned around, positioning myself so that my elbows were resting on the top of her couch and my knees rested on the cushions. I felt her correct my posture so that my ass was sticking out a bit more. I was sad that I could no longer watch her and looked back as she began to explain escort bursa what she was doing.

“That’s good Dan. In nursing school we learned about the prostate. It’s a special place inside of you where some of the seminal fluid is produced. I learned that if too much fluid builds up there, men can start acting out.”

I was a bit confused by her speech, but if this is what she needed to tell herself in order to give me the best handjob of my life, then I wasn’t complaining.

“Have you ever engaged in rectal stimulation Dan?”

“No?,” I responded, confused.

“Then I’ll go very slowly, but it’s important that I press down on your prostate while performing manual stimulation of your penis. That way you’ll be more satisfied than when you ejaculate from masturbation.”

I still felt a bit confused and watched as she applied more lubrication to her gloved hands.

“Could you please face forward for me Dan?,” she asked, a little embarrassed.

I nodded and turned around to stare forward at her wall. It all came together when I felt her wet finger rest on the outside of my asshole as her other hand reached underneath me and gripped my cock.

“Now give a nice big exhale for me Dan.”

“Ava wait, are you sure?”

I felt her squeeze my cock once for reassurance.

“Please Dan, I’m not going to hurt you. You’ll feel much better if you trust me.”

I let out an exhale as she had requested and felt her begin to press inside of me. The feeling was new but not unpleasant. It felt like a fullness, and I was distracted by the slow, tight strokes on my cock as she began to explore my ass. After penetrating me, she let her finger rest for a moment before wiggling it in deeper.

“You’re very tight back here Dan, but you’re doing a great job.”

I continued to focus on my breathing and the steady tugging on my cock. After another moment, I felt her finger push further, then press somewhere inside of me that sent a jolt through my body. My knees buckled.

“That’s your prostate. It feels slightly swollen, as I suspected. I think you’ll feel much better after you’re able to release all that built up ejaculate.”

All I could do in response was let out a low moan. She pressed down inside of me again, then began to match the rhythm of her slow movement in my ass with her cock stroking. I started to move my hips slightly to match her pace. I couldn’t believe that my mousy neighbor was doing this to me. I wished that I could stare at her body, to see what she was wearing under that dress, but I was afraid that if I turned it would startle her. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. I could feel a kind of wetness welling up out of my cock.

“This might feel different than you’re used to Dan, what I’m doing now will drain the prostatic fluid before bringing you to orgasm. Don’t worry if you feel something coming out of you. You’ll feel better the more you can let go.”

Her words reached me as if from outside a dream. I could feel a massive load of cum building up even as I could faintly feel my cock dribbling. I began to clench my asshole down against her finger involuntarily as my orgasm started to build up. Just as I thought I might cum, she paused. When the immediate desire to cum passed, she started stroking me again. Clearly she was an expert: she was edging me, sensing when I was going to cum and keeping me just on the verge.

“Ava, please, ungh.”

“Don’t rush me Dan. You’re doing a good job, and you’ll feel much better soon.”

She continued to edge me for another minute before the speed of her stroking began to pick up.

“I’m going to make you have an orgasm now Dan. I want you to let it all out for me. The towel is beneath you so you can let all of your mess out onto it. Let’s clear you all out. Let’s see all that semen that you’ve had built up” she said, gently.

I could hear the wet friction of her hands working on me over the sound of her words of encouragement. It was all too much. I lurched once and felt a huge load of cum fly out of me. She began to squeeze down hard on my cock in long milking motions while keeping a steady pressure on my prostate. I lost track of how many ropes of cum I launched, but the orgasm seemed to last much longer than anything I was used to. I could hear her faintly cooing to me, a low murmur of encouragement. Even after I finished, she continued to milk cock, squeezing out every last drop. I collapsed down, letting my chest rest against the top of the couch as her movements slowed. My cock felt almost sore, I’d cum so hard.

When I opened my eyes and looked down, I was amazed at how wet the towel was. It seemed drenched with fluid, more than just lots of cum. She kept her finger buried in me and her hand resting lightly around my cock. I think neither of us knew what to do or say.

I sat up slightly, glanced back and saw that the dress Ava was wearing must have ridden up her legs as she stroked me. Her bare legs were now spread wide, and a pair of pink underwear were completely visible. I couldn’t help but notice a dark streak along her crotch where bursa escort bayan wetness had seeped through. So she was getting off from this. She seemed surprised by my turning around so quickly, noticed where my eyes were, and, with a startled expression, popped her finger out of me, then fumbled to strip off her soiled gloves. Only then could she straighten out her dress. Ava then blushed, opened her mouth as if to explain herself, stopped, cleared her throat and said in a forced, even tone:

“Dan I hope that you’re feeling much better. You really released quite a bit.”

She smiled, then stood up and walked to the sink to wash her hands.

“You can clean yourself up in the bathroom if you would like. I can take care of the towel. Feel free to use the shower if you’d like to get clean.”

I lay my head down on the back of the couch for a moment. I needed to catch my breath. Then I stood up, grabbed my pants and underwear, and walked to the bathroom which was around a corner in the hallway. I could feel the lubricant between my asscheeks, and my cock was incredibly slick with lube, so I decided to take Ava up on her offer and jump in the shower. After turning the water on and adjusting the temperature, I realized that I didn’t have a towel and went to ask Ava if I could borrow one.

Ava must not have expected me to be back so soon after hearing the shower start, because she didn’t look up from the couch when I neared the living room again. She seemed engrossed in something, so I stepped lightly, curious to see what she was doing. I saw that she had donned a fresh pair of gloves and was now bent over the soaked towel, running her fingers slowly through all my cum. Her other hand made its way up and clenched her breast through the material of her dress. She took two fingers, dipped them in the center of the cum puddle on the towel, then brought them up to her lips. I could see the cum that she’d scooped trailing down from her fingers. She smeared my cum over her lips before pushing her fingers into her mouth, resting them on her tongue, then giving them a gentle suck. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and took a step back so that she wouldn’t look up to see me peeping. Or did she want me to see? She sucked her fingers sensually and tightened her grip on her chest.

As I stepped back, I bumped into a table in the hall, making a loud thud. I turned around to make sure that nothing had been knocked over. Luckily, nothing had, but I knew that my cover was blown. I spent a moment straighting out the things on the table before popping my head out from around the corner. Perhaps it was better if she thought she had gotten away with her little treat.

“Sorry about that, I’m still a bit spent from everything. I was wondering if you had something that I could dry off with?”

Ava looked a bit flushed but had stood up and straightened herself out. She had gathered the cum-soaked towel into a ball and held it in one hand.

“Yes, of course, of course.”

She placed the towel down, walked briskly past me, and returned with a fresh towel. She then returned to the couch and made a performance of looking it over for any additional mess.

“Dan you produced quite a lot of ejaculate. It’s a good thing I keep such absorbent towels around. I hope that your feeling better and that your bottom isn’t sore. I know that getting relief that way can be a bit uncomfortable when you’re not used to it.”

She seemed a bit more confident in how she explained this but still blushed slightly. I just nodded and wondered whether she was really going to toss the cum-covered towel into the wash or whether she would stash it somewhere and continue to play with my cum. The thought would usually turn me on, but, true to her word, I felt physically drained. My cock hardly stirred. I stepped back in to the bathroom, rinsed off, and returned a few minutes later.

“Thank you Ava, I’m really not sure what to say. That really was, um, interesting.”

“No need to thank me, what are neighbors for but helping one another out! I don’t mean to kick you out, but I need to get ready for work tomorrow. I hope that this keeps your urges under control and everyone safe.”

I nodded and walked towards the door. I saw that she again had the towel in her hands, despite having had plenty of time to toss it into the wash while I was in the shower.

“Really don’t worry about the towel,” she insisted, without my having prompted her. “It’s nothing that soap and water can’t handle.”

I smiled, thanked her again, and walked to the door. She didn’t move from where she stood.

“If you ever feel overtaken by your urges again,” she said, suddenly a bit more sheepish. “Please don’t hesitate to text. I wouldn’t want you putting yourself in harm’s way.”

I nodded, gave an awkward wave, and walked out the door then made the short walk to my apartment and collapsed onto my couch. What a evening. I couldn’t help but wonder whether Ava was playing with my cum right that moment and what kind of other kinky fantasies she kept hidden behind her quiet exterior. Had she even tossed out the soiled gloves? I also wondered how long I would have to wait before it would be acceptable to see her again. Ava really did do a thorough job draining me. How long would it be until my urges came back? Suddenly quarantine didn’t seem so gloomy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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