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Part 9 Special Meeting

It had been becoming increasingly obvious that I was in danger of burning out on a diet of unrestricted sex, even though I longed for more within hours of the last event. I even talked to Beth about it and asked if she ever experienced a lessening of desire but she told me it doesn’t happen, you just avoid loading your calendar down too much. She offered some personal service and I certainly wanted it but asked for a delay while I allowed my body to recover from the training session since I knew we had another session scheduled for the following week at The Windward.

I knew I was running dangerously close to the start of my period though. I say dangerously because in the week or so before my period I become so horny I can hardly stand it at times. Of course, I could delay my period if necessary but it’s not something I do often because of the possibility of problems later in the month.

As soon as I put the phone down, I wanted to smack myself silly for not jumping into bed with her. I think that subconsciously, I knew that once I got her between my sheets, neither of us would be in any shape to do any training or much of anything else for a few days or longer. The memory of her beautiful pink pussy made me wet and of course I had to do something about that, so I did!

That problem solved itself when a combination of two things happened. Heather got the flu and I started early. Instead of sharing each other’s bodies, I found myself lying on a heating pad, adding Midol to my daily diet, and studying the profiles and action files on the other candidates I thought I might have a chance with.

In the end, I had a list of five that I wanted to start with. My success with Danni had given me more confidence and the training session was good in that it assured me that the ideas I had were approved by the management team and my trainers.

Everything was going well, I was almost over my period, and the familiar desires were beginning to make me want some activity when Justine called. I’d been ignoring the chapter and she wondered if I was going to drop out of the chapter or if I was just too busy for them. I felt like an idiot but also knew the reasons why, and I tried to explain them to her. My protests fell on deaf ears and I was feeling so guilty that when she asked if I could attend a special chapter meeting the following week, I opened my mouth and walked right in. Later, I picked the phone up several times to tell them I just couldn’t but then I put the phone down and tried not to think of what they might be planning.

I had a board meeting just prior to the chapter meeting so I was still wearing my dressier clothes when I arrived at Trish’s house. The hall lights were dimmed almost out and when I stepped into the general dining room where we usually met, there was no one there. Several fragrant candles burned around the room, tall floral bouquets lined the walls but in all their beauty, I felt an undercurrent of a feeling unknown to me, a warning if you will, that I should slowly back away from the room and get as far from the house as possible.

Before I could do so, however, Justine appeared, wearing a diaphanous creation the color of spun gold that flowed like liquid from her shoulders down to brush the thick carpet. Her breasts, glowing like honeyed droplets of heavenly dew, moved enticingly under the sheer fabric, her nipples erect and tempting. The smile on lips so full and tempting was made only more so by the pure lust that burned in the eyes that promised an evening I would never forget. The gown was open nearly to the floor, held together only by the very thinnest strands of flaxen cord in several critical places, adding to, rather than taking from, the beauty of her breasts. She never took her gaze from me or changed her _expression as she moved toward me and I was transfixed, unable to move had I even wanted to, hypnotized by her beauty, devoured by the flames of desire that burned within my body. The flicker of candlelight revealed droplets of nectar on the lips of her clean shaven slit. At any moment, I expected to burst into flames and I welcomed it. I was so entranced that I hadn’t noticed that her dark brown hair was now a deep golden bronze, worn loose to sweep over her hips.

“Hello, Samantha,” she whispered, in a voice so low and husky I didn’t recognize it’s seductive qualities as coming from her. “I’ve got a special evening prepared for you.”

That should have been a warning but I was not even close to being in control of my thoughts and emotions at that point.

The faint scent of some exotic perfume wafted over me, surrounded, engulfed and possessed me. I was faintly aware that she was close enough to touch but I don’t remember reaching out to her. The next thing I knew, I was wrapped in golden splendor and my lips were being brushed with a tenderness that made me weak beyond belief and I felt her lift my feet from the floor. The heat of her body drew me against escort bayan her even tighter as her tongue found mine and her kisses became even more passionate.

I wasn’t aware of any motion, yet I knew at some level that I was being carried across the room in her arms. My body had now turned into a gelatinous mass, unable to move, totally without will or need for control. I was hers, totally, completely, and it didn’t frighten me in the slightest.

As we moved into the room, the rest of them women, dressed in silver and gold gowns similar to Justine’s moved around us, like a bevy of angels. I was lowered to the day bed, which was covered with a fur-like fabric. They proceeded to slowly and gently strip me naked and while. I knew they were doing it, I never felt a hand touch me. It was as though my clothing just fell away piece by piece.

During all this time, our eyes remained fixed on one another and our kisses continued to arouse. The only changes I really became aware of were the whimpers that seemed to come from somewhere in my body

When her finger began to explore my face and wander through my hair, I wanted to reach up and pull her to me but my arms refused to respond to anything I tried to do I felt numb.

‘Justine…” I tried to whisper through her lips.

“Shush,” she replied, caressing my face tenderly, “today is your day, Sam.”

I felt a tongue slowly begin to caress the very tip of my nipple repeatedly, then another on the other side, but her face and hair kept me from seeing who it was and I didn’t really care. I was at such a level of arousal it didn’t matter. I moaned into her mouth and thrust my chest upward, discovering the reason for my inability to raise my arms. My hands were captured in some kind of glove-like restraint with a padded rod which I found helpful when someone bit my nipple and I needed something to dig my fingers into.

“Relax honey,” she whispered, “you’re in good hands.” Boy, did I know the hidden meaning behind that statement.

The tongues continued teasing my nipples and now moist tongues began trailing their way over and through my toes, then up my feet, stopping just above my ankles, then repeating their torture.

My feet were spread wide, opening me up, and I felt a warm breath blow over my pussy. It responded quickly, wanting more. Still licking my feet, the tongues now began to slide over my calves, pausing to lick the undersides of my knees as the warm breath continued over my wet pussy.

My whimpers had long since turned to groans and moans and now tongues on my nipples were replaced by soft lips as fingers began molding my breasts, pushing my nipples firmly into the lips that now sucked them harder and harder. My pussy was leaking like crazy, wanting someone to do something…anything to make me cum.

A soft silk blindfold was slipped over my head and my feet were lifted higher while cushions were placed behind my back. Strong hands held my feet apart, putting my pussy and ass in perfect position for whatever they had in mind.

Someone straddled my body and a tongue began trailing over my stomach and navel, tauntingly close to my pussy but avoiding it completely. My body fought to gain control but it was not to be. With my knees lifted so high, my back was forced down onto the bed. The person that straddled me now began licking my thighs, getting closer and closer to my pussy as I continuously begged for release. My pussy lips were pulsing in desire and then my anus began getting the benefit of the hot breath.

I begged, I cried, I groaned, I moaned, my body going wild with the need to cum. Nothing was going to get them to give me any release though. I couldn’t remember any time that my body had experienced such stress and I thought sure I was going to lose my mind soon.

The tongue now began to slide over my wet labia and onto the perineum, then into the crease of my ass, still avoiding my clit. I was close to exploding but not quite and the tongue moved so slowly it was making me mad with need.

My labia were spread wide, pushing my predominant clit even higher into the air, and someone lowered their open mouth over my pussy, then it began to close over my clit. The tip of her tongue slid out to caress the swollen bud so slowly I could feel the texture of her tongue against the texture of my clit. It didn’t take long for me to lose control. It wasn’t a screaming, explosion type orgasm, it just seemed to swell inside of me and want out. My hands clenched on the hand grips so tight my knuckles were white and when it hit, all I could do was to groan and surrender my body to it.

It was one of the most beautiful orgasms I’ve ever had, although the spasms in my stomach and thigh muscles continued on and on, it was such a wonderful feeling, I never wanted it to end.

“How are you doing?” Justine whispered into my ear.

I could only nod and mumble something unintelligible.

For a few minutes, they just bursa vip escort let me calm, caressing my stomach and thighs, and licking my breasts and nipples.

Just about the time I thought they were done with me, they changed the position of my body a little. My ass was lowered a bit closer to the bed but my wide spread legs were still held that way. Now the tongue began sliding slowly through my slit and onto my perineum, laving back and forth without focusing on my clit. I felt two fingers enter me and slowly begin stroking into me turning a little with each stroke. By going so slowly, the afterglow from the previous orgasm remained and was built on. I found myself thrusting into the fingers and the tongue until fingers spread my labia wide and the tongue began going deeper, although not any faster, just pushing into me until at last the motion changed to an in and out penetration, not unlike a small cock, while the fingers slid deeper to open me more.

A lubricated thumb began stroking over my clit in lazy circles and a second orgasm began to build. It was slower to build but more intense as another finger was added to the mix and the pace was picked up as each stroke went deep.

Still, the orgasm was not a powerful one, just a sweet slide over the edge while the fingers slipped away and the tongue went back to lazily licking over my labia. My clit was getting so sensitive now that it wouldn’t take much to send me over repeatedly. Up to that point, the sex had been agonizingly slow, but beautiful and the orgasms were just hard enough to give me some release, though no where near enough , but somehow I knew that it was not going to last much longer.

After the second of the larger orgasms, a dildo was introduced into my pussy, but like the fingers and the tongue, it was done in slow motion. It wasn’t oversized or anything, just a standard dildo and when the head was placed in my pussy, I wanted it to thrust deep and fast, but instead, it was eased into me, barely moving, while my labia was licked expertly over and over.

It just kept going in deeper and deeper, and deeper, far beyond where anything had been previously, and still going, through the cervix and into my womb. For a few minutes it just held there, then they began to twist it back and forth as they pulled back to begin a stroke again. The long, slow strokes were heavenly, though tortuous as I needed to come again. I felt my insides begin to twist and I tried to drive my hips into the dildo but to no avail. Then they began sucking on my labia, pulling the flesh into their mouths, sometimes nipping at it, sometimes sucking it away from my body. It felt good and I didn’t want it to stop, but I was no where near an orgasm, just close enough to want to scream for one.

The dildo was removed and I was left wanting but then it appeared again at the opening of my anus and it began its slow progression into my bowels. As you know, I do enjoy good anal but this bothered me for it seemed it was going to go into my throat before it stopped. It wasn’t painful or really uncomfortable but it just kept going deeper and deeper and on a couple occasions it seemed to re-arrange my bowels to allow its forward movement. When it finally stopped, they began tiny little strokes, getting them longer and longer and longer, though not fast. It was the strangest sensation I’ve ever had.

Eventually, they began pulling it out some but then the strokes became longer and longer, but still slower enough that I could feel the texture of the dildo caressing the flesh in my bowels. Then the mouth returned to my pussy, sucking on my clit once more until I was ready to erupt and then it stopped. The dildo was moved deep into my ass and left in me while the mouth continued on my pussy and clit and when I got close, it stopped.

A larger dildo now began to be pushed into my pussy in long, full strokes that were so smooth they were wonderful. Then the strokes got longer and faster and every few seconds, the anal dildo was moved as well. They twisted the dildo in my pussy back and forth and I could feel it moving against the one in my bowels, and I begged for my orgasm. They finally began to drive into me until my body began to twist and turn, arching into the air with each stroke. The orgasm was different this time, quicker, harder, more intense, and when it hit, I couldn’t breathe, think, or move except to try for force it out of me. My legs where torn by muscular spasm after spasm so hard my thighs hurt like a charley horse.

Even as I began to calm, they started on me again but I started to protest, saying I couldn’t stand much more.

“Sweetheart, we have so much more pleasure for you,” Justine whispered and I didn’t have the strength to argue with her.

Now Trish crawled over me and straddled my face, effectively blocking any view of what was going on while allowing me to open her slit up with my tongue as I laved it over her wet bursa elit escort pussy, tasting her sweetness as I sucked and licked her pussy.

I couldn’t see anything but the dildos were pulled from my pussy and ass and my legs were once again raised high and spread wide. Someone climbed over me and lowered themselves onto me while pushing a large dildo into my pussy. I knew they were wearing a harness and the dildo was large enough to cause me some momentary distress until we both got comfortable with her position. She began slowly fucking me deep but not hard and I knew I was finally going to get the mind shattering orgasm I’d been seeking.

After about twenty or more strokes, I was panting and groaning with every stroke as I felt my body begin to give me what I needed but then she stopped and just stayed there, just barely moving inside of me. I was confused as to what was going on until I felt the head of a quite large dildo at my anus. Lube was added and worked in with some fingers and then it began moving into to me. The penetration was a bit painful due to the size of the other dildo in my pussy but it was done slowly and it wasn’t long before my bowels adjusted to the size of the invader and the strokes began to lengthen, going deep with each thrust, alternating with the strokes of the dildo in my pussy. They began to pick up speed and I began to drive into them as much as I could until I began traveling down the road of a body wracking orgasm. I cried, I begged, I groaned, I swore, and in the end I screamed over and over again.

The muscular spasms began just below my navel as wave after wave began twisting downward. Then the thigh muscles began to quiver harder and harder until they cramped inward and my body tried to move into the fetal position.

The dildo was removed from my ass first, then the one in my pussy was pulled free but a smaller one was immediately pushed deep and left there as my lovers crawled off. Trish’s pussy juice covered my face and I drooled uncontrollably. I heard later that my eyes opened wide and glazed as though in shock as I fought my way through one of the strongest and longest lasting orgasms I’d ever experienced. I felt their hands caressing me, stroking over my chest and stomach and thighs to calm the spasms while the dildo in my pussy was slowly stroked in and out to help calm the stress on my pussy walls.

They lifted me and carried me into the bathroom where they lowered me into a tub of fragrant foamy water, placing a pillow behind my head. I was bathed over and over, tenderly, lovingly as I began to recover.

It took a few minutes for me to focus on where I was and what had been happening. I could tell my anus and pussy would be extremely sensitive for quite some time but I knew I would recover. I was lifted from the tub and placed on several layers of thick, fluffy towels, then patted dry. Then I was carried back to the ball room in Justine’s arms and placed back on the bed, which had been stripped and new coverings in place. My head was pillowed and Justine knelt beside me, covering my face with kisses.

After a few minutes of little being said, she asked if I was all right. “I’ll never be all right again,” I replied. “What brought that on?”

“You’ve been working too hard, sweetheart and your chapter sisters wanted to give you a reason to stay in the chapter. We wanted to give you the orgasms you wanted without any effort on your part, and now we have one further gift for you.”

“I can’t take any more,” I protested. They laughed and shook their heads.

“Come with me,” Justine said, helping me to stand on very wobbly and weak knees.

We moved into the room where we usually have our sessions to find the floor covered with thick mattresses, pillows, and beautiful comforters.

“We decided you’d be too tired to drive home tonight, Sam, so you’re spending the night with all your sisters. We’ll share some wine and food and then we’ll crawl into bed with you and shelter you from all the outside influences while you sleep. You don’t have to be at work in the morning, so we’ll sleep late and then we have breakfast waiting for us at our private area at the Mountain View restaurant. Now, just relax and enjoy the evening.”

I guess I should report that by two the next morning, the sexual feast began again with Trish and Dawn joining in a sixty-nine while Cricket was being thoroughly fucked by a huge dildo attached to Justine’s body. It was impossible to sleep and eventually I joined in though in a limited capacity.

At just before two the next afternoon, I staggered into my house and dropped to the recliner, closing my eyes while drawing on the memories. I’m sure I was smiling as I drifted off to sleep and when Beth called at seven.

“Where’ve you been, girl? I’ve been calling all morning.”

“Chapter meeting,” I replied. “I just got home.”

“Good lord,” she replied. “You sound terrible. Go back to sleep. I’ll be over in an hour with some food and we can talk.”

“As long as that’s all you expect, I can live with it. I’d appreciate your company. The extra key is under the cat statue. Don’t expect me to be awake.”

As soon as I put the phone down, I groaned inwardly. Would I ever learn to say no thanks?

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