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Big Tits

Nathan had invited the group of friends round as his folks were away for the night. Nile and Spider had been playing a drinking game and it was safe to say that they were very, very drunk by the time they all decided to depart.

“They’re both wrecked.” Trevor said as Nile slung an arm around him.

“We need to get them home.” Lion held Spider up as Trevor glanced at Nick who was clearly finding the situation tremendous fun.

“How?” Trevor asked. “They both live at opposite sides of town?” Lion grumbled and mentally reminded himself not to let them play drinking games again.

“I’ll walk with Jason.” Nick offered. “He lives near me anyway.”

“Gerroff me!” Spider stepped away from Lion. “I can walk on my own!” He took a few shaky steps and fell into a bush. Lion sighed as he hauled him up again.

“Message me when you get him home yeah?” Lion said to Nick who nodded. “Come on Nile, let’s get you home.” Nile was slightly steadier on his feet and walked after Lion, telling Trevor that he loved him. Nick walked with Spider who was weaving wildly. He tried and failed to light a cigarette three times before Nick took it off him and lit it, taking a drag and handing it back.

“Din’ know you smoked.” Spider slurred.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Jason.” Nick smiled. “But I don’t smoke — just for the record.” Spider took a drag then scowled

“I dun feel s’good.” He promptly vomited in a garden — Nick pulled him away horrified.

” God, you’re so drunk!” Nick laughed.

” I’m not!” Spider stood still but swayed.

“Come on.” Nick carried on and Spider followed talking to himself and occasionally vomiting in gardens on the way, which would send Nick scurrying back to pull him onwards. Spider Kolej Escort was all vomited out as they got towards Jason’s home — Nick was thankful that he wasn’t singing, the houses in this neighbourhood awed him. The money talked here. “Which is yours?”

“This one!” Spider waved vaguely. Nick sighed They walked up to one of them and Spider gave Nick the key, knowing there was no way he’d get it open. Once they were inside Spider attempted to head to his room, falling over the cat and up the stairs in the process. When he managed to get to the first floor he went to brush his teeth — shushing Nick as he did so. Nick stood at the door and sent Lion a text to tell him that he’d got him home safely and was amused to get a reply which informed him that Nile had vomited on Lion’s shoes. Spider wandered back into his room as a sound from up the hall was heard. John appeared at the door.

“Hello.” Josh grinned. “Had a few drinks?”

“No.” Spider frowned. Josh looked questioningly at Nick.

“Drinking games with Nile.” Nick smiled. “Now you’re here safely I’ll get off home.”

“It’s one forty-five.” Josh said. ” Stay over — he can make up the sofa bed. That’ll be a laugh.”

“Pfft. Easy.” Spider stumbled in the direction of his sofa. Josh just laughed to himself.

“Casey will expect you to be at school tomorrow so try to sleep it off.” Josh went back to bed. Spider grumbled and tried to pull out the bed. Nick offered to help but Spider declared he could do it. When he finally succeeded he cheered to himself and sat on his own bed — trying to get the buttons of his shirt undone. Nick sat beside him and undid them, Spider watched him.

“You’re pretty.” Spider smiled. Nick Rus Escort snorted and undid the last button. Spider held his wrist and looked at him seriously. He said very soberly ” You really are. I know you think you’re nothin’ compared to Trevor but you really are pretty.”

“And you’re drunk.” Nick smiled at him. Spider kissed him very softly, lips barely lingering on Nick’s for more than a second. Nick went to his bed and tried to sleep, hoping that little incident would be forgotten in the morning.

Spider woke to see the clock on his bedside table proudly declaring seven zero three. He grunted and sat up — his head throbbed and he held it hissing to himself. Nick was awake and dressed, he grinned at him.

“Morning.” Nick watched him rub his eyes.

“Oh god I feel like shit.” Spider moaned.

“With what you drunk last night I am not surprised. Remember much?” Nick resisted the urge to laugh. Spider shook his head, hissing more and went for a quick shower, hoping it might make him feel a bit more alive. Nick took this time to look around Spider’s room. It was huge, he expected nothing less from the rich family. His walls were covered with photos — mostly of Casey and Josh, it was clear Jason thought highly of the two. There were also three big, professional photos on the wall — they were of Spider, Lion and Nile, Spider Casey and Josh and then Spider and a girl. He wondered who she was — Spider obviously liked her to keep a photo like that up. Spider came back in and saw him looking at his photos. ” Who’s that?”

“That’s Jen — my sister.” Spider told him. ” She came over for a visit a while ago.” Spider took him down to where Casey was making breakfast.

“Morning Yenimahalle Escort Spi.” Casey smiled at him.

“Morning.” Spider sat at the table.

“How do you feel?” Casey leant on the counter.

“Like death.” Spider poured some orange.

“Serves you right.” Casey grinned and went back to cooking. ” New person — breakfast?”

“This is Nick, he helped me home.” Spider told him, feeling sick with the smell of bacon.

“Bacon sandwich?” Casey offered.

“Sure — thanks.” Nick smiled.

“Oh thank god, you’re not a veggie.” Casey handed him one. ” It’s hard making Lion breakfast. Do you want anything Spi?”

“No. I feel sick.” Spider grumbled.

“Okay – you get something later though?” Casey fussed. Spider nodded. Josh came in with a coffee and nosed into Casey’s hair lovingly, there was obviously a lot of love in this house. He turned to Spider and asked if they wanted a lift to school.

“I think the walk will do me good.” Spider grumbled. ” Do you need to go to yours?” He asked Nick who nodded.

“I can show you where you were sick.” Nick grinned.

“Oh god.” Spider put his head on the table. ” Why did you let me get into that state?”

“For my own amusement.” Nick smiled. ” Plus you and Nile were having a great time, it seemed a shame to stop you.” Spider grumbled more and they got ready to go, Spider walked over to Casey and hugged him. Casey kissed the top of his head and told him to have something to eat later or he’d just feel worse. They walked along in silence for a bit.

“You were sick there.” Nick pointed in a hedgerow.

“Eww.” Spider groaned. ” Did I do anything else?”

“Chrissy phoned trying to get a shag out of you.” Nick smiled.

“Oh god no. I didn’t?” Spider looked horrified.

“Nah, Leander got the phone and said that you could barely walk let alone rise to the occasion.” Nick beamed.

“Lovely.” Spider frowned. ” Anything else?”

“Not really. You did spend a good amount of time telling me how pretty I was.” Nick smirked.

“Well you are.” Spider shrugged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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