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She smiled as she looked out over the deep blue expanse. Her hair fluttered in the western winds as the ship made a gentle turn. Her smile widened as her sandy brown locks caressed her face, able to do what the wind could not. The gentle spray of a crashing wave misted her face and her eyes closed as the gentle touch was nearly too much. She laughed quietly as the wind picked up once more, blowing another wave around her, as though the wind was jealous that the water had a chance to touch her gentle face. She opened her steel blue eyes and sighed. She had put nearly put her entire life into the trip of a lifetime, a trip to get answers that she needed dearly. Her soft hands ran across a folded letter, the reason for her travels. She looked down at the page and unfolded it.

She sighed and ran her fingers across the cursive of the name that pressed her onward. She looked out over the sea and felt her lips quiver, another smile breaking across her cheeks. She couldn’t help herself. She needed to finally meet whoever sent the letters to her so long ago. What started as a pen pal relationship, developed into so much more that she couldn’t imagine her life without the letters and late night messaging. She looked up as the first sighting of tall skyscrapers came. She lowered her eyes, her determination to find her captain building as the first signs of the dock broke through the late afternoon mist. Finally, after an eternity in a moment of waiting, land came to her sight and her heart skipped and fluttered. She had arrived.

“Miss Kathleen, we must prepare to dock. If you would please follow me I will get you to the limo.” Kathleen looked back and nodded to her tall, blond driver. She tucked a couple strands behind her ear and stepped down from the front of the ship and looked down at the note once more.

I will find you

“Jeremy, leave the limo. I wish to blend with these people. I am sure Gregory will not mind if we leave it at the hotel.” Kathleen said with a light English accent. She folded her letter and pinched it tightly. Kathleen followed her driver back inside and as the first buildings of the port came into view, her eyes swelled with tears. It was only a matter of time.

“Do you know where to start Miss Kathleen?” Jeremy asked as they disembarked and slowly made their way through the docks. She looked out the window of the limo and took in a deep breath. She hadn’t thought about where to start, only knowing that the return address was somewhere here.

“No. My apologies Jeremy but this might take a while. I hope you are up for the task.” Kathleen replied and pulled out her phone. She would have to find her hotel first before her search began.

“I am more than willing to go with you to the end. You’ve done so much for me.” Jeremy replied and Kathleen smiled wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

“Then consider your debt repaid.” They laughed as she sat back. Jeremy had been her family’s driver since she was three. She had picked him over more qualified people. She never explained why. She just knew in her heart that he would be there when she needed him. “Let us settle for the night at the hotel and start fresh tomorrow. It will give us time to find an address or somewhere to start.”

“As you wish.” He replied and drove them to their hotel. As they checked in and bid each other goodnight, with promises to meet up in the morning, Kathleen could barely keep her excitement in check. She entered her room that overlooked the city and sighed as her parents had made sure that her comforts would be present even away from home. She walked to the bay window and looked out over the city as the sun set on another late summer day.

“Where are you?” She whispered as the lights below burned to life. She turned and sighed. She plugged in her laptop and quickly headed for the shower. She stripped down as the hot water began fogging the bathroom. Her hands ran up the top half of her 5’6 frame before resting on her large E cup breasts.

“You girls need to stop growing. You’re going to break my back.” She said and jiggled her breasts before letting them drop. She sighed as they sagged slightly from the weight. “Why would you like these when there are so many better, more perfect shaped ones out there?” She asked before looking at her firm, heart shaped backside. She stepped on the scale and sighed as she still weighed over 180lbs. “Why can I not get under that. Is it you two?” She cursed and looked down at her chest. She stepped into the shower and let the water soothe her mind before she beat herself up further. Once washed and dried, she sat down nude at the desk where her laptop beeped with a message. She opened it and saw her desire waiting on the other line.

Oh Captain my Captain, where are you my love?

I am here, waiting for your everlasting song to sweep me off my feet and take me to paradise my mermaid.

I wish I knew where you were so I could sing for you. Why not tell me?

Because escort izmit I’m scared what you would think of me. You’re so beautiful and I know I pale in comparison. I could never stand at your side and feel adequate enough to have your love.

Kathleen blushed and looked down at the keys before taking in a deep breath.

Then how can you usurp my love of the sea if I cannot even know your face my love?

Because a dream is all I have, a dream behind this penname that keeps my sanity from breaking. This name is all that keeps me together knowing that you could never accept who I am and what I represent. I know you’re expected to accomplish so much in life as your parents are making sure of. I don’t want to ruin that for you. I love you too much. Just know that my heart is forever yours.

I will find you my Captain. You cannot hide from me forever.

I will always hide from you my mermaid for elegant beings of the sea cannot walk on land and if they do, they will be noticed. I will always be in the shadows, praying you will one day find me, but dreading the day you do. I must go my sweet. My life must go on even though I wish it to stop so I could talk to you for eternity. Sweet dreams, my precious mermaid.

Kathleen sat back in her chair as her Captain faded off her screen. She leaned forward on the desk and rested her head on her laptop. A tear fell from her cheek and she sat up and looked out the window once more. She stood and walked elegantly to the window and rested her palms on the glass. Her eyes studied the people below. She wondered if her Captain was one of them, walking home with nothing but a dream that soon she would complete. She turned off her lights and fell onto the lush king sized bed.

“I will find you.” She whispered before crawling under the covers. She stared at the ceiling and remembered all the intimate messages they shared. A warm smile crept out as she let out a deep breath. “You have such a way with words my captain.” She whispered.

I would take you to your heaven.

Kathleen smiled as her hands snaked down her front, remembering one of their many past conversations. She quickly felt hot and kicked off the covers. She gasped as the cool air caressed her while her hands roamed her familiar soft skin.

“My heaven is with you.” Kathleen whispered before sucking on her middle and index finger on her right hand. She pointed to the roof, her imagination bringing forth a greyed form for her pleasures. She sighed deeply as her hand found its way to her sex. She slowly rubbed her lips, gathering more moisture, savouring the amusingly discreet touches. She moaned lightly as her clit graced her fingers with its presence. She sucked in a deep breath when her thumb rolled the sensitive nub and her legs leisurely spread, her knees bending to offer herself.

The pleasure I would give to you my sweet would send you to another world.

Kathleen moaned loudly, imagining her captain’s shrouded hand was upon her. Her fingers slid into her hot depths and she eliciting another moan as her left hand gently swirled around her breast.

“Please my captain – take me to a world where only we can live.” She breathed and began sliding her fingers in and out. Kathleen rolled her hips with her fingers, relishing the electric sensations coursing through her. Her breaths started to shake, the cusp of her journey coming to light. Her left hand gripped her left then right breast, unable to decide which to pleasure. Kathleen’s mood faltered and her imaginary world began collapsing. Her shrouded partner faded from sight, her fingers suddenly stopped, the game coming to an end. She groaned in frustration before driving her fingers deep inside in an attempt to drive her higher into her pleasured dream.

I would give my life to watch you quiver with pleasure. I would gladly die knowing that I gave you the best.

Kathleen’s chest tightened as her imagination took hold. She closed her eyes as her pleasure peaked quicker than anticipated. A squeak leaked from her and her legs crossed. She grabbed her pillow and buried her face.

“Oh captain!” She screamed into her pillow and clenched her jaw. Her climax ripping through, sending light sparkles through her eyes. Her legs quivered with delight as her thumb rubbed her clit excitedly, keeping her in her orgasmic throes. She quaked on the bed, trying to escape, rolling onto her stomach. Her fingers kept working inside her, her body betraying her by lifting enough to grant them movement. A deep moan from the depths of her soul reverberated through her lungs as she peaked once again. She sucked in a deep breath and buried her face in the pillow once more and screamed as loudly as she could, trying to find a release that her soul sought.

“Please captain, no more. I beg you.” Kathleen whined and her fingers slowed. She shuddered once her fingers slid from her sex, leaving her satisfyingly empty. Her breaths were heavy and her heart thumped wildly. She opened her izmit escort eyes and looked around, sighing when she found herself alone. “I will find you and make our dream reality.”

“I take it you didn’t sleep well?” Jeremy said, handing her a chai tea latte. Kathleen took the tall drink and sipped the soft foam off the top and nodded. “I can understand your trial. When I met Anastasia, I could barely talk to her.”

“What made you finally do it?” Kathleen asked. Jeremy smiled and took her hand in his, giving it a friendly squeeze.

“Love Miss Kathleen. I love Anastasia with all my being. Like you to this person, you know that when you find them that your heart will sing so loudly that nothing will matter. You will want to be with that person forever. You took singing lessons just to be able to sing for them. You can swim like a mermaid. Your life has revolved around your penname.”

“A name that is false. I am no mermaid. A mermaid is flawless. I barely passed school, I rarely keep a job because of my wandering mind. Even my body is not perfect. My chest is too large, I do not have a small frame that all men desire. Even my eyes have forsaken the deep or bright blue for a dull steel grey that no one loves. I hope it does not matter when we finally meet.” Kathleen said before taking a sip of her drink. Jeremy smiled warmly and looked out the window of the restaurant. He turned back and gave her the confident smile that she loved when she was a child, the same smile that made her mind up so long ago. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course, you are the only one that I wanted with me when I left.” Kathleen replied and Jeremy leaned forward and looked her in the eyes.

“I have a lead on the whereabouts of your Captain. You asked me to do a trace on the signal the other day before this adventure.” Kathleen’s interest spiked and her attention blocked out everything but his voice. “I have a rough idea where they live. The signal came from a coffee shop on the other end of the city. I’ve phoned Viktor, the young man there. He’s eagerly awaiting your entrance. He said that it was about time you two met. Your journey starts there.” Kathleen was out of her seat instantly, running for the door. Her heels clipped off the stone floor as she ran out the door in her long black dress that showed enough cleavage to be respectable. Jeremy rushed out after her and opened the door as hastily as possible. She took his coffee as he got in and they were off.

“Please hurry, I do not want to miss them. And thank you for renting a car. The limo would be too much.” Kathleen said anxiously and Jeremy laughed and pointed to the traffic about.

“Sorry Miss Kathleen but I can only go as fast as the people around me. I have the GPS set to the best route there. Trust me I wouldn’t dally. You would beat me senseless.”

“That I would.” Kathleen replied and sat back. She watched the people walk by, wondering if she was missing her Captain. They watched as she passed by, each set of eyes wondering who was inside. She smiled and looked ahead as Jeremy cut off the main road and quickened the car. She smiled as Jeremy wove through the city, stopping only momentarily for those that needed to cross. Kathleen sat as patiently as she could, twirling her hair in her fingers and fidgeting with her dress, sighing each time Jeremy stopped.

“Calm down Miss Kathleen, I wouldn’t want you to look less beautiful than you are right now. Think if all goes well, by tonight you’ll be meeting them.”

“That does not help old man.” Kathleen replied and smacked him on the shoulder. He laughed as he pulled into the small shop’s parking lot. Kathleen stepped out once he opened the door and looked around at the rundown neighbourhood. She shivered as the people walking down the street watched her with anger and jealousy. She swallowed nervously and looked at Jeremy who studied the surroundings.

“I’ll park around the corner and join you inside. I don’t think this is the best place for a woman like you. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“With all my being. Just wait around the corner. I will be fine.” Kathleen said, taking her purse from the back. Jeremy drove off as ordered. Kathleen composed herself and walked into the small, deserted cafe and approached the counter where a young man, no older than 14 waited. Suddenly she stopped and blushed. How was she to ask about the whereabouts of her Captain? All she had was a penname. Kathleen slouched before lifting her head. She came this far she couldn’t turn back. She came to the counter and smiled as the boy could barely keep his eyes off her large chest.

“I need your help.” Kathleen started and set fifty dollars on the counter. The boy stared at the money and nodded. “I need to find someone that calls themselves Captain of a mermaid. Do you know who I am talking about?” The door opened again and Kathleen felt and eerie chill run down her spine. She didn’t dare look back. The boy’s eyes widened before izmit kendi evi olan escort falling back into his job.

“You look like a latte woman to me. How about this one, on the house since you’re so pretty.” Viktor said, quickly stepping away, leaving Kathleen to her own devices. She took in a deep breath and slid the money across the wooden counter.

“A fifty? Wow, you must really want that drink. I don’t think poor Viktor has enough change.” A man laughed menacingly and Kathleen leaned against the counter as his laugh made her knees shake. Her heart frantically raced as quickly as her thoughts.

“Just turn around and leave.” She mouthed and stood straight and gave it her all. Jeremy was just around the corner. She could run and catch up to him without worry.

“For your troubles good sir.” Kathleen said and licked her lips. She turned, taking her drink and left.

“I don’t…” the man said as she nearly ran from the cafe. She turned once she exited ran into three other men, stumbling back as though she hit a wall.

“You spilt your drink on my shirt you bitch.” The thug growled. Kathleen paled and looked at the three men. Their appearance was nothing short of ghastly with their hair in the same buzzed fashion as their poorly washed clothes. “I think she needs to be taught.”

“I was just leaving.” Kathleen said and turned for where Jeremy waited. Just around the corner she thought. The man stepped in front of her, sealing her from safety.

“Nope, not happenin. That’s a pretty dress you have, fetch a penny or two at market.” Kathleen’s eyes widened and as the man reached out for her, she threw her drink in his eyes and ran in the confusion.

She ran with everything she had. She ducked down streets and alleyways, the three men on her heels. She turned down another alley and stopped at a brick wall.

“No.” She whined as she pushed on the bricks hoping for a secret entrance to appear. She turned just as the three men blocked the alley. Kathleen whimpered as they approached.

“Not smart bitch.” The man she burned said, flipping a butterfly knife open. Kathleen’s eyes bulged when she saw the dirty knife, followed by a pistol pulled by another.

“Please. I have money. I will give you whatever you want just do not hurt me.” She pleaded and the men laughed. The unarmed man returned to the entrance of the alleyway to keep watch while the other two approached.


“Yes anything. I want to go home. I will give you enough money to life a life you never thought. Just let me go unharmed.” The men laughed and Kathleen quivered.

“What if my wants are more simple.” He hinted and Kathleen paled further. “Your ass is hot and your tits are fucking massive.”

“Please no. Anything but that.” Kathleen replied and shook her head. The blade rested on the strap of her shimmering dress and with a light flick, the fabric was cut away. Kathleen gasped and pushed him away only getting him to take a step back. A loud grunt caught their attention. They looked back to see their friend on the ground holding his head. The men turned back to her and grinned.

“Never liked him anyways.” Kathleen’s tears streamed down her cheeks as he stepped forward to finish his conquest. As his knife was brought up, he looked down to see a canister resting against his foot. Before any word was muttered, the can exploded and blinded them. The three screamed in shock and Kathleen covered her eyes, unable to see anything. Kathleen was grabbed and pulled away, the frantic argument between the two men fading in the distance.

“Tha…” Kathleen started but was hushed. “I…”

“I know you can’t see now quiet or you’ll bring more attention.” A woman answered her and Kathleen clamped her mouth shut and let her be led away. Just as her vision began to clear, she was pushed into a cellar. Darkness engulfed her as the woman closed the hatches before she could see her rescuer.

“Thank you so much.” Kathleen said and the woman hushed her once again. The angered voices of the three tickled their ears and Kathleen fell silent, holding her breath. Her heart thumped loudly as the three stopped nearby.

“Find her! That bitch is gonna pay.” The two waited until the group ran off, when the sounds of sirens drew close.

“Thank fuck.” The woman said and opened the cellar door. Kathleen blinked away the brightness to see a thin, raven haired woman in her early twenties holding out her hand. Kathleen figured she hadn’t had a good meal in years but her frame held all the traits to be a beautiful woman. She sucked in a deep breath when the woman’s deep green eyes glared. “Come on, before we get caught.” Kathleen took her hand and was pulled from the cellar. “We can’t have you like this. The gangs will be out looking for easy prey.”

“What do you suggest?” Kathleen asked and the woman smirked once she gave Kathleen a once over. She reached into the cellar and pulled out a long black coat.

“Put this on.” Kathleen put the coat on as the woman came around and ruffled her hair, took out her earrings, and rubbed her dirty hands, smudging her makeup. She slipped the earrings into the pocket and nodded once her brief work was finished. “Where are you staying?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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