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I knew early on that I was different from the other guys. While they always talked about tits and pussy, I wanted something different. Something I couldn’t talk about. Internet porn was just getting big then, and like a lot of boys, I would surf some XXX rated sites when my parents weren’t around. Unlike the others, I was more interested in the big cocks than the big tits. This wasn’t something I wanted everybody to know. It was tough enough in high school surviving as a 5’7″ 145lb Asian kid. It would have been impossible to survive if everybody knew that big dicks turned me on.

I was a virgin. I desperately wanted that to change, but I was way too shy to take any action. I was forced to explore my filthy desires on the Internet. Before long, I was looking at all sorts of perverted filth. I quickly found out what turned me on the most. Older men. I couldn’t get enough. I had a daddy fetish in the worst kind of way. My little dick would get rock hard when I thought about being with a dominant daddy. I fantasized daily about being a filthy whore for older men. I wanted to learn how to suck and deep throat a cock. I wanted to lose my virginity. I needed a daddy dick to own my hole. The question was “How?”. Each night before I went to sleep I would finger my hole until I came, each night wishing it was a big cock instead.

I was too scared to go to one of those XXX bookstores or theaters. What if somebody I knew saw me? I wrestled with this dilemma for a while, and shortly after my 18th birthday I decided on a course of action. I joined a gay personals website. My profile read:

“18 year old Asian virgin looking for top daddy. Discretion required. Would like to meet and learn about pleasing big cocks. Reply with location and stats.”

I made sure to upload a pic that would catch some eyeballs as well. It showed me facing away from the camera, ass in the air, my left hand spreading my hole open, and my right hand with two fingers deep inside.

The number of replies I got was surprising. Most of them were one-liner types that did not interest me much. In fact, I was worried that I wouldn’t find somebody that would work. After a couple of days, I received a message from a guy who lived pretty close to me. His message was different from the others.


I live in your town. You sound like you would be perfect for me. I am 55 years old 6’2″ 210 and married. Happily married, except for the fact that I “require” more than my wife can offer. That is were you come in. I think Asian boys like you are sexy. You were born to serve a real man’s cock. I know you will want all 8″ of mine when you see it. I know that you will want to be my personal slut.


He attached a picture of his cock. It was every bit the 8″ he described. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. It was like I was hypnotized. I knew from the second I saw it that he was right. I wanted to be a slut for that cock.

I replied to his message, letting him know I was interested in meeting. At that point, I was too horny, too far gone to worry about being shy or being safe. I needed that big dick and I would do anything to get it.

He replied the next day. He said that his wife was going out of town for the weekend. He said that he would pick me up from a gas station near my house at 4pm later that day.

I arrived at the gas station five minutes early. By that point, the situation was beginning to settle in. I began to get nervous. What Çankaya Escort was I doing? I didn’t even know his name! Before I could get cold feet, a red pickup truck pulled in and out jumped an older guy I knew had to be him. He spotted me immediately. “Jump in. My dick needs attention.”

He was blunt and to the point. I hesitated for a moment, then stammered, “O—ok, but shouldn’t we at least know each other’s names?”

He did not look pleased. “You will call me Daddy. Now GET IN.”

I took one last look around the gas station, then jumped up into his truck and slammed the door. He got behind the wheel, and we began heading back to his house. We drove silently for a few minutes until he looked over and said, “You are exactly what Daddy was hoping for. I love taking virgin boys like you and teaching them about pleasing real men. Asian boys like you were born to be sissy cock loving sluts.”

I smiled at him. He knew exactly what I wanted. There was no backing out now anyway. We had arrived at his house. He pulled into his garage and closed the doors behind us. The neighbors didn’t need to see him bringing a teenage boy into his home while his wife was away.

He got right to business, leading me by the hand upstairs into the master bedroom. He sat down in a chair near the bed. I was about to sit down next to him when he stopped me. “What are you doing? Whores belong on their knees, not the furniture.”

I sheepishly dropped to my knees. “Sorry Daddy, I have a lot to learn.”

Daddy grunted in agreement, then motioned for me to crawl right in front of him. “Take off your clothes and show me your ass. I want to see the goods.”

I peeled off my t-shirt, then turned around and made sure my ass was sticking high in the air. I slowly lowered my shorts, trying my best to make Daddy happy. He reached out and began massaging my ass, spreading me open and exposing my hole. I felt a finger begin to trace a circle around my hole, and I let out a soft moan. I began to get lost in the feeling until he spoke again. “I knew you would be a good slut. No real man lets another man touch him like this. You are a sissy fag. A fag who loves cock.”

I agreed with him wholeheartedly. “Yes Daddy. You know my deepest desires. I want to be your dirty slut, your fag boy. I want to please your big dick.”

He laughed and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me face first into his crotch. I could feel his cock beginning to harden against my face. I heard him whisper, “Take out my cock now. You know what I want slut.”

I reached up and undid his belt buckle. Next I undid his jeans and lowered his fly. His semi-hard dick began to poke out somewhat. I wrapped my right hand around it and was amazed at the warmth and size. It could feel it growing in my hand and I thought to myself, “This is exactly what I need.”

It felt so good to hold another man’s cock in my hand. I began to slowly jerk him off, rubbing my hands all over his manhood, exploring every inch. He quickly grew tired of my teasing. “I didn’t bring you over here for a hand job. I could do that myself. Be a good slut and put my cock in your fucking mouth.”

I could tell that he wasn’t kidding, so I pulled his now fully erect dick to my face. I could smell the musky sweaty scent of his cock. It was heavenly. After a slight hesitation, I took the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his cock Keçiören Escort head and looked up at Daddy. I loved the way his dick tasted. He smiled down at me and asked, “How do you like your first cock, boy?”

I responded by taking his cock as deep as I could. His head hit the back of my throat and I immediately gagged. He grabbed my head and held it in place. I began to gag and slobber all over his cock, and he began to tell me about the future. “Soon, you won’t gag when my dick hits your throat. I’m going to teach you how to take every inch down that slutty throat of yours. You will learn to love it.”

All I could do was nod in agreement as his cock continued to gag me. Tears began to stream down my face. He took no pity. “You will get better. Practice makes perfect.”

Daddy pulled his cock from throat and threw me onto the bed. He dragged me to the top of the bed, placed a pillow behind my head, then straddled my face. With one hand, he held my arms up behind my head. With the other, he grabbed my head and began shoving his cock down my throat. He was treating me like a dirty whore now and I loved it. Spit and tears ran down my face as he mercilessly fucked my throat. My little dick was rock hard as I let Daddy use my throat for his pleasure. After a couple of minutes, Daddy started breathing very heavily. He asked, “Are you ready for my cum? Do you want it slut?

All I could do was nod, seeing that his dick was buried down my throat. He began to fuck my face even harder than before. Suddenly, he held my head in place and let out a loud moan. As I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat, Daddy began to say filthy things to me. “You are a sissy cum slut. Swallow my load. Fags like you were meant to slobber on my dick.”

His words made me lose control. I began to rub my little cock as I tasted my first load of cum. After only a few strokes I came harder than I ever had before. I collapsed into his arms and we began to spoon. I was exhausted and assumed we would both sleep for a while after our encounter. Daddy had other ideas. He began to softly kiss on my neck and rub my ass. Soon he grabbed me and made me face him. He pulled my leg up to my chest and began to slowly work his fingers inside me. While he was working on my hole, he also began to kiss me. I kissed back, sucking on his tongue and moaning into his kiss.

Eventually, Daddy began to get more worked up. He pushed me onto my stomach and buried his face into my hole. I was in heaven. He began lick and suck my hole, sticking his tongue and his fingers deep inside. I was squirming and moaning like a whore. Daddy rimmed me expertly, loosening me up and getting me ready. By now I knew what was next. I wanted it. I needed it. Daddy was gonna take my most precious possession. He was going to bust my cherry.

He rolled me over onto my back and pushed my legs up so that my knees were on either side of my head. My hole was very exposed, and I was loving every minute of it. Daddy took out a tube of lube and applied a large amount to my hole. He began rubbing it all over his big dick as well, while simultaneously telling me what was going to happen next. “I’m going to take your cherry boy. After I do this, your hole will belong to me. I’m going to mark and seed your hole as mine. After I’m done with you, all you will ever want is more of my cock. It’s gonna hurt some. It always does. After this first time Etimesgut Escort you will learn to love having a big cock deep inside you.”

He didn’t wait for me to say anything. I felt him place his big cock at the entrance to my hole and begin to apply steady pressure. Almost immediately it hurt. I began to have second thoughts about this and started to push him away. “I’m sorry Daddy, but it hurts too much! Please stop. Ow. Please its too big!”

He slapped me across the face. “Shut up whore. You want this. All you sissy fags have second thoughts when you take your first cock. You’ll end up loving it. Just shut up and take my cock.”

I did my best to bite my lip and endure the pain. He pushed harder and inch after inch of his big cock disappeared inside me. I thought I might pass out at some point. Finally, Daddy told me, “That’s it. It’s all the way in. You have 8″ of man inside your sissy hole.”

I moaned in reply. Daddy began to slide his cock back out, then suddenly rammed it back in all the way. I felt his pelvis hit my ass and I knew he was balls deep inside me. It hurt less this time. He kept repeating that action, and each time the pain lessened. In fact, each time he plunged his cock back inside me something began to happen. When he would bottom out inside me, he would hit something with the tip of his cock that made me feel kind of funny. At first it kind of made me feel like I needed to pee, but then as he bottomed out more and more I realized that it just made me feel good. Pretty soon I was moaning like a whore. My little cock was leaking pre-cum as Daddy’s big dick kept massaging that special place deep inside me. I couldn’t help it. I started to whisper dirty, nasty things to Daddy. “I’m your fag boy Daddy. I love taking your big cock deep down my throat and deep up my ass. I wanna ride on your big dick all the time. Fuck me with that big cock Daddy.”

Daddy continued to pound me out. My ass was no longer virgin and untouched. It was a gaping mess. The unmistakable sound of hard sex filled the room. As Daddy continued to use my hole, he let me know he was getting close. “Are you ready to take my cum? I’m going to blow my load deep inside you. Once you take another man’s load you are never the same. Your hole will crave cock and cum for the rest of your life. You will be my slut forever. I own you hole. Take my cock you dirty fag boy.”

His filthy words made me even hotter. I began to meet each of his thrusts in rhythm, taking his cock as deep inside me as I could. Suddenly he leaned down and began biting and sucking on my neck. His assault on my hole intensified, and I could tell he was close to cumming. I started to whisper in his ear, begging for his cum. “Please Daddy, shoot your load deep inside me. This hole belongs to you. Mark it as yours. I want your hot cum deep inside me.”

I could tell that this set him off, because he grabbed my hips tight and plunged his cock as deep as he could inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and accepted his gift. As he held me on his dick, I could feel hot streams of cum shooting deep inside me.

We stayed locked together like that for a few minutes before he finally rolled off me. We were both exhausted. A warm glow began to come over me. I was truly happy. I had found my purpose. I was supposed to love cock. My purpose in life was to get mounted by Daddy’s big cock like a whore. I began to drift off to sleep in Daddy’s arms. As I nodded off, Daddy outlined his plans for the future. “You will be my little secret fag boy. Whenever I ask, you will come and be a slut for my cock. The only thing that will matter to you anymore is my cock. Sleep well slut.”

As I nodded off, I wondered what else Daddy had in store for me. I didn’t really care, as long as he kept filling me up with his big cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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