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As indicated in Part 1, all characters in this story are over 18 and purely fictional.

Chapter 1

Five days after those squid creatures abducted my Dad and older brothers, I was still on the island. No, I wasn’t an idiot. After what I witnessed in that cave, I would have gotten the hell out of here if I could have. There was simply no way off this godforsaken island. My attempts to locate the boat that I had seen one of the squid creatures drive off on the day of the abduction had been in vain, and no other boats had come to the island. Cal and Jay had not returned. I had developed a disconcerting theory as to why, but I preferred not to think about it. I would have called out for help if I could have, but nothing worked: not the landline, not any of our cell phones, and not the internet. Someone had somehow cut off all communication from this island, and I had a pretty good idea as to who, though I was still scratching my head as to why. If the squid creatures knew that I was still on the island, why hadn’t they come for me? And if they didn’t know, why would they bother cutting off phone and internet service?

I worried the days and nights away until Day 5, the day before we were supposed to leave the island to return to the mainland. I had a hunch Day 5 would be critical. I remembered very well the lead squid creature telling Dad, Sean and Logan on that terrible day that their “services” would be required for the duration of their stay on the island, but that they would be released and free to go after that. I hadn’t pinned much hope on that at the time. I figured it had probably been a lie to get them all to calm down. But with no way off the island, I had nothing to do but wait and see.

When I spotted three shirtless men walking along the path up to the beach house on the morning of that fifth day, I could hardly believe my eyes. I should have been incredibly relieved. But I somehow couldn’t shake the anxiety that had built up over the last few days. Something told me this nightmare wasn’t over yet, not by far.

As the men drew nearer, I could see that it was indeed Dad, Sean and Logan. A wave of trepidation washed over me. Could it be? Could those creatures have simply returned them to normal and let them go? I couldn’t shake the doubts, and not a moment later, the doubts began to grow.

They were wearing the same sandals, sunglasses and bathing shorts they had been wearing on the day of their abduction, and I definitely felt more than a measure of relief when I saw that they looked human once again. My relief was tempered when I noticed that there was something odd about the way they were walking. They walked in a line, with Dad up front, and their movements were rigid, stiff, even a bit robotic. Stranger still, Dad was also walking with his legs oddly far apart, making him look a bit bow-legged. As they came even closer, I also noticed some physical changes. With Dad being a phys ed instructor, and Sean and logan having been competitive wrestlers, they had always been in very good shape, but they now looked totally ripped. Dad in particular looked good, really good, like underwear model good, his muscles even larger than they had been, and every one perfectly defined. He even had washboard abs, something he had never had before despite going on one health and exercise kick after another. Sean and Logan looked as muscular and defined as Dad, with one important exception: they didn’t have washboard abs. Instead, their stomachs bulged out a little, as if they had put on a bit of weight in that area alone. That detail in particular made me more than a little nervous.

I told myself that their enhanced physiques could simply be benign side-effects of the process for returning them to human form, but some part of me couldn’t shake the feeling that something was indeed very wrong. That’s when I saw it. I had been so focused on Dad, Sean and Logan that I hadn’t initially noticed the squid creature bringing up the rear of this strange parade. My anxiety returned full force.

When they reached the bottom of the steps up to the house, Dad, Sean and Logan turned to face the squid creature. They stood in line side by side, rigid, unmoving, like soldiers before a commanding officer. “Alright, slaves, you have your orders,” the creature said. “Behave normally around everyone you know, friends, family, colleagues. No one must suspect. Insemination and spawning must only take place when you are absolutely certain that you are unobserved. Hide your eggs where no one will find them until you have enough to send. Next year at this time, you will return and bring as many suitable candidates for conversion with you as you can. If you fulfill your mission, we will have a special reward for you when you return. If you fail, well…. You do not want to disappoint us. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Master,” Dad, Sean and Logan all intoned in near perfect unison. My heart sank. My fears had come true. This nightmare wasn’t over, not by far. öğrenci gaziantep escort But they looked so… so… human, at least compared to the creatures I had watched them turn into just a few days ago. How were they going to keep… “producing” for their new masters? I had a terrible feeling I would soon find out.

Its orders given and clearly received, the squid creature turned and began to slither back down the path toward the beach, while Dad, Sean and Logan turned and climbed the stairs up to the front porch. They walked in a line with Dad in the lead, still moving stiffly, like soldiers on a march. I had been watching them from the dining room window, careful to stay out of sight. As they entered the house, I slid behind the drapes, which were themselves partially obscured by an assortment of potted palms. Over the longer run, hiding seemed pointless; I couldn’t see any way of avoiding them altogether if I ever wanted to get off this horrible island. But what I had just heard more than creeped me out, and I was acting on instinct. Maybe those squid creatures had overlooked me after all, and maybe Dad, Sean and Logan’s transformations had wiped their memories of my presence here. Maybe…. But I couldn’t take that chance, at least not yet. The eerie silence that followed their entry into the house only seemed to confirm my doubts. I heard footsteps as they moved quietly from room to room. They seemed to have split up. A chill crawled up my spine. They were looking for me. Why else would they be stalking silently through the house?

One of them padded quietly through the dining room, but, to my relief, he didn’t stop. After a few moments, the sounds of their perambulating ceased, and I heard some low voices coming from the hall. Unfortunately, they were too low for me to make out exactly what was being said. I heard someone say something about “being ready”, another voice — Dad’s I think — agreeing and saying something about “making it quick”. Then, to my surprise, I heard the bathroom door close, and, a moment later, the shower start up. One of them was showering? Which one, and where were the others?

Chapter 2

I was wondering how long I should stay hidden, and what to do next, when I remembered the squid creature’s words. “Behave normally around everyone you know,” it had said. “Next year, at this time, you will return….” They had been ordered to behave normally and, from the sounds of it, were being released to leave the island. Behave normally…. That gave me an idea. It wasn’t much, but it was the only idea I could come up with. If I behaved normally, pretended that I knew nothing, maybe, just maybe, they would take me with them when they left the island. After all, to return home without me would definitely contradict their instructions not to raise suspicions. I could then make my escape as soon as I reached the mainland. Under the circumstances, I simply couldn’t think of a better plan.

I listened for a moment longer, but all I could hear was the distant murmur of the running shower. Who was in there, and where on earth were the other two? I quietly slipped out from behind the dining room curtains and wandered casually from room to room, ready to play my part, to look shocked and relieved at seeing them alive and well. But I found no one. I put my ear to the bathroom door but heard nothing. Were all three of them in there? I was pretty sure no one had left the house, so they had to be. Where else could they have gone? But why? The thought of the three of them together in there made me uneasy to say the least.

I remembered the bathroom window. Since the bathroom had no fan, we had generally kept the window ajar to let in some air. The shrubbery out there was pretty thick. I was pretty sure I could peer in through the window unobserved. But I hesitated. Did I really want to know what was going on in there? Yes, I finally decided. Yes, I did. I had to know, to know exactly what had been done to them, what I might be facing.

Walking around to the side of the house, I found the bathroom window part way open. Taking care to stay hidden among the greenery, I peered inside. What I saw initially puzzled me. Someone, Logan I realized, was standing in the middle of the bathroom with his back partly turned to the window. He was naked and striking poses, flexing his muscles, like they do in those muscle mags, and appeared to be admiring himself in the mirror, which was just out of my line of sight. From this distance I could clearly see that his muscles were definitely larger than they had been and much better defined. He kept passing his hands again and again over his biceps, his shoulders, his pecs, which could hardly have been less Logan-like. Logan had always been a pretty humble guy. I couldn’t remember a single instance of him admiring himself in the mirror. Was he maybe just relieved to be human again? Somehow I didn’t think so.

I caught gaziantep öğrenci escort the occasional glimpse of his expression as he twisted and turned. He looked fascinated by his muscles, his whole body, as if it was all somehow novel to him, as if he had never seen it before. And why was he naked? And where were Dad and Sean?

Dad and Sean were nowhere to be seen, but the shower was still running, the curtain drawn. Could they both be in there? The question had just crossed my mind when I heard the sounds. They were faint, but in moments when the breeze died down and stopped rustling the fronds of the nearby palms, I could clearly hear it: moaning and groaning, very sexual moaning and groaning. I heard someone sigh and someone — perhaps the same person, perhaps not — gasp and expel a deep breath, and a moment later the shower curtain was yanked back. I had to bite my tongue to keep from crying out. “Ahhh, thanks Dad,” Sean said softly, still catching his breath, as he stepped out of the shower. Those squid creatures had given him back his human man’s body, or a slightly more muscular, better defined version of it, but with one significant, very significant exception: his cock and balls. They were still missing. In their place was a more human-looking version of the same pussy he had sported as an incubation slave. Small rivulets of white liquid dribbled out of it and down along his muscular, wrestler’s thighs as he padded his belly, now so inflated that he looked several months pregnant..

“You’re welcome, son,” Dad said. His appearance was just as horrifying. He was rubbing Sean’s ass with one hand and smiling at him like a predator admiring his prey. Like Sean, he had been given a much more muscular version of his old human body, but with the same important exception: his cock and balls. Oh they weren’t missing. No, far from it! They were there, all too there! But they weren’t human. Between Dad’s legs twitched and writhed a single, slightly — and only slightly — smaller version of the tentacle cocks he had grown as a sperm slave. I was closer now and could see it better than I had in the squid creatures’ cave. It looked to be a good two feet long and really did look like an octopus’ tentacle minus the suckers. It was wider than it was thick, and it was thickest at the base, tapering to something closer to human-sized near the end, except for the tip, which resembled an enormously fat human cockhead. As for his balls, they were considerably smaller than the ones I had watched him grow in that cave, and they were human in overall shape and appearance, but they were still inhumanly large. No wonder he had been walking with his legs strangely far apart. The squid creature’s parting exhortation to behave normally echoed in my ears, and I wanted to laugh. How was Dad supposed to pretend that everything was normal with junk like that between his thighs!?

The fat head of his tentacle cock, wet and still dribbling sperm, rose up like a snake sensing prey on the air and pointed in Logan’s direction. Dad’s creepy, predatory grin broadened. “You’re turn, Logan. Come to Daddy.” As he spoke those last words, his tentacle cock began to undulate as if to beckon Logan forward.

“Yes, Dad,” Logan breathed, sounding more than eager. As he stepped into the shower and took Sean’s place, he turned slightly in my direction and I caught a glimpse of his own bulging belly, smaller than Sean’s, but still larger than it had been when he had entered the house just a few moments ago. I also caught a glimpse of his pussy, flared and wet, ready for insemination.

Dad drew the curtain, leaving Sean to towel himself off, as soft moaning and groaning began to echo from the shower. Sean threw the towel aside and began to admire himself in the bathroom mirror, much as Logan had done moments earlier. He smiled and looked extremely pleased as he ran his hands over the larger, better defined muscles of his arms and chest, over his inflating ball-belly, and then down into his groin. The angle of his body blocked his hands from my view, but from the soft gasping noises he made after his hands disappeared from my line of sight, it was pretty clear what he was doing. A moment later, he brought his fingers, slick and wet, up to his lips and licked them as if they were coated in chocolate before plunging them back down there. I wanted to gag.

I heard the tell-tale sounds — the quiet sighs, the soft gasping — of a muffled orgasm coming from the shower, before Dad once again drew the shower curtain back. Unfortunately, he and Logan hadn’t fully… disengaged. Half of his tentacle cock was still inside of Logan’s slit. Logan sighed again in obvious pleasure as the rest of it slithered out, dragging a few long white strands of sperm out with it. Smiling like a kid at Christmas as he padded his now heavily distended stomach, Logan stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and began drying himself off, gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan even as thick streaks of Dad’s sperm ran down the inside of his muscular thighs.

Dad washed off his tentacle cock and stepped out of the shower, but he left the water running. He mouthed something to Sean as he toweled off. Sean nodded and went to the door, which he opened just wide enough for him to stick his head out into the hall. He was checking to see that I wasn’t around! He had to be. Who else could he have been looking out for? Sean drew back and shook his head, as he closed the door and locked it again. Dad smiled. “Good,” he said, “get into position.”

“Yes, Dad!” Sean and Logan replied in perfect unison, sounding extremely eager. It was their turn to break out into broad grins. They each grabbed something off the counter and took up positions standing in front of Dad with their backs to him. I knew with terrible certainty what was coming next.

Dad stuck a finger into each of them. I couldn’t see Sean and Logan’s anuses from where I was watching, but from the way they gasped and immediately widened their stances, squatting a little, and from the way Dad’s smile broadened again as his hands disappeared behind their backs, I knew. He was finger fucking their assholes. His cock writhed and snaked between them as their moans and groans of pleasure intensified along with the amount of fluid leaking from their gaping pussies. They were clearly trying to keep it down but having a very hard time of it. “Shush” Dad breathed in their ears, but they barely seemed to hear. Their bellies bigger and rounder than ever, they stuck out their asses and widened their stances still further until it looked like they were about to squat down to the ground. Then they brought what they had taken off the counter to their crotches: bowls, large, plastic salad bowls. I cringed. Of course. Not a moment later, something very white appeared in Sean’s pussy beneath his bulging ball-belly. He gasped and pushed out the first of his eggs, which plopped down into the bowl he was holding. Logan quickly followed suit, expelling two eggs from his slit into his own bowl. Spawning! They were fucking spawning again! In the bathroom! I wanted to scream.

Their spawning was nothing like what I had witnessed in the cave, when streams of eggs had poured out of them over and over again. But then their bodies were now overall much smaller and more human, at least in form. Perhaps that limited their egg production. Under the circumstances, that was very cold comfort indeed. They each spawned several eggs before it was finally over and their bellies were back to normal.

“Well done, boys!” Dad said. “Master didn’t think you would spawn so many in human form so soon. He’ll be very pleased!”

“Thanks Dad,” Logan said, sounding proud, as he handed his bowl to Dad and picked up a towel to wipe down his cunt. “It was all that cum you pumped out.”

“Yeah,” Sean agreed, handing his bowl over too. “You really filled me up good!”

“Shush,” Dad chided. “Not so loud. He’s out there somewhere.”

“What do we do when we find him?” Logan asked.

“Nothing,” Dad said as he put the bowls back on the counter and went to stand facing the mirror. “Well, at least not initially. First, we’ll see if he suspects anything.” Dad began to pose and flex as Sean and Logan had done earlier and looked very pleased with what he was seeing. If Sean and Logan had gained a bit of muscle, Dad had gained a lot. He now had a body a Milanese underwear model would kill for. “Fuck, I look good,” he said. “For a human, at least.”

“You look fucking awesome, Dad,” Sean said, as he and Logan came to stand on either side of him, one hand squeezing his ridiculously defined glutes and the other feeling up the perfect muscles of his chest. Again, I wanted to gag. Seeing them like this, fucking and feeling each other up, all while looking so much like their old selves, was in some ways worse than what I had witnessed in that cave. They had at least looked like monsters then, monsters without the mental capacity to appreciate what they had become and what they were doing.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Dad said as the petting and fondling got heavier. “I just made you spawn. At this rate, you’re going to be begging me to inseminate you again in no time.” He pushed Sean and Logan aside as if they were a couple of dogs begging for affection, and picked up his bathing shorts off the floor. He stepped into them and stuffed in his tentacle cock as best he could. It somehow withdrew part of the way into his body, so that it looked more human, or would have but for its grotesque thickness. That made the task easier, but the bulge at his groin was still inhumanly large. Looking down at it, he frowned. “I’ll have to find something to wear that better hides my new equipment,” he said.

Sean and Logan chuckled as they dawned what looked at first glance like ordinary jock straps. Looking closer, however, I realized that the part of the jock covering their crotches was made of a hard material molded into the shape of a flaccid human cock and balls. When they put their shorts on, the artificial bulge of their jocks made it look like they still had their human genitals. Dad finally turned off the shower, took the bowls with Sean and Logan’s eggs off the counter, and they quietly left the bathroom.

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