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I was at an otherwise boring party where I happened to meet up with a woman who I knew in high school and hadn’t seen since. Debbie was shall we say ‘quirky’ she really wanted to be class president but was more annoying than popular so she settled in to being the maniacal yearbook editor.

Debbie didn’t seem too different, talked a mile a minute which I remembered, mostly about herself which was the same. For all that she’s an attractive woman of 32, 5’7 tall, short blonde hair and a nice body about 130 pounds with a 36D chest, even if she spent too much time complaining about her jiggle butt, which was really nothing to complain about from where I stood.

In between talking about herself Debbie did find a few seconds to tell me how awesome I looked, and who was I to question her judgment. I’m 5-4 tall and 125 pounds with long straight black hair and pretty damn good looking if I do say so myself. I guess what gets most people’s attention are my boobs, they’re 37EEE. They seem a little bigger to some because I’ve got a flat hard stomach and hot tight ass, if I do say so. I might have slapped an old boyfriend silly when he would call them ‘The Toons’ as in pontoons, but was forgiven as he did love to eat pussy and did it well.

The first surprise of the evening came when Debbie said, “Hey you’ve got to meet my wife.”

That came out of the blue and maybe even more when I saw her wife. I remembered Sarah who was a year ahead of us in school as always being quiet. Now she’s 5-9 tall with long fabulous legs, neatly styled black hair, a toned 125 pounds and is even more stunningly beautiful than she was.

So we were talking about the old days as I imagined all kinds of weird ways the two of them came together, and as a lesbian couple. But it was enjoyable to talk to them. Sarah was the one who said, “This is party is dull enough, we could go to our place and continue the trip down memory lane with some drinks.” So we left.

I was sitting on the couch with Sarah as Debbie, the party hostess as always, got some drinks. We were talking about nothing when Sarah ran her hand from my knee up along my thigh and said, “You are so incredible Martha. Would you kiss me so we can fast forward and get you out of those jeans?”

Now I’ve kissed a few girls, had a couple of make out sessions but never went all the way with another woman. But as I was looking at Sarah Debbie sat down on the couch behind me and took my left tit in her left hand and kissed the back of my neck and I knew if I was ever going to explore some girl on girl action it might as well be with a sexy lesbian married couple. I put my right hand behind Sarah’s neck and drew her face to mine and kissed her. Debbie reached around with her right hand to feel up both of my boobs and said, “Oh Martha you have got the most to die for pair, please tell me you’re up for it because we can have a spectacular time.”

Sarah and I came up for air and I said, “I have to admit this would be a first for me.”

Sarah stroked my thigh saying, “Don’t worry straight girl, there’s no pressure, we’ll start slow and just ease into things and before you know it I’m sure you’ll be having so much fun you’ll think you’ve gone dyke.”

Debbie was palming my tits and rubbing my nipples, “That’s right Martha you just find your own way and enjoy yourself, because damn with your body Sarah and I will sure be able to enjoy you. Now should we get to the bedroom and do this up right?” I really didn’t think about saying no.

The happy couple led me to their king size bed which would easily accommodate three, in almost any position I thought. We all quickly got naked and tumbled onto the bed in a heap. rus escort I ended up on my back and before I could wonder what to do Sarah was quickly next to my head kissing me and feeling up my breasts. I was able to reach out to find her pussy with my left hand. Might as well dive right in I thought.

It didn’t take me long to discover where Debbie was because I soon felt her kiss the outer edges of my pussy before her tongue darted into my slit. And oh does Debbie know her stuff, she licked the length of my pussy and finding my clit, she was doing one incredible job of munching. Snaking her tongue inside of me, kissing my thighs and getting me off quicker than I have ever cum. She’s a motormouth in more ways than one.

Sarah broke away from kissing me and straddled my chest and grabbed the headboard hovering over me. My face was inches from her pussy and as she lowered herself down I got my first taste of another woman. In unchartered territory I just started in with what I liked to feel and what I could feel Debbie doing. I licked, kissed and probed my way to Sarah’s clit and buried my face in her goods. I must have been hitting the right spots because Sarah was sighing and rocking back and forth.

Debbie took a break from eating my pussy, which I think was so that I could concentrate on eating out Sarah and moved up to play with my breasts. I could feel her squeezing Sarah’s tight little butt as I got more into it and rubbed Sarah’s long slender thighs. Debbie began sucking on my breasts and that was terrific but then she reached down and began fingering my pussy at the same time. My whole body shuddered and felt like it was on fire.

It was almost an out of body experience with a face full of Sarah’s sweet muff getting her off while Debbie made love to my fat tits and I humped my ass off the bed as she worked two fingers in my snatch. Damn it’s all I can do to keep up I thought, these girls have the skills.

I could tell Sarah got off, which made me pretty proud to know that I could get a lesbian to cum, and I lost track of how many times Debbie got me off but my pussy was as hot as my face felt and I could just tell my cheeks were red.

We broke apart, Sarah kneeling next to me and Debbie rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her. We kissed and ground our tits together quickly joined by Sarah next to us and it became a three way kiss and feel up event. Sarah said to me, “How would you like to give Debbie some of that fabulous tongue you gave me.”

“That sounds good to me.” I replied and moved down between Debbie’s legs to go down on her.

Sarah swung a leg over and straddled Debbie’s chest then eased her pussy down on her smiling face and wicked tongue. Once she got started I glanced up to see Debbie squeezing Sarah’s sweet ass. As I enjoyed Debbie’s pussy I wished my arms were long enough to be able to reach up and play with her fat tits at the same time.

After getting Debbie off I slid down and put her legs up on my shoulders and raised up some which gave me a chance to play with her sweet butt. Debbie thinks it’s soft and jiggles too much but for my tastes it’s a damn fine ass.

I noticed Sarah climb off of Debbie but was too into licking Debbie’s pussy to pay attention to where she went. With Debbie smiling up at me I rolled her up a bit and reached forward to play with her breasts while I continued to eat her out. I soon felt Sarah behind me reaching around my waist to finger my pussy with one hand and stroke Debbie’s thigh with the other.

After a few minutes Sarah reached a hand around and holding a double headed dildo in front of me asked, yenimahalle escort “I don’t suppose you’ve had any experience with one of these Martha?”

“No I haven’t Sarah.” I replied, “But this seems like the night to get some help figuring it out.”

“Hot damn” said Debbie, “Set me down Martha and let Sarah line you up. I just love that pud thumper and you’ll get the hang of quick enough.”

I slid Debbie’s legs off my shoulders and she spread thighs wide as Sarah gently guided me snatch to snatch with Debbie. That’s when I got a better look at the double dong which Sarah confirmed was 18 inches long, “Don’t let Debbie hog this thing Martha because she’ll try. My wife has a greedy pussy when it comes to the double dong, it’s a battle between us all the time so you get as much of it as you need to enjoy yourself.”

“I fuck fair Martha don’t let her fill you head with stories” said Debbie, “You fill your sweet pussy with as much of that monster as you want.”

So as Sarah held the dildo in the center she slipped one end into Debbie’s waiting snatch and then when I moved up she eased the other end in mine. And we got to it quickly.

Debbie was humping her ass off the bed and I was leaning forward as we both took more into our pussies. I couldn’t believe how incredible I felt from head to toe but especially in my pussy.

Sarah pulled her hand out from between us and it didn’t take long before Debbie and I were bush to bush with the entire double dong buried inside of us. That’s when Debbie swung her legs around my body and wrapped them around my hips locking us together. I was pushing down onto Debbie as she humped her ass off the bed up at me. It was an awesome feeling grinding and humping against Debbie with my pussy stuffed and so connected to hers.

At first Sarah was between us sucking on Debbie’s tits and rubbing her stomach then she got around behind me and hugged me from behind playing with my fat tits and bumping into my ass. I felt like I was the meat in an incredibly sexy sandwich. The three of us just rocked together and enjoyed the moment, and damn my whole body felt like it was getting an electrical shock. At some point I lost track of Sarah but Debbie was plenty to keep my attention as we were grinding our well stuffed pussies together and playing with each other’s tits while we groaned and giggled.

Finally Debbie and I looked at each other and decided to separate, not that we wanted to stop but it was difficult to stay in that position for much longer and hell I wasn’t ready to leave anyway. I was still between Debbie’s legs on my knees when I noticed Sarah climbing back on the bed behind me and looking back let out a ‘gasp’ as I saw her. Sticking out in front of her was a huge strap on dildo.

I had never seen anything like it in person and just stared with my mouth wide open. Sarah held it with one of her tiny hands and shook it saying, “We like to call this ‘the husband maker’. It makes whoever wears it the well hung husband.”

“DAMN” was all I could say.

Then rubbing my pussy Sarah said, “You’re all hot, wet and stretched good, how would you like to get it from the old man doggie style?”

Oh baby I wanted to tackle that monster, “Just so you take it easy, I don’t want to get split on two.”

Sarah kissed my back and said, “Not to worry, it’s even better when you go slow and make it last. You’ll love it.”

Debbie adding, “It’s even better than a guy with the big kong dong, lasts longer and isn’t in such a rush to get off.”

So Debbie stayed under me as I boosted up on my knees, spreading them wide and prepared to meet the well hung husband. Sarah was right I was so wet and stretched from humping the double dong with Debbie she easily slipped the big head past my lips and a few inches into my pussy.

I just closed my eyes and sighed as Sarah slowly went in and out going a little farther on every stroke. Under me Debbie was sucking on my nipples while she squeezed my tits. My whole body was tingling and it was great. Sarah continued to pump that monster dong in and out of my pussy gently like only a woman would do.

Finally I felt Sarah’s slender body bump against my butt and in my light headed state it took a few bumps before I realized she was sticking 12 inches of strap on in my pussy. It felt wonderful to have my snatch so stuffed and I was damn proud of myself for being able to take all of that club. I opened my eyes as Debbie began motorboating my tits and with her dildo deep inside me Sarah leaned over me kissing my neck and said, “So how does that feel Martha, ever had the big meat treatment before?”

Taking a breath I responded, “I never had a guy that big but WOW this is something.”

Debbie kissed my tits and said, “You should see Sarah take that dong up her butt, you wouldn’t believe she could fit all of it in her skinny ass.”

That was shocking to hear. Sarah slowly pulled the strap on from my pussy and said, “Well we’re all full of surprises. Now scoot forward Martha so I can stick it to Debbie because she’s in need of a good hard fuck.”

I slid off to Debbie’s side and we kissed as I played with her tits. Sarah moved up as Debbie spread her legs wide and then aimed the head of her dildo at Debbie’s pussy. Sarah poked the head of that dildo easily into Debbie’s pussy and went to it. Obviously Debbie has had experience with that monster strap on and Sarah was going deeper faster than she did with me which was much to Debbie’s liking. It didn’t take long before Sarah was pushing the full 12 inches in and out of Debbie’s sweet snatch.

After a while Debbie was squirming around so Sarah pushed her strap on all the way in and paused. Debbie planted her feet and began humping her butt off the bed as Sarah just braced herself and held firm to keep it inside of Debbie’s pussy. Damn these girls have a powerful good time, I thought. That’s when Sarah said, “Come around behind me and grab on Martha.”

So I moved around behind Sarah and had to time Debbie’s thrusts to get in line with Sarah and put my arms around her waist. Debbie seemed to get off even more having twice the weight pushing down against her. Maybe it was being so turned on but I have to I was impressed with how much power Debbie had in her legs to push up with two of us on her. Finally Debbie either got off enough or her legs gave out but she stopped pushing and Sarah and I just layed on top of her and savored the moment.

I helped Sarah remove the strap on and holding the long thick beast in my hand I could hardly believe Sarah had been able to stuff it all in me. She saw my fascination with it and said, “Think you could handle wearing that and sticking to somebody?”

I stroked the length of the shaft and answered, “I have no idea but I’ve already tried a lot of new things tonight s you never know.”

Debbie was on her side leaning on one elbow, her face beet red, “Could we just cuddle up and relax for a while?”

Sarah and I looked at each other and at the same time said, “Sure” and eased ourselves down with Debbie. Sarah and I were on our sides face to face with Debbie behind Sarah. Sarah had her left leg draped over me and we were grinding our pussies together while Debbie had her hand between them playing with both of us. We enjoyed our cuddling make out session quite a while before taking a nap. When we woke up we went another round, Sarah and I shared the double dong and Debbie put on the husband maker and fucked us both. It was a totally new experience and the most exciting time I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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