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I was a sleep in my own bed, dreaming about some mystery that made no sense, then my dream changed. I felt lips on my neck gently kissing it. I leaned my head right inviting the lips. The gentle kisses slowly became more passionate as the mouth of the kisser began to open more. I moaned when I felt their tongue on my skin. A hand came in and pulled my head to the left, the mouth then replicated the pleasure on the right side of my neck, except this time the kisses weren’t gentle. The mouth went straight to wet, open mouth kisses, and traced their tongue along my neck.

I then felt my head pushed to the right and once again the mouth was working its magic on the left side of my neck; this time adding teeth, which I appreciated, as I do enjoy gentle biting. The kisses become less wet as the lips close again moving up to my ears. However, this time instead of kisses I received some dirty whispers.

“I can’t wait to put your nipples in my mouth and suck on them”

“I want to kiss you everywhere”

“I want to taste your pussy”

“I will lick your clit just the way you like it”

“I will fuck you hard with my finger”

I moan.

Suddenly I feel cold on my whole body and realise that the duvet has been lifted off me. Exposing my body only wearing pyjama’s shorts and a tshirt. The hands which pulled the thick piece of fabric off my body do not waste any time and start to gently explore my breast. Some say one of the advantages of having small boobs is that they are extremely sensitive; this defiantly proves right here as I feel my nipples harden due to gentle strokes of my breasts over my tshirt. Skin to skin contact might be incredible but I do enjoy those gentle caresses through the fabric. This doesn’t however last long as the hands tug on my tshirt. I arch my back and the fabric is lifted onto my collar bone. The lips bursa escort that were earlier on my neck get to work. I feel them close around my breast and feel the suction. I feel their body move down and place itself between my legs

Moans come out of my open lips as the lips change between the right and left breast and sucking changes to fast horizontal licks across my hard nipples. I feel finger tips brushing on my exposed stomach & hips. Then the hands go up as the mouth comes down and the wet kisses I received on my neck now bless my stomach and hips, as the gentle finger strokes turn into playful nipple pinches. I feel their tongue on my stomach along with the kisses and then the finger releases my nipples and the tongue travels down from under my belly button all the way up to my left nipple. This action is repeated but this time with my right nipple & I moan louder as the horizontal licks pleasure my right nipple as the left one is squeezed between their thumb and forefinger.

The lips change between my nipples as both their hands migrate down my torso and pull on my pyjamas shorts. I gently lift my butt up and hear the shorts dropped on the floor. Those fingers then gently start to tease my inner thighs, as the mouth returns to my neck. Involuntarily, my neck pushes back as my mouth opens releasing a new set of moans.

As I moan at the pleasure one pair of lips and two hands can bring me, the lips once again move down my body, but this time as it happens I feel two hard nipples brush down my stomach and know that the person responsible for my moans is slowly moving their whole body down my mine.

My legs are then pushed even further apart and I feel a warm, broad and wet tongue lick all the way up from my sex hole to my clit.

“Yes” I moan

The action continues a couple more times, and every time the tongue bursa escort bayan touches my vagina opening and my clit I get a different kind of pleasure. I actually don’t know what feels better or where I would rather have the tongue. Luckily, it’s not my choice as their fingers gently pull my lips apart and the tongue focuses on my clit.

I moan remembering how much I love oral sex. After a few minutes it stops. I feel some lube squeezed out of its tube, some goes on my clit some goes on what I assume is their finger. And slowly I feel circles rubbed on my clit as a tip of a finger gently penetrates my opening. I moan again thinking this is the best dream ever and that’s when their finger fully and quickly enters me hitting my G-spot hard and I wake up realising what’s happening.

As I open my eyes I see my girlfriend smiling at me as they move their finger in and out of me while rubbing my clit.

“Hello” they say innocently.

I moan in reply, smile back, putting my head back onto my pillow and closing my eyes again.

Have you ever had a finger inside you? It’s nothing compared to a dildo. I don’t understand all the dick jokes on internet, all the girls seeking a monster, and making fun of small penises. I don’t understand why people use dildos- sure they vibrate. I don’t understand any of that because one finger sends me out of this world. Every time they hit my G-spot I feel like I’m in a rocket leaving this planet. I tried dildos on my own, we tried them together but they never penetrate that well, they never hit my G-spot making my eyes roll to the back of my head. I’m talking here about dildo’s who are specially bend upwards to reach your G-spot. This makes me sad for all the females in heterosexual relationship. A straight dildo (or a penis) is pointless compared to a curved bursa merkez escort one, and a curve dildo matched to a finger is like having a bike instead of a car. Yes, a small, thin finger can bring me cosmic pleasure. I don’t know, maybe my girlfriend just has magic fingers, or maybe they know how to bend and use them to drive me absolute insane.

I get fingered fast and hard, and I scream.

I get fingered gently, and I moan.

Then my girlfriend goes so deep I can feel their knuckles pressed into my skin (this doesn’t bother or hurt me), I just focus on the feeling of my G-spot and clit.

Then they change the technique again. I open my mouth wider in shock when I feel something new. Usually when they finger me is when they push their finger deeper and hit my G-spot that the maximum pleasure comes, but this time it’s the first few millimetres when they pull away from my G-spot that amazes me.

They change to fast again and I feel like their finger is a driller and my vagina is a newly created hole. It’s actually impressive how fast a person can move their finger and arm.

I throw myself around the bed a bit, they grab my leg to keep a hold of me.

Then my left hand involuntarily grabs the sheets, and my right one wraps around the bed frame. My back arches and




And then I quickly push their finger off my clit as the pleasure becomes too much.

My clit is free but their finger still penetrates me. I drop my back on to the bed and release the bed frame and the sheets.

Their finger returns onto my clit and within minutes the pleasure builds up again and I push their hand away.

Sometimes I twist my back. Sometimes I hold onto the bed frame. Sometimes I hug the pillow or whatever else I can get a hold on in the bed. But the whole time I moan to the pleasure they bring me.

It all builds up again. The arch, the fingers grabbing onto the sheets. The moans turn into the scream. I push their hand away and beg for mercy.

If it’s possible to die from a sexual pleasure, sooner or later, my girlfriend will kill me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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