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***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.


It was the last day of their senior year at the university. In a few days everybody at the party would be dressed in a dark blue gown and cap, ready to receive their diplomas and head out into the world. They were done with their classes, no more homework or tests to worry about; tonight, they just wanted to have fun, do crazy games, drink all night and possibly get laid. They have the rest of their lives to worry about their future, tonight they wanted to let loose and have some fun.


Sandra Meyers, Sandy to her friends. She spent the last four years in her dorm room studying, rarely having any fun. She did go to a few parties, but only if she knew she would get out of it early so she could go back to her studies. It’s not that she didn’t want to go out and fun, she was just worried that if she spent too much time drinking and partying her grades would suffer. She was a straight A student her whole life and didn’t want to ruin that. But after four years, she realized she never had any kind of fun and now was the time to let loose. But it wasn’t just partying she wanted to do, she had another goal in mind for herself. Something she has never done and was aiming to do it tonight and get it out of the way. She wanted to finally give a guy a blowjob.

Sandy wasn’t a virgin, she lost that in her senior year of high school. But she has never been a slut, never slept around with a bunch of guys. She has been with a total of five guys, but each one she was in a relationship with. She did pretty well dating guys in general, she was about 5′ 4″, dark brown hair, and an amazing body with 38D tits that she often tries to keep covered up. As much as she didn’t mind getting men’s attention, she knew the power her breasts had when it comes to attracting the wrong kind of men.

It surprised even some of her closest friends that with each of those guys she had slept with, she has never gone down on them. She has given them hand-jobs, and a few times allowed them to do anal, but she has never had a dick in her mouth. She has let a few of her ex-boyfriends go down on her, and she knows how selfish it has made her be, but she could never bring herself to go down on a guy.

It’s not that she didn’t want to do it, she has watched plenty of porn over the years and enjoyed watching those women go down on those guys and imagined herself doing the same. Her biggest fear was that she would be incredibly bad at it. Unlike when she has sex, it’s the guy that mostly does the work. She would put in her share when she could, but men liked to be in charge during sex and she let them do what they wanted. Hand-jobs were much easier; it was basically just rubbing your hand up and down the shaft and making sure you don’t pull on it too hard.

From what she could tell with blowjobs, there was a lot more work involved. A lot more to do with your mouth and tongue, and there making sure your teeth stayed away from it. And there seemed to be plenty of tricks you needed to do to keep the guy hard, and she wasn’t sure how fast or slow she needed to be with the guy. And then there was the question of playing with the guys balls, she had no idea how to involve them if it came up.

The biggest thing she was worried about was when the guy finished and ejaculated. She wasn’t sure if she was more comfortable letting the guy cum on her or in her mouth. She was worried about the idea of having to swallow, even though her friends say they’ve done it and it was no big deal. Her previous boyfriends came on her body, but on her stomach or tits, never on the face. If it came down to it, she would prefer they cum on her tits, it would be easier to clean up.

She confided in her dormmate, Cathy, who she has become great friends over the last four years with her dilemma, which took her completely by surprise. She always thought that Sandy was kind of prudish, although she would never tell her that to her face, but she never would have expected this. So, when Sandy said she wanted to give some guy a blowjob she was happy to give her advice.

They spent the last two weeks, when they weren’t studying for their finals, going over the details. Cathy made Sandy practice several times with a banana; Sandy thought it was ridiculous but Cathy pointed out how they are similar in shape and feel and that if you can go down on a banana without damaging it then you’re doing a good job. She saw the proof when the first time she practiced on a banana her teeth broke off the banana peel in several places. Cathy was shocked by how bad she was at it and they went over everything that Sandy did wrong so that she wouldn’t do that to an actual guy.

So, for two weeks she practiced on a banana, and Cathy gave her all the advice she could give. She told her different methods she could do with her mouth and tongue, how to control herself from using her teeth, how to recognize when to speed up or slow down, içerenköy escort and what to do with the guys balls. Cathy agreed with Sandy on making the guy cum on her tits was the best option, she felt that Sandy was too new to this to be swallowing.

After they both determined that Sandy was ready to perform her first blowjob. Sandy’s original idea was to just find a guy to go out with and eventually go down on him. But Cathy convinced her that it would take time for that to happen and by then she would make her usual excuses to back out of doing it. She told Sandy that she should just find some guy to go down on and get it out of her system fast before she changed her mind. At first, Sandy thought that was an insane idea, but as she started thinking about it, she began to like the idea of doing something completely out of character for herself. She never acted like a slut before, it would be fun and exciting to act like one just one time in her life. So, she decided to just go for it with some random guy and they both decided that picking out a guy at one of the big frat parties on campus that would be held after finals would be the best time to do so. The only question left was who it was going to be.


In contrast to Sandy Meyers, Jason Mertz had a similar problem in that he has never had a blowjob. He has been with a total of nine women, six of whom he was in a relationship with, and the other three were just hookups. He couldn’t blame the three hookups, they just went straight to the sex on those situations, and that doesn’t always involve blowjobs. But with the women he dated, it was just bad luck with them. Those women weren’t bad, they were a lot of fun, and the sex was great, but he keeps seeming to be getting involved with women who didn’t like giving head. He always asked, but would never pressure them to do it, he didn’t want to be that kind of guy. He was having bad luck in that area whenever he dated a woman.

It came to the point that it became an obsession for Jason. He could get sex easily with women, but never a blowjob. He has gotten plenty of hand-jobs, they were always good to get when it was offered, but ultimately it was something he could do himself.

Twice he tried to buy a blowjob, thought it was a good way to experience having one since he was having bad luck getting on his own. But unfortunately, bad luck followed him there as well. The first time he tried to buy one was with a street walker who took him to an alley behind a dumpster, where she surprised him by kicking him the nuts and running off with wallet while he was down on the ground. The second attempt was with a stripper who took him to the private champagne court for more privacy; but as soon they were about to get started some yelled that they were being raided by the cops and he had just gotten his pants back on when the cops came in to the private room. Worst yet, he paid the woman in advance and never got his money back. But it was still better than being busted for solicitation.

He confided in a couple of his friends about this. They were shocked that he never had to opportunity to get a blowjob. Between his friends they counted seventeen women who gave them head and they knew how often their other friends have gotten blowjobs as well. They had no clue as to why it was only Jason getting that kind of bad luck. They suggested that he tries to buy a blowjob from a hooker, but Jason shot down that idea without revealing he past troubles with that to avoid embarrassment.

His friends had one good idea for him, he would have much better luck at their fraternity’s big end of the year blowout parties. Everyone gets off at those parties because finals were over and all the stress was gone and all everybody wants to do for one night was go party and get laid if they could. Jason wasn’t entirely sure about that; in the four years he has been at the frat house he has never been lucky enough at any of those parties to get a blowjob. But he thought it was a good chance as any to get one. And even if he didn’t, he would still have a good chance of getting laid which he would love just the same.


Sandy has been at the party for a few hours, focused on her goal, but at same time trying to have some fun. She played some of the beer games, winning some of them. Danced all night to some of her favorite songs, and was hit on by plenty of guys, and even buy a few girls as well. At one point she made out with a football player and was seriously considering going down on him, but he got so drunk that he passed out and two of his friends had to drag him back to his dorm. There were other guys she considered, but some of them were too pushy or behaved way too inappropriately with her. Although the goal was to just do it with some random guy, she still had some standards.

Near the end of the night, she was beginning to give up and figured she should just go home and wait until her next relationship to try giving kadıköy escort a blowjob. She was worried about using this as an excuse to just delay her plans, and was considering just staying a little longer; that was until a drunken basketball player had his eyes set on her and drunkenly went after her.

“Nice tits,” he said and went to grab one of Sandy’s breasts.

Sandy easily pushed him away before he had the chance to grab her breast and he fell to the floor. She decided she had enough and headed for the front door. That’s when a man slammed into her and his beer spilled all over her blouse. The man was Jason, and it wasn’t entirely his fault. He was watching a beer pong match between a friend of his and another football player; when his friend one the last round, he tried to chest bumped Jason in celebration, who was not ready for it, knocked him back and that’s when he slammed in to Sandy.

“What the hell?” Sandy yelled at him. Her favorite white blouse was now covered in a brown colored liquid.

“I’m so sorry,” he told her.

“This is my favorite blouse,” she yelled at him.

“I can make it up to you, I have a blouse that could fit you in my room, upstairs.”

“You have women’s clothes lying around in your room?” she asked.

“It’s left over from an ex-girlfriend. I tried to give it back to her but she said she didn’t want it and asked me to throw it away. Luckily for you, I forgot to do it.”

Sandy thought about it for a second; she didn’t want to go back to her place covered in beer. So, she took up his offer and followed him up to his room. His room was at the top floor of the four-level house, off to the corner. He fought well for that room particularly for its chance for privacy. Although he loved being at the frat house, he took his classes seriously and need a good place to keep up with his studies.

When they got to his room, Sandy was surprised about how normal his room looked compared to the rest of the house. It was a little messy around the area of the bed, but the rest of the room was well kept. She wasn’t fond of the four posters of half-naked women around his room, but she seeing the posters of the bands that she also enjoys listening to.

“I’m Jason, by the way,” he said after realizing he never introduced himself.

“I’m Sandra, but everyone calls me Sandy,” she replied.

Jason searched the back of his closet and found a red shirt that his ex-girlfriend left behind and handed it to her. He also handed her a rag he found so she could wipe off the beer that spilled on her face.

“I’m not sure it matches the rest of your outfit, but it should fit you,” he told her.

“Thank you,” she said with a friendly smile and took the shirt from him.

She put the shirt on his desk and began unbuttoning her blouse. Jason just stood there watching her; he wasn’t sure if he should just leave and give her privacy, or continue watching. She didn’t seem to mind that she was unbuttoning her blouse right in front of him and decided to continue watching and sees what happens next. Sandy let the blouse drop to the floor and was now standing in front of him in her pink lacy bra.

Sandy wiped her face with the rag and then wiped up the top of her breasts where some of the beer made its way under her shirt and wet her tits. She was then about to put on the red shirt Jason gave her when she saw him staring at her large breasts. She didn’t realize what she was doing at the time she took off her shirt, she just wanted to take it off to change it. She blamed it on the drinking she had been doing; she’s not drunk but she does feel a light buzz going on in her mind.

“What?” she asked. “Never seen big tits before.?”

“Oh, I just… didn’t expect… um… do you want some privacy?”

Sandy laughed. “You’re cute,” she told him.

She thought his awkwardness was very cute. And over all, she thought he was a very cute and sexy guy. She wasn’t planning on it at the time, her original plan was completely forgotten, but she thought this was the right opportunity. She was already half naked for him, and he was definitely getting him hard from what she could tell from the bulge in his pants. This was her perfect opportunity.

She walked up to him and pushed him back against the wall. And without giving him any warning, she kissed him on the mouth. This surprised Jason, he was the one that usually made the first move. But he quickly accepted it and put his arms around her and held her close to him as he began kissing her back. He was about to guide over to the bed, but she stood her ground and made him stay against the wall.

“Don’t you want to go to the bed?” he asked.

“I have something else in mind,” she replied.

She slowly got down on her knees and began taking off his belt. This was the moment that Jason was waiting for, and it was also the moment that Sandy was getting herself ready for. Jason was so excited that he was beginning to kartal escort worry that he was going to blow his load too soon and tried his best to maintain his composure. And despite how confident she seemed, Sandy was very nervous about giving a guy she just met not five minutes ago a blowjob and was overthinking every piece of advice she had gotten as she was taking off his pants.

She got the pants off and then the boxers. His erection shot straight up to her face which took her by surprise. Although she had seen some hard dicks before, she had never gotten one this close to her face.

“Let me know when you’re about to come, ok?” She asked him.

“No problem,” he replied.

She spat some saliva a few times on her hand and began jerking him off, something she knew how to do. Jason was impressed by how well she was jerking him off. But she was only doing this to give herself more time to relax her nerves before she opened her mouth for him.

She jerked him off for a couple of minutes before she decided that enough was enough and opened her mouth just quickly too his dick into her mouth. Jason loved the feeling of her warm mouth engulfing his dick; and although it felt incredibly weird for Sandy, she enjoyed having it in her mouth. She had her lips sealed around the shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth; her tongue massaging it every time it went into her mouth. She kept a steady pace at first, she didn’t want to get him too excited and finish too soon, and Jason enjoyed that it was going at a good pace.

At one point, she did one maneuver that Cathy taught her where she just sucked on the foreskin like a lollipop while as she rubbed the shaft with her hand. She looked up at Jason and could see that he was definitely enjoying it. Their eyes locked on each other’s, he liked that she was looking at him as she was sucking on his dick, it added to the pleasure he was receiving.

Sandy went back to sucking on his whole dick and quickened the speed of how fast her head was going. She was enjoying what she was doing and was surprised at how easily she was giving a blowjob and wished she had done this years ago.

Without giving it a thought, she started taking the whole shaft into her mouth; letting it hit the back of her throat as she started gagging. She pulled out the dick when she felt like she need some air, and then tried it again. She liked the thrill of herself choking her with Jason’s dick and did it a few more times before she went back to giving a regular blowjob. Jason was getting too excited seeing her gagging on his dick, he was afraid he was going to cum in her mouth too fast and did what he could to concentrate on holding back his eventual ejaculation.

She reached under her skirt and put her hand in her panties and began playing with herself. Jason could see what she was doing and it got him even more excited. Everything she was doing was what he has been fantasizing about. She was going at a perfect speed for him, her tongue was working wonders on his dick; he wished that she played with his balls a little bit but he didn’t mind it as much. He just stood there, enjoying an amazing blowjob from a beautiful big breasted woman.

He wanted it to go on forever, or at least longer than he normally goes before he usually finishes. He could usually go twenty minutes with regular sex, and he had exceeded that time. A few times he felt himself about to cum and did everything he could to hold back so he could get a few extra minutes. Sandy was wondering herself how much longer it was might take for him to finish, but she loved what she was doing and wanted to enjoy every second of it.

Eventually, Jason couldn’t hold out much longer and felt his dick getting ready to explode, and remembered Sandy asking him to warn him when he was going to cum.

“Ok, it’s almost time,” he told her. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Sandy heard him, but just kept going. She was making herself cum from fingering her clit as she was sucking him off.

“I mean it, I’m about to blow,” he said.

But Sand just kept going.

“Ok, I can’t hold back, here it comes,” he yelled at her.

This time she listened to him and got his dick out of her mouth. The original plan was to get his dick out of her mouth in time and aim it for her tits for better cleanup. But because she kept on going with the blowjob too long, she didn’t have time to get him to aim for her tits and Jason shot his load right into her face. Several streams of hot white ooze covered her face.

She got off her knees and Jason got a good look at what he had done to her. About half her face had cum on it and some of it dripped down on one of left tit and even got on her bra a little as well.

“I’m sorry,” he told her. “I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

“It’s ok,” she told him. “You did warn me several times, I just didn’t listen.”

She took the rag she used before to clean the beer off of her to now clean the cum off her face and tits. While she did this, Jason had gotten his pants and boxers back on and then got on.

“Did I get everything?” she asked.

“Looks like it,” he replied.

He took the rag from her, and tossed it in the hamper. Sandy put on the red shirt that Jason gave her, the whole reason she was originally in his room and picked up her beer stained blouse from the floor.

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