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Todd smiled to himself as he logged off the computer. He had a weekend planned that he knew would be dynamite. Loosening his tie and running his fingers through his short black hair, he sat back in his chair and closed his eyes, letting the feeling of Friday afternoon wash over him. Pushing the intercom button, he informed his administrative assistant that he was leaving for the day. Grabbing his briefcase, he strode out the door and headed home to pick up Chelsea. On the way, he wondered what she was packing to wear…not that it mattered. She always looked sexy and dressed to please him.

During their relationship, she had always had a knack for keeping things interesting. She was a natural pleaser, much more so than most women, and he loved that about her. The longer they were together, the more he tested her limits, and they had found a balance that worked well for them. He understood her need to please and for him to push her into being dirty so she could explore that part of herself, while still maintaining a safe and strong male presence to protect and comfort her. She understood his need to love through sexual acts, to “have” someone of his own, to trust through testing her. In short, it was an ideal partnership.

Opening the front door to their townhome, he called out to her. She emerged from the top of the stairs, wearing tight jeans and a low-cut deep purple blouse he had picked up for her at Frederick’s of Hollywood during their last visit.

“Hey baby!” she said, smiling. She ran to kiss him. He laughed. Barefoot, her 5’5 height was no match for his 6’4. He bent down to kiss her back.

“Go get dressed!” she said. “I’m ready to go and have us all packed. Let’s go, come on, now!”

“Ok, ok. Give me fifteen minutes.”

Soon enough, they were driving out of town with the top down, holding hands and enjoying the sun. After they arrived and checked in, they went up to the room to change for dinner. When they walked into the room, he heard her gasp.

“Honey! This is amazing!” she exclaimed.

The room opened into a small foyer, with a huge bathroom to the right. Further on, the foyer opened up into a spacious bedroom, with an enormous bed sitting on an elevated platform and a sitting area to the immediate left, up against the wall to the foyer. It was very grand.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said, smiling down at her.

He told her to get him ready for dinner — they got into the huge shower together and she washed him from head to toe, shampooing his hair, and then taking care of herself while he dried off. Then, she helped him get dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks.

“I’m going to go have a drink in the bar and you come find me when you’re ready,” he told her.

“Of course, baby. See you in a bit.” She kissed him and he left.

About an hour later, Todd was finishing off his scotch when he heard two men at the end of the bar whispering. He looked over and saw what they were whispering about instantly. There, strutting into the bar, was his girl. She looked amazing. He had never been attracted to petite or slender women, and this was just another example of why. Chelsea had put on a short, dark dress and very high nude heels, accentuating her shapely legs. At 5’5 and a size 20, Chelsea had a strong build, generous hips, and full, heavy breasts that just begged to be squeezed. Her thighs were firm and powerful, and her face was full, with luscious lips that could look both innocent and mischievous.

She walked up to his stool and smiled shyly, eyes looking downward.

“You look gorgeous,” Todd said. Chelsea blushed.

Sliding off his stool, he grabbed her hand and they walked out of the bar. Leaving the front of the hotel, the car Todd had arranged for was waiting for them. As she slid into the back seat, her skirt rode up slightly, revealing her firm thigh to the driver, whom Todd noticed, certainly appreciated the view. Todd climbed in beside her, and off they went to dinner.

The restaurant was everything he knew Chelsea appreciated — gourmet food, excellent wine list. They feasted on seared scallops and filet mignon, and shared a luscious crème brulee, which he enjoyed more because of how Chelsea licked and sucked the sweet custard off of her spoon, remind him of the sweet taste of her pussy. He flirted with her, though mostly he observed her as she became tipsy more quickly than he, and started to lose her inhibitions somewhat. Normally very reserved and shy, she giggled and smiled, and obviously felt pretty. He liked seeing her this way. Usually she was on guard, aggressive, sarcastic, and always protective of herself, though she did that much less with Todd than she had in the beginning. She felt safer with him than anyone else, and had started letting him in more and more over the last couple of years. It had been a lot of work, but to him, it was so worth it.

He remembered when he and Chelsea first began dating. He found her gorgeous, but she clearly had the unfortunate luck of finding men looking for Barbie dolls, giving Chelsea a hard time about her weight, her build, and her other attributes. ataşehir escort The first few times they had had sex, she refused to get out of bed naked, terrified he’d see her body and be turned off. In fact, he loved her body. Her curves and softness was such a turn-on to him. After a few months, he stumbled one night onto what would bring Chelsea out of her shell.

One night, after coming back to her apartment following happy hour with friends, something happened that changed their whole sex life. Todd had always been the consummate alpha male, though he had learned through dating that women in today’s world were different and didn’t like that too much, so he had learned to temper it. But, as they say, alcohol sometimes brings out the real versions of people. While fumbling through the front door, kissing and groping, they somehow made it to the bedroom without killing one another. Lying on the bed, he pulled away to look at her.

“I want to watch you undress,” he told her.

Panicked, she looked at him. “I…I can’t do that,” she said.

At this point, Todd was so horny and so drunk, his alpha male kicked into overdrive. Before he realized what he was doing, he had his hand on her throat, shoving her down on her back.

“You WILL do it, because I said so. And if you don’t, you will be sorry,” he snarled at her.

Her eyes widened. He could see she was afraid, and, though it seemed wrong, he enjoyed that.

Without a word, he rolled off of her and pointed. Shamefully, she climbed out of bed and began to unbutton her top.

“No!” he exclaimed. “Turn your back to me. Pants first, and bend over as you slide them down.”

She turned as instructed. He heard her zipper come down, and then watched as she turned that luscious ass towards him, bending as she slid the pants off of them, down to the floor. She stood upright again, trembling in embarrassment.

“Next, your panties, same way. Bend over and slowly pull them down.”

He could tell she didn’t want to hear that, and her defiant streak kicked in. She dropped them to the floor quickly, crossing her arms in disgust. She was mad. He didn’t know what made him do it, but he jumped to his feet, right behind her. He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back.

“That is not what I said, now is it?” he said in her ear as she stood, paralyzed in shock. “Being a bitch will get you punished.”

He dragged her over to the bed, bent her over his lap, and began wailing on her bare ass with his hand as she struggled and screamed. Then he used her hair to force her on her knees. She refused to look at him.

“Look at me,” he told her. “Now.”

She slowly raised her head and made eye contact.

“Did that hurt?”

She nodded.

“If you do not do as I say, I will hurt you more. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

Slowly, he made love to her like never before. He spent an hour just kissing her, touching her body, licking and sucking his way from her ears to her feet, which she had never let him do before. He began to see a pattern emerge that night. She reacted consistently to his aggressiveness with compliance…but then would eventually defy him again, as if to get more of it. Once he began fucking her with fervor that night, both of them three sheets to the wind, he began messing with her. He’d fuck her for a few minutes, then pull out and deny her of any more. She started to get angry herself. She finally had enough.

“God damn it Todd! Quit messing with me like a total asshole!” she finally burst out.

He wrapped his hand around her throat.

“I’ll do what the fuck I want to do. What did I tell you earlier about being a bitch?”

Oddly enough, when he squeezed her throat, she got the strangest look of pleasure on her face. She liked it! He wondered how far he could push this.

“Remind me who’s in charge,” he told her.

“You are.”

“DADDY is. Say it.”

She looked at him, shocked. He squeezed harder.

“Daddy is.” She smiled angelically.

Todd almost came on the spot. He fucked her harder than ever before. He usually worried about his wide, thick cock hurting her, but he didn’t care in that moment. And, clearly, neither did she. He had never before seen her writhe and scream and curse the way she did that night. The morning after, he awoke, hungover, swearing it was a dream. That is, until he drug himself into the kitchen only to see her at the stove, back to him, naked except for an apron and heels, cooking him breakfast. When she heard him behind her, she turned around, walked over to him, looked up adoringly, winked, and said, “good morning, daddy.” She then led him to a chair, knelt in front of him, and asked if he would give her permission to suck his cock. The next chapter of their sex life began, all in the course of an evening.

He heard her giggle.

“What on earth were you thinking about?” she asked him.

“Sorry, babe…guess I spaced out there for a few minutes,” he replied, smiling.

He stood, helping her up and escorting her out of the restaurant. ataşehir escort She snuggled up next to him in the car as they drove across town. They so rarely got the opportunity to really enjoy each other like this. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before they hit some traffic, and they looked at each other in frustration as they realized they were stuck and at the mercy of external forces before they got to the hotel. Todd asked the driver to close the window and turn up the air conditioning. She looked up at him adoringly as he stroked her face.

“Sweetie, I’m a little cold,” she told him. “It’s going to become pretty obvious when we walk into the hotel that I’m not wearing a bra.”

He winked at her. “Poor baby. I’ll make sure you don’t freeze.”

Even after all this time, he loved knowing every move he could possibly make and how it made her feel after learning her inside and out. He moved his hand from her face while shifting his weight, propping his elbow up behind her and smiling as he looked her up and down. Her breasts looked amazing in that strapless dress, dipping to a point just low enough to be seductive yet appropriate. He couldn’t wait to reveal her surprise for tonight. Her eyes were relaxed, and he could see the wine taking effect, but decided he’d help it along.

“Who knows how long we’ll be here, sweetheart…let’s have a drink.”

He poured them both a glass — her, more wine, and he, scotch on the rocks – and toasted to a beautiful evening. Once she finished her wine, he took her glass and set it aside. She stretched out as much as she could in that dress, leaning her head back against the seat and smiling angelically at Todd. He kissed her on the forehead, and between the eyes, the spot that always made her giggle. He poured some of the remaining ice from his now-empty scotch into his mouth, sucking on it.

“Baby, I’m cold…” she whimpered.

It was time for some fun, he couldn’t resist trying something, knowing how cold she was. He turned towards her and took his glass in the opposite hand. He then placed his now-free and cold, damp hand on her throat, just below her jaw. She got ‘that’ look — this was one of those moves he knew so well. Just touching her exposed neck as her head was reclined — that always made her a little wet as she imagined the way he would sometimes grab her throat roughly during sex. Something about just placing it there without a word, without any other action, was a silent move between them that re-established his dominance over her. She was buzzing slightly, an amused smile on her lips.

“Show me those tits,” he whispered roughly.

She rolled her eyes and laughed.

“Now!” he said sharply.

That caught her attention. She looked forward towards the driver and then back to Todd.

“He can’t see. Are you really disobeying me?”

That definitely caught her attention. She was even more sensitive to the changes in his voice now that she was very relaxed and focused on her time with him, away from the other daily distractions. He squeezed her throat, applying steady, moderate pressure. She pulled the top of her dress down, exposing those large, luscious breasts he adored, covered in chill bumps as she shivered.

He released her throat, and pulled an ice cube out of his glass. Her eyes widened as she saw what he was planning.

“Do. Not. Move.”

He ran the ice cube around her neck, watching her jump and try to escape the extreme cold. He ran it down, between her breasts, and around them, always getting close to her nipples but never touching them. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back further, clenching her fists at her sides while he chuckled, enjoying toying with her. Once it was gone, she opened her eyes.

“I am cold! Stop it!”

He leaned in to her ear and said, “if you don’t watch it, I’m going to have the driver open the window and let him watch you. He’ll think you’re such a slut, with your tits hanging out like this.”

She couldn’t bear that embarrassment. A successful career in management during the 9-5, in a very public position, always kept her afraid of others knowing how kinky she was. And Todd used that to his advantage all the time.

She closed her eyes, composing herself. He took the opportunity to suck on another cube of ice, and, before she knew it was coming, latched onto her nipple, using his mouth to spread the cold liquid all over it. He pulled away, blowing on it, and she shivered, the chill bumps re-emerging.

“Two cubes left,” he whispered to her.

Sucking on another cube until it melted inside his mouth, he ducked down and latched onto her ear. She sighed, feeling the cold deep down inside. He sucked and licked and bit her earlobe until his mouth returned to a normal temperature. Pulling away, he looked into her eyes and saw how turned on she was. He grinned mischievously.

“One cube left…”

He pulled this one out with his fingers and told her to spread her legs, yanking her knee to the side when she didn’t immediately comply. Dropping the glass in the floor, he attacked her lips in anadolu yakası escort an arctic, cold, rough kiss, forcing his cold tongue into her mouth in the same moment that he used his fingers to force the ice cube into her panties, holding it against her hot, wet clit while kissing her with such force her head was pinned against the headrest. Once it had melted completely, he withdrew his hand and ended the kiss, pulling her panties back into place and her skirt back down as they made eye contact. She was breathless, and so was he. Her hair, while still looking beautiful, was mussed from the actions that had transpired. Not even a second later, the driver opened the door to let them out — neither of them had realized the traffic had subsided and that the car had arrived back at the hotel.

Todd slid out, and both he and the driver clumsily tried to offer a hand to Chelsea. They both stopped as they realized, and she did a second later, that her breasts were still exposed. She blushed as Todd told the driver, “clearly we were having a little fun” and they shared a laugh while Todd simultaneously pulled Chelsea out of the car, both of her hands occupied — one in Todd’s, the other reaching for her purse. As she got to her feet, Todd pulled her top up.

“Bet you don’t get a tip like that every day, do ya?” he asked the driver.

The driver stood next to the open door, watching the couple enter the hotel until a nearby honk brought him back to earth. He closed the door and drove away with a hard-on and a smile.

Todd walked Chelsea to the elevator, helping her as she stumbled twice, the combination of wine and very high heels being too much for her. Once in the elevator, she leaned up against him, him still being several inches taller than her, and he wrapped one arm around her waist and the other around her shoulders. Her hair smelled like apples, and he kissed her bare shoulder. As they rode up to the 24th floor, he slid his hand into the top of her dress, squeezing her breast. She involuntarily moaned.

“Don’t worry, darling, the fun has just begun,” he told her.

Once they reached their floor, the left the elevator and went to the door of their room. Todd unlocked it and ushered her in. He grabbed her and pulled her back tight to his chest.

“Do you feel that? I’m already hard…you showing your goods off to the driver…that was hot.”

“I didn’t mean to do that,” she replied. “It was embarrassing.”

“You loved it,” he told her. “You know it made daddy’s pussy nice and wet, didn’t it? Don’t lie. You’ve always fantasized about other men enjoying you in my presence, and we both know it.”

She stood quietly, as he unzipped her dress and dropping it to the floor. She kicked it out of the way. He pulled her arms behind her back, and placed both of her hands on his cock.

“How does that feel, baby?” he asked her.

“You’re so hard, I want you inside me,” she replied.

“In time, baby, in time.”

Leaving her hands on him, he moved his up to her breasts, massaging and squeezing them while licking her ear and neck. She leaned her head back against him, moaning as he began nibbling with increasing intensity.

“How did it make you feel, him watching you?” he asked her.

“It was embarrassing,” she replied.

He grabbed her hair roughly where she couldn’t move her head. “Try again, and tell the truth this time. We both know after all this time what slutty fantasies you have.”

“It…was exciting.”

“And? Tell Daddy what else.”

“And…” she trailed off.

“Say it. Or no cock for you tonight.”

She wasn’t about to NOT get fucked tonight. She was so turned on, she wasn’t about to let that happen. She knew the more she gave him, the more he’d give her in return.

“It made me so horny. I wanted to know how it would feel for…for him to touch them…for us to walk into this amazing hotel with everyone seeing them. For…” she trailed off.


“And…for him to have been watching us the whole time in the limo.”

He laughed. “Thought so,” he said.

And, with that, he pushed her against the entryway wall, with force. He held her there, as he looked her up and down…her heaving breasts, her thick and shiny hair, those beautiful eyes, that look of fear mixed with lust that he so adored, the sheer baby-pink panties that laced up the front with black ribbon, her quivering legs, and those heels…those damn heels.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you tonight,” he told her.

He backed away, letting her away from the wall. He pointed toward the bed in the center of the room.

“Give me a good show with that beautiful round ass and thick legs of yours, baby. Get in there and kneel on the bed.”

She walked slowly away, trying to navigate smoothly through a fog of wine. She stepped, crossing her legs as she walked, her calves high and tight, her panties riding up into the crack of her ass as her generous ass swayed, passing the louvered doors of the closet, stepping up to the elevated bed atop a platform, and slowly leaning forward on the bed, ass in the air. In sixty seconds flat, he threw off his suit, tie, shirt, and underwear. He stepped up behind her, admiring that beautiful ass. He slowly pulled her panties down her ass, and readjusted her position slightly, ass facing the closet. He threw the panties in the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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