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Jim walks out of the bathroom and starts to get a glimpse of her on the bed. Her feet are small, with toenails painted a dark red. Her ankles are crossed. Her calves are muscular, yet not overly. Her thighs are firm and tanned. Her ass cheeks are beautiful and round, with a firmness to them that make you want to just take a bite out of them. Her crack spreads at the bottom to form a diamond pattern, that frames her pussy in full view. Lips parted all nice and juicy. Her asshole is tight and puckered, it all looks so inviting. Her hips are curvy from her thin waist. Her back is arched, her large breasts are firm, hanging down just touching the bed. Her nipples are hard poking out rubbing against the blanket, with large areolas all scrunched up showing her excitedness. She is so deeply tanned with no tan lines to show. Her curly auburn hair is hanging slightly down her back. There she is smiling back… one of those sheepish grins on her face. TRISHA!

THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! “OH YES! FUCK ME HARD!… MMMMmmm yah! Just like that UNNNNnnng yes”. THUMP! THUMP! “HARDER! FUCK YES HARDER!… OH DAMN!… Baby you fuck me so GOOD!” THUMP! THUMP! “MMMMmmm baby cum with me. Yes baby, cum in Mama’s pussy! Fill me up baby!… Uh Hmmmm!” THUMP! THUMP! “NOW! YES! I’M CUMMING!” THUMP! THUMP! “UUUUnnnnGGGGG… AAARRRGGGG OOHHH! YES! Take that load Mama” “OH YES! MMmmmm that feels soooo good baby. Put that dick in my mouth I wanna taste my pussy on that cock!”

Jim looked over at Janet, she’s still sleeping. The upstairs neighbors hadn’t woken her yet. It was a long night and she had plenty to drink. He checked the clock, 3:10 am. “3 am again… you can almost set your clock by it” he thought. “The alarm is going to go off in 20 minutes anyway.” Jim cuddled up next to Janet and reached around to fondle her breasts as he started to grind his cock in-between her ass cheeks.

“MMMmmm Morning Jim. Something on your mind.”

“Just trying to get in a last minute snuggle. Who knows when we will get to do this again.”

“MMMmmm alright. How much time do we have?”

“20 minutes.”

“What if we shower together?

“That is if we shower together.”

“What if I took your hard cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. Tonguing your sensitive head while I…” Janet teased.

“HHhhmmmmm… We should just go shower then.” Jim flung the covers off and helped Janet get up out of bed. They slowly made their way to the bathroom. Janet got the water running as Jim relieved himself. Jim then got in the shower as Janet took her turn on the toilet. Their mornings had begun to be routine. Janet stepped into the shower and embraced Jim while giving him a long hard good morning kiss. Her hand went straight to his ass to pull him tight against her body. Jim used one hand to grab her ass and with the other, her reached under her ass to rub her pussy from behind. Janet wrapped her left leg around him to give him more access. Jim rubbed her clit a few strokes then slipped a finger inside her as far as he could drive it in, both still swirling their tongues in each other’s mouth.

“MMmmmm… MMmmmMMM” Janet moaned into Jim’s mouth as he pushed a second finger inside. He started to finger fuck her pussy before he realized they didn’t have time for this. He stopped and broke the embrace. Janet dropped immediately and engulfed Jim’s hard cock whole. She sucked hard then pulled back sucking hard all the way off Jim’s cock. With a devilish grin she grabbed Jim’s hard cock and started to stroke slowly.

“What’s got you so hard this early?” Janet asked, she looked up to Jim’s face as the water splashed down on her.

“The upstairs neighbors were at it again, but mostly, my dream.”

“MMMmmm what was it about?” she asked as she went back to slowly stroking and sucking on Jim’s cock.

“Trisha was lying on the bed staring back at me, smiling while she was waiting for me to… MMMMmm yes”

“Wait. I’m sucking Trisha’s hard cock? You really need to get even with her.” Janet stroked his cock firmly as she spoke.

“I’ve been thinking about that.”

“I know, and this is what happens when you think about Trisha.”

“I’ve got a plan but I’m going to need you and Mark to help… Oh, MMmmm… I’m close…”

“Whatever you need… Whenever you need it… I’m all yours!” Janet went for the finish. She sucked fast and hard while grabbing hard on his ass cheeks. He would just enter her throat with each thrust. His balls began to ache, and he could feel the heat of his sperm, as it flowed down his cock, into her mouth, and down her throat. Spurt after spurt, he shot ropes of cum into her mouth, and down her throat. Janet just continued to bob back and forth on his cock as he shot.

“That was great.” Janet said, as she stood up and grabbed for the soap. Jim started to drop to his knees to return the favor when Janet stopped him.

“Sweetheart, escort gaziantep kızıl bayan I love you. But I’m hung over, tired, and my ass is so sore from the pounding your wonderful cock gave it last night. It’s a good kind of sore, but sore none the less. Let’s just finish this and get to the airport.”

“I love you too” Jim said then kissed her deep while rubbing her sore tired hungover ass.

Jim and Janet got dressed and all packed up. Jim handed Janet her last present and asked her to put that in her purse. They double checked both rooms and headed out the door.

“We’re out of here guys. I hope you continue to enjoy your stay, and each other!” Janet yelled.

“Thanks Janet. Enjoy your flight” came a voice from above.

“Yes, enjoy your flight you two!” came a voice from the wall.

They closed the door and checked out. Jim loaded the luggage and headed to the rental car return. On the road Jim told Janet to wait until they got past security, then when they were at the gate, she can go to the restroom and open her last gift. Janet was curious but knew she would enjoy whatever he had planned.

At the Gate Janet headed to the restroom while Jim got breakfast. His phone pinged, then pinged again and again and again and again. That could only be one thing. When he got seated, he glanced at his phone. Yup, Trisha. He opened up the first text. “Pics for your flight.” Jim scrolled down to see Trisha topless with a flesh-colored dildo hanging between her squeezed together tits. Nipples hard! And she had her tongue out reaching down to touch the tip of the fake penis. He opened the second one. “Try not to think of this when you sit next to that frigid bitch.” below a picture of Trisha’s pussy dripping wet with the tip of the fake cock pressing against her wet opening. “As wet as she is, it must really be turning her on, taking pictures knowing I’m going to see them” Jim thought. Third one “You can jerk off in the rest room to this” followed by a pic of Trisha, from behind, her head on the floor with her ass in the air. She is sticking the fake cock into her dripping wet pussy from underneath. She has a glazed look in her eyes. Fourth text. “Imagine Cumming inside this” with a close-up picture of her asshole and pussy. Her asshole is gaped. She obviously had that fake cock deep inside her ass. “Imagine this cleaning up all the mess from your cock, balls, and asshole” the final pic was Trisha with the fake cock in her mouth all the way, her tongue sticking out underneath licking the fake balls. Her eyes are closed, and her cheeks were flush. Like she had just came. Jim’s bulge was apparent.

Inside the restroom Janet entered a stall, closed the door, and peeled away the wrapping. Panties! She laughed then looked closer at the package. These were not ordinary panties. They had a vibrating insert that would slide inside of her vagina and a vibrating panel that would cover her clit. Controlled by a remote someone could stimulate her from a distance. She noticed the box had already been opened. The remote was missing. “What is Jim up to?” she wondered, as she removed the panties and put them on. They fit like a glove, and she started to get wet just knowing Jim had the remote.

Janet found Jim and sat next to him as he handed her a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. She couldn’t help but notice his large bulge was back.

“Thanks. I assume these are charged up and ready to go?”

“Oh Yes! I knew you wouldn’t be able to drink this early, so I figured they might help you get your mind off of the plane during takeoff. Not to mention I’ll have the remote for the rest of the flight to.”

“You thought about this long and hard, didn’t you?” She said as she patted Jim’s bulge.

“I was already hard, and you know I’m long.” he replied laughing, his cheeks red from blushing. Janet squeezed Jim’s bulge and felt just how long and hard Jim was. This only made her more wet.

“What is that for. Excited to see me wearing these?” she flipped up her skirt briefly to show Jim the panties.

“Always excited to see any part of you, but I got a few texts from Trisha”

“MMmmmm can I see them?” Janet reached impatiently for his phone.

“Yes. You really aren’t the same woman you were when we left 7 days ago are you?”

“Is that a rhetorical question?” She asked as Jim handed her his phone. Janet scrolled thru the texts with her eyes widening more and more with each one.

They finished breakfast in time to line up and board the plane. They were sat in the last row close to the restrooms. The flight was only half full, apparently there wasn’t a lot of people wanting to go to Cleveland. The two or three rows in front of them were empty. Janet grabbed a blanket from the overhead bin and removed it from its plastic wrapping. They sat and got buckled up. escort köle bayan gaziantep Jim reached a hand in his pocket then… Bzzzzzzz.

“Oh… Shit what was that?” Janet wondered as she wiggled her ass in the seat. Her clit had just been assaulted with a wonderful vibration. BZZZZzzzzzzz.

“MMMmmmm… yes!” she whispered as her insides were stimulated. She could feel her loins heating up.

“Did they work? Jim asked as his hand left his pocket with the controller in his hand.

“Oh, hell yah!” Janet responded enthusiastically.

“That was level 1.”

“Does it go all the way up to 11?” She chuckled as she imagined what was ahead.

The stewardess’ and steward checked the seat belts, seat backs, and tray tables. They gave the spiel about exits and seat cushions as a flotation device. The plane began to vibrate as the engines wound up. Janet reached over and grabbed Jim’s hand hard. The plane began to back away from the gate and they started to taxi to their runway.

“Jim, I… I… I’m really getting nervous.” Jim clicked on the clitoral stimulation to level one and Janet loosened her grip. The plane taxied for a minute then stopped. There was a roar as another plane took off down the runway. Their plane pulled forward and started to turn left. Jim upped the simulation to 2 and gave Janet’s hand a squeeze. Janet started to breathe heavy and bite her bottom lip. The plane turned left again and started to get loud and vibrate hard. Just as the plane started to move forward Jim upped both controls to max. Janet tilted her head back, her eyes rolled up into her head, and she groaned loud. Her hips tried to buck forward against the seat belt. Her tits bounced, her nipples poked forward. They had been hard since she put the panties on. She was dripping wet. The panties vibrated hard on her protruding clit. It was like a thousand fingers rubbing hard on her clit all at once. The vibrator inside her was sending waves of pleasure through her. The soaking wet walls of her love hole were gripping hard as they pulsed along with the trembling toy inserted inside her. The seat cushion would be soaked by the time the flight was over. She squeezed her thighs together tight. Her asshole tightened. Waves of pleasure radiated through her body. She was about to cum! She stared deeply into Jim’s eyes… wantingly! Her mouth opened as if she needed air but couldn’t get it. She tried to scream but no noise would come out. Then she put a hand over her mouth…

“UUnnnnggggg… MMMmmmm… Oh… Shit! Unnnnnngggg YES!” She screamed into her hand as she started to shake and convulse hard. The seat belt confined her waist, but her legs shook, her arms shook, her head went back…

“Damn it, Unnnnggh… MMmmm… Jim… I’m Cumming.” she tried to whisper loud enough for only Jim to hear. Jim waited until the plane was in the air and leveling out to lower her stimulation back down to 1. Janet let out a whine then mouthed “thank you God.” silently to the ceiling.

“We are cruising at 35,000 feet; we have a tail wind so it should be smooth sailing all the way to Cleveland. I’m turning off the seat belt sign however you should remain belted except when moving about the cabin. You can now use your electronic devices in airplane mode.” With that Jim dug out his tablet while Janet lifted the arm rest between them, spread out the blanket to cover them both, and reached over and grabbed Jim’s thigh. They put in their earbuds and Jim started the movie. The tablet was turned so only they could see what was playing.

“Point Break?” Janet questioned. “Swayze and Keanu both, are you trying to kill me?” Janet had had a giant crush on Patrick Swayze when she was a teen. He would always light a fire within her loins every time she watched him. Keanu Reeves was a new crush. She saw John Wick in the theater and came while fingering herself watching him.

“It’s just a little stimulation to keep your mind off the flight. I mean the love interest is Lori Petty.” Jim replied as he bumped up the remote to 2.

“You can look at MMMmmm… the Naked woman Uuhhh… in the shower… OOOhhh… when the house is raided.”

“The movie is for you. You are my show.” Jim said as he watched her struggle and squirm. Janet reached up from Jim’s thigh and opened his pants. She started to remove his cock…

“Anything I can get you to drink?” the steward asked as he handed Jim 2 packages of pretzels.

“We’ll both have Cranberry Juice, please.” Jim answered, seeing the look in his eye that he knew what was happening under the blanket. The steward poured two glasses and set them down in front of Jim.

“You both have a nice flight.” he said with a wink. Janet had gotten Jim’s hard cock out and had started to stroke it as she tried to look just at the movie on the tablet. She was biting that lower lip again, gaziantep kumral escort bayan making small moaning noises. Jim increased her clitoral stimulation to max and went up one on vaginal stimulation. She put a death grip on his cock, and just held it tight. She looked at him with lust in her eyes as the waves of pleasure went across her body again. Jim could feel her tremble thru her hand on his cock. She opened her mouth to get air but didn’t breathe in. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she threw her head back again. Her hand went over her mouth, and she let out a loud whimper… which turned to a moan… which turned into… silence… She started shaking uncontrollably, still holding hard onto Jim’s cock with that death grip. Jim lowered the remote to zeros to let her come down for a while. It took almost ten minutes for her to regain control. Jim’s cock was in pain from the death grip, the whole time. Janet released his cock, then smiled ear to ear.

“Wow that was soooo… MMmmmm… damn good.” Janet looked around then grabbed Jim’s balls with one hand and his cock with the other. She started a fast-paced stroke on his cock. Twisting at the head and hitting his pelvis at the base. After two or three minutes she just ducked under the blanket and swallowed him whole. Bobbing up and down on his cock. Jim was loving it but also keeping an eye down the aisle for anyone coming. He moved the drinks and put his tray table up to give her room. Straightened out his legs as far as they could go under the seat in front of him. Slurping noises radiating from under the blanket. She was on a mission. Janet massaged his balls squeezing and pulling them. Her mouth took him in deep and she would swirl her tongue around his shaft, then she would raise up to the head of his 7-inch cock. Her tongue would flick on the sensitive under side just before his glands. She increased her pace squeezing and pulling and sucking and licking. Jim’s balls began to tighten… Janet knew he was close. She took all of him in, up to her throat, then put that death suck back on his cock. She started to hum. At varying pitch, sending vibrations into his balls. Jim was trying to hold back but just then…

A small girl and her mom started coming down the aisle, Jim thought about Janet’s mouth on his cock, remembering all of the blowjobs he had gotten in the last week. Her mouth full while she would stare up at him. The feeling of her ass as his cock was buried in her to the hilt. The taste of her wet pussy after she had come hard. His mouth on her tits sucking on her stiff nipples. Her bouncing up and down on his cock screaming in pleasure so the neighbors would know how much she loved his large cock. Then he remembered kissing her in the shower and her saying “I Love You.” Jim exploded in Janet’s mouth. Rope after rope of cum down her throat. Janet swallowed with a fervor trying to get it all. The girl and her mom getting closer as he continued to be milked from Janet’s powerful suction. Jim finished and tapped on Janet’s back. She appeared from under the blanket just before the little girl arrived.

Janet’s hair was a mess. She had cum dripping from the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were struggling to adjust to the light. The little girl waved to Janet as she passed. Janet waved back and wiped the cum from the corners of her mouth. The little girl’s mom gave her a knowing look, then smiled as she followed her daughter into the restroom. Janet looked over at Jim and just started to laugh. Jim stopped the movie, by then they had already missed half of it. They both finished their drink just in time to hand the steward the trash. They would be landing soon.

“So, are you going to need this when we land?” Jim asked as he held up the remote.

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll just need your cock to hold!” They both chuckled.

“I’m glad you remembered it’s my cock.”

“I believe you loaned it to me until we get back to Cleveland.”

“It’s yours for as long as you want it. So is my heart. You better not break either one.” Jim leaned over and Janet met him halfway for a long slow passionate kiss.

“Yuk!… MOM! Look at that… Ewwww!” The little girl said as she walked back past them on the way to her seat.

“Now that the bathroom’s empty, I’ll be right back.” Janet said as she unbuckled, got up and walked into the bathroom. Jim’s eyes followed her ass as she disappeared inside. Jim put his cock away then, stood up to fold the blanket. Janet returned and laid in Jim’s arms until they began the decent. Janet sat up and interlaced her fingers in Jim’s and lightly held on looking over at him the whole way down with a loving smile.

While they were waiting for the whole plane load of people to get up and leave Janet asked Jim “So, how are we going to get even with Trisha?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow. I have to talk with Mark first.”

As they were leaving the plane, the Steward said “Thanks for flying with us. I know you enjoyed you flight!”


Continued in “One Long Revenge Plot”: Jim puts a plan into action, with the help of Janet and Mark, he gets even with Trisha, FINALLY!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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