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Hys hands found their way through the dark to Her hips, gripping them bruisingly as He entered Her roughly from behind. Her gasp of surprise changed to a moan of longing as She felt Hym enter Her. Hys voice was low, Hy mouth close to Her ear, when Hy spoke. “Don’t wake Your boi, now; hy needs hys sleep.”

Her hips moved against Hys, slowly at first then with increasing fervor, Her hands gripping the blankets near Her chin in an effort to keep from touching the sleeping form in front of Her.

Hys low growl in Her ear kicked Her libido into high gear. “Take My fuckin’ cock, Bitch.” The fingers of Hys other hand wove themselves into Her hair, pulling Her head back hard, bowing Her body, as Hys hips ground against Her ass.

“Gods, yes,” She moaned low, Her eyes rolling back in Her head, Her strong legs sliding back and wrapping around Hys. Her hands slid of their own volition into the dark thatch of hair on Her boi’s head as it rested on Her pillow. Gripping tight, She pulled hys head back painfully, groaning again as hy whispered in the dark.

“Aye, m’Lady…harder.” hys lithe body backed up against Her, hys hips finding the rhythm set by Hym and pressing against Hers.

“I thought I said not to wake the boi,” Hy snarled, hips snapping against Her ass, punctuating Hys words.

She groaned low, an arm wrapping around the boi’s trim waist, Her deft hand finding hys cock and stroking the entire length.

“Syr?” The boi’s voice was throaty with a suppressed groan as hys hand slid along Hers, caressing Her fingers as She stroked hym.

“Aye, boi?” Hy growled, nipping Her neck, digging Hys fingers into Her hip, Hys never ceasing their motion.

“Syr,” the boi moaned low, hys hips pressing against Hers, hys fingers tightening over Her smooth hand. “I was already awake, Syr.”

A deep chuckle slid from Hys throat. “Really, boi? And why were you already awake?” Hys hips ground into Hers, driving all 9 inches of Hys cock deep inside Her.

The boi groaned, hys body tensing as Her teeth sunk into hys shoulder, just below hys collar, assaulting hys trapezius muscle with ferocity. “I was thinking, Syr,” hys voice dropped in pitch, hys accent smoothing out, becoming less noticeable, as the pain swept through hys lithesome body. “Thinking of fucking m’Lady.”

She moaned low at hys words, Her hand quickening the tempo, dancing along hys cock, Her hips mimicking the rhythm, bucking against Hym.

“Good idea, boi,” Hy growled, swatting Her ass hard, eliciting another groan from Her lips. “On all fours, Bitch.” Hy slid Hys cock out of Her, emptying Her suddenly, leaving Her gasping.

She growled in response and raised up on Her hands and knees, turning to present Her face to Her Boi. “Like this?” She sneered, Her eyes flashing in the dark. She backed up against Her other boi, reached between Her legs, and grasped hys 8-inch cock with a sweaty, steady hand, guiding it to Her nether lips. Her eyes still on Hys, She smirked, curling Her sensuous lips.

Her boi positioned hymself between Her knees, hys eyes looking over Her shapely body for a brief second before snapping hys hips forward, driving hys cock inside Her viciously, a deep moan tearing istanbul escort itself from hys collared throat.

Her eyes widened slightly as She groaned low, Her gaze locked on Hys, watching a smirk play along Hys lips. She felt Her boi’s cock slide itself into Her like a sword into a scabbard, impaling Her.

Syr sneered back at Her, rising up onto Hys knees, the head of Hys cock pressing against Her lips. Hy slipped Hys fingers into Her hair, fisting them hard, as Hy thrust Hys hips forward, shoving the full length of Hys 9-inch cock deep into Her throat. “Suck it, Whore,” Hy growled, hips snapping forward against the boi’s thrusts, effectively pinning Her between T/them.

T/their thrusts bowed Her back, Her stomach almost touching the covers on the bed, bending Her with the force of T/their passions. Her groans echoed in T/their ears as T/they answered Her with grunts and growls, setting fire to Her nerves.

“Fuck Her, boi,” Syr snarled, driving Hys cock deep into Her throat repeatedly, cutting off Her air.

A low moan floated over the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh, groans, growls, and soft choking noises. “Aye, Syr.” hys hand came down hard on Her ass, raising a red hand-shaped welt on Her pale flesh. hy snapped hys hips forward and dug hys long fingers into the welt. hy leaned forward, stilling hys hips briefly, just long enough to growl low in Her ear, “Is m’Lady a Whore?” hys hips snapped again, drawing a strangled groan from Her throat. “Is She?” Another snap of hys hips, another muffled groan, a deep chuckle from Syr.

“Aye, She is, boi…a damned good Whore.” Chuckles, deep and dark, sounded from both ends of Her. Both B/bois snapped T/their hips in unison, drilling Her deep with thick cocks, Her back bowing painfully.

The boi reached to the end of the bed, pulling hys leather belt from hys jeans, the silver conchos gleaming in the dark as hy doubled it, wrapping the loose ends around hys fist. Snapping it back, the silver flashed as hy laid it across hys own back before bringing hys arm forward, the leather cracking across Hers and wrapping over Her shoulder.

An animalistic growl rumbled through Her body, Her muscles clenching around hys cock. The boi groaned low, bringing the belt down across Her back again, silver conchos slicing into Her skin.

She screamed at the pain, sounding choked by the bulk of Syr’s cock in her throat, Her body tightening all over, Her hips snapping wildly as Her throat convulsed around Hym.

“Holy fuck!” Syr bellowed, fucking Her mouth violently. Hys body tensed as Hy watched Hers respond, knowing She was losing control of Herself rapidly. Hys eyes lifted to the boi’s, reading in their smoky depths a mixture of fear, lust, and desire.

The boi’s voice quavered, laced with awe. “Syr?”

Syr grinned wickedly, Hys voice low, almost cruel. “Make Her fly, boi.” Hys fingers tightened even more in Her hair, Hys hips bucking, driving Hys cock deeper still, gagging Her with all 9 inches of it.

The boi nodded, lust and desire over-riding hys fear, hys hips driving forward mercilessly, belt flashing in the dark, snapping across Her back repeatedly.

She felt the pain, Her chest burning şişli escort from lack of oxygen, Her back burning white-hot from the leather and silver cutting into Her. Her body went limp, Her eyes were wide and sightless, and tears streamed unbidden down Her cheeks.

Syr and Her boi fucked Her writhing body, raping throat and pussy, the boi beating Her ass, back, and shoulders with hys belt, driving Her further out of Her body. She screamed as She came, body bucking, juices drenching the boi’s thighs. Syr shoved Hys cock deep into Her throat again, cutting the scream off before She could draw another breath.

The boi let go of Her hip and slid hys sweat-slick fingers, 2 of them, deep into Her asshole, twisting them back and forth. hy groaned low as both of Her holes tightened around hym, hys other arm swinging, bringing the belt down hard across Her back.

Her body jerked, another orgasm ripping through her as hys fingers began fucking Her asshole. She felt only T/them and the pain, the orgasms and T/their cocks filling Her, fucking Her, the fingers in Her ass…all sending Her mind flying, freeing Her soul.

Syr growled low, the orgasm inside Hym building at the sight of Hys Wife flying, the sounds of Her body being tormented and tortured.

“Fuck!” The boi’s body rocked, muscles locking, as hy came, hys thighs drenched with hys own fluids, mingling freely with Hers. “Holy fuck!” hys head snapped back as Her muscles tightened around hys fingers and cock, squeezing hym, holding hym to Her. hy dropped the belt on the bed, those fingers digging into Her hip, holding on to Her rocking, twisting body.

Syr, snarling, thrust Hys cock deep and hard into Hys Wife’s throat a final time, cumming hard amid a string of curses. Hys hands gripped, fisted, then pulled Her mouth off of Hym before sitting back on Hys heels, breath rasping in and out of Hys lungs as Hy looked at Her limp form.

Hys voice croaked as Hy spoke, Hys hazel eyes never leaving Hys Wife’s body. “boi?”

“Aye, Syr?” The boi’s voice was low, tinged not a little with awe, hoarse from exertion.

“Talk to Her, boi,” Hy growled. “Bring Her back to U/us.”

The boi nodded. “Aye, Syr. What are You going to do?”

Syr’s eyes flicked from Her body to Her boi’s eyes. “I’m going to get some water. Touch Her, hold Her, talk to Her, boi.” Hys eyes slid back to Her sweat- and tear-streaked face, noting Her beatific expression. “Bring Her back.”

The boi nodded again, crawling slowly over the covers and laying hys body against Hers. “Aye, Syr. I’ll bring Her back.” hy ran a trembling hand through Her hair as Syr rose, padding out of the bedroom, pausing only to slip on a thick, black robe.

hys voice, still hoarse, wavered as hy spoke in hushed tones. “m’Lady? Please, come back. You can land now, my Love.” hy wrapped hys arms around Her body and held Her tight, hands caressing Her flushed skin, speaking to Her, hys voice loving and low, pulling Her soul back into Her body, “m’Lady…my Love…my heart’s Desire…” hy whispered, tears stinging hys eyes as hy spoke, watching hys Mistress’ body quake sporadically, Her beautiful hazel-green eyes open and glazed.

Syr padded back into mecidiyeköy escort the bedroom, a bottle of water in Hys hand, an eyebrow raised as Hy listened to the boi speak to hys Mistress, Hys Wife. Keeping Hys voice low, Hy sat on the edge of the bed and ran Hys hand across Her cheek. “Pure poetry, boi,” Hy murmured, Hys hazel eyes raising to the boi’s startled, tear-filled gray eyes.

“Syr,” the boi stammered, voice rising in pitch and volume. “I’m not the writer–“

“Hush,” Syr whispered, shaking Hys head slightly. “It doesn’t matter W/who the writer is…what matters is that it came from your heart, your lips, using your words.” Hy held the mouth of the bottle to Her lips and, in a low voice, said, “Drink, My Forever Love, slowly.” Hy smiled as Hy watched Her throat work as She reflexively swallowed the cool liquid. Hys steady eyes met the boi’s again, steel will underlying Hys soft-spoken words. “Talk to Her, boi.”

The boi’s speechlessness vanished at the tone, coupled with the look in Syr’s eyes, spurring hym into action. hy began caressing Her bare skin again, seeking not to arouse, but to provide a focus for hys Mistress. “m’Lady, come back, speak to U/us…tell U/us where Your head is at, Ma’am….please.”

hys stomach knotted as Her voice rasped from Her parched lips. “I’m here, My boi.” She raised Her head slightly, drinking more of the proffered water, Her eyes focusing on Syr’s.

Hys voice was as tender as Hys touch when Hy spoke. “How’s O/our Girl?” hys fingers caressed Her cooling cheek, Hys eyes searching Hers.

She smiles, flashing Her dimples, eliciting a graon from Her boi, and whispered, “I’m feeling great.” She reashed over Her shoulder and cupped the boi’s cheek with a slightly unsteady hand.

Syr nodded and held the bottle to Her lips again, helping Her drink more. “Easy, Baby,” Hy chided gently. Hy was rewarded with another smile, one suffused with love. Hys eyes moved from Hers to Her boi’s, Hys voice still low. “Time for bed, I think.”

The boi nodded, shifting hys body against Hers, holding Her against hym as Syr put the water bottle on the dresser and crawled onto the bed, pulling the covers over all 3 of T/them.

Syr stretched out on Hys back, sighing contentedly as She pulled Hym closer, resting Her head on Hys shoulder. Hy slid an arm under Her head, wrapping Hys arm around both Her and Her boi, pulling them closer to Hym.

She sighed as She was sandwiched between Her B/bois, T/their bodies warming the chill from Her skin, enveloping Her in the safe haven She had always longed for. Her eyelids slid closed over Her eyes as She drifted, falling into a deep sleep, sighing softly as Her body relaxed into T/theirs.

The boi’s voice was as soft as the night when hy spoke, hys fingers running through Her hair. “Syr? She’s asleep.”

“Aye, boi, as She should be.” Hy chuckled softly, sliding Hys hand over Her arm where it was draped over Hys waist. “She earned it.”

The boi chuckled, nodding as hy shifted hys body against Hers, resting Hys head on Syr’s forearm. “Aye, that She did, Syr.” hy sighed in content as She shifted with hym, hys name a whisper on Her lips.

“Sleep, boi,” Hy growled good-naturedly, before drifting off to sleep Hymself. “She might be up for Round 2 in a few hours.”

The boi’s voice was a mere whisper. “Aye, Syr….” The boi’s smile flashed in the dark a brief moment before hy, too, succumbed to slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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