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As Addison sat at the bar table watching Judge Collins speak, she couldn’t help but run a finger over her lips subconsciously. The woman was gorgeous, made all the more sexy by the traditional wig and red gown she wore in her position as a Supreme Court judge. Addison thought she couldn’t be more than forty, with smooth olive skin, perfectly shaped black eyebrows, enormous dark blue eyes with long Bambi-lashes, and the most sensual full mouth. She sat with authority and charisma, two qualities Addison had always found incredibly attractive. Addison mused to herself that this must have been one of the most enjoyable trials she had run as a Crown Prosecutor, inwardly smiling as she realised that, once again, she was wet.

Elizabeth Collins was glad her associate had prepared her judgment in writing because it was all she could do to concentrate on the pages in front of her. Addison Clarke always affected her this way, sitting directly below her in her black robe and wig, her gorgeous oval face framed by the white curls, her long auburn hair in a loose ponytail cascading down her back. Addison’s eyes were a striking green, very intelligent and piercing, and Elizabeth found it difficult to maintain any semblance of focus if she looked into those eyes for long. But is was completely forbidden that any relationship form between the two, and Elizabeth was painfully aware of the necessity to keep a professional distance from the beautiful Crown.

As her decision drew to a close, Elizabeth allowed herself to relax, gazing at Addison over the top of her papers more frequently, taking in the intensity of Addison’s gaze, noticing how she kept touching her mouth as she looked up at Elizabeth with an expression Elizabeth realised was lustful. Elizabeth stammered over the next sentence, blushing as she struggled to regain control of the thoughts suddenly appearing in her mind…..a naked Addison welcoming her into bed, kissing those pouting lips, sliding a hand down her smooth side….No. This cannot happen. Read, dammit …read!

Addison could not help but smile knowingly as she watched Judge Collins struggle. She had caught the look in her eye as she gazed into Addison’s face, and fantasised that the judge had been distracted by dirty thoughts. She pushed herself back from the bar table a little and re-crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together to soothe the throb in her clit, amazed at the slippery way her pussy lips pressed together.

Ten minutes later, the court rose to adjourn, and Addison sighed. She was almost disappointed the trial had ended. The prospect of seeing Judge Collins every bursa eskort day had greatly assisted her to get out of bed….and get to sleep after arching and cumming imagining her lips on the Judge’s clit. Just the thought of cupping that beautiful face in her hands and kissing those incredible lips had Addison groaning out loud.

But she packed up, slowly, looking up to see what the judge was doing as she did. After a few minutes she was surprised to see Judge Collins still there, obviously taking her time. Addison told her solicitor and detectives she’d meet them outside, sighing in relief when they all told her they’d meet her at the pub over the road for a celebratory drink. She turned back to face Judge Collins, scanning the room quickly and realising they were quite alone. Holding her law books in her arms, Addison walked a little closer to the bench, looking up at the judge with interest, waiting to see what might happen.

Elizabeth could feel the quiet descend on the courtroom before she became consciously aware of it. Looking up as she picked up her files, her gaze landed on Addison Clarke, standing watching her with an unreadable expression on her face, arms full of books, her head now bare, gown tucked into her barrister’s bag so that now her exquisitely tailored charcoal pinstripe suit hugged her curves. Elizabeth’s breath caught as she was overcome by the sheer sexual pull she felt towards the younger woman.

“That was a, um…a very well run trial, Madame Crown. Congratulations,” was all she could think to say. Addison bowed her head a little, a knowing smile dancing on her lips, “Thank you, Your Honour. It was a sincere pleasure.” The tone of her voice and the lust in her eyes left Elizabeth with no misconceptions about what was on Addison’s mind, and Elizabeth literally froze with indecision, feeling a quivering heat ignite between her thighs just from that look.

The two women stood rock still and stared at each other for what seemed like an age. Finally, Elizabeth blinked as she saw her associate peak into the courtroom out of the corner of her eye, and she made a decision which she knew she may regret. “Perhaps you would like to discuss this in my chambers, Miss Clarke?” Addison smiled softly, her eyes full of lust, “Yes, Your Honour. Perhaps now would be convenient?” Elizabeth licked her lips and said throatily, “Yes, now is fine.”

The door had barely closed behind them when Elizabeth pushed Addison up against her solid oak desk forcefully, making Addison drop her books and bag in a rush at their feet. Their lips met harshly, the pent up need bursa bayan escort they’d both been fighting for months released in that first kiss. Tongues sliding wetly, hands fumbling with clothing until they broke apart laughing….Addison couldn’t work out how to undo the judge’s robes and Elizabeth guided her hands, watching with parted lips as Addison’s hands slid under them, lifting them from her shoulders.

Elizabeth could not help but let out a low moan as she cupped Addison’s breasts in her hands for the first time, the black lace cups holding those full mounds, the nipples already hard and pressing at the delicate fabric obscenely. Addison’s gasp filled the room as Elizabeth lowered her mouth to a breast, lifting the smooth flesh free of the binding lace and enclosing her sensual mouth around Addison’s nipple eagerly. As she sucked and licked, Elizabeth gradually worked off Addison’s clothes, the expensive suit falling to the floor to join Elizabeth’s as Addison undressed her.

Both women were soaking wet and the musky spice scent filled their nostrils. Elizabeth kneeled to lick Addison’s inner thighs, teasing her until Addison whispered, “If you don’t lick me right now I’ll scream!” Elizabeth looked up at her and giggled, using her thumb to gently, so gently, rub Addison’s swollen clit, driving her crazier. Then ducking her head, she slid her tongue under Addison’s pussy, letting it slide between those slippery full lips, and up, up to massage that throbbing hard clit. Closing her mouth over as much of Addison’s pussy as she could, Elizabeth started sucking as her tongue caressed Addison’s clit, feeling the younger woman’s thighs start to quiver, Addison’s right hand on Elizabeth’s head as she leant back on the desk with her left.

Soon, Elizabeth was pushing one, then two, fingers deep inside her lover, pumping them up into her and reveling in the hot slurps her fingers were eliciting. She could feel Addison’s muscles clenching her fingers rhythmically as she fucked harder, quicker, licking and sucking eagerly.

Addison bit her lower lip, desperate not to make too much noise as she felt her pussy tremor, clench, then explode with pleasure, the long spasms rippling through her like a pool as she moaned and gasped. She couldn’t help but press Elizabeth’s mouth more firmly to her pussy, and cried out finally as a second orgasm started on the back of the first, Elizabeth’s tongue pushing her clit to set off another detonation. Her cunt sucked hungrily on Elizabeth’s fingers as she came, arching back on the desk, whimpering bursa ucuz escort and panting as her body quivered and she was forced to push Elizabeth’s mouth away.

She sat up after a minute, smiling shyly as Elizabeth laughed and held her, saying, “Madam Crown….you are undeniable.” Addison’s hand caressed Elizabeth’s breasts, nipples, tracing down to cup her pussy, feeling the hot liquid soak her fingers, watching Elizabeth’s eyes close and her lips part in pleasure as a soft moan escaped her lips. Pressing her middle finger against Elizabeth’s incredibly swollen clit, she started to slide down to her knees, but Elizabeth stopped her.

“No. I want you to touch me….I want to be holding you as I cum….please?” Addison smiled and kissed the judge’s lips sweetly, sliding her hand back between her legs, a wonder descending over her that this was really happening, her fantasy was a reality. Elizabeth whimpered softly, her arms around Addison’s slender waist, thighs and belly trembling as Addison expertly pressed and rubbed her throbbing clit, juices coating both women’s thighs, and Addison’s hand.

Addison kissed Elizabeth softly as she pushed her fingers under further, feeling the tight slippery ring of Elizabeth’s anus as her palm rubbed that hot swollen clit. She was rewarded by a long low moan in her ear, the panting breath of Elizabeth’s excitement against her neck. Her finger pressed firmly against that tight little pucker, popping inside as Elizabeth gripped her and gasped, humping against her hand. Addison held her hand hard against Elizabeth’s cunt, her finger pushed as deep as she could up Elizabeth’s ass, feeling the anal ring clench and release firmly as Elizabeth started to climax.

Beginning to pant, Elizabeth kissed Addison’s lips feverishly, moaning softly and grinding her swollen pussy on Addison’s hand, clinging to her as she started to cum. And cum. And cum. Wave after wave of pleasure thrilled through her, blocking out every thought as she just closed her eyes and buried her face in the younger woman’s hair, inhaling her perfume and sucking on her shoulder.

Gradually, Elizabeth’s tremors subsided, her panting returning to normal. Addison slid her finger from inside Elizabeth and could only hold her close, her hands tenderly caressing up and down Elizabeth’s smooth bare back.

“Did that just happen?” Addison found herself asking softly. She couldn’t help smiling in pleasure, but felt the familiar post-coital uneasiness set in. Surely this could never happen again. Surely this incredible woman wouldn’t want to have her again. Elizabeth straightened up and smoothed down Addison’s hair, kissing her forehead and smiling a little. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you….” Addison bit her lip, her eyes shining as she felt her heart leap. “We have a lot to talk about then, Your Honour…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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