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I swear, I didn’t want to, but some things just…happen!

Ok, he and I practically grew up together. There was a major age difference and when he hit that stage where “it’s not cool to have little siblings tag along” (you know the stage, yes?), well he hit it and I was allowed to tag along!! He was 13-14, I was 6. There was definitely an age difference.

When he left for college, I felt positively sick without him. I was so lost. My mom even took me to Gramma’s to see what was wrong and she says, “I do say I have seen it before, though never in a relative.”

Mom freaked, “She’s ok, right?”

Gram says simply, “You see her eyes? Her posture? The way she simply looks at things, but doesn’t see them? I’m afraid she has a broken heart. She is missing someone dreadfully.”

A horrid month later, Aaron calls! Yay! All is…not well. He’s getting married to some valley-high chick he met in college.I was asked to be a Bride’s Maid. Whooooopeeeeeee.

He flies in (alone) and first thing we do is go out to dinner. We talk, no mention of his girl, thank the lord. We get done and he says he needs to stop by his hotel room before we go to my house (he’s gonna visit more). Ok, fine with me, whatever. We get in his room and I sit on the bed. He comes out of the gaziantep rus escort bathroom and he’s wearing a towel, only a towel. “I’m gonna take a shower first.”

I lay out on the bed and turn on the cheap TV. I see a porno channel and hey it’s got guys on it! I watch it, and start getting turned on a bit. He gets out and I can’t find the remote to turn the channel. “Well, we have grown up!” He laughs. He stretches out on the bed. I sat up and turned my head back to look at him. He’s smiling, I put my hand on his chest and ask him what he was thinking.

He said “Fucking someone”

me “Oh yeah who”

him “you”

me “what?!”

him “you heard me” He sat up and said “Teresa, I’m not getting married, Crikes I couldn’t do that! I would be leaving you behind!”

me “Ok, so you’re gonna fuck your cousin, me, so I won’t be left behind”

him “you’re pretty smart” And he kissed me. He broke off and smiled. “I took a shower so that I had an excuse to be in a towel”

me “Right good one”

He laughed and pulled him towel off. Boing! He’s always been really good at hiding stuff and I guess hardons were included. He jumped on me and starting pulling everything off. I just let gaziantep swinger escort him.

He said “And the verdict is”

I, who was totally turned on by now, just nodded. He kissed me again and I felt his tongue touch mine and I couldn’t help but think that this was my cousin. Oh well! He got right to the point and lowered his long self and I felt his dick touch my pussy lips and then enter.

He was huge!! I was stretched to the breaking point! He started pumping in and out and I was just beside myself. I moaned as he came. I felt like I was going to explode with everything inside me. “Oh my good lord I’m going to faint” He pulled out and laid out next to me. I got down there and took his dick in my hand, it began to harden at the touch. I licked the tip and I felt him shudder. I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue on the tip.

I took the whole dick (which is pretty amazing) in my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it, using my hand as well, to pump him up *coughs* out. He came and I swallowed every single drop. I licked him dick completely clean and crawled up next to him. He took a tit in one hand and massaged it which became hard instantly.

He smiled and said “Bit nipply in gaziantep travesti escort here”

I laughed “Oh yes, I’ve noticed it was a bit nipply”

He smiled “Well, miss, would like to be warmed up” Me “Good sir, why not” He kissed me and then went down and put his head in front of my pussy. He put his tongue in and I shuddered this time. He licked in and out I kept shoving myself closer to his beautiful tongue. I screamed out and came.

I twisted around but he has grabbed my hips and wouldn’t let me turn over, holly shit I never orgasmed like that before. He sucked me clean and dry. He crawled up and kissed me, I could taste my own juices in his mouth. I climbed on top of him while kissing and sat on his dick.

He broke the kiss when he gasped. He began riding his horse, he was definitely no pony, Yeehaw. He grabbed my hips to help keep me on and I was riding him! Like in that porno I was watching!

Well he said he was gonna cum I could feel I was too here in a minute. I went harder and harder and leaned close to him and kissed him. And came. I muffled a scream/moan in his neck as he came too. It was way too much. He lifted my hips up off and set me next to him. I curled up next to him. I guess I fell asleep because I remember him waking me up. We helped each other get dressed (yeah right-it took us a while to actually get in the clothes). Anyway. We kept this us for a while until everyone found out Aaron wasn’t getting married and they noticed how much time I spent with him alone on the vacations. We’ve had some wild party nights every now and then, but that’s mostly it. Oh, and he’s still huuugest dick I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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