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I smile as I recall December. I must have slept 2 hours the whole trip. Occasionally, I drift back and long to feel her skin against mine one more time. I allow myself to orgasm as I reflect back on all the times I watched her cum. Now that we’ve gone our seperate ways I can’t help but imagine what would happen if our paths crossed again for one more night. There’s always been so much more I’ve wanted to try with her but I admit it’s a little intimidating to imagine I could ever please her like any of her lovers have. I feel my wetness start to build as I allow myself to fantasize about what I want from her so badly.

I smile as I arrive to see her at her hotel. I’ve travelled out of my way to visit her but I know it’s always worth it. We’re completely different people but something unexplainable connects me to her. She’s dressed in her black button down shirt and black jeans. She’s been on the road all day and must be exhausted yet she never ceases to amaze me with her stamina. I’m not one to be stylish, being comfortable is all that matters to me. Nothing special on the outside for me, just a baggy t-shirt and jeans, revealing a slight buldge underneath. She rubs her hand across the hardness of my strap-on.

“What’s that,” she said teasingly as she raised one eyebrow. She knew exactly what it is I wanted. I grinned and leaned in for a belated “Hello” kiss. I took her hand and led her over to the couch. I sat down in the middle with my legs spread open. She crouches onto her knees infront of me in between my legs, from here I can see her tits barely exposed through her shirt. Her breasts are perfect, far bigger than mine. I wanted to see all of her body exposed before me.

“Undress for me… Slowly,” I wanted to savor each minute of this moment. She unbuttons her shirt slowly revealing her black bra underneath. I take in a deep breath, I can’t help but admire her beauty every time I see her even though I still recall ever inch of her body in my mind like it was yesterday. I love how her black thong leaves very little to imagine. I watch as she drops her bra to the ground. Her hand returns between my legs rubbing me as if I could feel the sensations in my cock. The visual stimulation is enough to make me instantly aroused. She unzips my jeans and I scoot my ass in the air for her to remove them completely. I pull my shirt and bra over my head tossing them off to the side. I watch her eyes scan my body and I can’t help but wonder what she thinks. She takes my exposed cock in her hand and touches the tip of her tongue to the head. I see her look up at me. My heart starts racing and I can feel my face become flushed. I can’t help but feel a slight embarrassment at how silly it may seem to want something so bad that I can’t even feel. She doesn’t ever seem to acknowledge that it’s nothing like the real blow jobs she’s given and does it for my pleasure without question. She worked her tongue over my shaft and then the head of my cock disappear between her lips. My hand gripped her hair between my fingers as my hand was on the Beylikdüzü escort back of her head beckoning for her to take me deeper into her mouth. I could feel my leg muscles begin to tense as I watched it slide in and out between her lips. My orgasm was beginning to build.

“Suck it,” I could barely get the words out as my head tilted back against the couch. She slipped two of her fingers with ease into my dripping wet pussy and I let out a loud moan. I fought to keep my head up to watch her. I didn’t want to miss a moment of this but as I exploded in orgasm my whole body shuttered and spasmed. She smiled slightly as if pleased with the reaction she had just caused. As she rose from her knees, she sucked her finger, tasting the cum left behind. My legs felt like rubber as she pulled my hands to get me off of the couch and led me towards the bed. I laid in the middle of the bed on my back as she positioned her legs spread over mine. My cock stood hard with my hand at the base, I bucked my hips slightly towards her but she pushed my stomach back down,” Uhn uh. Tell me.” She wanted to hear the words come out of my mouth.

“I want to watch you ride my cock. I want to watch every inch slide into you,” I didn’t even finish my next sentence before she slid me inside of her. My cock slowly disappeared in and out of her. I reached my hand up to roll her nipple between my fingers. She let out a gasp as I squeezed and tugged. I squeezed her nipple hard between my fingertips. “

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she shuttered in orgasm. I could watch her cum all night. I love fucking her. I love how adventurous she is. I love feeling like I have control over her. The power of fucking her hard or slow, denying or allowing her to cum… I know that’s a power she enjoys as well. I’m used to being on the giving end more so than the receiving end of a cock but something about her makes me crave it.

“Fuck me,” I said boldly. She looked at me almost surprised I had just uttered those words but without hesitation she was quick to fulfill my demand. I haven’t been fucked in over a year and I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold my orgasm long. She leans over top of me and kisses me as she enters my pussy. I can feel my pussy clench around the dick. “Mmmmm,” I let out a little sigh as I had forgotten how it felt to be fucked. She slowly thrusted her hips being gentle, awaiting any sign she could have her way with me. I bit my lip slightly and looked up at her, “Fuck me.” She had the green light to fuck me as hard as she wanted. Her strokes were long and fast. I wrapped my legs around her, “Oh my God, baby.” I passionately kissed her. I knew she needed to cum.

I wanted to fuck her again and give her the same pleasure she had given me. I entered her pussy from behind, leaving her sweet ass exposed. I smacked her bare ass as I fucked her. “Come for me,” as I spanked her again. “Come for me.” I could see her skin beginning to turn red with every stroke of my hand. I rubbed her ass gently with my hand taking note of her exposed asshole. Beylikdüzü escort I’d never touched her there before. I guess that was still one area I was considered a virgin. I had always been curious about fucking her but always hesitant. I tried to shake the impulse from my head as she was close to orgasm. You could hear the slap of my hand against her skin as she begged for more. I never stopped fucking her as I spanked her. She was about to come. I curiously rubbed the rim off her asshole with my fingertip. She didn’t protest at my touch. I continued my curiousity, circling her, wondering what it felt like for her. As she came for me, I had just barely entered my fingertip inside her. I slide out of her and rolled her onto her back.

I curled up against her chest. I had one last chance to experience everything I wanted to give her and once again I was backing down. I couldn’t be timid now. I had neckties in my bag. I liked the idea of restraining her. I pulled her nipple to my mouth cupping my hand on her breast. I pulled back and glanced at her nude body. I got up and brought my tie to the bed. I could feel her eyes watching me curiously and biting her lip. I let the silky texture brush across her skin. I know she’ll let me bound her wrists as long as she’s loose enough to get free.

I placed her arms above her head and as I leaned across her to tie them she took my nipple into her mouth nibbling on me for a moment. I slide my body back down between her legs placing my thigh firmly against her pussy. I was covered in her wetness. I loved her skin brushing up against mine. I thrust my leg into her as I nibbled on her neck. I was careful to not let her come yet. I wanted to savor this moment a little longer.

“Please,” she begged. I could feel my own wetness dripping on to her leg. I was torturing myself by delaying her pleasure. She bowed up off the bed as I squeezed her nipple fiercely in my hand still pushing my thigh up against her until she gave a lustful moan.

“That’s my girl,” I smiled. I wanted to taste her on my lips. I untied her and began working my kisses down her body. I spread her open with my fingers. I circled her clit with my tongue and I inserted my finger inside her. I slid my finger out of her and could feel her wetness remaining. I never stopped stroking her with my tongue. I brought my fingertip down toward her ass and pressed my tip against her. I could feel her pucker. I glanced up towards her and saw no hesitation. I entered her ass half way with my finger. I could feel her tighten around me. I was slow and gentle until she seemed to accept my presence.

“Come for me.”

“Yes, yes, mmmm… yessssss.”

I was highly aroused. I drew myself up towards her and kissed her passionately for what seemed like forever. We had tried something I had never done before and I wanted more. I wanted to give her more. I reached for my strap-on and lubricant. I wanted my cock inside her. I wanted the pleasure of taking her from behind. I didn’t want to hurt her. I didn’t know her Escort Beylikdüzü limits but I longed to have my way with her.

She instinctively rolled onto to all fours and placed her sweet ass in the air. I spanked her sweet ass. I stimulated her hole with my finger and then I slipped my cock inside her. I wanted to go further but she needed to be ready. I was slow and gentle. I was sure she wanted more.

“Do you like my cock? Do you want more?”

“Yes.” I thrusted a little deeper and she let out a moan. I smacked my hand against her ass in a few long strokes.

“Finger yourself,” I commanded. She circled her clit with her fingertip and then rapidly started fucking her pussy. I was aroused at how she could take both at the same time. I spanked her until she came. I laid down with her, catching my breathe. She looked so sexy. I needed her. I needed to come. It was her turn to take control and turn the tables around.

“You won’t be needing this,” she said sliding my strap-on off of me. She disappeared into the bathroom briefly and returned revealing the dildo hanging between her legs. “What did she have in mind?” She reached for the tie; it was her turn to dominate me.

She tied my wrists together. I placed them against the top of the headboard. She had her hands on either side of my hips and lowered me towards her mouth. I felt the warmth of her tongue press against me. She pulled me into her mouth, flicking her tongue back and forth. I could see her look up at me and watch for my reaction. Her hand squeezed my tight little ass check. It’s driving me wild that I can’t place my hand behind her head, that’s always been my first instinct as I come but I never understood why until now. It’s an act of control, a way to force her not to stop until I’m completely satisfied. Now she’s in complete control of it all. I cum into her mouth and try to catch my breath. I’m so sensitive I start to move my hips away.

“No,” she said firmly as she smacked my ass. My pussy throbbed as I felt her tongue against me again. She teased my clit some more before pushing my hips away.

“On your back,” she demanded. She wanted to fuck me. I was not used to being bound when fucked. She placed one hand on top of my hands that were above my head as she used her over hand to guide the dildo inside of my usually tight pussy. I was so wet she slid in with ease. My abdomen muscles clenched nervously but I knew she wouldn’t hurt me. She took her finger and brought it to my lips. I sucked it as if it were a cock. She pulled her finger out and tilted my head to kiss me. Her kisses always made my anxiety vanish.

She pulled me up so I was in her lap. Her arms held me close and my hands were behind her head, still bound together. I rode her cock. She was the only woman I ever let dominate me. The only woman I would ever submit to. She pleased me in ways no other woman ever had.

Before I knew it, we’d fallen asleep and the alarm clock was buzzing. I awake completely naked with my arm around her waist. I hated to let her go but the time had come to part ways. I kissed her cheek and rose to get dressed. We got ready in silence and walked to our cars. I kissed her one last time and we went our separate ways. I watched her drive away in my rearview mirror and whispered, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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