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For my 18th birthday I was given round-the-world ticket as a gift from my parents. I didn’t have a lot of savings, but I decided to go and work along the way to cover my travel costs. I found an orpeh job for a rich family in Long Island, New York. They had a son and two daughters; Tom aged 10, Britney aged 12 and Kathleen 23. I would have to look after the two younger children take care of other things in the household as required. Kathleen lived in the dorm at the ballet school she was attending in Manhattan.

Mrs Anne Katz my boss was a lady in her early 50’s, flamboyant, eccentric, stunningly beautiful and very bossy. He husband was some big businessman and was hardly around, coming home late at night. They lived in a mansion with a pool, tennis court, gym and spa.

I had agreed to spend 3 months with them and they paid me $1000 per month plus free lodging in a guestroom within their pool house. I would get off every second weekend, which I had planned to use to tour New York.

I arrived late October on the day of Halloween. I had just settled into the room and met the kids when Kathleen arrived.

“Hi, you must be the new babysitter, orpeh, whatever it’s called?” this dark haired tall girl questioned me.

“Yes, I am Rachel, I am from Australia and I started today. You must be Kathleen the oldest child?” I asked her wondering why she seemed so aggressive.

“I am normally at the New York Art School where I live at the dorm, but I come back home from time to time, and I have come home for the long Halloween weekend.”

I looked at Kathleen trying to work out what she was made off. She looked a bit punkish with dark straight hair, diamond in her nose; she wore black cotton leggings with a long black silky shirt hanging loose and on top she had a long black trench coat. She wore a lot of silver jewellery. A bit strange I thought to myself, but then she probably fitted in perfectly at the art school.

“Tonight is Halloween and because of our surname — Katz, we have a family tradition to go out on our trick and treats dressed at cats. I am a bit old for it now, but someone needs to take the kids and I normally do, but I have a friend’s party I am going to tonight so you will have to take them. I will give you a an outfit to wear.”

“Ok! ” I replied.

I knew Halloween was a bit of a religion in USA but I have never experienced it Kathleen had returned a few minutes later, carrying some clothes.

“Here, put this black leotard on. I am a bit taller than you but it should fit you as it’s a bit small for me now, and here is a pair of my dancing tights. I have a fur tail from last year Halloween that clips on to the waistband of the tights. One of my mom’s friends is a make up artist and she will come over to paint your face and do your hair. Brit will also dress as a cat. Brit knows what to do and where to go. You will probably be out trick and treating for at least 2 hours.”

“See you later!” Kathleen shouted as she disappeared out of the door.

The phone in my room rang. It was the make up lady. She had finished doing Brits face and now it was my chance. I quickly finished getting dressed Kathleen’s clothes and with the tail in my hand I walked over to the house to get my face painted.

“Hi, I am Sue, one of Anne’s oldest friends. I will be painting your face next”

I watched as she put the finishing touch to Brit’s face. She really did look good, with sparkly whiskers in gold and claws painted over her arms and hands.

The tights were too long for me gathering at the bottom of my feet and the leotard was too loose hanging badly. Kathleen was a taller bigger girl than me.

“You look ridiculous in those clothes” Sue commented not making me feel any better.

“Those tights are badly stretched and the leotard is a few sizes too big for you”

“It must be our lucky day as I have a real catsuit fancy dress in my car, as I also do work for some of the Broadway shows. I even think it’s probably your size. Its been used in Cats the musical. I keep it as I do the girls face and I need to match the colours. It is in a light colour though, I think maybe off white or grey. ” Sue said as she went to her car to fetch it.

She returned with the outfit and handed it to me. “Go try it on sweetie!” she said.

I went to the bathroom and I took off Kathleen’s clothes and then held up the catsuit. It looked quite small. I unzipped the back and I held onto the door to support me as I put one leg into it at a time. It was like putting on a stocking. I then rolled up the stretchy material and pulled it up over my torso. The sleeves were long and fitted like a glove. In fact the whole costume was like a body glove fitting tightly to my figure. I slipped one arm at a time into the long sleeve. I had to suck my breath in to get one shoulders in. As I pulled the material over me I was worried it would tear, but it was quite stretchy. I felt the Beylikdüzü escort inner seem by my crotch. It was quite high and pulled into me. This outfit was skin-tight and pulled tightly against my chest. I would need help to zip up my back.

“Oh Lah Lah! — You look rather sexy!” Sue said looking over at me.

I felt embarrassed at her comment and to be modelling like this in this funny grey, white bodystocking. I had never worn anything like this before.

“I know you are not at the theatre, sweetie, but why not wear the real stuff for Halloween if you get the chance!” Lucy went on.

“Only thing is you should remove your bra and undies. They are showing through and it makes you look tarty”

I looked in the mirror and noticed that my g-string and bra were totally visible under the tight material. It was like a very bad “visible panty line” which pushed the material outwards. I went back into the bathroom and had to contort my spine to get the catsuit off my shoulders. I peeled it off my hips and then sat down on the side of the bath to pull my legs out. I took my white cotton g-string off and I unclasped my white lacy bra and pulled it off and then started again. It was easier the second time round. I looked at myself in the mirror. I could not go out like this is public. The material was like a second skin on me outlining every curve. The tight material pulled against my breasts outlining their shape and my nipples were visible thorough it. The seam pulled right up my ass and my front. I had an unavoidable camel-toe. The material also pulled thinly around my hipbones. What was I supposed to do? I left the bathroom and went back to the lounge.

“That looks much better!” Sue said showing me to the chair to have my face painted.

She pulled up the zip on my back and I knew I was not going to be getting out of this one in a hurry. This was probably something I should just do and forget about, and nobody would see me, as it would be dark outside where we go anyways. Sue painted whiskers all over my face. In fact my face looked black with silver lines around the eyes. She then put on a black lipstick on my lips. The catsuit had a white fluffy tail, which clipped onto the suit at the back.

We went out trick and treating and I am sure the fathers who opened their front doors enjoyed some eye candy as they leered at me while they handed over real candy to the kids. How would they not look? How often does an 18 year old arrive at their doorstep with her breasts exposed other than a thin lycra material encasing them and in a skin-tight bodystocking which leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. I could see them battling with the decision to look at my breasts, focussing on my nipples or down between my legs. After a few visits I stopped feeling so self-conscious and just accepted the looks, while trying hard to focus their attention on the group of kids I was babysitting.

At the one house the bigger brother, probably around 16 years old opened the door and he almost gasped as he saw me. His eyes were transfixed to my pelvis area and it was just so obvious. I felt a bit uncomfortable and I pushed my one leg behind the other and took the candy and held them in front of me, to block view of my private parts. The door shut and as we turned around to go and then the guy re-opened the door with a friend of his by his side, obviously informed as to my presence. They painstakingly handed out more and more candy to the kids as they both took in every opportunity to look me up and down. I felt exposed initially and then thought to myself that if I acted natural it would go away quicker. I removed my arms from in front of me and I stood there under the entrance door light, realising that they were getting a great view, but refused to worry about it. I was friendly back to them as they flirted away keeping me there while the kids were busy receiving more and more candy.

Finally we said our goodbyes and we walked back into the street. I felt a warm feeling like a glow intermixed with a tightness burning deep inside my pelvis, radiating into my pubic region. My groin felt particularly sensitive and it drew my awareness into the feeling down there. The tight catsuit now pulling a deep wedgie between my butt and between my vaginal lips, parting them into two clear sides pressed against my perineum straining against it. I pulled the lycra material outwards, to loosen its grip there, but it returned into the crevice afterwards. It felt sticky on the inside of the material, like a t-shirt that clings to your body in high humidity. What a slut I must look like, I thought to myself.

At 10pm the kids decided we could call it a night and go home. They had collected packets and packets of candy. To them this was a major success- better that all the previous years I was told.

I went to my bedroom to finally get some time to myself and to rid myself of this outfit. As we walk Beylikdüzü escort into the house Kathleen greeted me.

“My oh my! — you really did take the dress ups seriously. Where did you get that stunning catsuit?” she asked me.

I didn’t want to parade around the house like this. I had received enough attention for a night, so I started telling her the story while walking back to my room. She followed me.

“You have to take let me take a photo so you can look back at this night one day” said Kathleen as she clicked her camera before I had the chance to say no.

I reached behind my back to unzip myself, but I could not reach the zip.

“You going need help with that I think” Kathleen said as she stood up and walked up behind me to assist.

She pulled the zip down. She was at least a head taller than me.

“Thank you!” I said.

I was about to pull the material off my one right shoulder using my left hand when I felt two cold hands reach into the gap at the bottom of my spine where it curved and push down inside the catsuit and rest on my butt cheeks. I didn’t know what to think about this.

Obviously she was hitting on me. Is she bi, lesbian?

The shock from this unexpected move and the sudden feeling of cold fingers against the warm flesh of my butt caused me to shudder, jerking my shoulders backwards. The hands came off my butt. I then felt moist lips kiss me at the bottom of my neck. These lips gently danced around my neck and shoulders kissing me erotically, nibbling away at different parts of my neck and shoulders and then biting me hard at one point and then moving to another and biting me again with greater intensity.

I felt my skin tingle like those that make your hairs stand out. My root chakra in my pubic area was now ignited and the fire was rising through my body, uncoiling itself from its root in my perineum and surging upwards setting flame to all the nerves that lay in its determined pathway. My nipples came alive, standing out to attention. The skin of my neck and shoulders reddened and became ultra sensitive. I didn’t know what to do or say.

I was about to move forwards out of her reach and recollect myself and work out what to do next; to allow myself a moment to rationalise my actions, when Kathleen’s arms reached around my waist from behind me, as she guided her fingers on the outside of the lycra catsuit. They brushed up the smooth curve of my breast, slowly in a tantalising, teasing way. They slowly went up the curves of my breast from one side brushing against my nipples and the over and down the other side. Each movement sent shudders down my spine and into my groin.

My breath was sucked away as I let out a gasp for air. My abdomen contracted inwards to find oxygen and my pubic bone in unison rotated outwards and upwards, supported by a clenching of my butt cheeks. Nature was taking its course. My body was catapulted into the rhythm. My hip bones opened up and I parted my legs to open the gates for the raging fire within to escape and liberate itself from any bounds. My hands felt clammy and I was soaked between my legs. I had not reciprocated Kathleen’s advances in any way.

“Let me help you out of this suit” Kathleen whispered into my ear as I felt another bite on my back.

She pulled the material off both my shoulders in unison as I stretched them outwards. She then peeled the lycra off my arms until they were free from their confines. I was about to pull the rest off my torso.

“No, no, don’t touch, this is my job!” she commanded.

I just stood there waiting for her next move. She crouched down onto her knees and then peeled the lycra down over my hips and then down just below my butt cheeks. She put her hands on my hipbones as she licked me from the top of my butt crease and down into my crack. I felt the wetness of her tongue as it touched against my anus where it stopped and licked in circular motions. I moaned from ecstasy.

I was feeling a pang in my vagina. My clit was aroused, swollen through its length. I needed relief. I was overheating from over stimulation, but I avoided the temptation to touch myself. Kathleen started to breathe heavily and loudly as she continued to suck me and twirl her tongue around me. My knees were getting shaky and I was struggling to stay standing. They began to wobble. Kathleen in one furious movement pulled the rest of the catsuit down my legs. I lifted one foot after another to release the material from my body. As it peeled off, I noticed that some yellowish creamy substance had stained the little patch of white cotton lining along the inner seam of the catsuit.

I sat down with my naked wet butt on the tiled floor. My knees were bent upwards and I pulled my hands around my legs and sat wondering what to do next. I know I should have taken the lead, but I felt submissive to Kathleen who was 5 years my superior and naturally quite directive. I was Escort Beylikdüzü craving sex in a way I had never felt before. I wanted to have Kathleen so desperately.

Kathleen walked around to her bag on the counter and opened it and took out a long thin white tube. She then pulled her top over her head, revealing a pair of small perky breasts, no bigger than a size A. I noticed that she had puffy areolas of a deep purplish colour than stood out from her breasts with a raised plateau of their own that led to her brownish nipples. She then pulled off her shoes and socks and peeled her leggings off. She removed black cotton bikini panties and started to walk towards me. My eyes were glued to her dark black pubic hair, which was trimmed at the edges but still quite bushy and shaped to a rectangular strip starting up on her mound and stretching down and across her vaginal lips, with numerous little curls of black hairs. In her hand she held the white object she had taken form her bag.

She sat down on her knees facing me.

“This is a vibrator with two pointy ends. I will show you how amazing it is” she said as she clicked the on button and a low frequency hum became audible.

She put her one hand on my right knee and pushed it to the side and then did the same to my other knee, parting my legs to hip width. She then got up and put her one leg over my one knee and then did the same with her other leg. She pushed her butt closer to mine and then took the vibrator and pushed it into her pussy. It watched it slowly sink into her bush as she gently manoeuvred it deeper into her. She arched her back while holding the palm of her other hand flat to the ground to give her stability. She screeched and closed her eyes clenching them tightly. She was breathing quickly and then opened her eyes as she edged her butt close towards mine until our legs were tightly knit together and out butt cheeks touched. I pushed myself closer into her and our pussy’s almost touched. She moved her hand to the side of the vibrator and then pushed her hips until the vibrator was positioned right and she pushed it into my pussy. I immediately felt the ripples vibrate against my pussy walls and causing friction against my clit. I stretched my chest upwards and I felt it move inside me sending glorious quick vibrations through my g-spot.

I took the initiative and I moved my sweaty body closer to Kathleen’s. I bent forwards and I took her puffy nipples into my mouth and I sucked them, twisting them up and down with my lips and enjoying hearing her screaming in response. I found her areola such a turn on. It was so pronounced it was like a tiny little breast perched in the middle of her bigger breasts. I felt it with my fingers lightly touching it up and down its ridge, watching how it got Kathleen so fired up as she contorted her body in unison with my fingers.

Our pussy’s had totally absorbed the vibrator and were sliding skin against skin, my soaked dark brown thin pubic hair immersed against her dark bushy curls. My fleshy folds were rubbing against hers. Our clitorises were touching each other’s. I was at a heightened level of sexual excitement that was so extreme- a place I had never been to before. I moved back to rotate my hips more aggressively against hers having to give up the contact with her nipples. She did the same as we both gyrated ourselves in unison.

We brought our faces close to each other and then we kissed each other slowly, enticing each other by sucking on each other’s lips. I felt a tongue enter my mouth. I opened my mouth wide to welcome it inside as my tongue twirled around it as we French kissed. We turned our faces to take in each other’s tongue deeper and I tasted her saliva as she tasted mine.

We parted and both reached back into a back bend so that we could get our pussy’s closer together again. We rocked our hips into each other with the vibrator acting as a bridge and then I could hold on to it no longer. I let out a little scream as I felt myself cum. Kathleen screamed much louder as she orgasmed at the same time.

We both refocussed as we slowed to a stop pulling our wet bodies apart from each other. As our pussy’s got unglued from each other, we both laughed at the sound of the suction going. The vibrator fell from between our legs. I let out a little laugh and Kathleen followed with a smile. Our bodies were sweated out. Our juices had mixed with each other’s. I looked at my pussy and it had some dark hairs loose intermixed with mine. White sticky residue was still coming out of my pinkness.

We both wanted to just lie down in a heap and fall a sleep from the heavy workout, but Kathleen stood up.

“Wow- how long will you be staying here? I will come and visit often, maybe you can come to my ballet school too?” she said as she got dressed and straightened her hair in the mirror.

We both went white as we heard a knock on the door.

“Rachel, I hope you have everything you need?” “Yes, Anne I am fine”

Kathleen opened the door to leave.

“Oh Kathleen, I never realised you had come home. So you have now met Rachel the new orpeh I take it. She has come all the way from Australia, please make her feel at home.”

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