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We had been married for ten years and life had become very boring, just work and worry. Our sex life declined rapidly after about eight years and after nine, there was no sex at all. Looking back I realize that it was never that good but at least it was sex. I tried to get him interested again but with no luck. I realize now that I had become very boring, not like the somewhat crazy and wild woman he had married. I made a video having sex with two men that I showed to my soon to be husband on our second date! I guess I wanted to become the good little wife like I thought he wanted.

After the year of no sex I was getting very depressed and bitchy, not to mention horny as hell! Then one day I was working in the garden, it was a Saturday and he was out playing golf. It was hot and I wanted a beer but none was in the house, I hardly ever drank beer but was craving something cold and a little buzz. I almost changed as I was wearing only a thin t-shirt and very short shorts but I was tired and hot. I thought I looked a mess and hoped I would not run into anyone I knew.

I drove to the store and as I walked in I saw my reflection in a mirror, you could see the color of my nipples through this dirty, super thin t-shirt and my ass was hanging out! I almost left but no one was in the store except for this young guy behind the counter. I could tell he was checking me out and that sort of turned me on. I got some beer and went up to the counter. By now the cold of the store had made my nipples stand out and this young guy could barely take his eyes off of them. He stared at my chest as he was ringing things up, which was amusing.

As I walked out this really hot guy walked in, just the type that always turned me on. Tall with dark hair and muscular! He noticed my “display” but all I could think of was how dirty and unkempt I was. I walked to the car and as I was getting in he yelled at me, I had left my keys on the counter. I had not locked the car and was sitting down as he came and gave my keys to me. He bent over and I looked into his dark eyes and felt something I had not felt in a long time, a little feeling I get between my legs that made me remember I had not been laid in a year!

He was really trying hard to pick me up! I automatically moved my left hand so he would see my wedding ring but that didn’t stop him. It was nice to get this attention, I had not been hit on by anyone for a long time, especially someone so hot! He stood up and I could not help myself, I glanced down at his crotch where I could see the nice bulge in his tight jeans. I quickly looked away and started thinking of my husband but then thought, it has been a fucking year since he has screwed me so I deserve to have my little fantasy. He (Tom)talked for about five minutes as I tried to work up the courage to either drive away or pull him into the car.

I was thinking about what he would be like when he asked if I would like to have a cup of coffee? I told him I was looking forward to finishing my garden and this six pack I had just bought. Coffee wasn’t what I had in mind! He started talking about gardens and said he grew lots of vegetable and had almost five hundred square feet of garden space (I had no idea how big that was so I just said wow) He asked me if I would like to see it? To my surprise I said yes, but regretted it as soon as it came out.

I followed him a few miles, almost turning around several times but I kept going. His house was small but really well kept, at least on the outside. It was a bit of man messy inside but not disgusting. We walked through and he showed me his gardens surrounding this beautiful pool and waterfall. I few beers later I began to feel tipsy and knew I was in trouble. He suggested we go in the pool, I laughed thinking of how this t-shirt would look wet. I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea but told him if he wanted to go in it was OK with me. He dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt! I just stood there staring at his almost perfect body. He was tanned top to bottom and hung so big it scared me. He jumped in and came up with a smile on his face. I guzzled the rest of my beer, wondering how many women he had showed off like this to? Again he told me to jump in, I hesitated but pulled off my top and jumped in. The water felt great but sobered me a bit and I started feeling guilty. He swam over to me and kissed me, his body pressed to mine and I forgot the guilt and just melted.

He was erect and I took it in my hand, it was huge and so hard! I had not felt another man’s penis in over ten years (none at all for the last year)and never one so big and hard. I felt him pull my shorts off and having his big arms push me against the pool wall, my legs opened and I felt his erection push to my entrance, it felt huge and I tried to relax. I wondered how many women that had been in and I muttered something about a condom but he started sliding it in and I was so ready! I didn’t care about anything as it slowly slid inside of me. It was so big, like nothing I had ever had before and I was surprised that it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it should. It just kept escort gaziantep bayan haberleri going and going in and I swear it felt like it bottomed out inside of me. I had never been so full before. He began to push it in and out and I felt like I had been speared, all I could think about was that cock sliding in and out. He wasn’t gentle like my husband and I was so glad about that, I didn’t need to be made love to I wanted to be fucked! I knew I was just a conquest, a woman he had picked up less than an hour before and already had his cock inside. He must have thought I was a slut but I didn’t care.

The water in the pool was churning and splashing as Tom rammed it in and out. That seemed to sober me a bit and I began to get scared. I asked him not to cum inside of me even though I wanted him to empty himself into me so bad. He began to fuck harder and I knew he was ready and when his body stiffened there was a pause, a brief second before he let loose. He was buried as deep as he could be and I began to orgasm, I was holding my breath and I felt a scream coming out. I had never came so hard that I had needed to scream but this time I could not stop. The scream came out of my lungs as my body shuddered, he knew he had made me cum, truly cum like I had always wanted to but was never able with any other man.

He was holding off, this guy knew how to fuck a woman! He began to pump again, just a couple of times is all it took and I realized he had no intentions of pulling out. I felt his hot juice shoot inside of me and I knew he had planned on planting his seed in me all along, and I wanted that!

He carried me out of the pool to his couch, I was like a limp doll as he sat me down. We where dripping wet from the pool and I felt his deposit leaking out of me. He walked into the kitchen and brought back a couple of beers. We just sat there for a minute and sucked them down. He was still erect and I began to stare at it wondering how I took that all in and if I could ever be satisfied with my husband’s small penis again.

He reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled it to his cock. I stroked it, sucked down the rest of my beer and took his thing in my mouth. It felt like the right thing to do, a small thank you for what was one of the best fucks of my life! I kissed his shaft up and down and tried to take it all in my mouth but it was just too big. It tasted like pool water and a mixture of our juices but i didn’t care. He just laid back and enjoyed my thank you. I was stroking and sucking hard, hoping to make him cum but after a few minutes he stood up and turned me around. My face was pushed to the back of the couch and my knees where on the edge. I had always loved this position as it made men feel larger and go deeper but now this scared me, he was just too big! I felt myself open up, I craved the feeling of being filled with his cock again. He pushed himself into me with one stroke. I know I gasped as he forced me forward over the back of the couch. I just stared at the wall as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back holding me in the position he wanted. He was almost brutal as he went at me with his huge cock. He was using me like a piece of meat, not seeming to care if I was enjoying it at all. I came again and again until he finally filled me with his cum and pulled out, I felt so empty as it left, wishing he would have stayed in just a little while longer.

I was so wiped out from working in the garden, the beer and sex I passed out. It was dark by the time I woke up, I was dry mouthed and dizzy as I opened my eyes and realized where I was and what had happened. At first I thought it all a dream until I looked around at this strange room. He must have carried me to bed but I don’t remember.

I looked around but he wasn’t there. I realized my shirt was beside the pool and my shorts and panties where probably still at the bottom of the pool! I wrapped myself in a towel that he had left and walked out. He was just sitting there watching TV. I was way too ashamed to even think about anything but getting out of there and getting home, I was sure my husband was wondering where I was.

This guy had found my shorts and t-shirt but no panties, I wondered if he was keeping them to hang on his bedpost? I pulled them on and told him I had to go. I staggered to the car and found my phone.

My husband had called several times. I tried to think of an excuse but my head was spinning and I just wanted to get home. I pulled into the garage and got out, he was waiting for me. I know I must have looked like I had been drinking and fucking all day. I just went into the bathroom and undressed. I know I smelled like pool water, beer and sex! He walked in and asked me who I had been with? The look on his face told me there was no sense in lying. I pulled on my robe and we sat and talked. I told him everything that happened. I cried and he sat there stone faced. I wondered if our marriage was over. I thought he would never forgive me. I also wondered if it was for the best, we had grown apart.

Then escort gaziantep hikayeleri he said something that floored me, I didn’t believe my ears. He said he understood and didn’t blame me. He was sorry he was unable to fulfill his “duties” as a husband and he couldn’t expect me to live without any sex. I sat there shocked and wondered what next? He got up took my hand, leading me to the bedroom. For the first time in a year he made love to me, it was wonderful! I didn’t think I had any sex left in me but once we started I began to get aroused even though I was so terribly sore and a bit hungover. His penis was so much smaller but he was so much more gentle than Tom.

That night and again the next morning we made love like we used too, and even though it was not the mind blowing sex I had just had it was enjoyable and comforting. However, I found myself wishing he was just a little bigger and more aggressive.

I told him I was not going to see that guy ever again and a strange expression came over his face. One I didn’t understand but thought it was because he didn’t trust me anymore, so I said nothing.

A few weeks went by and the sex tapered off to nothing. I could not go back to not making love again and I know my husband sensed that. It was then he suggested that maybe me finding another lover would be best! It was then I understood that me having sex with someone else turned him on! I was confused, I would hate it if he had been with another woman and now I find out he wants me to fuck other men? I could not wrap my head around that! Weeks went by without even talking about sex. Then one day as he was getting ready for his golf thing I walked out wearing this super sexy dress, I had shaved down there and lifted the skirt to show him my “hardwood floor, no carpet to match the drapes” That was something he always wanted me to do for him. He just stared at me with this sort of I wonder what is going on expression. He asked what I had planned for the day and why had I shaved? I just smiled and told him I was just going out shopping, hoping he would get the hint and forget about golf that day.

I watched as he drove off, thinking he would stop and turn around but he didn’t. I had no intention of doing anything up to that point but now I intended to give him something to think about. I called Tom and asked him what he was doing? I told him I was free and wanted some company, he jumped at that and the day was fantastic, we met at a place for lunch, then went back to his house. I called my husband and told him I was staying at a girlfriends house for the night. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then just told me to have a good time. I said oh yes I will! I stayed all night and woke up the next morning wrapped in this Tom’s arms.

I drove home after some hot morning sex and my husband, John, was cutting the lawn. He asked loud enough for the neighbors to hear how my friends wedding was. He was making excuses for his wife coming home dressed like a slut at nine in the morning! I went in and he followed me, I pulled up my skirt and showed him my shaved pussy, my just been fucked and still cum soaked pussy! I could tell he was getting aroused by the bulge in his shorts so I sat down on the couch, my legs apart enough so he could still see up my skirt. He asked how my night was and I started telling him all about it in detail. I told him how it felt to have that huge cock in my mouth and how it tasted when he shot that warm cum down my throat. He began to get more excited as I told him how that guy had put his cock inside my pussy, how it hurts at first because it is so big and hard, how I orgasm a little as it slides in.

My husband unzipped his pants and began to masturbate. I was getting really hot now too so I slipped my hand between my legs and continued with my narrative of the night. I asked him how it felt, to know this guy was fucking his wife with a cock twice as big as his and leaving his cum inside of her? He was flushed now, he looked like he was ready to explode! I told him he better not make himself cum playing with himself! He started walking towards me looking like he wanted sex but I stopped him and told him he would have to wait, I wanted him to go down on me first. He got on his knees between my legs and started kissing my pussy, he didn’t even object to the taste of another mans cum in it!

I was just getting into this tongue whipping when my phone rang, it was Tom. I answered and looked down at my husband who was licking me like a puppy licks his masters hand. I felt sorry for him suddenly, but he seemed to be enjoying this. Tom was just calling to see if I made it home OK.

I was so aroused by this time and Tom’s deep voice was making me hotter. I looked down at my husband who was playing with himself, I put my hand over the phone and smacked him on the head (I wish I had a rolled up newspaper) and told him to stop that! I went back to talking to Tom and of course the conversation turned to sex. I told him how wonderful he was, I told him how I loved his huge cock and escort gaziantep bayan ilanları the way he made me cum over and over. I also told him he was the best fuck I had ever had and that I never came like that with any other man, especially my husband. That seemed to turn my little puppy on more as he licked harder. I was just about to cum when Tom suggested I drive over. I told him I would rather him come over here, my husband was out of town and I was lonely. My husband looked up at me with these wide open puppy eyes and stopped licking, I just pushed his head down between my legs. Tom said he could come over but it would be awhile.

The moment had passed and I knew I wasn’t going to orgasm again so I pushed John away. I was feeling mean so I told him I was going to get myself ready for a real fuck!

He just sat there on the floor as I showered, he was erect and excited but he knew he dared not touch himself. He almost looked like it hurt, “blue balls?” The thought made me laugh.

I told him I needed to lay down and as we where having company he needed to clean the house. I fell asleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up the house was spotless! He must have worked like crazy, I am sure he was trying not to jerk off. He looked at me and said he needed to have sex, I laughed and told him he had his chance for the last year, now “it” belonged to Tom. He looked like he was about to cry, poor thing!

I left him standing there as I put on my face and dressed. I was excited about having Tom over but didn’t know what to do with my husband? The doorbell rang, I knew it was Tom so I told hubby to go into the guest room and STAY there. Tom was dressed in this really tight tank that showed off his shoulders and chest. His shorts made his tight ass look really good and a hint of the bulge I was getting to know so well. I let him inside and closed the door, didn’t want neighbors to see me kissing him! After a few glasses of wine we hit the hot tub, naked! I could see John looking at us through the window, he had opened it just a slit so he could hear and see everything. I got on top of Tom and kissed him, feeling his cock getting hard. I asked him to sit on the edge of the tub and when he did I started suckling on his manhood. I knew hubby could see and wondered if he could really take this? I must have been doing something right as Tom filled my mouth after just a few seconds. I had a hard time swallowing all of it and gagged a little. I laughed and washed it down with the rest of my wine. I looked over at the window and I could see John watching and I smiled at him. I held Tom’s cock again and licked the tip clean as I stared into my husbands eyes.

It was then that Tom pulled my ear to his face and whispered “I saw someone watching in that window, is that your husband?” I told him yes and he said why don’t we give him a real show.

We went inside and Tom sat on the couch, still erect after all that fucking and cumming! He told me to go get my husband so he can get a close up view of his wife fucking another man.

I opened the guest room door and looked at John, he was just standing there naked with his little erection in his hand. I looked down at it and laughed. You have been touching yourself I see? He quickly took his hand from it and started to say something but I told him to shut up and grabbed his cock forcing him to follow me. I led him into the living room by his little thing and made him stand in front of Tom.

I let go of it and sat next to Tom, I grabbed his big cock and showed it to my husband. This is a cock, a real cock! I stroked it then kissed the tip, looking at my husband all the time. Tom said “you where right, he does have a tiny dick” My husbands head dropped and he looked like he was about to cry.

I crawled up on Tom and let his cock sink deep into my pussy, my back was to my husband so I turned my head to see what he was doing. Tom grabbed my head and turned my face to his and told me to forget about him and fuck him. I began to pump up and down enjoying his shaft. It was wonderful and he knew how to use it. I really got into it forgot about John, just feet away from me watching every move. I came, not a little but a deep orgasm that shook my whole body. I started begging Tom to fuck me, I know I was loud and knew I was calling Tom by name. I wonder if the neighbors heard me?

Tom wasn’t finished, he turned me around so I was facing my husband then pulled me back so John could see his cock deep inside my pussy. Tom told him to lick your wife’s pussy clean! My husband got down between my legs and started slurping away. This was wonderful, a hard cock deep in me and a tongue working my clit!. Tom pulled me up and off him, I felt empty again and wanted it back inside but now Tom said, while you are down there, lick me clean too!

John just looked up but didn’t do as he was told, he just knelled there and started to shake his head. Tom pushed me aside and stood in front of my husband. He grabbed his head and pushed his cock to John’s lips. Suck it bitch! Open your mouth and suck my cock! I could see my husbands eyes looking at me. He looked ashamed and beaten, I just looked back and told him to do as he was told. He opened his mouth and Tom forced it as far as it would go, gagging my husband. He began to face fuck him, holding his head and pumping away as John gagged. The tears where rolling down his face and his spit was dripping off his chin. I began to masturbate, this was turning me on like I never thought it would!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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