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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Joefelton


Walk on the Wild Side

Day 19

As I wake up the next morning it takes me a minute to realize I’m not alone in bed; then another to remember this warm, soft body I’m snuggled up to is my mother. Mom and I are somewhat tangled around each other, so despite trying my hardest to slide out of bed without waking her as I fall off the bed and land hard on my ass I see Mom’s eyes opening.

“Abby,” Mom blinks several times trying to wake up, “What are you doing in your father’s and my room?”

“Mom we’re in a hotel, not at home and this is my room… remember?”

She blinks a few more times and rubs at her face as she sits up, when she notices her lack of clothing, “Abby, why am I in your bed naked?”

“You really don’t remember anything from last night or yesterday in general?”

She sits and thinks for several minutes before sitting upright and looking at me in pure shock, “Oh my god! What the hell did I do?!”

Not sure what part of our crazy day yesterday she might be remembering I quietly ask, “What do you remember?”

“Everything!! Or at least I think everything,” she adds in a more controlled voice.

“Okay, Mom tell me what you do remember.”

Mom climbs off the bed, either forgetting she’s naked or not caring anymore, and starts pacing around the room, “Okay, first I remember your Dad being upset with me and saying he and the boys would spend the day together and I should go spend it with you. I came to your room, found you naked, then…,” she trails off as her face turns red, “Did I really seduce a strange black man into a threeway with us?”

“Well, kind of. Neither of us actually fucked him, but there was a lot of oral,” I say and despite myself let out a small giggle.

“Abby this isn’t fucking funny!!” Mom screams at me in a way I’ve never seen her before. “I fucking cheated on my husband, your father,” then as if remembering more, “Oh god with two different men, and all while my innocent daughter watched,” she says as she falls to the floor and starts crying.

I rush over to her and pull her into a hug as I try to calm her down, “Mom please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to laugh. It was not how I ever expected to spend the day with my Mother but I enjoyed every minute of it. And besides, I’m not an innocent little kid who was forced; I was and am a very horny and consenting adult.”

“Ok fine, then I didn’t corrupt my little girl,” she huffs between sobs, “but I still cheated on your father. He would never do something like this to me.”

I suddenly feel even worse than I already did because I know for a fact Daddy has cheated on Mom, with me. I debate back and forth in my head for several minutes as I still hold Mom, until I come to a decision, “Mom… there’s… there’s something I have to tell you.”

Finally having stopped crying Mom wipes her eyes and looks up at me, “What is it sweetie?”

“Mom… I…” then for the next ten minutes or so I explain everything I’ve been up to, well at least what concerns Daddy. The words come out of me at such a fast rate I’m not sure if I even take a breath while explaining and just hope Mom can understand what it is I’m saying, though there is still a part of me screaming in my head to shut up and run.

When I finally finish Mom and I just stand there staring at each other, I don’t even remember standing up. Finally Mom just calmly asks, “You fucked your father?”

“Mom… I’m sorry,” I say as I nod yes.

“You little bitch!” Mom screams as she slaps me.

Between the shock of her sudden attack and the strength behind her slap I fall flat on my ass, “Mom I’m so sorry,” I start crying.

Mom looks down at me like she might hit me again, then bursts out in tears, “Oh sweetie no, I’m sorry,” and falls to my side and pulls me into a hug.

We just sit there crying in each other’s arms for what feels like hours, though Im sure it’s only around ten minutes. When we finally calm down enough to talk Mom holds me and arm’s length, still with tears dripping down her face, “Abby can you ever forgive me?”

I wipe my eyes and try to speak but at first nothing comes out, then finally I manage, “Oh Mom,” and pull her back into a hug.

After several minutes of holding each other we both stand up. Mom rubs my cheek that I’m sure still has an outline of her hand across it, “Abby, I really am sorry. I just… I don’t know… I…”


“Exactly. Oh Abby, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I hit you like that. I don’t think I ever even spanked you growing up.”

“Mom, really it’s fine. You did just find out I… uh… fucked your husband. But,” I drag out the word, “if you really want to make it up to me I have an idea.”

“Oh baby anything,” Mom says almost desperately.

I walk over to the bed, then bend over it. I look over my shoulder back at Mom, “Spank me now.”


In my best little girl voice, “Mommy, I’ve kahramanmaraş escort been a very bad girl I deserve to be punished.”

“Are you serious?”

As an answer I simply wiggle my butt at her.

“This has become the weirdest family vacation ever,” Mom chuckles before walking to me and giving my ass a hard slap.

As Mom sits down to really start spanking me my only thought is, ‘Mom, you don’t even know the half of it.’

After spanking me long enough that both ass cheeks are bright red Mom finally stops. I just lay there for a moment as I try to adjust to the pain in my ass. When I thought of letting Mom spank me I never imagined she’d be as rough as she was, but I never complained. I think Mom needed a way to vent her still mixed up feelings.

“So your father really fucked you?”

Thinking we had covered this and not sure where she was going I simply say, “Yes.”

Mom kneels behind me and spreads my legs and before diving into my pussy chuckles, “Dirty old man.”


For nearly an hour Mom licks me to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after… well, you get the point. Finally when I’m so weak Mom has to help me just roll over, she stops and lays next to me and explains her plan to get back at Daddy. As Mom finishes telling me her plan I just giggle, “Mom, are you sure about this?”

“It will serve him right,” Mom laughs.


As per the plan about half an hour later I answer the door to find Daddy, “Abby, what’s wrong? Your text was just Daddy my room help.”

I open the door fully to expose my still nude body and pull him into my room and close the door, and in an excited tone say, “Daddy, I’m not sure what happened but I need your help.”

“Help with what?” As an answer I point to the bed where Mom is ‘passed out’ completely naked and only slightly covered by the sheet and blanket, “Abby, why is your mother naked in your bed?”

“I don’t remember but based on the fact I was naked next to her and with the taste in my mouth I have a pretty good idea what happened.”

For several seconds Daddy’s eyes jump back and forth between my naked body and Mom’s and lets out a groan, clearly thinking of what my words just suggested. I have to bite my tongue so I don’t laugh at his reaction. Then I glance down and just as Mom expected the thought of us together with the visual evidence has Daddy sporting a large tent in his pants.

I pretend to be shocked, “Daddy, did you just get hard thinking about Mom and me… together?”

“I…I…,” he stammers for a minute then grins, “well shit, Abby, what do you expect?”

“Daddy you are such a perv,” I huff.

“Says the girl who just recently begged me to fuck her,” Daddy snaps back.

I just stand there in silence for a moment then with a grin say, “That’s different.”

“Oh and why is that?”

“I’m a teenage; and everyone knows we’re just walking hormones,” I say in that sassy smart ass tone that teenage girls have perfected over the generations.

“Yeah well, I’m a man and everyone knows we love the idea of two hot chicks getting it on,” he teases as he rubs his cock through his pants.

Acting shocked, “Daddy!”

“Oh please, if I pulled this out right now can you honestly tell me you would be more offended than turned on?”

I stop and think a moment, then grin, “Well no.”

Daddy takes a step closer to me and rubs my cheek, that thankfully no longer has the imprint of Mom’s hand, “Sooooo my naughty little girl, do you want to maybe help Daddy out?”

As I drop to my knees and start undoing Daddy’s pants I think to myself, ‘Wow, this is working even better than Mom had planned.’

As his hard pole springs free of his pants and boxers, I let out little giggle and give him a soft kiss to the head. I then open my lips just enough to let my tongue slip out and swirl it around his head making him moan. I give him another quick peck on the head before licking my way down his shaft to his balls. I pull one ball into my mouth as I slurp and suck on it, while I run my hand up Daddy’s leg and slowly start stroking him.

I spend about five minutes licking and sucking Daddy’s balls before licking my way back up his shaft until the head is resting on the tip of my tongue. I smile up at Daddy as I slowly inch by inch take him balls deep, “Oh fuck baby girl, that feels amazing.”

For the first few minutes of Daddy’s blowjob I keep eye contact with him as I slowly work him all the way in my mouth then all back out, then back in again over and over. In fact I get so involved in sucking Daddy’s big, tasty cock I forget for a while about the plan. When I suddenly remember Mom is laying in the bed not five feet from us fully awake waiting on me to do my part I increase my speed until I’m fucking my own face with Daddy’s cock.

It only takes a few minutes of this fast paced head before Daddy moans out, “Oh fuck Abby, I’m gonna cum!”

I take him balls deep and hold him there a few seconds before kapalı gaziantep escort pulling completely off his cock and smile up at him, “Do it on my face Daddy. Cover my face in your seed.”

Daddy starts stroking his cock so fast his hand is a blur until he’s right on the brink, and right on cue as his first thick rope of cum splashes over my face Mom sits up and yells, “What the fuck is going on.”

“Oooooh fuck… oh… Susan… I can…oh god… explain,” Daddy barely manages to get out between groans as he fires shot after shot all over me.

When Daddy finally stops shooting Mom gets off the bed and in a very sarcastic tone, “Yes please, my sweet loving husband, explain why our daughter just got a face full of her siblings?”

Daddy does his best to come up with an explanation but all that comes out of his mouth are pants as he tries to catch his breath and a jumble of nonsense noises. We let him suffer for a minute or two before Mom and I both lose it and start laughing, which based on the look on his face confuses poor Daddy all the more.

He does eventually manage to say one word, “What?”

It takes Mom and I a few moments to compose ourselves but we finally do and explain everything to Daddy. Of course the explanation leaves out what neither of them know about me and my brothers. When Mom and I finish our explanation nearly twenty minutes later Daddy is clearly not happy.

“So you’re telling me you cheated on me several times over and to tell me this you come up with this mean spirited little joke?”

Mom is clearly uncomfortable, “Um,… yes. But to be fair you cheated on me too.”

“Yes with one person and I’ve felt horrible about it. You on the other hand let me see if I got this right, fucked our daughter, more than once; gave a hand job to a store clerk; let a very large black masseur eat you out and titty fuck you, after shoving that whole monster down our little girl’s throat; then you two go to a strip club and in front of who knows how many creeps did a strip tease together and then after all that let the club owner do all but fuck your ass. Is that about the gist of it?”

“More or less,” Mom says quietly.

Daddy mentioning the club makes me remember the envelopes of cash, “Mom I just remembered,” and run over to the night stand and grab my envelope, then Mom’s out of her purse, “look at this.”

Before Mom can take the envelopes Daddy snatches them from me and quickly looks through them, “Holy shit Abby, how much is this?”

“What are you talking about?” Mom asks.

“Those are our winnings from last night,” I tell her.

“Oh right, I completely forgot. So… ummm… how much is there?”

“Ten thousand.”


“Each,” I add with a grin.

Daddy is reading the note Mr. Reed left in Mom’s envelope, then with a stupid smile, “Fuck Susan, if you can make this much just from stripping with our daughter and fucking the club owner maybe we should just move here.”

“Ha ha ha, I’m not a fucking hooker,” Mom fake laughs, then with a real smile, “but I will be taking that,” Mom says before snatching the envelopes from him and handing me mine.

As I take it I smile at Mom, “Mom, to be fair to Daddy we earned this from stripping, not from fucking Mr. Reed.”

“That’s not the point,” she snaps then smiles, “but we can keep that in mind.”

“God this is so fucked up,” Daddy groans as he plops down on the edge of the bed.

I go over to him and want to say something to make him feel better but all I can say is, “Daddy… I … we…”

“Abby sweetie, I know…” he trails off as he looks up at my face. “Oh god… so fucked up,” he says before laughing.

“Honey why are you laughing?” Mom asks clearly concerned.

While still laughing Daddy answers by pointing at my face. Mom looks at me then joins in Daddy’s mirth. Now I’m the only one left out of the joke and completely confused, “What the hell is so funny?”

“Go look in the mirror,” Mom says still laughing.

I go over to the mirror and it takes a second for me to realize what has my parents laughing like idiots. There, now dry, still all over my face is the cum Daddy blasted me with before Mom’s “interruption.” I really want to be mad at them for laughing at me but when I turn and see them sitting next to each other laughing I can’t help but start laughing too.

When we all get over this sudden burst of goofiness Mom gets serious and looks at Daddy, “Daniel, are we going to be okay?”

“I want to say yes, …but Susan with what you did,… look of course I still love you but… fuck I don’t know.”

For a few moments the room is dead silent and the only thing going through my head is, ‘I’m watching the end of my parents’ marriage and it’s my fault.’

Finally Mom breaks the silence, her voice sounding like she could start crying any second, “Daniel, you have no idea how sorry I am, truly. I’ll do absolutely anything to make this right. If you want I’ll be your slave kaliteli gaziantep escort for the rest of our lives. I’m serious; you tell me to do anything and I’ll do it no matter what.”

“Susan, that wouldn’t be a marriage. I don’t want a slave. I want my loving wife.”

“Daddy…” I start to say but no words form.

They both look at me as if they had forgotten I was there. Again there is a long silence and again Mom breaks it, this time actually crying as she stands up and says, “Daniel I’ll let the boys know… if that is what you want… after all I’m the one who messed everything up.”

Hearing Mom saying she messed things up and telling Danny and Jack so made something snap in me and without even really thinking I start screaming, “Mom shut up you didn’t mess anything up. I did. I was the one who did what I did in that restroom. Was the one who watched you two in the hotel. I was the one who acted like a slut blowing that desk clerk. I was the one that teased that poor salesman to the point that you felt bad and helped him. I was the one that seduced Daddy. Was the one… I was the…,” I trail off as I start crying before screaming even louder before falling to the floor in tears, “I was the one that ruined our family.”

Mom and Daddy both rush over to me and pull me into a hug. For a few minutes we all just cry in each other’s arms.

“I’m so sorry,” I finally mange to say between sobs.

“Oh sweetheart, you have nothing to be sorry for,” Mom says squeezing me tighter, “we’re the adults. We are the ones that should have kept things from going so damn far.”

“Abby, your mother is right. You have no reason to feel bad. You didn’t ruin our family. You didn’t ruin anything. I promise you sweetie we will work through this.”

I feel Mom look at Daddy, “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes of course. I’m sorry I got so upset. I mean really we’ve shared our fantasies over the years and I know you get more than a little crazy when you drink, so I never should have… well… Damn it Susan I love you more than anything and nothing will ever change that.”

While still holding me, Mom and Daddy share a deep kiss. A kiss that Daddy clearly enjoys as I feel something hard suddenly pressed against my naked hip.

“Daddy, I’d ask if you had something in your pocket but seeing as none of us are currently wearing pockets I’m guessing you like Mom’s kiss,” I giggle.

They break their kiss and Daddy kind of stammers and Mom simply laughingly says, “Men,” before wrapping her hand around Daddy’s hard cock.

After a few minutes of Mom slowly stroking Daddy’s cock, Mom smiles up at him, “So I guess things are good now.”

“Not quite,” Daddy moans.


“It will be when you and Abby help each other take care of that.”

Mom and I share a smile before both dropping to our knees. We each start licking our side of Daddy’s cock. Eventually I move up to the head as does Mom and after sharing a long tongue kiss with Daddy’s head between us I slowly take Daddy’s cock to his balls, which Mom is now drooling all over.

For the next twenty minutes or so Mom and I take turns alternating between sucking Daddy’s cock and licking his balls. As Daddy start showing signs of nearing his breaking point Mom and I go back to jointly slurping at his cock. In no time at all Daddy loses it, “Oh fuck yes I’m cummmminnnng!!”

For the second time today I’m getting a load of Daddy’s cream blasted over me, as Mom pulls our faces together in front of his spraying cock. Not as big a load as the first Daddy still nearly collapses from the shear pleasure of us milking him.

When Daddy finishes he takes the few steps to the bed before sitting down hard, while Mom and I start cleaning each other off with long slow licks all over the other’s face. Once we have thoroughly cleaned up each other we both crawl over to Daddy and make sure he’s clean too.

As we do Daddy half moans, half laughs, “Fuck Susan, if I’ll get this treatment after every time you can go fuck who ever you want.”

Mom pulls away and in a serious tone, “Daniel, I’m never doing anything with anyone besides you ever again. I’m not taking the chance of really losing you.”

“Susan, to be completely honest the thought of you with other people doesn’t really bother me that much, it was more the fact you where doing it behind my back that upset me.”

“Well, we can discuss that later, but first you have to do something.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“You have to fuck five others besides me,” then grins at me, “or Abby. You don’t have to tell me who or any other details you don’t want to share.”

“Wait what?”

“To make things at least somewhat even I want you to go out and fuck five other women. Family doesn’t count so Abby is fair game for both of us.”

“You really want to to do this? This isn’t some wifey good husband test where I tell you you’re all I need? But just to be clear you are more than enough for me,” then with a goofy grin, “but no man isn’t going to take advantage of an offer like that from his wife if it’s real.”

“I’m serious. There is no test or trick or anything else. I really do feel bad about what I’ve done and the only way I can see of making things more or less balanced between us again is you getting some strange. After you’ve done that and we make sure we are really good maybe then we can talk about maybe opening some new possibilities.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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