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For a few minutes after we are alone in your van, there is an awkward silence. You find yourself both amused and slightly bewildered at the way you have been manipulated into making this drive to Ann Arbor so late on a Saturday night. On my side, I am coming down from the high of my success in getting you here, and beginning to wonder what comes next.

To cover for the sudden insecurity I feel, I light a cigarette and ask if you mind if I turn on the radio. You tell me to help myself and I do. As I lean forward to adjust the station you glance at me, again wondering just how old I am. From my looks you think I could probably pass for twenty, perhaps twenty-one, and I’ve spent the evening trying to steer you to that conclusion. But there is a certain naiveté under my bravado that makes you suspect I am several years younger…the simple fact that I am here, alone with a man I barely know, reinforces your suspicions.

Still, you admit it was a safer bet than the alternatives I’d had. The man I’d arrived with is still back at the party, quite drunk and possibly even passed out by now. You think back a few hours…how you’d noticed us immediately when we walked in, laughing. My glance crossed yours, an attraction sparking immediately between us…my laughter had faded and I’d looked away in confusion, before my gaze was drawn inexorably back…something about you both tempting and warning me at the same time.

It hadn’t been long before I’d regained my aplomb and I’d casually sauntered over in your direction. Intercepting a passing joint I’d joined the conversation of those around us. You’d found it difficult not to watch me…my gestures animated, the expressions on my face as I talked…but it was my mouth that drew you, glistening from the lip gloss I wore – smiling, laughing, pursed around the opening of the beer bottle when I took a drink…

Feeling your gaze on me I’d looked over at you and smiled, a glint of mischief in my eye. The slow curve of your lips acknowledged the interest – and taking it as an invitation I’d moved around the couch to sit beside you before bothering to ask if the seat was taken.

The subsequent conversation is a bit of a blur, though you remember being surprised and amused at how blatantly I’d come on to you. I’d flirted shamelessly, and of course you’d been too gallant to do anything less than respond. Still, there was more than amusement in your response. You remember the smell of my perfume combined with the fresh scent of the shampoo I’d used to wash my hair – can smell it now as I sit beside you, in fact, and you shift at the unexpected arousal it causes. When I’d leaned across your leg to steal your beer from the table beside you, the heat of my body so near to yours had inspired an erotic image so vivid it almost made you blush. Sitting up, my eyes had caught yours…my teasing look made it clear I suspected the train of your thoughts, though whether it was because I’d read your mind or intentionally set out to plant the vision was hard to determine.

At some point there’d been a bit of a scene; finally noticing my absence, my companion had wandered over. He’d been at that belligerent stage of drunkenness, talking loudly, insisting he wanted to leave for another party he knew. My hesitation was clear; I was concerned by his state and had no desire to leave with him. Seeing my dilemma you’d taken it upon yourself to distract him…when you returned from settling him down with another beer my grateful look made it worth the effort.

“Boyfriend?” you’d asked casually.

I shook my head no and explained how we’d met at a bar a few hours before, where he’d invited me and my friends to this party. The problem was that my friends had moved on to god knows where, and I was suddenly dependent on him for a ride back to Ann Arbor and home. The foolishness of my predicament had caused you to take a closer at me, and it is then that you wondered for the first time just how old I might be. It is obvious I hadn’t anticipated being stuck in this way and the look of concern on my face took several years off your previous estimate.

You’d sighed, and realizing you were stuck had given in to the inevitable, offering to drive me home. The brief look of victory in my eyes was quickly masked beneath my lashes — but not so quickly that you missed it entirely and you’d nearly laughed out loud at how smoothly I’d maneuvered you.


Your musing now is interrupted by my voice asking you to pull off at an exit we are fast approaching. You comply without thinking and then look over with a question, to which I respond with a mysterious smile. I tell you there is a place I know nearby that is quite lovely if you’d like to see it. Unwillingly you are caught once again by that smile, and without thinking it through very clearly you agree.

We slowly navigate a few residential streets, and suddenly there is a huge lake in front of us. We are on the shores of Lake St. Clair, and I explain Beylikdüzü escort that my grandparents used to live within walking distance of this place. Somehow you find yourself convinced to pull out a blanket from the van and we are soon sitting on the sand in front of the water…the summer night is hot, but the sky is cloudless and the stars shine brightly down upon us where we sit.

I take a joint from my purse and light it, which we share while I tell you about coming here when I was a child. The pot and my voice cause you to relax and you forget your mission to get me home for a time… You begin to notice small things; the dark brown of my skin in the moonlight, the sheen of perspiration that covers it…the way my mouth curves and how my hair lifts against my shoulder when a puff of wind disturbs it. Eventually you realize my voice has trailed off and I am staring at you intently. We are lying on the blanket, closer than you remember – you can see from the rise and fall of my breasts that my breathing has quickened, my lips are parted and soft…and it is too much temptation to resist leaning over to steal a kiss and see what it holds…

Sweet…so sweet…the hesitance with which my mouth first moves under yours gives the lie to my boldness of earlier. Yet it is clear I am no novice to the art…as you cup my cheek with your hand and the kiss deepens I begin to respond, my tongue lightly brushing your lips, tasting you…meeting your own tongue now, until what began as an exploration becomes suddenly more urgent, and you feel yourself start to grow hard from the eagerness with which I respond.

When your hand slides down to cup and caress my breast I am torn between pulling back and arching into you…I gasp aloud, and the sound brings you back to your senses momentarily. Ending the kiss, you draw back and look down at me. My hair is spread out on the blanket around me, and the expression on my face is a combination of passion and indecision…as if I don’t know whether to pull you back to me or run for safety from my desire. The vision is arousing, and yet disturbing…you are not in the habit of seducing young girls, and you suddenly understand very clearly that this is indeed what I am. A girl, playing dangerous games with grown-up men.

You sit up abruptly to tell me you should take me home, but before the words are out of your mouth I am standing up beside you. I tell you it’s hot and the water is cool…I want to go for a swim. You start to protest but are caught with your mouth open as I slip out of my cutoffs and shirt and walk quickly toward the water. At the edge of the lake I stop and turn, calling back to you, urging you in…the sight of me standing in my bra and panties, my body illuminated by the moonlight, is so arresting you find you cannot move or look away. This is no child’s body, you think…and you are torn again between your rising passion and the voice in your head that tells you to dump me someplace safe and get away as quickly as you can.

When I return from the water my skin is glistening; I plop down beside you and reach out to relight the joint. You tell me it’s late and we should go, and I am suddenly shy and contrite. I ask if I’ve upset you somehow; the chagrin on my face makes it hard to be harsh with me. You explain that it’s late and there is a long drive; as much as you’d like to stay here it is best if we go. Seeming to acquiesce, I ask you to wait just a bit to give me a chance to dry off before I slip into my clothes…we can finish the joint and then head back.

We talk while we smoke…you are more comfortable again now that I’ve agreed we should head back, though you find the nearness of my barely-clad body more distracting that you’d like. The dope once again lulls you, and you finally ask the question you’ve been wondering all evening – just how old am I?

With a half-smile I lean forward to whisper into your ear…how old do you need me to be? And then you feel my teeth on your earlobe, nibbling seductively before I suck it into my mouth. The bare skin of my stomach is cool from the water, but it still sears you where it is pressed against your arm…I am teasing you, daring you to respond, and you are unable to deny the desire that has been hovering under the surface all night. You turn to me suddenly and pull me down underneath you, covering my mouth with yours. The kiss is hungry and bold; this is no testing of the waters as before. I have been teasing you all night; if this is what I want you are determined to see how far I will take it…

This time you don’t wait to cover my breast with your hand…you cup it as your thumb brushes back and forth across the peak, which grows immediately hard under the wet fabric of my bra. I whimper at the sensation but don’t pull away; I am too busy responding to your mouth, your tongue delving inside me to tangle with my own. When you gently pinch my nipple between your fingers I gasp again and moan, but this time there is Beylikdüzü escort bayan no hesitation in my response…I twist myself closer to you, wanting more…

Then your hand slides down across my stomach as your mouth moves to my neck and shoulder… My arms pull you closer to me; I want to feel your weight and warmth against my skin. The strap of my bra slips down and my breast is exposed to your gaze…you quickly move to cover it with your mouth, and the feel of your lips tugging on my nipple makes me surge up against you involuntarily. For a long while you are caught up in your own sensations and pleasure, my whimpers simply adding background to the moment; but finally the feel of my nails biting into your shoulders brings you back, and you lift your head to look at me.

It is clear I am dazed by the feelings I am experiencing, and you see yearning on my face as your mouth leaves my breast. Leaning down, it is you who whisper now…

“Is this what you wanted?” you ask me hoarsely.

I am so filled with desire that I barely understand the question; I see your lips move and all I know is that I want them on mine again. I lift up my head to capture your mouth in mine, and you allow it momentarily…but now you are the one teasing. My lips part as your tongue slides over them, then you dip it inside my mouth briefly to touch my tongue before sliding out again. Your teeth pull lightly on my lower lip, nibbling away as your hand moves along the curve of my waist and down to my hip. The feel of you caressing my pelvic bone with your thumb makes the muscles in my stomach contract almost painfully and I cry out; I stiffen and your mouth covers mine to absorb the gasp as you reach the apex of my thighs and begin slowly caressing my mound through the fabric of my panties.

When you feel my legs begin to relax you move lower yet, sliding your finger along the silk-covered crease…you are slow and deliberate…seductive…silently urging my response…and without a word you receive it as my thighs spread further apart to allow you better access to that tender spot. Your mouth comes back to my breast and you begin sucking my nipple again, also slow and insistent. You are pulling me higher and higher, to a place I’ve never been before…rubbing back and forth with your finger as your mouth works in tandem on my breast; I can’t think clearly enough to be frightened and I wonder how it is that anything can be this good.

You slip your finger under the elastic of my panties and I suck in my breath. Your look asks the question…yes? no? After a brief hesitation I lift my hips slightly to allow you access, but this isn’t enough for you; you want to be sure.

“Tell me.”

“Yes,” I sigh shakily. “Yes.”

You smile at my capitulation and comply, sliding the bit of material down my thighs and off. The fact is that we’ve already come farther than you ever meant to…farther, really, than you’d expected I’d allow. You’d thought to teach me the consequences of trying to tempt a man beyond his control, but now you find yourself caught up in the rewards of teaching instead…and you begin to wonder which of us will enjoy the lesson more…

I nearly jump from the feel of your hand on my bare skin; it is the first time anyone other than myself has touched me there, and it is both shocking and exquisite. The warmth of your palm against my mound seeps into me, and when your finger slips between the folds of my womanhood to caress my clit I am almost overwhelmed. Part of me wants to cry out – stop, stop – before it is too late… But you sense my confusion and begin whispering soothingly to me, and when you begin kissing me gently I find my protests melting away on the tide of your reassurance. The steady rhythm of your finger rubbing small circles against me is too much to resist; my limbs become heavy and languid as I give up control, and unconsciously I begin to move my hips to the tune you are playing…

It is a while before I realize that your lips have left mine, and are slowly making their way down my body. You are covering me with kisses, trailing them over my chest and ribs…my stomach…my hips…I stop breathing when I realize your intent, and the first soft touch of your tongue between my legs sends that breath out in a rush. When you gently suck my clit into your mouth I cry out; we both pause for a moment to make sure no one is nearby before you continue on…suckling…teasing…pulling me further toward the brink of insanity… Your thumb moves to the opening of my cunt, pressing against it; the pressure is unbearable…you push against me, working it slowly inside…still sucking…I am wet but oh, so tight, and you wonder at the thrill you feel knowing that you are the first to explore this part of me, to bring me these sensations.

My arms are raised above my head seeking something to hold on to as I concentrate on your mouth and hand between my legs. I am too caught up to be embarrassed by my nudity or my response Escort beylidüzü any longer, and I spread my legs further apart. The initial discomfort of your thumb inside me has given way to something else; I want more…I want to know the end of this thing you are building inside me…the sky is so clear, the stars so bright above my head and suddenly I am flying there, spiraling out of control. You feel me arch up against you, and as I begin to cum you suddenly push your thumb deep inside of me, filling me…my cry is buried in my arm and then lost in the sound of the waves as I shudder over and over again…this is what you were working at, and I had no idea it could be this good…

Slowly you withdraw your finger as my spasms subside; you use your tongue to bring me down gently before sliding back up beside me to kiss my mouth and softly caress my breast. You smile at the expression of wonder on my face, and I find myself immediately shy again, blushing at the memory of my release. I suddenly want to give you something to distract you from it…to make you lose the self-control I see in your eyes…

I wrap my hands in your shirt and roll myself over top of you, straddling you. You are surprised at the vehemence in my kiss; I thrust my tongue into your mouth to battle with yours and then withdraw it, biting your lower lip as I do. When your hands settle at my naked hips I push down on your hardness instinctively, rubbing myself against your jeans…I am hardly aware of it, so determined am I to draw your attention to your own passion. And I can feel it working; your breathing begins to quicken as I tongue your ear and then slowly begin to trace your jaw and neck, stopping at your shoulder to nip at it before moving to the hollow of your throat.

I unbutton your shirt and lay my palms on your chest, spreading the edges of the material apart as I run them over your skin. Your own nipples are hard now and I stop to examine this, brushing them with my fingertips before leaning down to test them with my tongue. I’m gratified to hear you draw in your breath when my teeth graze against your left nipple…though you are unable to see it with my head bowed over you, my eyes narrow slightly and my smile shows my pleasure at this new discovery.

Your hands tighten as my nails scrape lightly down your torso, then slide slowly back and forth along the top of your waistband to explore the sensitive skin of your belly. I hesitate for a moment before I commit to my next action, but the anticipation of pushing you over the edge of your passion is too strong. I unbutton your pants and then look up at you for a brief moment before pulling the zipper down. The night hides the heat in my cheeks as your hardness pushes forward, finally released from the confines of the denim…

I am in uncharted territory now, and can only rely on my intuition as to how to proceed. Added to this is uncertainty about just what I want to accomplish and how far I am willing to go…and then there is the fear of appearing inexperienced, though it is difficult to believe it would be a revelation at this point. I take a silent breath and run the tips of my fingers along your cock, watching your face for your reaction. I am rewarded and emboldened as I see as you close your eyes to concentrate on the feeling my touch evokes; my hand closes around you through the cotton of your briefs.

The memory of your tongue and mouth on me flashes through my mind, giving me sudden inspiration. Do I dare go so far? Perhaps just this…and I slide down between your legs. My mouth hovers over your hardness…you can feel my breath warm against it through the cloth, before I lower my head and place my lips there. Your cock surges underneath me and you let out a groan; my hesitation is overcome by your obvious pleasure. I touch you with my tongue then, letting it rest there…wetting and warming you through the cotton…before gently pulling the elastic of your shorts down to reveal your head. Tentatively I brush my tongue against it and then kiss you, sucking lightly. You are nearly undone by the touch of my mouth directly on your skin; it is difficult to resist the desire to wrap your hands in my hair and urge me to more, but your fear of frightening me off holds you back…and there is the need to see where I will dare to go next…

The texture of you against my tongue is novel…like velvet…though I am surprised by the drop of salty wetness that I encounter at the tip. You moan again at the sensation, and now I want to tease you…for unbearable minutes I experiment with my mouth and that exposed flesh before you suddenly realize that I am simply too shy to go further of my own accord; I have reached the limits of what I will initiate on my own.

Surprised when you sit up, I wonder if I have done something wrong, then grow a little fearful as I watch you rid yourself of the clothes that constrict you. Though initially I look away from your nude body I cannot help stealing a glance as you strip off your shirt and pants…and then you are pulling me back on top of you, settling your hardness so it rests along the space between my legs. My bra is quickly unhooked and brushed aside before you bring my head down to yours, kissing me gently but thoroughly…trying to allay my renewed shyness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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