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The book slid into place — the last of those that had been returned that day. Melissa pushed the cart back to its normal parking spot next to the front counter. Along the way, she glanced out the door, and then at the clock above the counter. It was half past six — nearly closing time — and she was beginning to worry.

Dani was like clockwork, arriving at five after five every Saturday for the entire seven months Melissa had worked at the library. Today, there had been no sign of her. For a fleeting moment, Melissa considered looking up her information in the database to see if there was a phone number. Her rational mind overruled her emotions, though. She pushed the cart into its place, walked behind the counter, and took her seat.

Things come up. She’ll probably come in tomorrow, Melissa thought.

It didn’t help.

With the library empty and all her work done, she flipped her dark brown hair over her shoulders, and reached for the book she’d been reading. It was then that the door opened. Melissa looked over and her heart sang.

Dani wasn’t wearing her usual smile, but the blonde only looked slightly less radiant without it. The way she walked was impossible to ignore. Her flowing gait and the way her hands moved at her sides were magic — pure femininity. Melissa’s heart raced.

After decades of living a heterosexual life — if it could even be called living — she’d finally accepted who she really was. True to the tragedy of her life, she’d almost immediately found herself infatuated with a woman easily half her age. Saturday was both a blessing and a curse.

“Running a little late today,” Melissa said as Dani approached with the books she’d checked out the previous week.

Dani rolled her eyes and sighed. “Sorry. It’s been a very long day.”

“It’s no problem at all,” Melissa said as she took the books to check them in.

There it was. The perfume was Eternity, and the scent of it gave Melissa chills. Dani always wore it, and though Melissa had recognized it, she couldn’t recall what the name of it was until she happened across a sample in a magazine. That night, with the scent of it filling her lungs, was the first time she had purposely and unreservedly masturbated to a fantasy of another woman. Though she could ill afford it, she had purchased a bottle, and now it was part of her nightly relief.

“I suppose I should hurry if I want to find anything before closing,” Dani said. Though her smile was slight, it was more than enough to make Melissa weak in the knees.

“Good luck,” Melissa said. As the blonde left the counter, Melissa purposely looked down at the books, so as not to be captured by the beautiful young woman’s retreat. She’d nearly been caught staring more times than she cared to think about.

Melissa finished checking in the books, and then carried them to their place on the shelves. She couldn’t have avoided a glance at Dani standing by the card catalog if she tried, but she did manage to keep it brief. Even that was sufficient to set her heart to pattering.

With the books put away, Melissa returned to her seat and opened her book. It was an autobiography of a woman who had only accepted she was a lesbian in midlife, and hit close to home. The author captured her own turbulent emotions perfectly. Reading it was helping her sort through things.

Movement in her peripheral vision caused her to look up some time later, and she saw Dani approaching.

“I know it’s almost closing, but I haven’t really found anything yet,” the blonde said. “Is there any chance I could stay a little longer?”

Melissa prayed the younger woman didn’t notice her breaking out into gooseflesh. The look on Dani’s face had just a hint of a pout, and made her utterly irresistible. Melissa swallowed and answered, “Of course. I’ll go ahead and lock up.”

This time, Dani’s smile beamed. “Thanks. I’ll hurry, I promise.”

As soon as the blonde was out of sight, Melissa allowed the shiver that had been threatening to overtake her free reign. She blew out a long breath while dropping her head into a hand. Her forehead felt warm, and she knew that a blush had accompanied her chill. She composed herself and rose, letting the task of locking the doors distract her as much as possible. This time, her embarrassment kept her eyes from drifting toward where Dani perused the shelves.

Melissa returned to her bursa escort bayan chair and her book. She’d reached the point where the author was taking the first tiny steps into her new life — her true life. Again, the anxiety chronicled in the pages matched her own. The author described her first date with another woman, and how thankful she was her date understood her situation, helping her to relax and enjoy the experience. Then, the anxiety returned when the couple reached her house and she contemplated a first kiss.

Caught up in the narrative, she never noticed Dani approaching from the back of the library.

“That’s a good book,” the blonde said.

Melissa’s heart skipped a beat as she turned and saw the blonde leaning over the counter — a pair of books she’d selected sitting next to her.

Dani stepped around the back of the counter and continued, “I think I was reading that when I really accepted who I was. Is it helping you?”

Her face felt as if it was on fire. Melissa’s brain locked up, and she could only stammer, “I… I…”

The blonde reached out and laid a hand on Melissa’s shoulder. “It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me. I know what it’s like.”

Of course, the touch caused her to shiver. This time, there was no suppressing it.

Dani smiled and said, “I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t sure. Have you taken the first step yet?”

Melissa found her voice to answer, “I’m not sure what you mean.”

The blonde continued to caress Melissa’s shoulder and said, “Well, asking someone out, or going on a date. I think the real first step is a kiss, though. That’s when I knew for sure it was the life I was meant to lead.”

Her heart racing from the closeness, the touch, Dani’s perfume, and the young woman’s words, Melissa answered with the barest shake of her head.

“A library is no place to be so overdue,” Dani said, and then leaned in.

For a fraction of a second, Melissa panicked, wondering if she was ready to take such a leap. Then, she knew she was. Dani’s lips touched hers, and she finally understood everything she’d ever read or heard about a first kiss.

She felt as if she were floating. The chill that ran through her was nearly overwhelming, but oh so beautiful. A soft hand tenderly caressed her cheek, and before she could form the thought, Melissa reached up to do the same. Dani’s tongue tickled her lips, and Melissa’s slipped into the kiss as well. Long before she was ready for it to end, Dani stood up straight, though she left her hand on Melissa’s cheek.

The blonde let out a soft, sweet moan. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that,” she said. “Or how badly I needed it after the day I’ve had. So, what do you think?”

Melissa covered the hand on her cheek with her own and answered with a single word, “Wonderful.”

Dani smiled and said, “Maybe we should try again, just to make sure.”

Melissa nodded her head, and then punctuated it by kissing the younger woman’s wrist.

Dani chuckled and leaned in again. This time, Melissa cupped the blonde’s cheek in her hand before their lips touched. The kiss was just as soft and sweet and wonderful as the first, and this time Dani didn’t pull away. After the first soft peck came another, and then another.

Slowly but surely, passion crept into Dani’s kiss, and Melissa matched it. Their tongues slipped over each other, and arousal mingled with the simple, sweet joy of knowing what a real kiss was. Melissa didn’t resist when Dani grasped her wrist, allowing the younger woman to guide it. They both gasped into the kiss when the blonde laid Melissa’s hand upon her breast.

Arousal surged within Melissa as she explored the firm globe, wishing the barrier of top and bra weren’t between them. Then an even sharper pang of need assaulted her when Dani squeezed one of Melissa’s larger breasts. Their kisses grew ardent — needy.

Melissa nearly protested when the blonde’s hand moved from her breast, but then she realized its path. Her breathing quickened as Dani’s hand slid down her side and then settled onto her thigh — so close to her need.

“Do you want this?” Dani asked with her lips still touching Melissa’s. Three fingers tugged in a walking motion, raising the hem of Melissa’s skirt an inch or so.

Melissa had never wanted — needed — anything so desperately. “Yes,” she answered in a bursa anal yapan escort breathless rush.

The younger woman kissed her once more, and then sank down to her knees with the same flowing grace as her walk. Melissa’s heart raced as Dani slipped her fingers beneath the hem of her skirt. Then the blonde looked up and their eyes met. Though her smile was as sweet as ever, there was a fire of desire in her eyes, and it caused Melissa to shudder.

“You have such beautiful legs,” Dani said while gliding her fingers up and down them just under the hem of Melissa’s skirt. “So smooth. I looked forward to seeing them every week.”

“So do you,” Melissa said.

“If I’d known you were looking, I’d have worn skirts or shorts more often.” Dani pushed her hands a little higher, bunching up Melissa’s skirt with it. Her eyebrows lifted, and she waited to see how the older woman reacted.

Melissa nodded, finding her lips curling into a smile.

Dani smiled back, and then pushed Melissa’s skirt up, letting her thumbs glide along the brunette’s thighs, revealing the pale pink panties adorned with flowers that she wore.

“So pretty,” Dani said while tracing a fingertip over the material near the crease of Melissa’s thigh.

The touch caused the older woman to shiver and draw in a broken gasp.

Dani licked her lips and said, “I know that what they’re hiding is even prettier.” With that, she held out her hand.

Melissa took the blonde’s hand, and then stood at her silent urging. Dani reached up under the older woman’s skirt, her fingertips tracing a path up Melissa’s legs. She slipped her fingers beneath the waistband with practiced ease, and ever so slowly slid Melissa’s panties down. A caress of each leg indicated when Melissa should lift her feet in turn, allowing the blonde to slip the pink cotton free.

Dani quickly — but perfectly — folded Melissa’s panties into a square and slipped them through the loop of a drawer handle on the counter. Only then did she begin to push up Melissa’s skirt.

Melissa’s heart beat faster with every inch her skirt rose. The sound of Dani’s quiet gasp and sweet moan when she revealed the treasure she sought gave the brunette chills. Melissa grasped her skirt, holding it bunched at her waist to free the blonde’s hands.

Dani looked up from the dark curls on Melissa’s mound and said, “I was right.” With that, she turned and kissed the older woman’s leg, just above the knee. A kiss slightly higher followed. Melissa drew in a deep breath, expecting the next kiss to be higher still, but instead, Dani turned and planted a soft peck on her other knee.

The blonde slowly kissed her way higher, moving from leg to leg, until Melissa thought she was going to burst with need. She never would have imagined she could possibly be so aroused, having never experienced anything like it before in the lie she had been living.

“Please,” Melissa begged when Dani planted yet another kiss a few inches below where the older woman so desperately needed it.

The blonde nodded, and then grabbed the chair behind Melissa to wheel it over to the side. Next, she curled her fingers around Melissa’s ankle and tugged. Melissa lifted her foot into the chair, inviting Dani in.

Dani stretched two fingers into a V and traced the outer edges of Melissa’s labia, causing the brunette’s intimate muscles to contract. She then tickled the trimmed curls above and looked up to ask, “You’re sure?”

Her voice husky with need, Melissa answered, “Yes. Yes.”

Dani curled her fingers around the older woman’s unbent leg, and leaned in.

Melissa whimpered and jerked from the sensation of the younger woman’s soft lips kissing her folds. A warbling moan followed when Dani’s tongue slipped out and slid along the parting of her lips.

“Oh yes,” Dani said before sliding the tip of her tongue between Melissa’s folds again.

Melissa didn’t even remember reaching out with her free hand to run her fingers through Dani’s hair, but it was there nonetheless. She was awestruck with how beautiful the blonde looked kneeling between her legs. Dani seemed to be positively glowing as she tongued the brunette’s folds.

The feeling was indescribable. It was so much sweeter and intimate than anything she’d ever experienced before. There was none of the sense bursa rus escort of urgency she’d felt when men had gone down on her. They always seemed to be forcefully pushing her toward an orgasm that rarely happened. Dani’s touch was more of a dance, leading her to pleasure. The gorgeous young blonde was enjoying the journey, rather than hurrying to a destination.

Melissa whimpered and moaned in utter bliss as Dani led her toward sweet surrender. Dani almost seemed to know her better than she knew herself. The blonde would tongue her folds, tasting her nectar, and just when Melissa needed more, she would have it. Dani’s tongue would swirl over the center of her pleasure, assuaging her need. Every tender kiss, swipe of the tongue, or suckle of her bud was there exactly when Melissa needed it, without fail.

Soaring ever higher, Melissa’s hips gyrated, her back arched, and her head lolled. Her sounds of pleasure grew louder, echoing back from the walls and shelves. So too did Dani’s as she reveled in the brunette’s building ecstasy and the sweet tang of her wetness.

The older woman was on the cusp of a true climax for the first time in her life, and yet, she almost didn’t want to reach the point of release. The slow bubble of orgasmic energy was infinitely more divine than the simple satiation of coming. She wanted to stay in that perfect moment forever.

With a suck of her tingling nub and a deft swirl of the tongue, Dani lovingly carried her over the edge.

As with everything else, it was like nothing she’d experienced before. Her orgasm wasn’t the sharp, overwhelming crash she’d experienced while masturbating to fantasies of the young woman between her legs. It wasn’t the lackluster, barely adequate release she’d known before accepting her real sexuality. Her every pore felt alive with energy, and slow-moving ripples of ecstasy radiated out from her sex to her extremities.

She trembled, broke out into goose bumps, and voiced her pure rapture in a long, quiet cry. Dani’s lips continued to enfold her throbbing bud, massaging it beneath its protective hood, drawing out Melissa’s climax. The young woman moaned in delight, and the vibrations caused Melissa’s orgasm to surge even stronger.

On and on it went until sweat was beading on her forehead and her knees could barely support her. Just when she felt she could endure no more and remain standing, Dani released her clit, gave her folds a final kiss, and then stood. The blonde wrapped her arms around Melissa, and the brunette responded in kind. They stood together in a wonderfully warm embrace as Melissa settled down from her heights.

When her panting breaths finally slowed, Dani leaned back in their embrace, wearing a heart stopping smile, and cupped Melissa’s cheek in her hand.

Melissa looked deep into the young woman’s green eyes and said, “I’ve never… I can’t… So wonderful.”

Dani’s smile somehow grew even brighter, and she held a finger against Melissa’s lips to quiet her. A moment later, she replaced the finger with her lips, and the older woman nearly swooned from the combination of the sweet kiss and the taste of her own wetness.

When their lips parted, Dani guided Melissa to sit down in the chair, where the brunette sat limp and utterly satiated. Dani pulled over another chair, sat down next to her, and leaned against the brunette’s shoulder. They sat in silence, occasionally caressing each other for long, wonderful minutes.

“I suppose we should probably go. The library closed an hour and a half ago,” Dani eventually said.

Melissa glanced up at the clock and was shocked to see that Dani was right. She looked into the blonde’s eyes and said, “I don’t want to.”

Dani said, “We could always leave together. I don’t have anywhere to be tonight. I’d love to spend it with you.”

Melissa gasped and said, “Yes.” She then took the initiative and sought the younger woman’s lips, finding a newfound source of strength in her kiss.

It was easily a minute later before the kiss ended with a final, gentle peck, and Dani said, “So, check out my books for me?”

Melissa couldn’t help but laugh as she rose to do exactly that.


I know this is a little short and “off brand” for me, but I’m really happy with it. Hope you found it enjoyable. This is a rare instance where I do have some idea of where it might go next, so it could continue in the future.

Please take a moment to vote. ‘Tis a free author’s bread and butter, after all. Comments and favorites are also most welcome. They serve as fine advertisements that attract more reads, and thus more feedback. If you catch a mistake, feel free to point that out as well. I’m far from perfect.

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