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I finally manage to get up and get in the guest bed and fall asleep. It only feels like a few minutes when Joe shakes my shoulder and wakes me.

He tells me good morning and asks me how I slept. I glance at the clock and it’s nearly 11 am. “I’m fine” I say. “I was just more tired than I thought.”

We talk a few minutes as I try to get my bearings, I’m terrified to tell him what happened and he goes on and tells me that Nana is feeling much better and asks if I’ll stay one more night with her. I’m nodding my head before I realize it, agreeing to stay another night. He leaves and tells me he’ll have something for us for lunch ready in a few minutes and I sit there, trying to wrap my mind around everything that has happened.

I start questioning myself about what Nana did to me. Did I fight hard enough to try to get away? Did I want her to do those things to me? My body responded to her touch and I couldn’t think. She was so aggressive and the way she touched me. I shake my head and get out of bed. I put on some jeans and a t-shirt and then make my way downstairs.

I walk into the kitchen and sit at the breakfast table there. Nana is nowhere around at this point yet and Joe is fixing up some eggs and toast for me. He puts a cup of hot coffee down in front of me and I hold it in both hands, sipping it slowly. When he finishes the food, he flashes me a smile and puts it down in front of me. He then starts to fix some more eggs and toast as Nana walks in.

I glance up at her, my heart racing. She smiles at me and winks and walks over to Joe, patting his arm. They talk but I can barely hear their voices, it feels like the blood is rushing through me so fast that it’s drowning out everything around me. I come out of this trance as Nana walks towards me.

“So, I was wondering if you’d be a dear boy and run a few errands for me this afternoon…before you go to work” I hear her saying to Joe. She gently touches my shoulder as she stops behind me. “Sharon did a marvelous job Beylikdüzü escort checking in on me last night…it was like I had my very own private nurse” is what she says to Joe. As she says “my very own” I feel her fingers run thru my hair and she gives it a little tug. I quickly sip some more coffee, feeling my face turn red.

Joe turns towards us as she sits down and he gives her a plate of food. He tells her that of course he’ll run some errands and that he’s so happy she’s feeling better. He thanks me again for taking the day off to help look out for things and I find myself giving him a weak smile and nodding my head.

I eat my food and Joe tells me that Nana has a list of things for him to do. He tells me he should only be gone for a couple of hours and he’ll be back soon so I can run home and get anything I need for the night. He gives me a quick kiss as Nana smiles and I watch him walk out.

I get up quickly and excuse myself. I tell Nana that I’m going to take a shower and I walk quickly out of the room, not waiting for her reply. I go straight upstairs and grab a change of clothes out of my overnight bag and then into the upstairs bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I start the water and get it nice and hot and step into the shower. I finally start to feel the tension leave my body as I’m standing under the hot water. My eyes clothes, hair wet, I put my hands on the wall and let the water run down my body. I have my head under the water when I feel a sudden draft of cool air and hear a scraping sound. I straighten up and turn and open my eyes and there’s Nana…standing in the door of the shower…looking me up and down. I cover my breasts with one arm and hand across them and turn to the side a bit. I’m in shock as I stare back at her…”wh..what are you doing?” I say, my voice barely more than a whisper.

She smiles at me and drops her robe on the floor and steps into the shower. “You didn’t think I was really going to wait until tonight to play with my pet Beylikdüzü escort now did you?” she asks me. “Move your arm down” she tells me. I hesitate and she raises a hand as if to slap me and I quickly move my arm and hand away from my breasts and down by my side.

Nana smiles again and strokes my cheek with her fingertips “that’s a good girl…such a good pet…always so obedient.” She pulls the door closed and steps over against me, her body pressing against mine as my breasts start to heave again. My lips are trembling, hands shaking.

I can’t believe this again. I’m so much younger, bigger and stronger than her. I shouldn’t be at her mercy…but something in her eyes just makes me submit to her.

Her fingers grab a handful of my hair…she pulls my face down and starts to kiss me. Her tongue is quickly in my mouth, chasing my tongue. I squirm on my feet and she pushes me back against the shower stall wall, pinning me there. One of her thighs slides in between mine and I hear myself moan softly. I feel the fingers of her other hand lightly tracing along my hip. She bites my bottom lip and stretches it a bit as she breaks the kiss, smirking up at me.

“Now that is such a good slut” she tells me. My face turns red as she calls me that, belittling me. I start to protest her calling me a slut…but before I can say a word, her index finger slides into my mouth and she commands me “suck it my big pet”. And again, I obey her, sucking her finger slowly, my tongue massaging it. I close my eyes as I obey her command and I feel her fingers leave my hip…then pinch one of my nipples.

I wince at the pinch, moaning a little bit. The same nipple she had sucked so hard on last night. It’s tender and a little bruised. She holds in between her thumb and index finger and then tugs it up and down.

“Mmmm..i do so love how big, round and heavy your tits are. Would you like me to call you my pet cow?” she asks me. I can’t answer and she knows it, she presses my tongue down in Escort Beylikdüzü my mouth with her other finger. I open my eyes and stare down at her, somehow mesmerized by her.

She releases my nipple and pulls her finger out of my mouth. “On your knees slut” is all she says.

Before I can even think to argue, I find myself getting on my knees in the shower. Her hand on the back of my head, her fingers tangled in my long wet hair, she guides my face to her pussy and without a word spoken, I start to lick her. I hear her moan and her fingers tighten in my hair as I lick her pussy like the most willing lesbian slut in the world. My hands are resting lightly on the front of her legs as I tongue her deeply. She rides my face, grinding against me until the back of my head is against the wall of the shower. And still I tongue her until she moans loudly and cums in my mouth. She leans against me for several long moments, catching her breath.

“My…you have such a talented and willing tongue! You’re a very good girl today!”

I look up and she smiles down at me. I smile back up at her, at her praise. “Thank you Nana” I voice soft.

She turns the water off and steps out of the shower. She towels off and slips her robe back on and then motions with her finger for me to step out. She begins to towel me off as I stand in front of her. Her hands and towel working my body over slowly. I can’t help but moan again at the touch, my eyes closing. She finishes and I open my eyes to see her smiling at me.

“Now then pet..Joe will be back after a while. You are going to go home. You are going to pack some sexy little lingerie for me to see you in tonight…but don’t worry, you won’t be in it too long. Tonight, I’m going to fuck your brains out my big sexy cow.” “Do exactly as I tell you and you’ll have the best orgasm of your life” she tells me.

I nod my head and Nana smiles and walks out, leaving me there to get dressed. Completely under her control.


To be cont’d! yes it probably should have been under non-consent, sorry, it’s my first time ever writing, just trying to write some erotic, I’m not perfect so y’all haters just remember: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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