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Bdsm Porn

I finished my job and spent an evening with Terry before I went back home the following morning. We had a good discussion and he had one request. I had no problem granting him the request.

I got home cleaned up then called Britany at her hotel room and invited her to meet me for lunch at the local diner near me. She seemed surprised I did not invite her to my house and I could tell she was a bit uncertain because of it.

Britany looked beautifully radiant walking in the diner wearing a light-colored sundress with either no underclothes or ones that matched her skin. I could read her nervous feelings about what I was going to talk about.

“Wow Brit, you look good in that. Turn around slow for me so I can admire the way you look.”

As Britany turned, I could see male and female patrons watching her turn slow. I felt proud to be with her.

Britany came over and I go up to let her in sitting next to me in the booth. I could tell then that she was not wearing any underclothes and just a light sport wrap around her breast so her nipples would not be so prevalent.

“Next time don’t wear the wrap. I want people to see what I have. It also lets other know that you want to be mine, and that you want others to see what you have to offer me. You look so very sexy and beautiful.”

Britany started relaxing a bit more now and she leaned in to kiss me. I responded back in kind and gave her a passionate kiss and let her know I was happy to see her again.

We had our lunch without much conversation and when we left, I took her to a good friend’s farm and went out under a huge old tree by the small lake there. I pulled a blanket out of my vehicle and laid it out on the ground with a small ice chest. I pulled out two glasses and a bottle of lightly chilled red wine.

We sat next to each other and I let her worry about what I wanted to say while we sipped on our wine.

Since we hadn’t said very much Britany was very unsure of what our situation was at that point.

“Now that we have had a few days to recover our senses,” I told Britany, “I would like to know your honest feelings. I don’t want you to say what you think I want to hear. I want to know what you really feel. I can tell if you are feeding me a line of shit or if you are truly meaning what you say”

Britany took in a long breath and started speaking softly but with conviction.

“Mark, I have manipulated people all my life to get what I wanted. I have been a selfish bitch and I did not care how it affected others. Then I met you. I could not sway you to come after me or even acknowledge me in any way. At first, I was offended but after time, it made me angry you didn’t care to have any part of me, no matter how I offered myself to you.”

“Then, you came in, laid down the law to me and firmly put me in my place. I was so pissed off you would even think about talking to me that way, and then threaten my marriage like you did. When I saw the video’s all I could think of was that traitor bitch giving you those videos and was trying to figure a way to make you want me so I could use it against you.”

“When you grabbed me by the hair, looked me in the eyes and made me submit, something happened inside me. For the first time in my life, I felt freed of myself. It’s the only way I know how to explain it.”

“All I could think of the last two days is, finally, I belong.”

“I called Terry and apologized for treating him like I did and explained that until I met you, nothing made me feel completed. It’s the only way I knew how to explain why I treated him and others. Something was needed in my life but I could never grasp it.”

“I needed control, not over others, but over myself. You gave that to me. The feeling of your control over me turned on a switch inside of me that fulfills me.”

“I understand your desire to be independent so you can enjoy the life you want without reserve. I want to be part of that life. Being with you is what will keep me happy and in control in life.”

I was looking into Britany’s eyes the whole time she was talking and knew she had spoken from her heart. I could also tell she was fully committed to me. My heart felt the same about her. I finally met someone I could spend some time in life with.

I told Brit, “I have thought about what life would be with you and had some reservations. After listening to your heart, I now feel like I want to give us a chance. I will require you to sign an agreement that we will put yalova escort together and have verified by my attorney and witnessed.”

“I will be happy to sign any agreement that will allow me to be part of your life,” Britany responded.

With that out of the way I took Brit in my arms and seduced her slowly and with just a little bit of force. Being dominant in nature, I love to see the reaction in the eyes of the person while using a slight amount of pain while making love. Don’t get this wrong, I do not want to inflict mortal pain or just blatant pain on another person. It’s just I believe pain can bring a heightened pleasure if used correctly. Of course, it takes a certain type of person to accept that type of sex.

I undressed Britany and myself then slowly kissed her body from her forehead down to her toes. I made sure on my way up to spend time teasing her around her pussy and her anal button. During the whole time I was doing that I had her nipples between my forefinger and thumb slightly increasing the amount of pinch between them until I could pinch no further. Britany was moaning and moving in ecstasy.

I finally kissed back to her lips and let her go down on me. Britany’s tongue felt wonderful caressing and tonguing my anal hole. She swallowed as much as my cock as possible and the sound of her slurping and gaging made my balls fill with cum.

“Brit, I am about to cum, if you want it, please take it as far down your throat as possible and continue sucking the cum out of me until I say stop.”

I could see Britany smile and the desire to please me just made her pleasure my cock to a sensation that put me over the top.

“I am Cumming Brit, take it. Take it baby. Argh yess. Oh, good lord Brit.”

I shot such a hard load of cum down her throat it choked her but she did not let up. I could feel the head of my cock down her throat and the sensation was overwhelming.

“That’s enough Brit, thank you, come up and kiss me. Let me have a taste of your throat and my cum.”

Britany came up and we kissed passionately.

After about 10 minutes, Britany worked her way down to my cock again and teased it back to a full hard on.

“May I climb on your cock and let it fuck my pussy?” she asked.

“Yes, my cock is for your enjoyment right now.”

Britany is great at sex. She knows how to move so we both get the maximum pleasure. When she orgasms from clitoral stimulation, it is a thick flow of juices. When she orgasms because of G spot stimulation, it is a massive squirt of juice everywhere.

After riding my cock for what seemed 20 minutes, she raised up and placed my cock against her anal button, looked me in the eyes and said, “Will you push your cock hard inside my ass? Make me feel it please.”

When I could feel my cock just in the rim of her ass, I pushed my hard cock deep inside her. Britany cried out in pain. Her muscles got very tight and she was in tears.

“Please sir, fuck me hard and fast. I need to feel you.”

Without mercy I fucked her ass until I shot another hard load of cum deep in her ass.

Britany smiled at me, climbed off and sucked my cock clean.

“Would you like to taste again sir?’ She asked me.

“Yes, I do.” I replied.

We slept for a few hours then I brought her back to the Hotel room.

“I will pick you up this evening. Wear the same clothes we went dancing in.”

I went back home, took a long hot bath in my very large tub and just relaxed thinking about Britany.

That evening I picked Britany up and took her to a private club I belong to. Clubs now days do not have real dance floors and if they do it’s all rap and hip hop. This club, has two very large dance floors, one for country music and one for non-country music. You can request any style music for all different types of dancing.

They even have dance lesson night and dance lesson sets that allow experienced dancers to work with those wanting to learn.

“This club is for dancers?” Britany asked.

“Not just dancing. The club has gambling areas, card playing areas, a few different lounges, three food service restaurants, a few spare bedrooms with a bath, and for those with different taste, a dungeon. I will take you on a tour.”

I showed her around the club and we had a light bite to eat then returned to the main dance floor.

We danced and had a few drinks for a few hours then I took her to the dungeon area.

“I have a surprise here for you. I am not sure if you yalova escort bayan will like it but I expect you to fulfill what is expected.” I told her.

I could feel the anxiety in Britany as she went down the stairs but she followed obediently.

We entered a small dressing room and I told her, “Remove all your clothing and put on this collar I had made especially for you.”

Britany looked at the collar and could see the quality of work that was put into it. It was smooth, a shiny black about 1/2″ wide, made of a soft leather with a fleece inside lining. It had a silver D ring to attach a leash to and had small silver hearts spaced around it.

She put it on with pride knowing I had made it for her.

I put the leash on her and told her to knell down.

“Brit, Terry wanted one night with you here and I am granting it to him. I don’t know what he has in store for you. There are rules and people here to make sure nothing gets too far out of hand. You will be given a safe word, use it when it becomes too much for you. I will be upstairs in my private suite waiting for your return and will treat you as needed.”

With that I placed her leash on a hook and left to go have a few drinks and wait in my suite.

Terry walked in.

“Hello Britany. First, I don’t want to hear your voice except in punishment. I know our marriage was a bust and even admitted it had to end, then even agreed you were mean for Mark. But I need you to pay a small price for using my life and treating me like shit.”

“This is a one-time deal, trust me. I just wanted one time with you to get a little satisfaction you did not get away from me with just a reward.”

“You will not walk, only crawl where I lead you. You understand?”

Britany shook her head yes.

Britany crawled as Terry lead her to punishment bench, bent her over the top of it face down and strapped her legs to the rear side bars and her arms and wrist to the front side bars.

Terry picked up a light riding crop and switched her ass checks mildly at first then harder as time went by. He whipped both of her ass cheeks red.

Britany was crying from the whipping but refused to use the safe word. She had a debt to pay and was going to do it.

Terry moved behind her, pulled out his cock and shoved it hard up her ass. As he was fucking her ass hard as he could he would slap her ass cheeks and tell her, “This is for abusing me. I want you to feel my punishment.”

Britany endured as Terry fucked her ass hard until he orgasmed deep inside her.

He shoved his cock in her face and said, “Clean it all off with your tongue.”

Terry undid her from the bench, paraded her around the dungeon on her hands and knees, walked her back to the dressing room and hooked her leash back on the hook.

“Britany, I am finished with you now. I want to remain good friends but needed to get this out of my system. I needed to punish you for using my life so you could enjoy yours. I wish you and Mark the best and expect to see you with him next weekend at my house for dinner.”

With that, he left the room and Britany broke down crying. For the first time she realized she had been wrong to him and it bothered her. She did not deserve the love Terry just gave her.

After a few minutes passed a lady came in the room, took Britany off the hook and lead her to another room that had a massage bed, a hot tub and a shower in it.

“My name is Tammy and I am here to make sure your welts are taken care of and you are cleaned up and taken to Mr. Mark. You are a very lucky lady. Many people have tried to win Mr. Mark’s affection. None ever have. But I need to warn you, Mr. Mark is fairly demanding and expects loyalty.”

“I know and it’s what I need from him, it’s why I love him,” Britany responded.

“I want you to sit in the hot tub for about ten minutes, it will not be hot water and it will have some healing salts in it. It will sting at first but soon feel better. After that, I am going to rub you with a soothing lotion that will also remove the sting from your whelps and help heal quickly. It will be uncomfortable to sit for a few days but luckily you have no deep wounds. Mark had given instructions that if Mr. Terry was going too far to intervene and stop him.”

“I see everyone is really nice to Mark and goes out their way to get what he needs. He must come here a often,” Britany said.

“Mr. Mark and Mr. Terry’s parents were one of the two couples that bought escort yalova this land and opened this club 50 years ago. They wanted a place locally that adults could hang out and dance and have fun. They were all swingers so the dungeon was added about 5 years after they opened. It is an exclusive private club for couples that can only be joined by an invite from a majority of the members. Only 20 couples are allowed to be members at one time. There are no vacancies and haven’t been for the last 7 years. Members are allowed to bring guest to eat, drink and dance only.”

“Ok, I have rubbed you down and put more lotion on your backside. I will give you a nice soft cotton dress to wear. Mr. Mark is in his private suite waiting. I will inform hm you are on your way.”

Britany was escorted to my suite on the top floor of the Club House. I was waiting at the door, led her inside, showed her the suite, then took her the observation deck on the roof. I sat and she stood watching the sunset.

“There are four suites on the top floor. My parents had two, I keep one and Terry keeps the other. The Kinder family owns the other two. They helped my parents build this club. As you can see each area is walled off for privacy but the walls can be moved to open the entire roof top for parties.”

“I know you are too sore to sit right now and I don’t expect anything from you tonight other than company. If you would, join me to the bedroom and we can lay in bed and watch a movie before going to sleep.”

Britany undressed in the bedroom and climbed in the huge king size bed next to me but her ass was too sore to do anything but lay on her stomach so she turned with her face away from me with her legs spread open giving him a perfect view of her red ass and smooth pussy lips.

I reached in the drawer next to my bed and pulled out a bottle of the same cream Tammy had used and lightly rubbed in in her red skin. The stinging stopped and Britany feel asleep.

The next morning as I was staring at Britany she woke up. I told her good morning and asked how did she feel.

“The soreness of my ass isn’t near as bad. I dissevered what happened and, in a way, I am glad Terry got to give me the punishment I earned.” Britany replied.

“I know your ass is sore but I want you to get up, shower off, then come back and bend over the padded bench and let my cock massage the inside of your pussy.”

Without question, Britany showered, came back in naked, bent over the bench and opened her pussy for Mark to fuck.

“That pussy is beautiful and I just have to feel it around my cock,” I whispered.

I slowly rubbed the head of my cock around her pussy and used to masterbate her clit until I could feel her first orgasm. When her orgasm finished, I pushed my cock deep into her pussy against her cervix and just kept pushing and rotating my hips to stimulate it.

I could feel her body shudder and her muscles tighten and then felt her pussy tighten and loosen her orgasm around my cock spilling onto the floor.

Britany was gasping and asking for more.

I slow fucked her then started slamming her deep then shallow until she had orgasm after orgasm and collapsed on the bench.

I pulled out my cock and had her finish me off sucking my cock dry and clean.

As I helped her get up from the bench, I laughed then slapped her red ass and told her to get ready for breakfast.

Britany got up and stood in front of me, wrapped her arms around me and we kissed like lovers.

Months went by, then 2 years. Britany had been living with me and we had experienced all kinds of things in life together. We actually talked about a child. Britany started doing volunteer work at the retirement home near us and we both did work with youth groups. We still went dancing and she turned out to be a great accountant and helped with my business.

We had what we wanted, each other, and our love grew. We got married and built us a special place overlooking a lake on family land.

Britany started having some chest pains, went to the doctor and after a series of test was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was given about 4 months to live.

We spent all time together until our last days as much as possible. We started going to a church reaffirming our love to God and each other and finally one Saturday afternoon, Britany looked at me and smiled.

“Good-bye my love. Thank you for the best times of my life.” She closed her eyes for good.

Terry and I buried Britany in the family plot and had my spot placed next to her.

Her headstone read:

“She owned herself and became what she was meant to be.”

The Good Lord now owns Britany and I will meet up with her again.

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