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These are our stories, embellished, but true. The initial seven Pam & Zach stories are in chronological order so that you can get a sense of how the sexual relationship between Pam and myself progressed. They’d be best understood read in order, but I did my best to make each episode stand alone.

Names have been changed, dialogue and details added for literary purposes, but these events actually somewhat happened.

Future Pam & Zach escapades will follow. But rather than a series, they will be individual events, not necessarily in chronological order, that took place over the ensuing years of our relationship.

Basement Level…Bicycles, Tools, Ass play


Zach had been dropping hints lately, when we had sex, that he wanted more anal attention. By this time, I’ve already had either my fingers or a vibrator in his ass on several occasions. It is something I enjoyed doing to him, but I didn’t want it to be an every time occurrence. I don’t want him to expect it, unless it was our predetermined mutual intention. I wanted it to be more like a special treat or surprise.

Let me give you an examples of how he hinted.

One night, while we were sitting around watching something or other on TV, I reached over and as I started to unbutton his pants and unzip his fly. I whispered in his ear, “I have this sudden urge to jerk you off.”

“Well then, be my guest,” he replied and started to get up.

“Where are you going?”

“I thought I’d get naked for you.”

“No need. We’re not doing anything else. I just want to give you a handjob. Sit your ass back down Hon.”

“Okay. But let me pull my pants down to my knees at least.”

I looked at him puzzled. I wanted it to be something spontaneous, but now that that moment was gone, all I could muster was, “Sure. Okay.”

Zach pulled them down and sat back on the couch, but he was slumped lower than before. I didn’t give it a thought at the time.

I took hold of his dick with my left hand and started to stroke it, periodically licking my hand to keep it lubricated, all the while watching the TV. After it was fully erect and throbbing, I moved my right hand down to his balls. I hadn’t originally planned on doing that, but since he wanted his pants down, I assumed that might have been the reason.

My play continued, although my arousal was diminished because of the loss of the spontaneity.

Then Zach started to lift his hips a bit and pull his body more upright. I immediately knew what he was doing. He was attempting to get my hand to slide down and play with his ass. I knew he wouldn’t just come out and ask me. He hadn’t gotten that confident yet.

If it had been something I had planned on doing when I began that night, no problem. But since my real intention was just a quick unexpected handjob, I took my hand off his balls and used the palm to rub across the tip of his cock while stroking with the other.

The fact that he came all over my hands soon after didn’t hide, what I sensed, was his disappointment that his ass got ignored

I didn’t confront him about it because I wanted him to realize that if he wants something he has to be confident enough in our relationship to just ask for it.

I laid awake for several hours questioning my actions. I didn’t think I was wrong, but maybe I should have reacted differently. Had I been attentive enough lately to his desires? I think I have. But maybe, since he’s reluctant to come out and directly ask for it, I should take the initiative. I made a commitment Tekirdağ Escort that night to look into ways to get him what he wants so that, in the future, he won’t be reluctant to ask.

Zach works on Mondays, but I’m off. So I went on his personal laptop to see what kind of porn he’d been looking at recently. We both watch porn, individually and together. I was hoping to get some clue to explain his sudden increased interest in anal.

I checked his search history and found quite a few websites relating to pegging along with PornHub saved favorite videos of women pegging their partners. I was elated for that. Ever since we bought the toys, I had hoped he would be in favor of that.

I made a plan for that night. I wasn’t going to peg him until he asked me to, but I was going to give him and his ass the attention he was seeking. After that night, I was confident he’d be asking for it in the near future.

I texted him.

Me: “Hey babe. How’s it going?”

Zach: “All’s good. How’s your day?”

Me: ” 🍑🍆”

Zach: “Huh?”

Me: “🍑🍆”

Zach: “Tonight?”

Me: “🍑🍆 Bye.”

I was sure he thought he’d be fucking my ass that night.

Zach’s house has a semi-finished basement with 7 1/2′ between the floor and the above floor joists. Screwed into the joists in a couple of places are J hooks from which we hang our bikes.

I went down there, moved the bikes to another corner, then went back to our bedroom and got the toys I needed, and took them downstairs.

I waited in the kitchen for Zach to get home from work. I was wearing just a thong. He always removes his boots as soon as he gets in the door.

I heard him come in and do just that.

Then he called for me, “Pam, I’m home.”

“In the kitchen Hon.”

As soon as he came into the kitchen, I ran up, pushed him against the fridge, kissed him hard and began pulling his shirt over his head. He raised his arms to facilitate their removal. I then dropped to my knees and started undoing his pants, my lips kissing his now bare stomach.

Getting his belt undone and his zipper down, I tugged hard and slid the jeans and his boxers to the floor. He lifted each foot, making it easy for me to pull them completely off. He was now naked.

I grabbed his already erect cock and plunged my mouth around it, sucking it as if was the last cock I would ever taste.

I looked up. Zach’s eyes were closed. He hadn’t said a word to this point.

I stood up. He opened his eyes and smiled. As he started to speak, I put my finger over his lips and said, “Shhh. Don’t say a word. Now close your eyes.”

As he did, I reached behind me and took a scarf I had tucked into the strap of my thong, and tied it around his head as a blindfold.

I grabbed him by the cock.

“You trust me, right?”


“Good. Now follow me.”

Guiding him by his cock, I led him down to the basement, warning him of the stairs. I could feel him getting harder with every step.

I led him to the corner where the J hook was, raised his arms over his head, stepped up on a stool and tied his hands above him to the hook.

“I thought by your texts that you wanted me to fuck your ass tonight,” he finally said.

“Yes Zach. That was what I wanted you to think. But no Zach, tonight I’m gonna give your ass the attention I feel you’ve been looking for. Now just be quiet and relax. We’ll be here awhile.”

I then wrapped a restraint cuff around both ankles. I pulled his right foot Tekirdağ Escort Bayan wide and tied the strap to the foot of the workbench. I pulled his left foot wide and tied that strap to the wheel of the tool chest.

“Don’t speak. Nod your head if that feels okay.”

He nodded.

“Not too uncomfortable?”

He shook his head.

“Just a little uncomfortable?”

He nodded again. I could see the pre-cum already on the tip of his cock, he was that excited.

The next thing he felt was my fingers on his nipples, flicking and pulling them until they were as hard as mine right then.

I took our vibrating clamps and placed one on each nipple and with a small strap around his waist, secured the controller, and turned it on low.

His body reacted immediately. He took in a deep breath. His cock flicked up and down.

I pulled the stool up in front of him, sat down and started teasing his cock with my fingers. Just lightly touching at first. Then sliding just two up and down it’s length. I blew air across the tip before I licked off the pre-cum. I could see his abs tensing, his cock bobbing, wanting to be touched.

I took him in my mouth as I reached under and fondled his balls.

I sucked him as I swirled my tongue around him, my fingers pinching his nuts. I played like this for some time, then I stopped.

I put my finger in my mouth, getting it nice and wet, then pressed it against his asshole. I rubbed it in circles around it, adding a little more pressure with each turn.

Zach’s hips were moving, trying to guide my finger inside him.

Finally I plunged it in deep, all the way in, curled it, and attempted to rub his prostate. His sphincter muscles clenched hard around it. I started fucking him.

“Relax Zach. Try and relax.”

After several seconds I could feel him do so.

“See. Isn’t that better?”

He just nodded.

It was several minutes before I removed my finger.

The next thing Zach felt was the vibrating sleeve that I wet with my mouth and slipped over the tip of his ciock. I secured its controller with the strap around his waist and turned in on low. Then I turned the nipple vibrator up a notch.

His body again reacted immediately, twitching and tensing, before it finally settled down as he took a few deep breaths.

“Okay?” I asked.

Again, he nodded.

I then took our anal vibrator, lubed it good and placed it on his asshole. He twitched a bit and took another deep breath.


Again, he nodded.

My finger fucking obviously loosened him up, as the vibrator easily slid completely inside him. When I turned it on, he moaned. I could see his ass cheeks tense as he squeezed them to clench and hold it in place.

Then I turned it up another 2 notches. I also turned the cocktip one up a notch.

Zach’s body twisted against the restraints as he sought to find a relaxed position, breathing deep. Finally settling. Moaning in pleasure.

I moved the stool back, took off my thong and started to finger myself.

“Zach. You might not be able to hear it, but I’m using my fingers to fuck myself, sitting here just watching you. And when I’m good and really really wet, I’m gonna fuck myself with my dildo. You know the one.”

I saw his knees bend a bit as I’m sure he was reacting to the mental image of what I just said.

For the next 10 minutes, the only noise was the buzzing of the toys, Zach’s low moans and the sound of my sopping wet pussy.

“Zach. Escort Tekirdağ Now I’m gonna use the dildo. Are you imagining that? Can you visualize me fucking myself with it? Can you see it sliding in and out of me?”

I turned the anal vibrator up to almost full speed, leaned back and slid my dildo deep inside me.

God. I was so wet and aroused, not just from my fingering, but from looking at Zach. Seeing him tied there, his body slightly twitching, his cock bobbing, wanting to be touched, his ass clenching and enjoying the vibrations pulsing through it.

As I pistoned my pussy with the dildo and pulled on my nipples, I asked him again, “Can you hear me Zach? Can you hear me fucking myself?”

This time he nodded and I smiled.

I stopped pleasuring myself. I reached out and removed the vibrator from his ass. I could see the disappointment on his face.

“Fear not Babe. We’re not done yet.”

I removed the cocktip vibrator and replaced it with my lips, sucking the now, hypersensitive crown of his cock.

I then took my dildo, the one that looked like a real cock and was twice the size of the vibrator, and placed it against his asshole.

“Just relax. You’re gonna love this.”

And with that, I started to push it into him. His sphincter muscles fought it at first, but after he took a couple deep breaths, the head slid in. I took my time, allowing him to adjust to it, allowing him to take a deep breath between each progressive push, until the balls on the dildo touched his ass.

“Now Zach. I’m gonna fuck you.”

I began pulling it and pushing it back and forth, ever so slowly. I wasn’t going to speed up until he asked me to.

“Do you like this? Does this feel good? Use your words Zach.”

“Yes…Yes. It feels great. Please. Don’t stop.”

“Oh. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna stop. Not unless you ask me to. Now why don’t you just tell me what you’d like?”


“Sure Hon. tell me what you want.”

“Can you go a bit faster?”

“Like this?” I asked, speeding up the fucking.

“That’s good. That’s good. Just like that.”

I then took my other hand and started stroking his cock. It was leaking like an ice cream cone on a hot day.

“Do you want me to suck your cock too?”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Ask me to suck it. Tell me to suck it.”

“Suck my cock Pam. Will you suck my cock?”

“Gladly,” and I plunged my mouth down till my lips touched his balls, causing me to slightly gag. I drew them back up, sucking hard the whole time, while I continued to fuck his ass.

“Oh God!” was all he could muster.

“Do you want to cum yet? Do you want me to fuck your ass till you cum down my throat?”

“Suck me off Pam! Fuck my ass! God! Make me cum!”

“There’s no God here, but I’ll take care of it.”

And with that, I sucked and stroked and fucked him until he screamed and shot the largest load of cum I’ve ever had into my mouth. And I didn’t stop. I kept sucking and fucking him until I finally heard him say it.

“Stop! Stop! Please…please.”

And I did.

I removed my lips and swallowed. I turned off the nipple clamps, but I left the dildo inside him.

He was wasted, hanging tensely from the J hook. Gasping for breath.

I stood, and as I kissed him, I removed the clamps and reached underneath and slowly withdrew the dildo. As it popped free, Zach twitched for the final time that night and relaxed.

“You know I love you,” is all I said.

“I know you do,” he replied.

I undid his restraints and helped him upstairs and into bed.

Five days later, without me saying a word, Zach asked me if I still had the harness for the strap-on and wanted to know if it would be okay if we looked at a few pegging videos.

I had to hide from him the grin on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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