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Samantha came home after school, her eyes bright, her breathing deep. Darrin had just gotten home, and she all but dragged us upstairs. In the bedroom, our clothes flew off, and Samantha spread herself out on the bed.

“Now, give me lots of foreplay, while I tell you about what has been happening to Misty.”

Ah yes, Misty, that wild redheaded sex pot that made my pulse pound and my cunt sizzle with lust-fueled heat. She had been over several times since our first lessons with her, and our times had been marathon sex sessions, her wild red hair matched the heat of her sex drive.

As our mouths, tongues, and fingers caressed Sam’s sexy body, she told us.

“After Misty had our introduction to sexual lessons, she made up her mind to get her Daddy. She’s been horny for Daddy to fuck her and after our lessons, she wanted him more than ever.”

I got my head between the spread thighs of my daughter, and Darrin licked and sucked at her stiff, hard nipples. I licked gently, teasingly, running my tongue lovingly over the part of Samantha’s tight lips, eager to hear more. Samantha let out soft moans of pleasure and continued.

“Last week, with her Mom away on a business trip, she decided to just go for it. She stripped down naked and crept into her parent’s bed. In the darkness, she worked over her sleeping Dad, he woke up but was still not quite awake, and he was soon eagerly licking Misty’s tight pussy, while Misty was sitting on his face.”

“Misty was thinking that he probably thought he was licking her Mom, and she made a move before Daddy woke up fully. She lifted away from his mouth, squatted over his stiff cock, and drove her steaming fuck-hole down, impaling herself on her Daddy’s rock-hard cock. The bedside table lamp suddenly switched on, as her Daddy suddenly came fully awake, and must have been wondering what the hell was going on, and reached over to turn the switch on. With the light, she saw his eyes open wide, watching the recognition on his face as she slammed down, swallowing his cock right to the balls.”

I was seriously licking Samantha’s pussy, and she needed to take a break from telling us the story, as I felt her hands pulling at my head, and I wrapped my tongue around her clit, sliding two fingers up to polish her G spot, eager for her squirting orgasm, I wanted a juicy facial.

“Fuck, oh yes, fuck, Momma licks my horny pussy so well, you’re gonna make me cum, yes, yes, oh fuck, yes, CUMMING!”

I could feel the convulsion, her tight tunnel squeezing at my fingers, and her shriek of pleasure as she let go, squirting wildly, plastering my face with a wet, rich spray of her girl cum, washing my face down. After she had gotten her breath back, she continued.

“As I said, his eyes opened very wide, when he saw that his thick cock was buried to the balls in the hot box of his sexy 18-year-old daughter, there she was, horny and naked, perched on his stiff prick. For a second, they froze.”

“Misty was very scared, oh boy, maybe this was just too far, that she has just majorly fucked up. Then porno izle her Dad let out a growl, grabbed her, pulled her down tightly against his body, and rolled them over. On her back, Misty relaxed, completely spread-eagled, her eyes glowing, as her Dad drew back, and rammed his cock in.”

“She saw the red hot, naked lust in his eyes, and it made her growl with pleasure, as her Dad’s swollen balls slapped against her ass. Her Dad was gripped by a red hot haze of lust, as he drew back, driving into her again and again.”

“Her Dad was saying, ‘Fuck, fuck, yes, wanted this so much, my cock’s been aching for your tight redheaded pussy, god, so tight, so perfect, fucking my daughter’s tight teen cunt, gonna love filling your tight box with a big load of Daddy’s sperm!’ “

“Misty replied, ‘Yes, yes Daddy, you are fucking your own daughter’s tight little fuck-hole, give me Daddy’s thick spray, empty your balls deep inside your own sweet daughter’s steamy teen pussy!’ “

“Misty told me that her urging drove her Dad crazy, she was expecting him to lose his load in a few seconds, but her Dad must have good control.”

“He fucked her furiously, a light glaze of sweat breaking out, their bodies slapping together, the bed bouncing, their bodies writhing together in a bonding of hot, burning lust, her pussy squelching with juices as Daddy rammed his rampant cock into her creaming pussy, power fucking her into the mattress, over and over. She brought her legs up, around his waist, so he could jam every last inch in. His hands cupped her ass, holding her body tightly against him as he gave her the power-fucking he been wanting to give her.”

Her face flushed, Sam said, “Daddy, come and fuck me, my god, I need it, I’m so fucking hot just thinking about what Misty told me!”

Between her spread thighs, Samantha welcomed her Dad with open arms, open pussy, and a lust-filled smile. Darrin nudged against her, and in one slow, smooth thrust, slid in, Samantha letting out a moan of pure pleasure as Darrin’s, fat, rock-hard cock slid in.

“Yes, just what I needed! Now that Daddy is fucking me, I’ll continue.”

“Misty told me that seemed to do it, her Dad growled, ‘Yeah, fuck, gonna flood you baby, gonna flood my own daughter’s tight, redheaded cunt, fuck, fuck YEAH!’ She could feel his cock, thick, steel-hard, bucking wildly, and the jetting of his sizzling sperm deep inside her. That shoved her over the edge. ‘Yes, yes, I’m cumming too, Daddy’s shooting his load into me, fuck, fuck, FUCCCKKK!’ “

“Their shared howls of orgasm filled the bedroom, as Misty’s Daddy emptied his throbbing balls deep inside her. Deep inside that tight, redheaded cunt, that Momma, Daddy, and I have licked, sucked, and fucked! Now Daddy, turn me over, put me on my hands and knees, and give my horny heat a doggy style power fuck!”

Darrin was happy to do, he pulled out, and I was eager to watch the sexy spectacle of my virile husband positioning our sexy, hot daughter on her hands and knees, lining his thick cock head up with Samantha’s, tight altyazılı porno sexy lips.

“Yeah, oh yeah, ram it back in Daddy, your daughter’s tight pussy wants Daddy’s hard big fucking cock back inside her, Now!”

Darrin quickly mounted Sam, penetrating her creamy center, I watched, my cunt churning like crazy, listening to Samantha’s squeal of pleasure as she was so pleasurably split open, Darrin’s growl of pleasure as her tight pink walls clutched at his plunging shaft.

It turned me on crazily, to watch Daddy’s manhood deep within his daughter’s sexy velvet folds, fucking her until he would fill her with Daddy’s incestuous thick cream. Just as I was about to start finger fucking myself furiously, Samantha looked over at me, grinning, and told me she had other plans for me.

“Yeah, oh yeah, power fuck me, really ram me, just like Misty got from her horny Daddy! And Momma, come over here, slide your sexy pussy right down here, so I can lick your sexy pinkness!”

I quickly slid my eager cunt under her head, watching Samantha’s beautiful face coming down, then that sexy pink tongue sliding out, and burrowing deep inside my gushing volcano of lust, feeling the burning sizzles of pleasure racing through my quivering pink walls.

Joined in a burning, implacable lust, I watched Samantha’s head of blonde hair bobbing between my legs, her mouth eagerly working over my heated opening, watching my strong, horny hubby gripping Samantha’s hips tightly, the red hot lust on his face as Darrin fucked his loving daughter furiously.

I could hear the wet squelch of Samantha’s soaking fuck-hole being pounded towards orgasm by Darrin’s big cock, fuck, my cunt was gushing with my juices, our cries and grunts of pleasure filling the bedroom, and I could feel myself racing towards orgasm, trying desperately to prolong it. She shoved two fingers right up me and started to work on my G spot. That did it, and I could feel it racing at me, Samantha lifted her head for just a second, to cry out.

Samantha shrieked out “Oh my fucking god, I’m cumming, cumming, CUMMING!!!”

Her shrieks of climax gave me the green light, she quickly lowered her head back to my opening. I could feel the spasms start, my pussy gave me that familiar locking up, the squeezing urge, then that wonderful release as I started cumming, howling out blissfully, cumming and cumming in wrenching waves of pleasure, my cunt squirting crazily with each wave, jetting my girl cum all over my eager daughter’s face, and my voice rose to a scream of pleasure, I was cumming like a fucking train.

That set Darrin off as he roared, slammed his cock in deep, and I could imagine the thick cream he was pumping into Samantha’s very receptive womb. The room was filled with our cries and howls of orgasmic joy as we all came together.

In the afterglow, Sam continued, “After her Daddy had lost his load, Misty cuddled up against her Daddy. She wondered if he had any regrets, that question was answered when she saw the bedsheets start tenting up. She reached under, sex hikaye grasped his rising cock, and gently pumped it, sliding her head under the covers, she started to lick and suck his cock. Her Daddy pulled away, she was scared that he’d had a change of heart, that she was now in trouble, but her Daddy told her to lay back. He said, ‘I just have to lick your tight pussy, now that I’m fully awake, I want to see your sexy redheaded muff as I give you the best lick job I can’. Misty was happy to spread her legs, and her Daddy stared at her pubic region, his breathing fast, his face flushed. As her Daddy got into position, he growled ‘Yes, so sexy, oh my god, so perfect, wanted to lick your redheaded muff for so long’. Misty felt his face against her, his breath hot, then his tongue snaking out, licking up and down her slick lips, before parting her with his fingers, and sliding his tongue between her tight, sexy pink seam. Misty said her Daddy knows what to do, he had her body shaking and jerking in almost no time at all, his tongue bringing her to a shuddering, toe-curling climax.”

Samantha smiled, and continued, “Misty said that her Daddy was back up to a nice, hard, excited state, and she told him to lay back and said that now he was gonna get as good as she got. She gave him the very best blowjob she could, licking at the head like a lollipop, sliding her tongue up and down his shaft, then parting her lips, she swallowed him right to the balls, her tongue swirling around his shaft as she went up and down.”

“Her Daddy was growling with pleasure, she felt his cock start to buck, and she pulled her head up so that she could taste him, and his cock erupted, she felt his sizzling sperm hit the roof of her mouth, thick waves spewing over her tongue. She swallowed rapidly, not wanting to waste a drop, and when she was finished, she smiled at her Daddy and told him he had the best-tasting cum in the world. She snuggled in next to him, and she spent the night there, and everything they did that night, they did again in the morning!”

Samantha paused, then said, “And Daddy, Misty would like me to thank you very much for letting her learn how to suck cock, by using your stiff beauty to learn with. And the next time she is here for a sleepover, she gave me a grin as she said she will thank you personally!”

“Now, Misty is getting her Daddy almost every night, she has a very horny Daddy, he fucks her Mom almost every night, Misty said she can hear the shrieks and howls of her Mom getting gloriously fucked, her pussy starts to heat up, she knows what will happen next.”

“An hour or so later, Daddy creeps into her bedroom, and Misty is ready for him. She loves to suck his cock, feeling the hard thick shaft filling her mouth, then her Daddy licks her pussy, making her cum, then rams his cock in, and rides her like a stallion, fucking her wildly, until he stiffens, roars, and then the feel of his cock pulsing wildly, pouring her Daddy’s incestuous load deep inside her.”

Samantha paused, then continued, “Misty is hoping that someday soon, they’ll be able to get her Mom in on the action, Misty said that after licking me and my Momma, she’s more than eager to lick her Mom’s juicy pussy.”

The family that cums together, stays together, I thought, with a big grin on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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