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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activities or it is illegal in your country of residence, please stop reading now. All characters are over 18 and are of legal age. Any resemblance between the characters and any actual persons (living or dead) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy or redistribute this story without the author’s permission.

This is the third story of a series that starts with Paris TX ch1, Cat’s Brother. It can be read as a stand-alone but it is better to be read as a whole.

ch3, Cat’s Brother

My stepsister Cat and I had started to have sex. Our first experience had been with a condom for our protection but she had already taken appointment with her gynecologist to get on the pill. To me that happily meant that she had enjoyed our sex and wanted more. I was more than wiling to give it to her. I am an 18-year-old hot-blooded American and I am ready to have sex anytime with my 18-year-old stepsister.

Naturally we had to speak about the situation. We were stepsiblings having sex. There obviously were issues to be resolved. Our parents would have died, or maybe chose to get divorced, if they had discovered us. Also we were about to finish high school and we had been accepted at colleges in different states. From our hometown of Paris Texas I was moving to Colorado and Cat was going to Florida. The distance made it impossible for us to even think about a relationship.

As we realized that we had only a few months left before life took us apart we felt a void. We decided that we had to make the best out of the time we had and then life would tell. I was very excited at the idea of getting to fuck my sister on a daily basis all summer long.

However faith made a move in the form of an email.

“I know what you are doing. I will come to your house today at four PM. Ann.”

Ann was my bitchy ex-girlfriend who had caught me buying condoms. She is also 18 years old, actually I think she and I were born just a few days apart. When I had broken up with her she has spread a rumor about me being gay to try to get back at me. What the hell did she know?! What had she been snooping about?! It couldn’t be…. We had been careful…. I was soon going to find out. Could it be that she wanted to be part of the action?

As soon as possible I spoke with Cat about the email. She didn’t sound worried. There was no way that Ann had found out about us, and even if she did who was going to believe her! In any case we accorded that we would both be at home but that I would receive Ann alone while Cat waited in the next room listening in.

At four o’clock sharp the doorbell rang. Ann was there and entered with a smile as soon as I opened the door. She looked around and asked where Cat was. I told her she was in her room doing homework.

– “So what’s this story about the email you sent me?!” I shot at her.

– “She looked amused and whispered: “Shouldn’t Cat be here as well?”

– “What’s Cat got to do with this?” I said with a voice not as steady as I would have liked.

Cat gaziantep ofise gelen escort took that as her clue and entered the living room from the night side of the house.

– “Are you guys talking about me?” She used as an opener looking straight at Ann.

– “Actually we are talking about both of you” was Ann’s quick answer. “I know about you two having sex!” she added.

I did my best to sound nonchalant with a “right, first you spread the rumor that I am gay and now that I have sex with my sister. Get a life….”

– “I have pictures.” She interrupted me. “I took them with my cell phone Tuesday through your windows after I left and you two started to fuck. Do you want to see them?”

The only replay I had left was: “What do you want?” At this point I was pretty sure that my dream of a threesome was not going to be her answer.

– “Money!” She quickly replied. “Sure I would love to humiliate you after the way you treated me, but at the moment I really need a new car to go to college with, and I think you two will make the down payment for me.”

– “We will need to see those pictures first” my sister said. “We don’t admit anything but we want to know exactly what you are talking about.”

– “Sure” Ann replied. “I will be here tomorrow with the printouts of a few of them. Just remember I have the rest saved and ready to be mailed to a lot of people, including your parents.”

After she left my sister and I looked at each other nervously.

– “I don’t care what people in school will say,” I said. “We’ll be out of there in a month anyway.”

– “True” my sister replied “but what about our parents. This would kill them. I think we could kiss our family goodbye.”

– “She’s not bluffing and she could expose us anyway even if we did put the down payment on her damn car.” I added.

– “I think I have a plan,” Cat said. “Just get a camera and take her down the game room in the basement when she comes back tomorrow. I’ll do the rest.”

I was left with another sleepless night. My sister had explained me her plan and although there were a few points not quite clear, I thought it was hopeless. Still, with a bitch like Ann we were left with no options.

Basically the plan was this. As Ann arrived I had to take her down the basement and offer her a drink. I knew that although her parents were strict Christian fundamentalists, Ann really liked her booze. In this particular drink we would put a few drops of my mother’s sleep medicine. We would put just enough to make her really drowsy. At this point Cat, with a blond wig to make her unrecognizable, would help me strip Ann naked and then she would fake giving her oral sex. I would take pictures and we would blackmail Ann of exposing her as gay to our classmates and especially to her fundamentalist parents.

Like I said we were desperate, but I was also a little excited at the idea of seeing Ann naked. I wondered at how Cat had thought of such a strange plan in which she almost had to perform sexually with another girl. gaziantep öğrenci escort It was a long shot but it was our only way out.

Once again, at four o’clock sharp Ann rang the doorbell.

With the promise of some booze it wasn’t difficult to convince Ann to follow me to the game room. She preferred wine to beer, so I offered her a glass with the sleep medicine and some strong red wine. I like to have a drink from time to time, but I really cannot understand the fascination of my classmates, boys and girls alike, with booze. Most of them will do anything to get their hands on a bottle of liquor. We have open access to all we want at home and we barely ever touch it.

As Ann enjoyed her second glass of wine I was looking at the pictures she had taken of Cat and I having sex. The definition was not very good, but you could clearly recognize us in the pictures and there was no doubt of what we were doing. I think she actually got a shot of the moment I broke Cat’s hymen. My dick jumped to attention at the memory.

After her second glass of wine Ann started talking about the money we had to pay her. She started listing the cars she wanted to buy emphasizing a certain small convertible she had seen. As the drops and the wine kicked in, she started to laugh and loose control of her body. After just a couple of minutes she could not stand and crumpled on the ground. This freaked her out, but just a few seconds later she was out cold.

Cat walked in with her fake wig, heavy makeup and some very sexy clothes that left little to the imagination. She wanted to be unrecognizable and look sluttish without actually being naked. This way the pictures would look authentic but there was no way to tell who was in them besides Ann.

We started to undress Ann and I let out a gasp as I removed Ann’s bra. Her breasts were absolutely fantastic. They were slightly bigger than Cat’s, but on Ann’s smaller frame they looked huge. They had the beginning of a sag but looked and felt amazing. Yes, of course I couldn’t help touching what had been denied to me before. They were hard and soft at the same time, just amazing. The nipples were very large, much larger that my sister’s, but not very long. Maybe they grew when Ann was excited, if the bitch ever was.

I let out another gasp when Cat removed Ann’s panties. I was used to seeing my dark pubic hair, and now Cat’s that are very similar to mine. Ann’s are a very light blonde, almost white, and looked as soft as down. Her pussy lips were a very pale pink, just like her aureoles. My sister sent me a knowing smile as she saw me stare at Ann’s breasts and pussy. I was extremely turned on. I felt like taking my cock out and stick it into Ann’s pussy. Granted she deserved everything that was coming to her, but that would have been beyond our intentions.

It was time to take the pictures before Ann fully came back from the drugged stupor we had put her in. The dosage of sleeping drops was not very high and she was out like this probably just because she had taken them with plenty of wine.

We oğuzeli escort put Ann belly up, what a beautiful flat belly she had, spread eagle, what a beautiful pink pussy she had, and propped up against some large pillows, what a beautiful pair of jugs she had. Man she was such a hot girl. Pity she was such a bitch and tease.

Cat got in position between her legs and lowered her head toward Ann’s pussy without actually touching it. I started clicking away with the camera making sure that I would take good pictures of Ann’s face but not of Cat’s. As I was moving around the two girls in their fake sex act I was horny as hell. My cock was pushing hard against my shorts. I had to fight to keep focused on the camera instead of taking my cock out.

As I walked behind Cat, I could see that her short skirt had ridden up and her white lace panties were clearly visible. I saw that where Cat’s pussy was there was a large wet spot. Could it be that being so close to a beautiful naked pussy would turn my sister on? I was just thinking about this when my sister closed the gap she had kept between her face and Ann’s pussy and started licking in earnest. As my sister started licking and sucking on the beautiful blond pussy she had in front Ann woke up. My sister’s efforts on her pussy must have been the stimulation she needed to wake her up from the light drugged sleep we had put her in.

At first Ann looked around dazed, then as she realized what was happening to her, she closed her legs around my sister’s head and pushed her pussy hard into her mouth. Soon she started panting, moaning and pulling on her own nipples, which had quickly hardened and grown. I couldn’t take it any more. I threw the camera on the sofa, lowered my shorts, pushed my sister’s panties to the side and entered her from behind.

I started pushing hard and was the first one to come. Since my sister had just started taking the pill I could not come inside of her. I pulled out just in time and came all over her pussy lips, ass and thighs. Ann came second just a moment later. She let out a loud scream and started to shake all over. As soon as her orgasm subsided she jumped on my sister, licked my cum from her ass and thighs and than started licking Cat’s pussy like a woman in heat. My sister moved so they would be in a 69 position with Ann on top.

The scene was so sexy that I was instantly hard again. This time I could not resist the temptation of such a beautiful blond pussy right in front of me. I got behind Ann, grabbed her ass and shoved my cock inside of her cunt with just one push. She had to have been a virgin because for the second time in just a few days I felt my cock break through a hymen. Ann let out a long growl and then went back licking my sister’s pussy. She would grunt of pleasure every time I pushed in her.

This time I was not the first one to come. Cat started mewing and shaking. She sounded like a cat in heat. After a few seconds of this, she let out the longest and loudest scream I had heard and collapsed on the floor unable to move. I started pushing into Ann harder and harder and she had her second orgasm of the day, the first one from a cock of her life. Seeing Ann shaking in her orgasm pushed me over the limit and I pulled out ready to come. My sister came to me, took my cock in her mouth and sucked until I had let her swallow every bit of cum I had in me.

We all collapsed on top of each other and still panting Ann said: “This…. was…. way better…. than a convertible….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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