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Dark Skin

This is the fourth installment of me sharing our sexual adventures with you.

This is a continuation or the conclusion of part 3 of this series.

Please read part 1,2 and 3, if you would like the background for this story.

I hope you enjoy!



I looked over at Drew, his hard, beautiful cock was standing straight out from his body. I told him to put the camera down and come over here.

“Drew, Mommy wants to thank you for all your help!”

“You like it when I call myself Mommy when we’re alone, don’t you sweetheart?” I said with a smile.

Drew was quick to respond, “Yes, it gets me so excited. Is it okay if I call you Mommy?”

“It’s perfect, sweetheart. Mommy really likes it,”

I was still on the chaise, Drew was standing close to me, his hard cock still standing at attention at eye level.

I reached up, my fingers finding the big, spongy head of his cock

“Mmmm, such a big cock for Mommy,” I sighed, grinning as I felt it twitch and buck, delivering a thick stream of pre-cum over my hand.

I pulled my hand away, and as he watched, sucked and licked the clear fluid from my fingers and palm.

“Mommy loves how you taste, sweetheart.” I said, making a show of smacking my lips clean.

“Did you like Mommy’s bikini, sweetheart?” I asked. Dew nodded and smiled. “Really? Or do you like Mommy’s big titties better?” I asked, cupping my tits and pushing them together.

“Both, Mom,” Drew said.

I cupped them again, bringing first one then the other close to my face, flicking my tongue out and over my nipples, watching Drew the entire time.

“What do you think, sweetheart? Does Mommy have nice big tits?”

“Hell ya – – they’re great!” Drew blurted out with a big grin.

“Mommy doesn’t want to get them sunburned, sweetheart. Would you like to put some more oil on them?” Drew nodded yes.

“Get the bottle and come join me on the daybed.”

Pat and I had recently purchased a round, patio, daybed for our covered patio area.

I quickly moved to the daybed and laid on my back.

Drew collected the bottle of baby oil I have been using early and joined me on the daybed.

I was pleasantly surprised when he got on the bed he stepped over me with one leg, straddling me at my waist.

He opened the bottle and, as I held my big tits together, he drizzled a thin stream of clear fluid all over them. It ran across my boobs, dribbling into my cleavage and pooling in the base of my neck.

“Put that bottle down and rub it all in for Mommy,” I said, moving my hands and letting him take over. His hands slid across my tits, the oil allowing him to glide over them, spreading the clear fluid all over.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, Mom,” Drew said, almost in a daze.

Drew’s cock was resting on my stomach as he gently groped and squeezed my tits. I ran my hands along the shaft of his huge, hard cock.

“Mmmm, such a big, hard cock for Mommy,” I said. “It is for Mommy, isn’t it?”.

“Ohh God yeah, Mom it’s all yours,” he said.

His hands were still clamped on to my huge tits. I grabbed his prick in both hands, using the oil from on my hands to gently stroke his entire length from base to tip.

“Oh, God that feels so good,” Drew said, still running his hands over my tits.

“What does, sweetheart?” I asked with a wicked smile. I wanted him to start talking dirty to me, I love dirty talk.

“Your hands on my – – my – – my dick,” he said.

“And Mommy likes your hands on my tits, Sweetheart.”

I gently tugged on his cock, pulling it toward me.

“Right now, though, Mommy wants her tits fucked. Will you do that for Mommy?”

Drew bent his knees and at the same pushed my huge mounds together, watching as I guided the flared head of his prick to my cleavage. He pushed forward, the oil making my tits nice and slippery, he sighed a sigh of pleasure as his cock slid between my big tits, disappearing into the hot, slippery cavern.

“Ohhhhh God,” he gasped.

“Oh that’s it, sweetheart – – fuck Mommy’s tits,” I moaned as I saw his cock head appear just below my chin. I bent my neck, I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, licking around the head of his prick, then sucking on the bulbous knob as it slid between my tits, slurping up the copious amount of pre-cum that dribbled from his piss hole.

“Oh gaziantep minyon escort Mom – – Mom that’s so good,” Drew sighed. When I let him go, he returned to easing his thick tool between the slippery valley of my boobs. “God I love your tits,” he said with a shy grin

Drew groaned, his hands gripping my huge tits as he sawed his cock back and forth between them, the lube making the titty fucking effortless.

I knew he would likely be more than happy to shoot his load all over my tits but I had my plans and after lapping up another load of pre-cum I put my hand on his hard, muscular abs, slowing him down.

“Want to fuck Mommy again?” I asked him, grinning as his eyes lit up at the prospect.

Drew pulled his dick free of my cleavage and moved to one side of the cushion. I lifted my legs, gripping them behind the knees, and pulled them back and apart. Drew stared at my glistening, wet pussy lips as he straddled the lounger once more, this time taking hold of his prick and aiming it downwards, sliding the bulbous head between my slippery lips.

“Ahhh, that’s it, sweetheart,” I sighed as he slotted his cock into my pussy, easing the first couple of inches inside. “Yeah – – that’s it – – slip that cock into Mommy’s cunt.”

“Yeeaaah,” Drew gasped, he was looking down at where his big dick was disappearing into me. “You’re even tighter than I remember.”

I giggled. “That’s because – – ahhhh, fuck – – because Mommy has – – a surprise for you.” I groaned as Drew packed more and more of his massive cock into my pussy, sliding a few inches out, then a few more inside, slowly, letting my get used to his size again.

“A surprise?” he gasped.

“In a moment, sweetheart – – first you – – mmmmm – – first you have to make – – Mommy cum,” I said. “Hold my legs up – – and fuck me hard,” I said.

Drew took hold of my legs, allowing me to cup my tits and bring them closer to my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked my nipples before managing to clamp my lips around them, sucking hard on them.

“God Mom – – that’s so hot,” Drew said as he watched me. With his big dick now planted deep inside my pussy, he began moving it in and out in long, steady thrusts, the hot, slick walls clasping his fuck meat as he moved it. His hips shifted up a gear and he began pounding my cunt, shoving his whole length right up my twat with every thrust.

“Oh fuck yes!” I cried. “Fuck Mommy! Fuck Mommy hard!” I could feel every inch of his steel hard prick sliding deep into my cunt over and over again, almost bottoming out with each shove. Even though he’d fucked me before, I couldn’t get over how big his cock was

“Oh Jesus – – fuck Mommy, sweetheart – – fuck Mommy’s cunt!”

Drew’s gaze moved from my pussy to my tits and back, wanting to watch everything as he slammed his length right up my twat again and again. My pussy felt fantastic, the hot flesh wrapping around his meat as he plowed into me.

“Fuck – -gonna cum – – making Mommy – – cum!” I cried, feeling the familiar stirrings of my orgasm rippling through my pussy. I’d never cum so fast with anyone other than Drew and put it down to a combination of his cock and the fact he was my step-son. “Ahh God – – fucking – – cumming!” I yelled, Drew fucking my through my cum.

Eventually, gasping and shaking, I put out my hand, pushing him backwards.

“Stop, sweetheart – – stop for – – a second,”

Drew slowed down then stopped, pulling his huge, hard cock from my tight little pussy.

“You okay, Mom?” he asked with genuine concern.

“Fine, sweetheart – – never better, honestly,” I said. I brought my legs down, Drew letting them go, and slowly rolled over, bringing my knees up beneath my, my ass high in the air as I dropped my shoulders, my huge tits squashing out beneath me.

“Want to know what my surprise it?” I asked him, looking over my shoulder, giggling as he nodded.

“You were such a good boy helping Mommy put on the show this morning that I want to give you a special treat.” I said, wiggling my ass from side to side.

“Would like to see if we can get that big fucking cock of yours up Mommy’s asshole?”

I reached behind me with one hand and parted my ass cheeks, showing Drew my dirty little butthole.

“Oh God, no way, really, Mom?” Drew said.

“Really!, sweetheart.” But first we need to get nizip escort Mommy ready to take that monster cock of yours in my ass.”

I told Drew, I needed to get something and went to the bedroom to get one of favorite toys, a black anal dildo and some lube. I couldn’t believe how horny I was and how bad I wanted Drew in my ass.

The dildo has a suction cup on the end of it. I went into the bathroom and stuck the dildo on the edge of the large jacuzzi tube. I lubed up the toy and then my ass. I squatted and started working the toy in, in no time It was buried in my ass. It felt so good, I started fucking myself with the toy but I wanted the real thing. Pulling the suction off the tube, leaving the toy in my ass, I walked back to the pool and Drew.

When I got back to the chaise, Drew was waiting for me still hard as hell.

“What did you get?” he asked. I smiled back at him, turned my back to him and bent over so he could see the dildo that I had stuck in my ass.

I heard a whistle coming from his lips as took a breath, taking in the site.

“Want to take it out for Mommy and swap it with yours?” I giggled as I saw his prick lurch, a thick line of clear pre-cum dribbling from the knob. “I guess that’s a yes.”

He took hold of the end of the dildo and slowly pulled it out, staring at my asshole as it stretched around the thick length I’d had inside me. The first inch or two of the rubber dick came out and I moaned in pleasure and surprise as he pushed it back in again, fucking my with it for a moment or two. Finally, though, he pulled it free, watching my asshole slowly close again.

“Want to fuck Mommy’s ass, Drew?” I asked him. “Want to squirt some lube on that big cock of yours and shove it Mommy’s tight little asshole?”

Drew quickly grabbed the lube and squeezed out a large amount of the clear fluid onto his prick, rubbing it all over his length. Aiming the spongy knob at my crinkled butthole.

He rubbed his cock against the crack of my ass, watching his aching cock rub against the cleft. Everything was so well lubricated, but I sensed he still wasn’t sure if he could push his big hard cock into my small tight hole without hurting me. With trembling hands, he pulled his stiff cock down and held the tip of his cock against the outer ring of my oiled cavern. Guiding it down, he pushed into my puckered ring and watched his mushroom head slip into my tight anal opening.

He gasped as he watched it disappear into my ass, inch by inch.

“Oooh, yes!” I howled, “Get it in there!” “Feels so incredibly tight!” He growled. “Push it in…I want to feel every inch!” I cried. Slowly he inched further, I felt the head of his cock rush past my tight outer ring, as my flesh gripped against him, held fast and then allowed further penetration as he moved forward closer towards my splayed body.

“Oh, God…feels so good!” I moaned. “Yeah, Mommy…your ass is just as tight as I thought it would be!” he gasped out. “Fuck me good!” I cried out.

His cock entered further into my tight cave as he pushed and crawled his way deeper into my eager ass. His dick was surrounded by hot wet slippery flesh and anal muscles that gripped and stroked against his shaft with loving tightness. My ass stretched against his cock like a tight-fitting glove, snuggly wrapping him with every move. He began grunting as he forced his way further into the depths of my bowels.

“Fuck – – fuck – – gently, sweetheart, gently – – you’re so fucking – – big in Mommy’s ass,” I sighed, closing my eyes as I felt his thick cock slide into my butt. I groaned as he began packing more and more of his big dick up my ass, sliding it in and out, going deeper with each movement.

He pushed a few more times, and his cock was fully inside my ass, his balls resting against the soft round globes of my ass.

We both paused, me to adjust to the feeling of having my ass filled and fully stretched by his hard cock and him to watch in amazement as my ass swallowed his entire length deep into my bowels.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed, feeling my anal walls grip and stretch against his swollen rock-hard cock. “Hold it in there for a minute,” I pleaded. He paused enjoying the tightness of my anal muscles flexing against him.

“Are you okay, Mom?” he asked, holding my ass cheeks apart, watching his prick slide into my ass.

“Oh fuck yes – nurdağı escort – oh Drew – – it’s fucking perfect,” I moaned, pushing my ass back against him, feeling his cock slide even deeper into my ass. “You like it – – sweetheart? You like – – fucking Mommy’s ass?”

“God yeah, Mom,” he gasped. “Do you?”

“Mmmm, fuck – – ahhhh, yes – – Mommy loves – – getting assfucked.” I looked at him over my shoulder again. “Mommy’s going to want – – my ass fucked – – mmmmm – – regularly. You going to do that? Going to – – ahhhhh, fuck – – fuck Mommy’s ass again?”

“Rub your clit, for me Mommy!” he shouted. I moaned and placed a free hand on my cunt and started rubbing my engorged clit, screaming with delight. With each motion, I trembled with pleasure as he pushed his magnificent cock inside my ass. “

Ah yeah!” I cried. “Argghh!” he growled, pumping with long smooth strokes.

“Fuck me faster…I’m going to cum!” Fuck my ass………….. please make it feel

so good………. make my horny ass cum for you…….fill it up with your cum.

He started thrusting faster, pushing and pulling, in and out of my dirt box like a delayed jack hammer.

“You like riding my ass?” I screamed. “More than anything!” he shouted back

He pumped hard into me a few more times,

“Yeah – – oh God yeah,” Drew said, pushing even deeper into my butthole.

“Oooohhhh, fuck – – yes – – do it, sweetheart – – fuck Mommy’s ass – – deep and hard – – buttfuck Mommy!” I cried.

Drew pulled his prick out of my ass until only the head remained within before shoving the whole length balls deep into my asshole making us both cry out in pleasure. He began moving faster, sawing his length in and out of my hot asshole, the tight muscles gripping his stiff column of flesh, the lube allowing it to move easily along the clasping channel.

“Oh fucking hell – – fuck – – fuck Mommy’s ass! Fuck it!” I cried, pushing my ass up to meet his strokes, loving the feeling of my step-son’s cock ramming in and out of my butt. “Gonna – – fucking – – cum!” I panted, my asshole and pussy clenching as Drew continued fucking my ass, never slowing as my second orgasm rattled through my body.

“God, Mom – – I love this,” Drew gasped.

“What, sweetheart? Tell – – tell Mommy – – what you like,” I said.

“I love fucking your ass, Mom,” he said.

“Again! Tell Mommy!”

“I love fucking your ass, Mom,” he said louder. “I love fucking you – – fucking your pussy – – fucking your tits – – fucking your ass!”

“Gonna cum, Mom,” he cried.

“Do it, sweetheart,” I said. “Cum where you want – – in my ass – – on my face – – on my tits – – fucking cum!”

I wasn’t too surprised to feel him withdraw from my asshole and spring off the lounger, appearing at my head, cock in hand. I quickly rolled on to my back and cupped my huge, round tits once more, watching my step-son jerk himself off for just a second or two before his big length pulsed and spat out a thick line of jizz. It splattered against my face from one cheek to the other, before it was joined by another blast, then another, heavy wads splashing over my face time and again. It pooled in my eyes, forcing them closed before it ran down my cheeks.

He twisted a little, sending a thick spray of jizz over my huge tits, one continuous line running from one nipple to the other before it broke apart and slid over my mounds. Another spurt landed heavily on one of my jugs, sliding slowly towards my throat, just as another landed on my other tit, glazing my perfect round breasts. He kept pumping his cock, cum lurching from his knob and dripping messily over my tits before he turned back to my face.

Drew gasped in surprise and pleasure as I lifted my head and clamped my lips round his still spurting prick, taking the last few shots in my mouth, sucking and slurping on his cock straight from my ass. I then took hold of his cock and used it to push the cum from my face into my mouth, swallowing as much of it as I could.

“Fuck, Drew,” I sighed. “Such a big load for Mommy,”

I lovingly kissed his prick as I scooped what leftover cum I could find off my face with my fingers, licking them clean. I smiled up at Drew as he stood next to me, his heavy cock slowly softening.

“You seemed to like that, sweetheart,” I said. “Fucking Mommy in the ass, I mean.”

“It was great, Mom,” Drew said, blushing a little. “I’d seen it in – – in porn films, but never thought I’d get to do it.”

“Never thought girlfriend would let you, you mean,” I giggled. Drew nodded, his blush deepening.

“Well don’t you worry. Mommy loves getting fucked up the ass, any time you want to lube up that big fuck stick of yours, you let me know, okay?”

“Sure will, Mom.”

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