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When the two teen girls, Chantelle and Christine came down to the living room Janice was typing away on the computer. Already dressed for the day in her usual manner, a short light summer dress that would flutter around her upper thighs and clung nicely around her bust showing off more than a bit of cleavage.

On her feet she wore her favoured strappy heels with the thin straps winding up her calves, showing off her legs and she always wore a choker around her throat, she looked stunning as always.

Christine said “Wow Janice you always look so amazing, nobody would know you were a mother!”

Janice smiled and said “Thank you dear, but I’ll have you know that this is maintained by a strict diet regimen, cardio, pilates and yoga!”

Christine replied “Well it certainly pays off, I always thought you looked good enough to eat and now I know its true.”

Janice stood up and said “I’ll have to leave you girls, there are people I must see who are waiting to fuck me, so I’ll be away a while.”

Chantelle said “Really Mum, what about Dad?”

Janice said “What of you Father, don’t doubt for a moment that your Daddy is out there dumping loads in some slut or playing with his boy-toys!”

Chantelle looked puzzled saying “You mean ‘Big boys toys’ jet-skis, cars and stuff?”

Janice Kissed her Daughter with not a little bit of tongue and said “No dear I mean like me your father is bi-sexual and can take cock as well as any woman. He’ll give you some very valuable tips on cock sucking too, so pay attention.” She turned and pushed her tongue into Christine’s mouth.

Leaving the young girl gasping she said, “Have a good day girls, I’ll see you later! and she was out the door.

Chantelle smiling cheekily said “So slut, what do you want to do today?”

Christine replied “Well we’re both adults, why don’t we go out and make a bit of money with these bodies of ours.”

Chantelle said “Where?”

Christine said “We can start gaziantep olgun escort in the domain, we’ll give blow-jobs for $20 in the public toilets, you can’t get much sluttier than that!”

Chantelle grinned saying “Fuck, I didn’t know you could be such a dirty whore, Let’s go.”


Meanwhile Danial was with three of his buddies making their way to the seventh tee of a private very exclusive golf club. When they got to the tee they entered a small shaded structure and sat down on the cushioned chairs there.

Nathan pulled the scorecard and a small pencil from his pants pocket, “Okay lets see who’s ‘behind’!” he said emphasising ‘behind’.

He tallied their scores and said “Well Danial, what a surprise, NOT. You’re the bunny-boy!” He stood up put the card and pencil back in his pocket then pulled the drawstring loose on his pants and dropped them at his ankles.

He shuffled over to Danial, still seated and said “Get me hard sucker!”

Sean and David, likewise had their cocks out as they stood around Danial’s chair.

Danial was like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t get the growing cocks in his mouth quick enough and was soon beholding three very hard, spit slick shiny hard-ons. He said “Okay boys, who’s first?”

He stood dropped his pants and knelt on his seat resting his arms on the back, David stepped behind him and pulled Danial’s arse cheeks apart and said “Look at this!, this cock hungry prick knew he would lose the first three holes; he’s already plugged and lubed!” he said as he pulled the plug from Danial’s cleft.

Sean pushed David aside saying “All the better, now lets nut this fag and get on with the game!” he got behind Danial and pushed his entire length into Danial’s willing arsehole. Danial grunted in appreciation.

Sean fucked Danial rapidly and blew his load quickly, then pulled out and wiped his dribbling cock gaziantep oral yapan escort on Danial’s arse cheek. David quickly got in position and shafted Danial with pleasure. Nathan stood by watching, keeping his cock firm.

During the action four other players entered the shelter, one of them said to another “Okay Todd you may as well get in position beside the other butt slut there! Danial hearing a different voice turned his head to see who was speaking.

When he saw who it was he said “Oh hello Trent, guys.” he nodded to the other players.

Trent said “Hey Danial” as he pushed his cock up Todd’s arse. “You know I can’t get over how a guy like you with a ten inch cock and a bird like Janice at home, not to mention that eye candy daughter of yours, is also such a faggot bottom!”

Danial replied “Yes, Janice is something else as most of you know and as for my Daughter, well…eye candy; yes! and her friends and I am free to fuck any other woman I want too. But what can I say I still like a bit of junk in my trunk! besides I don’t hear any complaints.”

As he said that David unloaded in his arse and Nathan soon pushed into him, some of the other two loads drooling down over both their nut-sacks.

Trent said, “Oh I’m not complaining, Sharon refuses to even try anal so I’m happy to get it here at the club.”

Slapping flesh ensued as two men paid the price of losing the first six holes, with two more lots of six to go.


Chantelle and Christine dressed in sandals, micro-mini skirts and bikini tops strode faux confidently into an adult book store and theatre.

They’d been to the local park but there was nobody there to blow so Christine suggested they go where guys go.

Chantelle approached and leant over the counter her tits heavy in the bikini top and said in her sweetest voice, “We both turned eighteen within the last few weeks gaziantep otele gelen escort so where do we go to suck cock?”

Christine giggled at how brazen Chantelle was acting.

The guy stood up and crushing out his cigarette said, “Open your mouth slut, you can start with mine” and he pulled out a piece of meat that was six inches long while soft. He said “I’m Rick and I hope your hungry ’cause this gets to nine inches and I haven’t popped my nut in a week.”

Christine looked on amazed and aroused as her friend crouched down, her mini skirt snapping around her waist, her pussy clearly on display and started licking the expanding cock while fingering herself.

Christine not wanting to be left out got down on the dirty floor on her back and positioned herself to lick Chantelle’s pussy.

Rick was obviously impressed because only moments later he started grunting as he blew his load. It took Chantelle by surprise and she gagged and coughed as Rick painted her from head to waist in a huge barrage of pent up cum.

Like she thought would be expected of a real slut she licked and sucked at Ricks cock until it was clean, then both girls hopped up and Chantelle pulled her skirt back down, she made no attempt to wipe the semen off.

Christine took the lead and said “So Rick, where can we find more cock?”

Rick, tucking himself away said “You two young cunts are in luck. We just had two glory holes installed and if you’re interested in a job I’ll hire you both to work those holes. You make your own hours and I get 15% of whatever you take. How about it?”

Both the girls looked at each other lustfully, Chantelle asked “Will we both be in the same room?

Rick said “Side by side, why?”

Christine said “So we can play with each other between cocks silly!”

Rick said, “I also get serviced as part of the deal, it’ll be nice having two stunners like you to fuck!”

Chantelle said, “Sorry Rick, we’re both virgins and until we get our cherries popped and on our terms it’s blow jobs only!”

Rick said “Bullshit, virgins? you girls must have been sailing well under the radar!”

Christine said “We were both top of the State scholars in school. We’re making up for lost time now!”

Rick said “Let me know when you start fucking so I can have a go too! Now follow me and I’ll show you the milking boxes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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