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Note: Please let me know if you have any suggestions or if I should continue posting Pippa’s stories. I know this vignette is rather short, but I had a fun time writing it. This is a total work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters are over the age of eighteen and PLEASE vote.


Pippa was a pretty eighteen year old girl who had just started attending the local junior college. She was a popular student with excellent grades and seemed to get along with everyone. Pippa was extremely attractive; tall, but not too tall: 5’7,” slender, but not skinny: 115 pounds, with a great figure: 32C breasts, a narrow waist: 24 inches and nice round hips: 32 inches. She had a “peaches and cream” complexion and twinkling green eyes that complimented her ready smile. All this framed by her thick, shoulder length strawberry-blond hair.

Pippa had had a boyfriend, but Steve had been a year ahead of her, and had gone off to college, never to be heard from again. They use to kiss a lot and had been involved in some heavy petting, but it never seemed to evolve any further. Steve had wanted to “go all the way” before he’d left, and Pippa yearned to as well, but she didn’t want to go that far when in her heart, she wasn’t sure if she would ever see him again. She didn’t have a current boyfriend. It seemed that most of the guys at school did not seem to have the confidence to even approach her, and those who did were all jerks who only wanted to get in her pants.

Pippa lived at home with her mom, Allison, and dad, Roger. Her older brother Wally, had moved out when he left for college. They lived in a nice house in a middle class neighborhood. One thing about their home which she really liked was the way her bedroom was arranged. When in or on her bed, she had a direct view into her parents’ bedroom. For whatever reason, unless they wanted total privacy, they tended to never completely close their bedroom door. Pippa couldn’t count the number of nights she had sat on her bed, in the dark, watching her parents disrobe. She inevitably got a warm tingly feeling every time she watched her dad unknowingly expose his thick penis. For some reason she also liked watching her mom too.

Both her parents seemed to prefer sleeping in the nude, and whenever her mom slipped out of her bra and panties, Pippa could not help but admire her mom’s figure. Allison was definitely a more mature version of her daughter, and Pippa often wondered if she would be lucky enough to inherit her mom’s full curves. One of the things that gaziantep özbek escort Pippa marveled at was her mother’s large pendulous breasts. Due to their size, they tended to sag a bit, but Pippa thought they looked oh so nice. As a bit of general knowledge she had gleaned from their shopping trips and from doing the laundry, Pippa knew they were a good 38D. Pippa was also well aware that whenever she and her mom went shopping together, they inevitable caused men’s heads to turn! Although no one ever mentioned it, she instinctively knew that her mom was also well aware of all this attention as she always seemed to have a little extra skip in her step as they paraded around from one store to the next.

On that note, Pippa’s mother had recently asked Pippa to accompany her on a shopping spree. “Your Dad is taking me out on the town for our anniversary and I want to get something to wear that’s really special. Would you like help me find something that’s new and exciting?” She had asked.

Pippa and her mother spent the whole day at the mall, but just couldn’t seem to find anything that “worked.” They eventually ended up at a little shop that catered to a “well endowed clientele,” as the sales lady described their selections. Sure enough, they found a simple black dress that looked like it could definitely work. “Let’s go try this one on and see how it looks.” Mom said as she headed back toward the dressing rooms.

“I’ll wait out here.” Pippa said.

“No, come in and help me. I’d really want your input on this.”

They both stepped into the small dressing room and as her mother disrobed, Pippa removed the dress from it’s hanger and then helped her mom slip it over her head. “This reminds me of that dress Marilyn Monroe wore in that movie ‘The Seven Year Itch.’ I don’t know that I’ve ever worn an outfit with this halter style top,” she mused as they adjusted the fit. “I’ll probably need to find a halter bra of some kind to wear with this.”

“Mom, I know it’s not your style, but I think this dress is designed to be worn without a bra. It looks like, the way it’s designed, it will still give you plenty of support on it’s own.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Well, let’s see. Let’s take off your bra and we’ll check it out.”

Pippa’s mom deftly unfastened the hooks and slipped the bra off handing it to Pippa who promptly hung it on one of the nearby hooks. She watched as her mom arranged her breasts into the cups of the dress. Then Pippa helped fastened the support porno videolar strap around her mom’s neck. Examining herself in the mirror Allison asked, “Well, what do you think? How do I look?”

“Mom, you look incredible! So sexy!”

“I think it makes me look trashy.”

“Are you kidding!?! I think you look HOT! Here let me help make sure you’re properly tucked into this.”

Standing in front of her mother Pippa cupped her hands under her mom’s boobs, hefting them, insuring they were centered and resting properly in the cups of the dress. She was amazed at the heftiness and density of her gorgeous breasts. Pippa could not pass up the opportunity to nonchalantly brush her thumbs across her mom’s nipples and noticed, that even through the dress’s material that they had hardened and began to stand out.

“You look incredibly sexy in this dress. You have to buy it! It’ll drive Dad nuts when he sees you in this.”

“I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to be my style.”

“Mom! You said you wanted something new and exciting! Believe me, this dress is it! I swear to you, if you wear this outfit, it will change your life! AND, I KNOW, Dad will definitely appreciate it! If you want to wear something special, for a special evening, this is the dress!”

“Okay,” Pippa’s mom said with a sigh seemingly resigned to what she was hearing, while deep down inside she was excited about going out on the town in such a sexy, revealing outfit. Not only did they buy the dress, but also purchased some sexy stockings and shoes to compliment the entire look.

Several nights later, Pippa’s parents left the house for their big evening out. Pippa’s mom was excited about going out sporting her new look and her dad was beside himself with how hot and sexy his wife looked. Her dad had booked reservations at a very expensive and exclusive restaurant. After eating they spent the night dancing before returning home very late.

Her parents, a bit tipsy, had their hands all over each other as they groped their way down the hallway passed Pippa’s room towards their own. Once there they collapsed on the bed continuing their make out session having only partially closed their bedroom door.

Pippa woke up as soon as she heard them come through the front door. She had feigned sleep as they worked their way through the house to their bedroom. Pippa heard the sounds of their panting and groaning as they fell onto their bed. As soon as she thought it safe, she sneaked up to their door to check out what was actually gaziantep rus escort going on. Pippa had to catch her breath as she peeked in and saw her mother, sprawled out on her back massaging her bare breasts. Her dad was laying between her legs licking her pussy. He was slurping away while her mom kneaded her breasts with one hand and held his head in place with the other. Allison was moaning and her breathing was halted and raspy. Her Dad’s zipper had apparently already been opened as his penis was sticking straight out. Pippa stood there transfixed as she watched listened to their heated love making.

“Oh baby, please suck me again,” he said as he stood up next to the bed tearing off his clothes and dropping them on the floor.

Smiling she said “Didn’t you get enough of that on the way home in the car.”

“No! I could never get enough of your sweet mouth.”

“Then let me have some more of that bad boy,” she said as she completely pulled off her new dress and crawled over to his rock hard cock.

There was Pippa’s mother sitting on the edge of the bed sucking off her dad who was standing right in front of her with his hands on her head. Mom was making loud sucking sounds with her mouth as she fondled his balls and snaked her other hand around her dad’s bum and began fingering the crack of his ass.

The whole time all of this was going on Pippa was fingering her own wet, gooey, pussy. She had never thought of her parents ever doing or acting quite like this. Her whole life her mother had always presented herself, and had been, an extremely modest and demurer woman. Her dad, while a bit more “easy going,” had always appeared to be very “straight laced.” Although she still would, and did, love her parents, seeing them in the throes of this animal lust had instantly changed the way Pippa would ever think of them again.

Pippa couldn’t, and didn’t, want to stop watching, but she was on the verge of her own violent orgasm. She knew that if she stayed there in their doorway, it was only a matter of time before they would notice her. So, against her true wishes, she backed out of their doorway and tiptoed back to her room where she closed her door and went about finishing herself off.

The next morning at breakfast Pippa’s mom seemed a bit blurry eyed and her dad was still in bed. Pippa asked her mom how their fancy night out had been.

Pippa’s mom responded “Oh Pip, we had the best time ever! We had a dinner that was to die for and I can’t remember the last time we actually went dancing! We had some real quality time together and I can’t thank you enough for talking me into buying that outfit! Your dad dropped his jaw when he saw me in that dress, and you’ve no idea how I felt to actually be admired and appreciated.”

“Oh, I think I have some idea.” Pippa thought to herself.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments and PLEASE vote. – Cheers!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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