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Big Tits

The mistress sat down on the couch, starting up a conversation with one of her best friends. She leaned down and unhooked my leash, Then pulled me forward. She slid her hand down to my pussy, played with the clit there that belonged to her. I felt an instant pleasure radiate from that spot. A radiant joy followed. Oh, how I loved for Mistress to use me like this. I heard her talking with her friend, about things too important for me to listen to. Everything they said, that my Mistress said, was too good for me.

She stopped on my clit suddenly, then leaned back and opened her naked legs. Her clit was beautiful. It was the best thing in the world. And that deep slippery hole that was for me to pleasure. I slid forward, my breathing already heavy, and licked up her juices. My mistress moaned a bit in pleasure. I slid my tongue over, and around her clit, and was pleased when it poked out from under the hood. I molded my lips around it and sucked gently, then slid my tongue ino your pussy.

Oh, I wish Mistress would touch me. Just pat my head softly brush my hair from my face, graze my shoulders. But she only would if I did a good job. I licked faster. I wanted her to cum, then she would beat me because I didn’t do a good enough job. But it was because she cared. She wanted me to Sincan Escort fear her whip, and become better for My mistresses use, her pleasure.

But I would never be good enough. That’s what Mistress tells me. I could never be good enough for her, so every time Mistress would cum, have an incomplete orgasm, she’s beat me. All I worked for was less pain, and I loved making mistress happy. And I would never be able to cum at all.

Mistress reached down again, and pushed my head away. I tried in vain to get back, my head was foggy from my love for her, All I could do at that moment was want to please her pussy. Mistress ignored me though, and reached down again. She played my clit like a finely tuned instrument. I felt pleasure building in me, then she stopped. I sighed at her treatment, welcoming it. It was more than I deserved. She let me back to her clit.

I took it into my mouth, moving gently side to side, moving my naked body with the movement of my head. I could feel Mistresses climax building. Her hips moved against my face, and the conversation above me stuttered to a halt. I licked faster, and faster. Sucking unevenly, just how Mistress liked it.

Then she cummed in my face. I felt her juices flow, and Etlik Escort er legs tensed and spasmed. I thought I did a good job.

“Look at this little slut trash. She’s happy.” Said Mistress. And I was. I made her cum. I was very happy.

“well well well. Do you think you pleased me?” I didn’t answer, but looked at her with a plain look that said yes mistress, I hope I did.

“well,” she said. “You did do a very good job.” I my eyes widened at her approval. “But, I feel in the mood to beat you.”

I spun around, letting my ass thrust into the air, welcoming Her punishment. It was a wonderful trade for her compliment.

She raised her hand, and let it fall onto my ass, creating a loud smacking sound. Oh, her touch was wonderful. Fire ripped through my ass as she repeated the motion, her hand smacking my ass, progressively harder, always stinging, and never a comforting rub.

Then she stopped. Both of my ass cheeks were a flaming red. She pulled out a wooden paddle. Whack, Whack, Whack. Over and over. my ass was a bit numb now. I barely felt the individual blows, only the whole mass of my ass that belonged to Mistress throbbing.

Then, when she brought down the whip, I did feel it. Searing, white hot Çankaya Escort pain, it nearly made me collapse with pleasure. I felt a strange feeling building. Then I cummed. My body did collapse and convulsed, while my spirit flew through the clouds of pleasure. I was shaking and twitching on the floor for 5 minutes before my head cleared, and I looked at Mistress.

Her expression was angry. Beyond that. I was the dirty thing that pleasured her, and that’s where my pleasure came from. That’s it.

I laid on the floor in shame. Eventually, she left, and I was not taken with her.

The woman who was Talking to mistress bent down to me. She turned my head up to her face. “You are mine now.” She said to me. “You are never to speak, you Eat what I give you. You Eat under the table from the same dish as the dog. You will always obey me. In return, you can have as much of today as you wish, when I want to give it to you.”

Then she reached down to my click, and slicked her fingers in my juices, and started playing on my clit. But she didn’t stop. She kept playing until I started to twitch and convulse again. I moaned loudly, and she kept on playing with my sweet spots. I cummed, and cummed again, and again, but she still didn’t stop. Eventually, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in a dark corner, on a thin blanket in the basement. My old Mistress was standing near, smiling at me. She actually smiled. I’d pleased her. And my New Mistress, and admiring me also. My new mistress brought down a bowl of food then, and pushed it under my nose. Her little dog followed, and I ate with my new roommate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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