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The encounter continues…

Samantha was looking up into the eyes of her sexy daughter. She could only imagine what was going through her mind as her son, Luke, slide his thick cock into his sisters soaking wet pussy. Beth’s eyes rolled in her head as his cock slide into her. Moaning long and loud she archer her back up, throwing her head back at the same time. Sam watched her daughter move back and forth over her as she rocked on Luke’s cock. Beth’s eyes opened now and looked at her mother under her. She smiled and brought her face down and planted a deep, wet kiss on her mother’s lips. Sam moaned into her mouth as she brought her hands to Beth’s shoulders and held her close. She could feel Beth’s hard nipples swaying back and forth over her own rock hard nubs. Opening her eyes she looked past her daughter to see her son as he held his sisters hips; allowing her to rock and do the work. Luke would thrust his hips forward as Beth came back on his shaft; the motion causing her ass to jiggle slightly. Beth started to move faster, moving so that Luke’s cock moved its entire length in and out of her cunt. Her breathing started to come faster and shallower. She was about to cum. Sam watched with growing interest as Beth Moaned to her brother. “Oh, baby! You’re going to make me cum all over that beautiful cock!”

Beth arched her back and thrust even harder back, so that her brother’s thick cock would rub against her swollen clit. Beth bit her lower lips and started a long string of moans, her voice taking a vibrato as her orgasm hit her hard and fast. Sam took this cue and grabbed her daughters’ hair on either side of her head and jerked her face down, mashing their lips together. Beth moaned loudly into her mothers’ mouth, cumming hard all over her brother’s cock.

Luke was having a hard time keeping his composure. His sister’s pussy always drove him crazy, but he had to feel his mom, there was no way he was going to miss out on that pleasure. Looking down he could see his sisters’ pussy grasping his hard cock as it was buried to the hilt. He could feel her tight muscles trying to milk him. Beth wanted his cum in a bad way! Luke suddenly pulled out of her. His glistening cock popped out with a wet sound and stood straight up. “No way sis, this is all for mom!” He breathed to her loudly. Luke held her hips for a moment, letting the feelings in his stomach settle. That was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Fucking his sister while she lay over his mother was almost too much to take in!

Beth tuned her head back to her brother and cursed “Damn! I wanted to feel you cum inside me!” “Maybe later.” He replied. “You need to move now.” He commanded. His lust was in full drive and he knew what he needed. Beth started to pull herself to the side of her mother and felt him pushing her aside as she moved. “Hey, hold you’re horses!” she said with a grin. Beth knelt next to her mother’s naked body, reached over and started rubbing her breasts. She had a very sexy and tight body. Beth had envisioned liking and kissing those nipples many times while they sunbathed together. She leaned forward and şanlıurfa escort took the closest nipple between her lips. Sam shuddered at her daughters touch. At the same time Luke brought himself a little lower on the massive king sized bed, and brought his lips to his mother’s wet pussy. He licked his lips and took in the strong scent of her excitement. He could see her hard clit poking out welcoming his lips. He took the invitation and stuck his warm tongue out and traced circles around her hard clit. Sam Moaned loudly, feeling his talented tongue push against her clit was amazing. Sam brought her knees out and up and raised her hips slightly. She was so confused. She wanted to stop, but she also wanted to feel his mouth on her, as well as feel his cock inside her.

Luke slowly swirled his tongue around her sensitive clit, bringing his tongue down to her wet lips. Licking up and down he traced her lips with his tongue, then slipped it between he folds to her sex and pushed the tip into her. Sam grunted and moaned as her son dipped his tongue into her dripping pussy. Luke started to tongue fuck his mother now, pushing it deep into her then pulling out again, swirling around her lips and then dipping it back into her slit. Sam felt her orgasm build as Luke flicked her clit with one of his fingers, then rubbed the slick little nub between two fingers. Sam was moaning loud now, she had broken into a sweat. Combined with the oil on her, it was hard for Beth to hold onto her mother as she writhed on the bed under the mouth of her son. Sam took her erect nipples into her hands and pulled hard on the sensitive tips. Instantly she felt her orgasm hit sending a gush of cum onto Luke’s tongue. Luke moaned as she wriggled under him, drenching his face; to the point that juices were dripping down his chin and neck.

That was about all he could take. Luke straightened himself and bent over his mother. “Sis, turn around and lay down!” He said urgently. Beth did as she was told and twisted herself around so that she was lying on her back with her head pointed toward her brothers’ legs. Luke then pushed his mothers’ legs down and then grasped her roughly. His lust was fully in charge at this point. Luke pulled his mother over so that she was now poised directly over Beth with her pussy pointed toward him. Luke looked down at its wetness, then down under at his sisters smiling face.

Beth was in heaven lying under her mom, who was on all fours over her. She looked up at her brother and could see the look of animal passion on his face. She could also see how wet he had made their mother with his tongue. She arched her head up and licked the length of her mothers slit, causing Sam to shout out at the contact. Sam looked down at her daughter’s smooth pussy. It was so wet and swollen with lust. She bent closer and took in her scent. Musky, sex and a hint of Luke’s smell were there too. She swooned at the intense lust that swept over her body. Without thinking she brought her tongue to Beth’s pussy and dipped it deeply into her slit. She was rewarded with gaziantep sarışın escort a loud moan from her child.

“Oh god, Luke, mom is licking my pussy soooo good!”

Luke looked at his sisters face with a sinister grin, He was about to fuck his mother and he couldn’t wait. With one hand on her ass he pushed the head of his enormous cock down to her wet lips. Beth reached up and parted them slightly allowing him full access to his mother. Leaning forward he placed the head against her opening. The heat from her was incredible. It was like a furnace between her legs and he couldn’t wait to bury himself into it.

Sam stopped lapping at Beth’s pussy for a moment. She too was aware of what was about to happen. She felt her daughter’s hands on her, pulling slightly on her to open her sex to her son. The she felt the large head of his cock on her entrance. He held there for a moment. She couldn’t wait any longer. Sam brought herself back steadily, easing her son’s thick cock into her womb. God it felt good to have him inside her. Slowly, inch by inch he eased himself into her as she rode back onto his shaft. She stopped for a moment. He was maybe half way inside and she already felt like she was going to cum. Luke must have sensed this and took her hips in his hands and thrust his cock the rest of the way into her.

“Uuuugh!!! She shouted

She came immediately! As soon as his cock hit her depths the orgasm of all orgasms ripped though her body. She moaned into Beth’s pussy and bucked back on Luke’s cock. Beth in turn took her tongue and licked her mother’s clit as she came only intensifying the effect. Sam didn’t know how long the waves came over her. It was like electricity flowing through her body and leaving her cunt. Soon she dropped limply onto her daughter’s body, Her limbs shaking and weak from the intensity of her cum.

Luke was so close. He knew he wanted this to last but if he didn’t cum soon he was going to loose his mind! His mother lay beneath him, limp and shaking. He had made her cum by just pushing his cock into her. He felt so powerful. Fucking his mother! Who else could make such a claim? The though only fueled his lust. Still gripping Sam’s hips he pulled his wet cock back. His mother moaned something into the mattress. This was it he thought to himself. Luke pushed back into her, deep and hard. Back out and then in again. Quickly he built a steady rhythm. Sam moaned with each thrust. Beth just looked up at her brother and smiled. She knew he was going to cum soon and she planned on reaping the rewards! Luke started to grunt with each deep thrust. He felt the weight of his full balls as they slapped forward with each thrust. It wasn’t going to be long now! Soon he was thrusting hard and fast. His mother regained a little strength and propped herself up onto her hands. Now on her hands and knees, she took her sons cock full on. Her tits swayed back and forth with their bodies as he fucked her. Beth reached up and caressed her brother’s ass. See knew how to make him cum. She ran her finger şehitkamil escort up to the crack of his ass. It was spread enough for her to see his anus winking at her with each thrust. She collected the wetness from her mother and used it to lube his ass. Without saying a word she slowly slid a digit into his ass. Luke moaned and thrust harder into his mother. Beth slowly started to finger fuck her brother’s ass, and then moved faster. Soon she was thrusting her finger into him each time his cock moved into his mother. Luke was just moaning; “oh god, oh god, oh god…” over and over again.

Luke was in heaven. His cock never felt fuller. He was thrusting it deeply into his sexy mother while his sister played with his ass. He was on the verge of the biggest cum he had ever had. He felt it moving through his body, closer and closer with each thrust. A heavy thick feeling deep in his guts, then moving into his balls. Suddenly it was there, he felt his cock swell, ready to shoot deep into his mother’s cunt.

Beth could sense her brother’s orgasm, the way he moved, his breathing had changed, he was going to dump his cum into her mothers pussy and she was going to collect anything that came out.

Sam was on a different planet. Her son was filling her pussy in a way it had never been filled before, now it felt as though her was going to fill her some more. “Yes baby,” she encouraged, “Fill mommy’s cunt with that sweet cum!”

She didn’t need to wait at all for his response.

Luke suddenly thrust deep into his mother’s pussy and held on tight, the first thick rope of cum shot from deep down in his core, through his shaft and out into Sam’s cunt. One spurt, then another and another and another. Luke felt dizzy as his orgasm washed over his body. Thick streams of cum issued from his cock, filling his mothers pussy.

Beth watched with awe as Luke stopped and pumped load after load of cum into her mother’s cunt. She could see his cock swell with each spurt as he filled her. After only a few spurts she could see his cum forming around his thick cock as it lay wedged tightly in Sam’s pussy. Another spurt and a thick drop formed outside her lips, another and that drip slowly dripped down toward Beth’s awaiting mouth. She stuck her tongue out and caught the large drop of cum on its tip as another large one ran down the strand that now connected her mothers’ pussy with her outstretched tongue. Her brothers cum tasted so good, especially now that it mingled with the juices of her mothers pussy. Soon even more of his cum dribbled from Sam’s cunt he was absolutely filling her with his seed.

Sam had never felt so full. Luke’s cock was buried deep inside her and she felt each time he spurt his cum into her. She looked down between her tit’s and saw Beth with her tongue sticking out, catching the cum that dribbled from her pussy. That sent her over the edge yet again and she came. Her orgasm shook her from head to toe. Her cunt spasmed around Luke’s cock, milking him for every drop he had in him. It also caused even more cum to squirt from between her pussy and his cock, down onto her daughters face. Looking down again she could see that Beth was missing some of the cum as it dripped out. She looked so erotic with cum dripping on her face, chin and nose. Sam arched her back and looked up at the ceiling as the orgasm slowly subsided. She knew things would always be different now, and to her different was defiantly going to be a good thing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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